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Updated: 11/10/14

Space Marine Terminator Armor Mk I

GM Note: In order to be able to make this armor the Space Marine will need to sacrifice his standard space marine armor for all the required parts.

Indomitus Pattern Tactical Dreadnought Armor # 5D+1 (Walker scale) 120kg
Protects the following: All. Due to this armor being Walker Scale; the protection roll is 5D+1 plus the Strength of the wearer in pips (for example: if the space marine has a Strength of 5D+1, the skill roll to resist damage would be 6D+1(+5) versus speeder damage and 8D+1(+5) versus character damage). This armor has excellent expansion capabilities such as a rocket pack and other options.
Repair Kit: Allows the marine to repair his armor up to 8 times vs. light damage, 6 times vs. heavy damage and 4 times vs. severe damage.
Powered: Controlled by built-in computer.
Breath Mask: Functions as a normal breath mask. Filters must be replaced after 35 hours of continuous use.
Flash Protection: Reduces modifiers for bright flashes by one half.
Macrobinoculars: Adds +2D to Search for objects 50-100 meters away and +3D to Search for objects 100-600 meters away.
Heads Up Display (H.U.D.) System: For combat situations. Includes a Rear-View Tactical Display Screen (RVTD).
Repulsor Pack: Move; 175, 500 kmh. One hour charge on continuous use but automatically recharges due to fusion power supply. Pack is strong enough to lift 110 additional kilograms at -1D to Powersuit Ops.
Microthruster System: Used for movement in space only. Move: 75/150 kmh (space speed of 1)
Magnetic/Gravity Boots: Must be activated. Can not be used with Repulsor Pack.
Long Range Comm System: 500 km range in atmosphere, 300 unit range in space.
Standard Comm. System with Translator: Range: 100 km. Languages: adds +2D. External speaker.
Radiation Shielding: Able to withstand up to 75 minutes of intense radiation or 12 hours of low radiation. Suit must be scrubbed down after each exposure or the effectiveness of this feature goes down by one half per exposure.
EMP Protection: 14 rounds. May be reapplied.
Mini Fusion Generator: Supplies power to all internal systems.
Waste Processing System: Recycles all waste. Material that can't be recycled is ejected or stored so it can be ejected later.
Internal Medical System: Contains the equivalent of 12 Fastflesh medpacs. Automatically activated if a wound is sustained. Skill level: 4D+1 (can be increased to a maximum of 6D+1)

Sensors: Motion, Life, Hard and Soft Radiation, Infrared, Thermal Imaging, Ultraviolet, Low-Light, X-Ray
  • H & S Radiation, IR, UV, TI
    Passive: 175m/+2
    Scan: 350m/+1D
    Search: 700m/+2D
  • Motion, Life, Low-Light
    Passive: 400m/+1D
    Scan: 800m/+2D
    Search: 1.6km/+3D
  • X-Ray
    Passive: 10/+1
    Scan: 20/+2
    Search: 30/+3
Sealed Enviro System:
Neuro sensors and spinal I/O port connectors in armor monitor body activity and allow for control of armor.
30 hr LOX/Air Filtration System
30 hour survival time in space
1000 meter (3000 ft) maximum depth in water
Computer System: 15 Slots, three I/O ports
Capabilities: Power: 5D, Memory: 20D (may be increased to 30D)
Programs (see below for description):
  • Bi-Multiple Targeting: 4 slots
    Sensor Plus: 2 slots
    Road Map: 1 slot
    Bounty Plus: 2 slots
    Accessing: 1 slot
    Super Hostilities: 3 slots
    Medic: 1 slot
    Multiple Programs: 1 slot
Security System: Auto Destruct of data and programs. Active virus for I/O ports.
Self Destruct: Must be activated (automatically activates if Heroic Security roll fails while tampering). Goes off instantaneously or in 1 to 6 rounds (owners choice). Causes 12D damage, range as Thermal Detonator.
Weapon Systems:
All are optional and must be chosen at time of purchase/construction. See the WH40 Weapons section or email the GM for complete information on each type and choice of weapons available.

# Special surgery has been undertaken (8 years worth) before the armor could be worn. The armor provides the medical balance for all internal organs. Without the armor a space marine needs to ingest a "cocktail" of stabalizing medicine at least evey other day. Without it the organs will start to fail. All stats will drop one pip every week. If 0D is reached in any attribute the marine will enter into a coma that will require special medication and hypnotic suggestion to awaken the space marine. At least it's better than death!

Armor Programs

Program Type/Description Slots Weight
1. ACCESSING 1 .03
Adds +1D to Computer Program/Repair rolls. The +1D may be added to computer spikes rated at 7D or less.
50,000-bounty capacity. Outlines person in blue. Gives known tactics used and recommends counter tactics to be used against them.
Highlights all weapons in red, provides a list and gives details on features. Must be used with the Bounty or Sensor programs. Adds +1D to the targeting sensor of the current weapon in hand to help in hitting selected targets. Also adds an orange flashing which indicates the most deadly weapons present.
4. MEDIC 1 "
Diagnoses illness or wound and gives treatment recommendations. Adds +1D to First Aid skill.
Runs two programs simultaneously if slots and outputs are available. Uses 1 slot to operate but the programs it combines take up no slots (just one for the program itself).
6. ROAD MAP 1 "
Makes a map of past travels, locations and facilities. Can be plugged in to any spaceport for a download of directions. Will also mark where you are on the current map program running. Auto updates each time area is visited (program must be active).
Adds +1D+2 to Search. If person has all sensors then it adds +2D+1 to Search. Sensor types: IR, UV, X-Ray, Life, Motion, Hard/Soft Radiation, Electrical signals, Ultrasound and Radio waves.
Five weapon systems with up to 14 targets per system. Adds +2D+2 to hit and requires a sensor on each weapon used. No scope allowed.