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Lieutenant Commander (retired)

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Shu Mim'baawi is a retired Naval Officer who served with minor distinction in the fleets of the Old Republic. After his retirement, Shu settled into the sedentary lifestyle of amateur historian, charting the glorious rise and ignominious fall of the Old Republic's once-proud navies.

Mim'baawi's career started when the young Nautolan was drafted into the navy at the age of seventeen (some 58 years BBY) as part of his homeworld's tithe to the Galactic Republic. Joining willingly, the teenaged Mim'baawi was keen to see the stars, having never previously left the storm-ravaged waterworld of Glee Anselm. He was not disappointed. His first assignment after basic training was as a junior rating aboard a patrol frigate serving in the mid-rim star systems. During this time, a young Mim'baawi learned the basics of life aboard a starship, such as navigation, piloting, shield and sensor operation and weapons usage, as well as fully enjoying the short periods of freedom afforded during shore-leave on the local planets, moons and waystations.

After working his way through the non-commissioned ranks, Mim'baawi earned his stripes during the Pacification of Korull IV, a short but bloody stellar campaign against a larger fleet of renegades from the breakaway Korull cluster. During one of the fiercest battles, Mim'baawi's ship came under attack from multiple broadsides from a Korulli battle-barge, and suffered heavy casualties, including the entirety of the command staff on the ship's bridge, and severe loss of drive and weapons capability. During the engagement, Mim'baawi's level-headedness and dedication to duty helped to steady the nerves of the crew around him, and the young Nautolan led the surviving hands into an unexpected survival mission, recovering their vessel back to the relative safety of the rest of their fleet from which they had become separated. For this, Mim'baawi earned the Galactic Crescent for Bravery, and also won his commission, allowing him to jump into the lower echelons of the officer class.

At the onset of the Clone Wars, Mim'baawi, now a Lieutenant, was serving as a junior navigational officer aboard ‘The Starbourne', a Pelta-Class Frigate performing sentry duties around the outer boundaries of the Coruscant system. When news of the Geonosis affair filtered back to the Core Worlds, the Republic Navy was reorganised into warfleets in order to counter the grave threat posed by the Seperatist Movement led by Dooku and the Trade Federation. Mim'baawi's ship, ‘The Starbourne' was allocated to the 421st Defence Fleet, along with larger ships such as the new Venator-class Star Destroyers and Acclamator-class assault ships.

The 421st Fleet's first assignment was the Defence of Ryloth, during which they made an emergency hyperspace translation to Kamino, where the Seperatists had launched a full-scale system invasion to shut down the Kaminoan clone-production facilities, a vital cog in the Republic's war machine. Massive naval fleets on both sides clashed in the cold void of Kaminoan realspace with horrendous losses on both sides. Mim'baawi's ship, ‘The Starbourne', was crippled during one such engagement when a Seperatist Attack Frigate scored a direct hit on it's main ion-drive propulsion system. Despite the tremendous fires that raged upon ‘The Starbourne' as a result of the attack on the ship's engines and the scarring he suffered as a result, Mim'baawi was fortunate enough to survive by escaping upon a life-pod before being picked up by a recovery crew after the battle was over.

After recovering from his burn injuries inside a bacta tank aboard a Republic Medical Frigate, Mim'baawi rejoined the fleet around Kamino, this time aboard the Republic Attack Cruiser ‘Dauntless' as a Bridge Officer. Mim'baawi oversaw the razing of the Seperatists' ground forces on Kamino from low orbit, the final action in the Kamino campaign which effectively eliminated the Seperatists from that sub-region of space.

After the Battle of Kamino, Mim'baawi stayed aboard the ‘Dauntless', finally rising to the rank of Lieutenant Commander aboard the Republic Attack Cruiser. His next mission was to return to Coruscant, in what would become the final major fleet engagement of the Clone Wars. During this epic campaign, the ‘Dauntless' was a constant thorn in General Grevious' fleet's side as the Attack Cruiser launched a series of harrowing raids against the more heavily-armoured battle-cruisers of the Seperatist blockade-fleet.

After the conclusion of the Clone Wars and Palpatine's rise to power in the Senate, the Republic Fleet was reorganised into the Imperial Navy, during which a clandestine cull of non-human servicemen saw most alien officers and enlisted crew removed from active service. Many, including Mim'baawi, were reassigned to lesser duties, well away from the Galactic Centre of the Core Worlds. His previously-expected progress to Captain was blocked by the humans-first doctrines of the nascent New Order and he was unceremoniously demoted to Petty Officer (Second Rank) and effectively exiled to carry out routine planetary blockade patrol duties in the Outer Rim Territories.

After a few years of mind-numbing tedium patrolling the galactic backwaters, Mim'baawi quietly retired from service, preferring the solitary isolation of retirement to watching slow decay of his beloved Navy. However, he can sit and watch no more; Palpatine and his unsavoury cohort of thugs must be stopped, or the fate of all honest, decent non-humans in the galaxy is surely sealed...

Physical Description:
About average in height for a Nautolan at just over 2 meters tall, Shu cut an intimidating figure on the bridge of any vessel, though his stern physical presence was offset by his proud dedication to the noble ideals of the Old Republic.

Since having been ousted from his beloved Navy some three years past, he has put on a few pounds around his midriff from the comforts and soft living that his advancing years have allowed him, and wrinkles now crease his ageing visage. His large eyes are iridescent green, and still retain the sparkle of pride, duty and service to the tenets of the Old Republic.

Across his chest, arms and face he bears a number of burn-scars suffered during an ion-drive engine explosion during the Clone Wars.

Old age and retirement have mellowed Shu Mim'baawi. Where once he bustled with self-important pride and bureaucratic efficiency, he now has more time for those who lack the discipline earned by so many years' service in the Old Republic Navy, though the reckless actions of rash youth will still cause the old man's ire. Though his bark is still fearsome, his bite has softened with age and he is, at heart, a kind old man who wishes only to help out the younger generation to overcome the tyranny of the present Galactic Empire.

1. To make an honorable last stand against the upstart New Order of Palpatine and his odious cronies.
2. To regale the younger generation with long, winding tales from his years in the Old Republic Navy.

"Now then, young man, the Chandrilla sector, you say? Interesting place, as I recall... I came through that system once, though many years ago it was now. If you have the time, I could tell you a tale or two...?"

Template: Retired Clone Wars Officer
Prestige Classes: None
Character Name: Shu Mim'baawi
Alias: Ko Mand'rana *
Gender: Male
Species: Nautolan
Age: 67
Eyes: Iridescent green
Hair Tentacles: Deep green
Skin: Deep green
Height: 2.032 meters
Weight: 107.95 kg
Force Sensitive: No
Force Points: 2
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 26
Extra Character Points: 165
Cyber Points: 0
Move: 10
Homeworld: Glee Anselm
* Note on Alias: Ko Mand'rana is a deep space ore-hauler navigator. He spent years in the Outer Rim before making a return to the Core Worlds in his old age. Fake ID requires a Very Difficult (25+) Perception roll to detect.

Old Republic Schools:
  Basic Training: 8 weeks
  Basic Survival: 9 weeks
  Corpsman: 6 weeks
  OCS: 26 weeks
  Basic Piloting: 10 weeks
  Leadership I: 3 weeks

Dexterity 2D+1: Blaster 6D, dodge 4D, grenade 2D+1, heavy weapons 2D+1, melee combat 5D, running 3D+2
Perception 3D+1: Bargain 5D, command 7D+1, con 3D+1, gambling 3D+1, hide 3D+2, persuasion 5D, search 4D, sneak 3D+2
Strength 2D+2: Brawling combat 5D, climbing/jumping 3D+1, lifting 3D+1, stamina 5D+2, swimming 3D (+1D)
Knowledge 3D+2: Alien species 6D, bureaucracy 7D, cultures 5D, intimidation 4D, languages 7D, planetary systems 7D, streetwise 3D+2, survival 6D+1, tactics 4D, (s) tactics: capitol ships 7D, (s) tactics: ground assault 5D, (s) tactics: imperial 6D, (s) tactics: starfighter 4D, technology 3D+2, willpower 4D+2
Mechanical 4D: Astrogation 7D, beast riding 4D, capitol ship gunnery 7D, capitol ship piloting 7D, capitol ship shields 7D, communications 4D+2, [T] computer ops 6D, repulsorlift ops 4D+2, sensors 6D, space transports 5D, starfighter piloting 6D, starship gunnery 7D, starship shields 7D
Technical 2D: Capitol ship repair 5D, capitol ship weapon repair 4D, computer program/repair 2D+2, demolition 2D, droid program/repair 4D, first aid 5D+1, (A) medicine 1D, repulsorlift repair 2D+1, security 4D, space transport repair 4D, starfighter repair 4D

Species Abilities:
Good Swimmers: Nautolans, being amphibious, gain a permanent +1D bonus to all Swimming skill rolls.
Low-Light Vision: A Nautolan can see twice as far as a normal human in poor lighting conditions.
Pheromone Detection: Nautolans possess tendrils which act as their major sensory organs, and they barely function outside of water. The tendrils are so sensitive that they can sense odors and pheromones, which can allow an observant Nautolan some idea of a target's emotional state. Because of this, Nautolans gain a +1D bonus to all skills rolls involving interpersonal relations (ie, Bargain, Command, Con, Intimidation, Investigation, or Persuasion) when in water. When outside of water, this bonus is reduced to a mere +1 pip.

Innate Abilities:
Body Language Intuition: You are very good at reading other people's body language and determining whether their verbal and non-verbal communication aligns.
On a Moderate Perception roll the character can determine what a person's body language is portraying.
Notes: The person must be of the same species as the character. If the species is close, but is not the same then the Perception roll increases to Heroic. If the species is extremely different then add at least +10 to the already Heroic roll.

Story Factors:
Language: The Nautolan language is only fully pronounceable when the speaker is under water.

-Antique Blaster Pistol: Ammo: 40, Range: 3-10/25/110, Damage: 3D+2
-Ceremonial Vibro-Sabre: Reach: +1, Damage: Str+1D+2
-Out-of-date Old Republic Naval Uniform: kept immaculately pressed at all times.
Old Republic Naval Uniform
-Used R5-D6 Astromech Droid (see below)
-Sealed Case from Max (see below)

Credits: 5000 RD (Republic Dataries) on person (exchange: 3500 IC); 25,000 RD in secret stash (exchange: 17,500 IC); Location is on remote... [GM: TBD].

Used R4-D6 Astromech Droid
Availability: 2,F
Cost: 1200 (used)
Height: 1 meter
Weight: 50kg
Move: 5
DEXTERITY 1D: Dodge 2D+1
STRENGTH 2D: Lifting 2D+2
KNOWLEDGE 1D: Planetary systems 5D, value 3D
MECHANICAL 3D: Astrogation 5D, repulsorlift ops 4D, space transport piloting 4D, starship gunnery 3D+2, starship shields 4D
TECHNICAL 3D: Computer program/repair 4D, droid programming 3D+1, droid repair 4D, repulsorlift repair 3D+2, space transport repair 4D+1 *

-Three wheeled legs (One is retractable)
-Retractable Heavy Grasping Arm (Lifting at STR +1D)
-Retractable fine work Heavy Grasping Arm
-Extendable .3 meter long video sensor (360 degrees)
-Small electric arc welder; 3D Damage (.3 m rng)
-Small circular saw; 4D Damage, .3 m rng
-Video display screen
-Cybot acoustic signaller (droid and computer launguages only)
* If acting in a Co-Pilot capacity, may attempt space transport repairs while in flight.

Droid Background: Ash is an aging R5 Astromech, and Shu Mim'baawi's companion of some thirty years. The droid, whose full designation is R5-A5-H-21-ZX12-QT21, is often referred to by his Nautolan owner as 'Ash', partly in reference to his manufacturer's serial number, but mostly due to the clouds of thick, oily smoke that the droid regularly emits from his several access panels and grills.

A5-H is a standard-build R5 droid, painted in Old Rebublic naval colors; crystal white with chipped and fading purple panels. The Astromech has a personality profile common to it's type; cantankerous, surly and rude. However, over their long years of service together, Shu has tamed the worst excesses of A5-H's personality circuits, and come to accept that the droid will never win any populatity awards for his less-than-friendly demeanor towards anyone other than his long-suffering master.

Shu came to take stewardship of A5-H during his long tour of duty in the mid-rim galactic sector, some ten years prior to the commencement of the Clone Wars. At this point of his naval career, Shu was a non-commissioned Lieutenant, serving as a junior navigational officer aboard 'The Intrepid', a medium attack corvette. As part of his duties included hyperspace navigational calculations, Shu often made use of the pool of onboard Astromechs. One particular droid, R5-A5-H, became his preferred Astromech. Despite (or perhaps because of) the droid's matter-of-fact forthrightness and strident criticism of even the most trivial of errors. When 'The Intrepid' was crippled in an engagement during the Pacification of Korull IV, he and A5-H battled to maintain control of the severely damaged ship, despite being under constant attack at close quarters from the Korulli fleet. After this episode, Shu and A5-H soon became unseperable, and the Nautolan became the cantakerous droid's unofficial master from that day on.

Click on image for full size

Case Contents (from Max):

All clothing and armor items are tailor fitted to Shu.

Standard Nautolan Pirate/Rogue Clothing with Hooded Cloak:
Equipped with an Armorweave underlay that reduces 20% of all energy damage.

Hand-top Communicator/Computer Interface:
A square shaped device with small controls on the top of their hand, secured with an organic adhesive compound; smart device system incorporated.

Heavily Modified Naboo Royal Guard Ascension Pistol
Scale: Character
Skill: Blaster: Heavy Blaster Pistol
Ammo: 25
Cost: Unavailable, not made or sold anymore
Availability: X
Weight: 1 kg
Body: 2D
Body Material: [GM: coming soon]
Range: 2-6/20/40
Damage: 6D+1 (4D norm + 2D+1 SSAQS bonus)
Notes: The dart gun and the ascension liquid cable launcher has been removed from this version. Smart grip installed with Fed Tech: will only fire for programmed users.
Mk IV SSAQS Power Cell: +2D+1 damage with superior energy control and stability resulting in significant power life-time; impossible to damage from power drain/corruption.

Click on image for full size

Guardian Holographic Armor
Custom made solid holographic armor technologies coupled with fed and ancient tech; smart device system incorporated.
Model: Isil-zha Holographic Armor System
Type: Personal Combat Armor system
Scale: Character
Body: 2D
Body Material:
Game Effects: see below
Suit: see below
Description: This highly advanced holographic armor system is comprised of a body glove (treat as: Kamperdine Clothing Specialists CSC-5000 Body Glove, and is comprised of an Armorweave underlay that reduces 20% of all energy damage), gauntlets and a utility belt.

The utility belt contains a Mk IV Super Stable Artificial Quantum Singularity (SSAQS) power containment unit that efficiently provides unlimited power to the suit. The utility Belt also holds many standard tools for combat or mission variable.

The gauntlets provide user interface tools for: suit controls; communications; similar function features of a TerexComm Gauntlet-Computer Combo Model (with all available model features); an Isil-zha AI autopilot integrated system(see below); a Portable computer workstation; a computer interface; communications link-up (treat as a Computer System with a Microthrust Portable and three I/O ports Capabilities: Power: 7D, Memory: 24D); and also combines the best elements of a COM link, holonet capable computer, and digital holocam.

Autopilot: This armor has a sentient artificial intelligence computer controlling it. Most users give nick- names to the AI for simplicity (such as HAL, DAVE, MOTHER, GUARDIAN, etc.…). This computer should be considered to be a powerful neural intelligence. The AI can be given voice commands to perform tasks that the armor system is capable of doing. The user must use the Command skill to decide how many actions the AI can perform, much like commanding troops or NPCs.

Game Notes: This computer can perform solo skills at 100%; has up to 10 attacks per round; has +7D to hit; +4D+1 to dodge/evade; and +1D+1 to initiative (these include all bonuses). If assisting the user, the user receives the following combat bonuses: +1D to initiative; +1D+2 to hit; +1D+2 to dodge/evade.

Mode 1: standard

Non-operational; the system is on standby and can be worn under normal clothes/uniforms.

Mode 2: Basic armor; with or without a helmet

Total coverage: +5D vs. Physical & Energy Weapons and ignores special damage modifiers or appliers; no dex penalties'.
Long Range Comm. System: 750 km range in atmosphere; Allows use of "beckon call" system, and the ability to patch into most ships communication systems.
Radiation Shielding: Ability to withstand up to 8 hours in soft radiation and up to 90 minutes in hard radiation.
EMP/Surge Protection: 36 rounds.
With the helmet feature activated: the inside of the helmet provides a HUD where the full communications array features are provided via voice command; external voice can be turned on via the gauntlet interface or voice command. +2D Perception in darkness or smoke and also protects user vs. blinding or flash damage. Also provides Breath mask/air filtration system (no time limit).

Mode 3: Advanced/Full armor; with helmet and all features are online initially.

Everything in Mode 2, plus the following:
Fed holographic stealth capabilities: perfectly bending light around the suit completely, effectively making the user invisible coupled with sound dampening systems (providing +8D to stealth).
Macro-binoculars: +3D to Search for objects up to 600 meters away;
HUD now includes a Rear-View Tactical Display Screen (RVTDS);
Fully Sealed Enviro System: 12 hours LOX/Air Filtration System; 1800 meter (4400 ft.) maximum crush depth in water. Armor forming around user:

Click on image for full size