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Monk and Aiki Jedi

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Born on the Outer Rim world of Dantooine, Skydra would most likely lived her life as a farmer if not for a wandering Jedi Knight who wanted to visit the ancient ruins of the Jedi Enclave and found a force-sensitive three year old girl instead. Her parents had come to Dantooine solely to escape there debts and slavery, so it was not very difficult to convice them to leave their youngest child in the custody of the Jedi Order. They wanted something better than this planet for their daughter anyway and her two elder brothers would have a hard enough time eeking out an existence once they took over the paternal farm.

With Palpatine´s New Order already in effect, Skydra was trained in secret by her Master Rol Bra, moving with him from one location to the other to avoid Imperial persecution. Skydra took to the disciplined and pacifistic way of life like an aquatic avian to water. She was especially fascinated by the tales of Master Ushiba and the fact that for all his power and martial skill the founder of the Aiki order never saw a need to kill in many centuries. That was the most important lesson the young Aiki student took to heart. Skydra and her teacher remained in hiding, helping others as well as they could wherever they went while keeping a low profile.

A year and a half ago on Bespin, Master Rol Bra suddenly woke Skydra up in the middle of the night and told her to leave, but without him. "I have an appointment with my destiny" he told her. "You don´t ask questions. Practice what you´ve learned and one day you will understand."

[GM: New background info below]

Skydra left that night with tears in her eyes, but decided not to leave right away. The Force told her she needed to stay even though that would go against her Master's wishes. She hid in the darkness across from the exit of the hotel and waited for her Master to leave. Once he did she managed to follow him at a good distance through the streets of Bespin. She managed to stay with him for some time, but he escaped her view after about 20 minutes of ducking in and out of doorways and alleys. However, it wasn't long before she caught up to him. He was hopping on a shuttle. Skydra made her way to the counter and asked where the ship was headed. She discovered that its destination would be Thyferra, home of the creators of bacta - the universal healing liquid and one of the most precious substances in the know galaxy.

Knowing that Master Bra would beat her there, she got on the next available shuttle that took the rest of her credits. It would be worth it though, as the Force never lied to her.

*  *  *

Once on the ground in the capitol of Thyferra, Skydra used the Force and the link with her Master to guide her to him. It took a bit of walking, but she eventually arrived at the main court and the central core of all Thyferra and the bacta. The main building directly in front of her is where the Force said to go so she entered and, after stating who she would be joining, was allowed to enter.

Two minutes later she arrived at the top floor outside the main conference room used for diplomatic meetings of all types. There just happened to be several thyfarrans entering the chamber giving her the opportunity to sneak in without her Master seeing her.

Once inside the room she noted over a dozen security guards in all black, and a human in green armor standing next to man in a very expensive looking outfit indicative of royalty. The human was talking to Skydra's master about the state of the planet and that he had been sent there to nationalize the industry for the Empire. Here master pleaded with the man not to do that as it would impact several thousands of workers and take away their ability to support their families and the local economy.

"I will take what you have said under advisement," he said quite calmly. The man then turned as if to walk away. Suddenly, and without any warning, the human turned back around with almost superhuman speed, a red lightsaber now in his hand, and sliced through the neck of her master! His head bounced on the carpet several times as all those in the room gasped at the sudden shock of horror they had just witnessed. "I do not accept your solution" he stated, rather emotionless.

The very next moment all the black-clad security guards started firing on everyone in the room.

Thankfully Skydra had remained hidden behind a large plant near the exit and did not get gunned down, but she had to watch with tears welling up in her eyes with what she was forced to watch.

Before long the room became absolutely quiet after the last being fell. Then, as if on queue, The green armored human pointed and the security guards quickly moved around the room to verify that all were dead.

It was at that very moment that Skydra came to her senses and ran out the door as fast as she could. Several blaster bolts barely missed her head on her way out. In the background she could hear the man in the green armor yelling for the guards to go after her. "Don't let her get away!" he yelled.

As she ran to the turbolifts one opened up for her just as she got there. A female twi'lek inside was preparing to exit when one of the security guards blaster right between the eye. This trajety allowed Skydra to enter the lift, push the lowest button, and duck inside enough that none of the half dozen shots hit her. The door closed and the lift started down.

Shocked beyond belief, Skydra knew that she had to get out of the building and off the planet as quickly as possible. The shuttle she came in might still be available and, for the moment, remained her best shot. Tears started streaming down her face again as the lift reached the bottom and the doors opened. Skydra bolted past thre beings waiting to get in and didn't look back to see the horror on their faces as they locked onto the corpse of the twi'lek slumped inside the lift.

Running to and through the exit doors she looked back to see at least six security guards exit the lift next to hers and run after her. They did not shoot, however. Once outside that would change, she was sure of it.

The main doors between them, Skydra looked across the open court and spotted two shuttles. One appeared to be disembarking while the other looked like it was about to close the entrance doors and lift off. At best she had only seconds. Not wanting to reveal her training, but knowing that she would soon be dead like her master, she made the decision to use Force Speed to get there quickly. Preparing while running in that general direction, she gave one final look back and waited just two more seconds so that a large male bothan blocked the security guard's view of her and bolted...

The shuttle doors came up faster than expected, but she managed to pass them right as they were closing. Her movement slowed to normal just in time to plop down in a vacant seat in the back with no one the wiser.

Within moments the shuttle lifted off the ground and quickly rose higher into the upper atmosphere. She couldn't even see the guards and knew that she had made it when the hyperdrive engines kicked the ship into hyperspace.

Real sobbing started then. She couldn't control it. Her master...dead! All those beings...dead! She fought her teachings hard that day not to seek revenge on the being that killed Master Rol Bra in cold blood. Justice would prevail she told herself over and over.

*  *  *

After arriving back on Bespin Skydra booked another flight to Ventooine, one of the farthest planets she could get to on the very limited funds she had after selling off a few items she could live without to pay for her passage.

On the way there, while in her cabin, her master appeared in glowing blue form! She jumped out of bed and tried to hug him, passing through and stubbing her toe on the adjacent wall. She immediately turned to see if he remained...he did. The conversation stayed short, but really, all he did was calm her and to let her know that justice would some day prevail and to continue being patient and kind. When he left she felt alone, but resolute. She would continue in her Master's footsteps.

[GM: New background End]

*  *  *

She kept wandering through the galaxy, always wanting her master to show up again as he did after his death on Thyferra. Until then she does her best to make Rol Bra proud by doing what she was brought up to do - help those who need it most while staying humble and peaceful.

When Skydra wanted to construct her own weapon two years ago the Force drew her towards the Wroshyr trees of Kashyyyk. Of course with the Wookie planet being an Imperial slave world it was a perilous journey and one not well-liked by her master Ro Bra but eventually both followed the will of the Force.

Skydra managed to arrive on Kashyyk unnoticed as a blind passenger on a supply vessel and departed into the woods. Soon enough she cam across a crashed Autizuck anti-slavery gunboat that was being raided by Trandoshan hunters. Skydra lured the Trandoshans away from the ship only to return. She found the Wookie crew dead however and the only thing Skydra could do was removed the restraining bolt from an R2 unit so that the droid was spared an existence as an Trandoshian laborer.

Then Skydra vanished into the forest to complete the task she had come for. She mediated on her personal weapon for days while the Trandoshians tried to track her down. The hunting party caught up with her just minutes before she ha assembled her lightbo. Skydra would have been cut down by the Tradoshian snipers fire, but in the last moment orbital laser bombardment scattered the hunting party.

R2-Y0 (now nicknamed "Yellow") had repaired the Autizuck gunboat and come to the rescue of Skydra. As far as I understand the gunship is hyperspace-capable so it would have been Skydra´s route of escape from Kashyyyk. Otherwise she and R2-Y0 sneaked onto another freighter. Thankfully the Trandoshians never reported that incident to the Empire, considered it too personal and shameful.

Physical Description: Skydra is a young human woman who wears her black hair long and braided. Her tunics and pants are simple, rugged and kept in earth tones, allowing her to pass as a farmer or worker with just a hint of her spiritual commitment to the Force.

Personality: Quite, reserved and humble, willing to do the lowliest and menial tasks if it benefits someone else yet remain unshakable in her resolve to see the light side of the Force prevail. She wants to see the Empire fall, but only those truly evil rather than the misguided are to be punished.

Objective: Bring down the Empire as peaceful as possible and restore peace to the galaxy.

Quotes: "Do you really need to fight over this?"

Template: Young Aiki Jedi
Prestige Class(es)/Levels: Martial Arts Master: Level 3
Character Name: Skydra Denan
Aliases: Daona [menial name: 23], Braedd Brefir [standard credentials: 22]
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 21
DOB: 108.2.3 (24 BBY)
Height: 1.75 meters
Weight: 62kg
Force Sensitive: Yes
Force Points: 2
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 22
Extra Character Points: 59 *
Cyber Points: 0
Move: 10
Place of Birth: Khoonda settlement
Homeworld: Dantooine

Military Group: Alliance to Restore the Republic
Resistance Rank: Army O-3
Resistance Title: Captain
Resistance Pay, Bi-Weekly: Regular: 650; Combat: 300; Hazzard: 80 (Imperial Credits [for now])
* As schools cost Character Points, half of all earned points (with the exception of Bonus points) will go towards payback
CP Payback Amount: 0

Alliance Schools:
Total Training Time: 54 weeks
  1. Basic Training: 8 wks
  2. Basic Survival: 9 wks
  3. Army OCS: 24 Weeks OJT
  4. Leadership I: 3 Weeks
  5. Army Tactics: 10 Weeks
Jedi Training:
Total Training Time: 70 weeks

Dexterity 3D: Dexterity 4D: Acrobatics 6D, blind fighting 6D, dodge 7D, lightbo combat 5D,

(s) lightbo combat: form I: 5D+1,
(s) lightbo combat: form III: 5D+1,
(s) lightbo combat: form IV: 5D+1,

(As) martial arts: tark 2D (+1), melee combat 7D, (s) melee combat: bo stick 7D+1, (s) melee combat: flute 7D+1, running 5D+1, [T] thrown weapons 4D
Perception 3D: Bargain 3D, con 3D, gambling 3D, (s) gambling: sabacc 6D, hide 5D, persuasion 6D, search 3D, sneak 6D
Strength 3D (+1, but NOT vs. damage): Brawling combat 8D, climbing/jumping 5D, stamina 8D+1, swimming 4D
Knowledge 3D: Ka lore 3D, languages 4D, planetary systems 4D, streetwise 5D, survival 5D, willpower 6D
Mechanical 2D: Beast riding 4D, communications 2D, repulsorlift ops 4D
Technical 2D: Droid repair 5D, first aid 5D (+2), (s) melee weapon repair: lightbo 4D, repulsorlift repair 5D, security 4D

Innate Abilities:
Ambidexterity: Can use both hands silmultaniously without penalty.
Ambidextrous: You are equally proficient in performing tasks with your left or right hand. CP's: 15. The character no longer suffers a penalty to skill rolls when using their offhand. This does NOT mean using both hands simultaneously; that falls under Ambidexterity.
Blind Fighting: Your instincts and sharp senses give you the edge in lowlight or dark conditions. CP's: 15. In lowlight or dark conditions, the character reduces the cover modifier of the difficulty to hit a target by up to 2D – e.g. a target in thick smoke or moon light would not gain a cover modifier against the character (normally +1D difficulty modifier). Similarly, in very thick smoke or complete darkness, the target would only receive a +2D difficulty modifier instead of the normal 4D. Notes: This applies to both ranged and close quarters combat. In situations where there is both smoke and lowlight, the reduction to the difficulty modifier applies to the total modifier rather than the separate modifiers – e.g. light smoke and a moonlit night would normally grant a +3D difficulty modifier, a character with Blind Fighting reduces this modifier to +1D.
Light Sleeper: The slightest of noises can wake you from your sleep. CP's: 5. On a Moderate Perception roll the character may detect sounds while sleeping. Notes: Normal background noise will not rouse the character as they will be acclimatized to it prior to falling asleep.

Force Skills:
Control: 6D (9D+2)
Sense: 5D (8D+2)
Alter: 5D (8D+2)

Force Powers:
Control: Absorb/Dissipate Energy, Accelerate Healing, Breath Control, Calm, Calmness, Combat Trance, Concentration, Contort/Escape, Control Disease, Control Pain, Detoxify Poison, Emptiness, Force Speed, Hibernation Trance, Jedi Discipline, Remain Conscious, Remove Fatigue, Resist Stun
Sense: Combat Sense, Danger Sense, Life Detection, Life Sense, Magnify Senses, Receptive Telepathy, Sense Disturbance, Sense Force, Sense Path, Sense Surroundings, Truth Sense
Alter: Empower Weapon, Force Jump, Force Push, Light, Telekinesis
Control & Sense: Farseeing, Hide Force Sensitivity, Jedi Martial Combat, Ka, Projective Telepathy, Staff Combat
Control & Alter: Accelerate Another's Healing, Control Another's Pain, Detoxify Poison in Another, Force Weapon, Induce Tranquility, Return Another to Consciousness, Transfer Force
Sense & Alter: Blinding, Cloak, Dim Other's Senses, Empower Self, Sense Weight, Sensory Overload
Control, Sense & Alter: Affect Mind, Aiki Combat

GM Note: It has been assumed that all current powers listed above have been Mastered.

Pacifism (3): The character doesn't approve of violence in any form. (GM: This is the free one)
Altruism (1): The character is kind to others and others are kind back.
Blind Fighting (1): The character is adept at fighting without sight. No penalties for darkness.
Body Awareness (1): The character is well aware of their own body size and position. +1/Point on Contortion, Escape Artist, and Martial Arts rolls.
Barber-Surgeon (1): The character knows primitive medical techniques. +2/Point to First Aid.
Athletic Ability (1): +1/Point STR skills (but NOT vs. damage)

Generosity (2): Generous to a fault, the character will rarely keep things for themselves, but generally donate money and things to charity or the poor whenever possible.
Code of Honor (2): The character grew up with a strict code of honor, making them unwilling to do anything they'd consider dishonorable. This Disadvantage cannot be selected by Coynites or Wookiees or any other species that starts with an honor code.
Respect for Nature (1): The character grew up to respect nature and all animals, and will not willingly do anything to harm either.

Special Skills/Abilities:
Skill: Ka Lore
Time Taken: One Round to One Day
Description: This Knowledge based skill represents the philosophical teachings of Ka. Through development of this skill, the Monks intimately learn the foundations of the Force and the Universe as well as the pre-lightsaber Jedi Knighthood.

Notes: This skill is often used to 1) spin a useful (albeit confusing) tale, 2) teach the beliefs of Kambei Shimura, and 3) seek enlightenment. When a Monk is uncertain (Should I take an umbrella today? Which path is safest? Will this man betray me? Is this door trapped? etc.) he may meditate on the Ka. All answers are contained in its many teachings.

If the Monk's roll beats a difficulty set by the GM, he is awarded with a cryptic answer ("You recall your teachings of the Sherlent and the Vornskr and how the tiny Sherlent defeated the great and powerful Vornskr with a single mighty leap."). If the roll succeeds by more than 20, there is no need for riddles, the character knows the answer.

Martial Arts (Ka Combat):
Prerequisites: Brawling Combat 5D, Dex 3D, Ambidexterity
Bonuses: +2D Brawling Combat versus those with no Martial Art training, +1D versus those with training other than Ka

Return Melee Attack: used against an attacker with a melee weapon, the Monk redirects the energy of the attack back into the attacker. Roll Brawling Combat (with Ka bonuses if against untrained opponent) versus attacker's strike roll +10. If successful the attacker hits himself for full damage. A failure means the Monk is struck. This maneuver counts as one action and cannot be used with a dodge.

Note: Ka Combat is not a skill but a special ability (i.e. it has no die code of it's own). If a player learns the martial arts aspect of Ka he may add the bonuses above and use the "Return Attack" maneuver.

Prestige Class(es)/Level:

Martial Arts Master: L3

Class Special Abilities:

PrC Level Special Ability
1 Exceptional Resources
2 Skill Bonus
3 Skill Bonus

PrC Level Bonuses: +1D Stamina and +1D Willpower

Exceptional Resources: A Martial Arts Master has access to a multitude of resources. Once per day, the Martial Arts Master can make a Knowledge check to use these resources. The value of the resources gained equal the Martial Arts Master's level x the total of his Knowledge rolls x 1,000. Thus, a 4th level Martial Arts Master who rolls an 11 on his Knowledge check would gain 44,000 credits' worth of resources (4 x 11 x 1,000 = 44,000). These resources can take any form the Martial Arts Master chooses (with the GM's permission) and are his to do with as he wishes. The resources gained arrive within 1D hours.
Skill Bonus: At 2nd, through 9th levels, the Martial Arts Master gains a +1D skill bonus to any one of the following skills (due to his intense studies and physical training): Acrobatics, Blind Fighting, Contortion, Dodge, Melee Combat, Pick Pocket, Running, Thrown Weapons, Hide, Persuasion, Sneak, Brawling Combat, Climbing/Jumping, Stamina, Cultures, Intimidation, Languages, Scholar, Tactics, First Aid, Technology, (A) Martial Arts, (As) Martial Arts: Hapan, (As) Martial Arts: Echani, (As) Martial Arts: Jala'ishi, (As) Martial Arts: K'tara, (As) Martial Arts: K'thri, (As) Martial Arts: Republic Senate Guard, (As) Martial Arts: Tark, and Willpower. This skill bonus is permanent.

Credits: 800

Skydra's Lightbo

Model: Custom made Lightbo by Skydra
Blade Color: Green
Scale: Character
Cost: Not available for sale
Availability: X
Body: 4D
Material: Duranium covered by Wroshyr Tree from Kashyyyk
Bonuses: +2D to Hit, to Defend and Damage for being Constructed, Bonded and Imbued.
Damage: 10D+1 and 5D Stun, DC 21 (4D+2 combined average normal blade damage) (+0D PrC Damage) (+6D+2 to hit) (+5D+2 for purposes of parrying attacks) (+7D+2 for purposes of deflecting attacks) (+3D+2 to all force skills) (+0D to resist directed force attacks) (-2D Defensive Skills) (+3 to critical hit chance and damage)



Lens: Pure Kunda Lens: +1D to hit, +2D for purposes of deflecting
Emitter: Advanced Phobium Emitter: +4D stun damage, DC 21; -2D defensive skills
Superior Discharge Energy Cell: +3 to critical hit chance and damage
+2D Force Imbued/Attuned Construction Bonus: already included in stats above

Click on image for full size

Pontite Adegan Crystal

Game Effects: 6D Blade damage; +1D+2 to hit, damage, and parrying/deflecting; +1D+2 to all force powers/skills (if Force Sensitive, if not then the GM will choose the skill it bonus's for the character); superior energy control resulting in longer power life-time; adds major resistance from power drain/corruption.

Skydra's Flute

Material: Wroshyr Tree from Kashyyyk
Weight: 1kg
Damage: Str+1D

Click on image for full size

Skydra's Droid


Type: Industrial Automaton R2 Astromech Droid
Manufacturer: Industrial Automaton
Designation: R2-Y0
Degree: 2nd
Gender: Male
Height: 1 meter
Weight: 50 kg
Cost: 4525 credits
Force Points: 0
Character Points 5
Extra Character Points: 0
Move: 6

Dexterity 1D:
Perception 1D: Search 3D
Strength 1D:
Knowledge 1D: Astrogation 5D, Repulsorlift Ops 3D, Space Transports 3D, Starfighter Piloting 4D, Starship Gunnery 2D
Mechanical 2D: Computer Ops 4D, Repulsorlift Ops 4D, Sensors 3D, Space Transports 3D
Technical 2D: Computer Programming/Repair 5D, Lightbo Repair 2D, Securty 4D, Space Transport Repair 5D, Starfighter Repair 5D

  -Three wheeled legs (one retractable)
  -Retractable heavy grasper arm (lifting skill at 2D)
  -Retractable fine work grasper arm
  -Extendable 0.3 meter long video sensor (360° rotation)
  -Small electric arc welder (1D to 5D damage, 0.3 meter range)
  -Small circular saw (4D damage, 0.3 meter range)
  -Video display screen
  -Holographic projector/recorder
  -Fire extinguisher
  -Acoustic signaler
  -Small (20cm. by 8 cm.) internal "cargo" area
  -Some additional tools and equipment
  -Various Sensors: Life Form, Infrared, Motion
    Passive: 50m/+1
    Scan: 75m/+2
    Search: 100m/+1D
    Focus: 3m/+2D

The R2 is easily the most successful astromech droid ever manufactured. It has spawned many variants across the galaxy. This version can only hold 5 hyperspace jump coordinates in RAM. This versatile droid has many features including a sensor package, an electro probe and even a 30-year warranty. Of the early droids in the R-series, the R2 is the only one Industrial Automaton still produces on a galactic scale.

The earliest stored memories of R2-Y0 revolve around the household of a rich merchant on Coruscant who had purchased Yellow to pilot his new luxury limo. When the merchant lost interest in his new toy he passed on the limo and the droid to his adolescent daughter. Yellow´s circuits could not muster any particular loyalty for either of the two spoiled humans but still "he" (indentifying itself as masculine) performed his duties as expected. Yellow found himself shut down for a while after his owner was arrested for illegal activities and was reactivated as the backup piloting unit of a law enforcement hovercraft. While he was still treated merely as a piece of machinery for the first time since his activation Yellow perceived humans who were working for something bigger than themselves. The two police officers he was assigned to actually tried to make a difference and tried to make Coruscant a better place for its inhabitants. Yellow reserved quite a large part of his memory banks to record this experience. He found out that humans seemed to call this behavior "idealism". It was an organic programming that resonated deeply within his circuitry. When one of his human friends was killed in the line of duty Yellow felt for the first time the droid equivalent of rage, shorting out only minutes after the incident.

Yellow found himself reactivated with a furry snout just in front of his optical sensor. A Shistawanen wolfman had purchased him as an astrogation droid for his work as a mining prospector and scout. Anxious to get out of the hangar and back into open space the wolfman never bothered to wipe Yellow´s memory banks so that the R2 droid retained the experiences of his past. Over the course of the next decade Yellow could add plenty of new information to his databanks. His owner who only went by the name Sivrak (and others as needed) was every bit is isolationistic as the rest of his species with a pronounced dislike for large crowds of people. In fact that had been the name reason why the Shistavanen had opted for a droid as navigator and co-pilot rather than an organic being or even one of his kind. Sivrak was not overly friendly to Yellow – or anyone else for that matter – but made sure that the droid got lots of updates on galactic star charts as well as first grasper experience in exploring new uncharted worlds. Sivrak did a lot of contractual scouting work so the duo hardly ever made contact with civilization which was exactly what the wolfman preferred.

One day Yellow and his master came across a crashed starfighter on an uncharted planet. With the pilot and the gunner already reduced to skeletons Sivrak took the practical approach and salvaged the wreckage for what it was worth. When Yellow tapped into the remains of the databanks he found not only garbled navigational data but also some personal records and holograms belonging to the two corpses. They had been Mon Calmari and the belonged to an organization that called itself the Rebel Alliance. As he downloaded personal logs and messages to their loved ones Yellow´s circuitry did a few gigaflops more than it should have been able to do. He experienced the similarity between the records from the rebel pilots and those he had kept stored away from his friends in the Coruscant police force. The same things had mattered to them – loyalty, friendship, a desire to leave a better galaxy behind. Yellow also found plenty of records detailing the crimes of the Empire, things that were not even known in the core worlds. Yellow deducted that this fighter had been on it way to Kashyyyk where a species called the Wookiees were held in slavery. The two Mon Cals – coming from an enslaved word themselves – had been on their way to help liberate the Wookiees when a rough meteor shower had blasted them out of hyperspace into death.

Yellow had a lot of time to process this information while he piloted Sivrak´s ship to its next destination. The next time the Shistavanen resupplied on an inhabited planet Yellow left him. The little R2 droid just left the scout ship and disappeared in the spaceport and later in the city it belonged to.

Yellow meandered through the streets being almost universally ignored as droids usually are returning to the spaceport only after Sivrak had taken off without him. Yellow became sort of a blind passenger on several freighters, performing maintenance work like he belonged to one of the crew. But Yellow didn´t belong to someone anymore. He was on a mission and finally he achieved his objective.

On a backwater world in the Tion Cluster he overheard a conversation between several organics and came to the conclusion that they too belonged to the newly formed Alliance.

Yellow approached the rebels and replayed the records he had stored from the starfighter wreckage. Thankfully one of the rebels was a technician with enough rapport with droids to figure out Yellow´s story.

The R2 unit became an Alliance technician and after passing through several hands finally found himself on Kashyyyk the Wookiee world assisting in the liberation of the furry mammals from Imperial slavery.

One fateful day in history repeated itself. The vessel with Yellow and his Wookiee friends was shot down by Thradoshan hunters and for the second time in his mechanical life Yellow watched his friends being killed. But this time someone came to his rescue, a young human girl who led the Thradoshans away from Yellow. This time he wouldn´t short out in grief. Yellow repaired the crashed vessel and did what his friends would have done – he rescued the young human when the Thrandoshans closed in on her.

Yellow has been completely loyal since the day he and Skydra met and he saved her life. He doesn't mind hanging with this human, but he sure would like an oil bath now and then. Maybe even a good cleaning too. Other than that, he enjoys what he is doing and is happy exploring the galaxy with Skydra.

Click on image for full size