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Bounty Hunter

Player #21

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Born on the Mid-Rim planet of Sarka lying close to the trade route known as Perlemian. His parents, Viktor and Selene.

He was sold into slavery by his mother and father shortly after completing his advance studies. During his time as a slave Arrik learned to be ruthless and cold hearted. He butchered his slave masters as part of that learning. Free, he located his parents and murdered them. A bounty was placed upon his head, and the young man was pursued by many bounty hunters. He observed the methodologies and means of the bounty hunters who tracked him, learning and acquiring the necessary trade skills. He used his new-found skills to eliminate each bounty hunter that pursued him. Eventually, over time the attempts on his life ceased. This allowed him time to track down and kill the people responsible for placing the bounty.

Not only did this signal the completion of his training and the transition from childhood to adulthood it convinced him to become a bounty hunter himself, taking contracts from whoever would pay. He has served as a contract killer, enforcer, mercenary, bounty hunter, body guard, soldier of fortune, assassin as well as spy. Not only does Arrik enjoy his line of work that he has found himself doing, but also the thrill of the hunt and kill. It is akin to no other sensation.

Well educated, Arrik has travelled across the galaxy to seek out and gain knowledge from a variety of sources.

At present Arrik has no partner or children.

When he was undergoing his advanced studies at an age equivalent to galactic adolescence, he met a girl, an off-worlder. There were very few off-worlders, but there were always brave merchant families willing to take the risk in order to secure the untapped wealth of the world's trade. The girl belonged to one such family, and she met Arrik while attending the planet's leading university. The two fell in love, regardless of their parent's misgivings. Alas it ended in tragedy. It would be the last and only true love of his life.

It was in this new world, this broad galaxy, that Arrik shaped his life. After traveling, Arrik settled in Coruscant's lower levels. He spent some years living amongst humans. During this time, he trained further and ended up making a connection with Yutaka Maloo Beesko, a Twi'lek slave harvester and trader.

Arrik met Cadence Sinclair and Kalji Maysul Leidias. paying the odd duo's way from Aquilaris to Axum. Accompanying them on the ship Evening Star with Marcus and Ian Roseberg, as well as an odd Ithorian named Fer'shi.

He assisted in the rescue of a number of refugees, including a Jedi named Mira, from a group of pirates. He accompanied them further to the Ploo System.

He saved the Twi'lek from being imprisoned and from that point on the two became friends. The duel between the Jedi and him led Arrik to respect the Jedi, and became practically obsessed with them due to their incredible skill at combat and their mastery of the force.

As a gratuity for prolonging his freedom, Yutaka began to have a mutual symbiotic relationship that benefited them both.

Yutaka still hated his friend's existence, recognizing his amazing talent to kill without any trace of evidence or any surviving witnesses. He was truly a ghost murderer. The Twi'lek criminal sympathized for his friend's mundane appearance, knowing that he had potential to be much, much more than a common killer. Before long, Yutaka became Arrik's ‘agent' setting him up with various clients who employed him to kill various individuals. It wasn't long until others noticed his skill, and he was hired to kill important figures in the galaxy. "Nubarak Kreego" and his agent "Speaker", as they were known (never trusting anyone to know their real names) began swaying the course of political and other equally important events through the murders, and at the same time gaining a wealth that neither of them could ever dream of.

No bounty at present has been issued as he has never been discovered.

Not really religious as such, however follows a strict code of honor. Along with this Arrik also feverishly complies with the professional honor of the bounty hunter profession.

A student of the martial art forms of verdanaian as well as teras kasi. Arrik has developed a natural talent for disguises which has proved very useful on many occasions in his line of work.

This talent of disguise has led Arrik to creating alternative identities for himself which allow him more freedom to move around the galaxy undetected.

Arrik has spent an unknown number of years, based on Nar Shaddaa where he haunted the seedier entertainment districts. Following this, Arrik has once more taken to travelling the broad galaxy seeking offers of employment.

It was during his time living on the planet of Lorrd, which is the homeworld of the Lorrdian race, Arrik was able to learn the native non-verbal method of communication known as kinetic communication.

Physical Description:

Athletic and young in all aspects with Black hair and blue eyes, he is engaging to look at.


Othniel is scheming, vindictive, intelligent, shrewd, cunning, ruthless, self-centered, insecure, and vain. He likes power, revenge, superiority." He dislikes weaklings who do not know their place, and moral do-gooders. His strengths are planning, strategy, increasing his power and foothold, seduction, and he is an amateur duelist. His weaknesses are a lack of compassion, empathy, morality, and conscience. He fears being weak and being poor.


Like his entire race, Arrik is consumed by the need and desire to hunt. Also, Arrik is driven to develop his skills in order to gain the necessary strength in preparation of his return to his home world, where he will seek to usurp the present lord in order to rule instead.


"Darkness is a friend, an ally. Darkness allows us to understand others, to see what they value when they believe no one else is looking. It allows us to be honest with ourselves, to express those values that we would disavow in the light. The light blinds us. It is only in the dark that we see clearly, and there is a great dark hidden among these worlds."
"A spy's greatest weapon is his anonymity. When the opposition knows who you are, you're as good as finished."

Template: Bounty Hunter
Prestige Classes: Master Thief/L1, Ninja Assassin/L1
Character Name: Arrik Othniel
Alias: Nubarak Kreego
Gender: Male
Species: Anzati
Age: 30 (?)
DOB: 3534.9.10
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Skin: Slightly dark and smooth, like a good tan
Height: 1.8 m
Weight: 72.57 kg
Force Sensitive: Yes (see below)
Force Points: 3
Dark Side Points: 3
Character Points: 50
Extra Character Points: 32
Cyber Points: 0
Move: 10
Homeworld: Anzat
Place of Birth: Sarka
ATA: 82%

Attributes listed in brackets are species maximums.
Dexterity 4D (5D): Acrobatics 4D, blaster 6D, blind fighting 4D+1, dodge 7D+2, firearms 4D, melee combat 7D+1, pick pocket 4D+2, running 4D, thrown weapons 4D
Perception 3D (4D): Bargain 3D, command 5D, [T] con 12D+1, forgery 10D+1, hide 6D+2, [T] investigation 8D, persuasion 6D+2, search 4D+2, [T] sneak 13D+1
Strength 4D (5D): Brawling combat 7D+1, climbing/jumping 4D, lifting 4D, (A) martial arts 2D+2, regeneration 9D+2 *, stamina 10D+2, swimming 4D
Knowledge 3D (4D): Alien species 4D, bureaucracy 3D, business 3D, cultures 5D, intimidation 5D, languages 4D, (s) languages: kinetic communication 3D+1, (s) languages: sith 4D+1 (read only), law enforcement 3D, planetary systems 4D+2, scholar 3D, (s) scholar: sith lore 9D, streetwise 6D, survival 6D, tactics 5D, technology 3D+1, willpower 11D
Mechanical 3D (4D): Astrogation 9D+2, communications 4D, jet/rocket pack ops 3D, powersuit ops 4D, repulsorlift ops 3D, sensors 3D, space transports 6D, starship gunnery 4D, starship shields 5D, swoop ops 3D
Technical 3D (4D): Armor repair 5D, blaster repair 3D, computer ops 4D, computer program/repair 6D, demolitions 3D, droid programming 4D, droidrepair 3D, encryption 3D, first aid 4D, security 11D, space transport repair 4D, starship weapon repair 4D

Anzati Sense: 10D+1

  • Con
  • Investigation
  • Sneak
Innate Abilities:
Languages: Able to speak, read and write the following languages: Anzat, Galactic Basic, Zelosian
Eidetic Memory: Arrik has photographic memory and can remember 90% of anything he sees.
Body Language Intuition: On a Difficult Perception roll the character can determine what a person's body language is portraying. The person must be of the same species as the character.

Special Innate Abilities:
Ventriloquist (true):
Ambidextrous (true):
Lip-Read (true):
Body Language Intuition (true):
Veteran Under Fire (true):
Blind Fighting (true):

Acute Hearing: 2
Acute Touch: 2
Age Well: 1
Anything Goes in Combat: 2
Armor Penetration: 2
Aura Chameleon: 3
Bilingual Background: 2
Camouflage: 2
Cultural Flexibility: 2

Split Personality: 4 (due to necessity of creating alternative lives throughout 3500 year lifespan)
Oath of revenge: 3 (Lord Leobund, Bod'e Minion "the nine", High Inquisitor Tremayne)
Curiosity: 2
Hunted: 2 (Decendents of Cadence Sinclair and Kalji Maysul Leidias)
Overconfidence: 1
Rebellious: 1
Secret: 2
Selfishness: 1
Vendetta: 2 (Lord Leobund, Bod'e Minion "the nine", High Inquisitor Tremayne)
Mood Swings: 2
Mortal Enemy: 2 (Decedents of Cadence Sinclair and Kalji Maysul Leidias)

Special Species Abilities:
Anzati Tracking: Anzati are able to sense the Force in others, and each is automatically considered Force-sensitive and possessing of the Sense Force skill. When tracking prey, Anzati oftentimes use Force powers similar to Life Detection, Life Sense, Receptive Telepathy, Sense Force, and Sense Force Potential.
Long-Lived: Anzati are practically immortal, and can live for eons. It is still unknown how long they can live.
Stealthy: Because they must secretly hunt sentient beings, Anzati have grown adept at maintaining their stealth and secrecy. This is reflected in a +1D bonus to their Hide and Sneak skills.
Vampires: The Anzati feed from living beings. Game effects in D6 are as follows: for every turn spent feeding, 2 pips are subtracted from the victim's Knowledge, Mechanical, Perception, and Technical attributes. If any one attribute is reduced to 0 or less, the victim dies. The damage to the attributes is permanent, and reduces skills accordingly.
Hypnosis: The Anzati use a crude, but affective form of telepathy to hypnotize their prey. If a sentient being within five meters is unaware of the Anzat who is stalking them, the Anzat may attempt to hypnotize the target. The Anzat rolls base Sense and the target is stunned on a failed Willpower save (Difficulty = Easy + the Anzati's Sense roll). This difficulty increases to Moderate within two meters or less. The subject remains stunned until the Anzat's next attack. If an Anzati is attacked, interrupted, or otherwise distracted before he can insert his proboscises into his victim, the hypnosis effect ends immediately and the victim can act normally.
Proboscises: A successful unarmed melee attack against a grappled, stunned, or helpless creature allows the Anzat to insert his proboscises into the creatures brain (usually through its sinus cavities) and drain its "soup." A successful attack stuns the victim, and the stun effect remains until the Anzat withdraws its proboscises or dies. Only a victim who is not already stunned is entitled to a Stamina save to negate the stun effect of the Anzat's proboscises.
Once an Anzat begins feeding, he is compelled to consume all he can. Only the risk of death will cause him to leave a meal unfinished.

Special Skills:
Anzati Sense: Starts at 3D. The Anzati have focused this skill to feed on their victims. The usage is very similar to the way Jedi's use it, sensing strength in the force and what not, but with one important difference. Due to the thousands of years spent using this skill, The Anzati have developed the ability to not only sense the presence of the force, but they can use it to determine the "life force" or "luck" of the target. In addition, this skill increases naturally by one pip every 500 years after the first 1000 years (+1D+2 for 3500 years old).
* Regeneration: This Strength skill acts to help the Anzat recover from wounds at a faster rate than other beings. If the anzat takes a Wound they must roll an Easy Strength roll. If they succeed, the wound is healed fully in 2 minutes. A Wound x2 requires a Difficult Strength role and takes 6 minutes to heal (4 for the Wound x2 and 2 for the Wound). An Incapacitated wound requires a Very Difficult Strength role and requires 14 minutes (8 for Incapacitated, 4 for Wounded x2, 2 for Wounded). A Mortally Wounded level required a Heroic Strength role and requires 30 minutes (16 minutes for Mortal, 8 for Incapacitated, 4 for Wounded x2, 2 for Wounded). Should the anzat fail the role they will still heal, but the duration is tripled per level of wound. The anzat may also spend any extra Force Points they gained from feeding to instantly heal all damage, including a Dead result (-5D).

Prestige Class: Master Thief, Level 1

Class Skills:
The skills available to a Master Thief to increase are: Communications, Computer Operations, Computer Programming/Repair, Droid Programming, Droid Repair, Encryption, Filing Systems, Forgery, Languages, Search, Security, Sensors, Technology, and Willpower.

Skill Number: 4
You must increase any combination of your Class Skills by a total of 4 pips in order to advance in your Prestige Class. Pips increased in specializations of the above skills only count half of their amount towards your Skill Value. Every time you meet this skill number you may spend the Character Points equal to the level your character is advancing to, gaining the associated class benefit. You may only move one level deep in between adventures.

Level 1 Benefits
Exceptional Resources: A Master Thief has access to a multitude of resources. Once per day, the Master Thief can make a Knowledge check to use these resources. The value of the resources gained equal the Master Thief's level x the total of his Perception rolls x 1,000. Thus, a 4th level Master Thief who rolls an 11 on his Perception check would gain 44,000 credits' worth of resources (4 x 11 x 1,000 = 44,000). These resources can take any form the Master Thief chooses (with the GM's permission) and are his to do with as he wishes. The resources gained arrive within 1D hours.

Prestige Class: Ninja Assassin, Level 1

Class Skills:
The skills available to a Ninja Assassin to increase are: Acrobatics, Blind Fighting, Contortion, Dodge, Melee Combat, Pick Pocket, Running, Thrown Weapons, Hide, Persuasion, Sneak, Brawling Combat, Climbing/Jumping, Stamina, Cultures, Intimidation, Languages, Scholar, Tactics, First Aid, Technology, (A) Martial Arts, (AS) Martial Arts: Hapan, (AS) Martial Arts: Echani, (AS) Martial Arts: Jala'ishi, (AS) Martial Arts: K'tara, (AS) Martial Arts: K'thri, (AS) Martial Arts: Republic Senate Guard, (AS) Martial Arts: Dajitte, and Willpower.

Skill Number: 4
You must increase any combination of your Class Skills by a total of 4 pips in order to advance in your Prestige Class. Pips increased in specializations of the above skills only count half of their amount towards your Skill Value. Every time you meet this skill number you may spend the Character Points equal to the level your character is advancing to, gaining the associated class benefit. You may only move one level deep in between adventures.

Level 1 Benefits
Exceptional Resources: A Ninja Assassin has access to a multitude of resources. Once per day, the Ninja Assassin can make a Knowledge check to use these resources. The value of the resources gained equal the Ninja Assassin's level x the total of his Knowledge rolls x 1,000. Thus, a 4th level Ninja Assassin who rolls an 11 on his Knowledge check would gain 44,000 credits' worth of resources (4 x 11 x 1,000 = 44,000). These resources can take any form the Ninja Assassin chooses (with the GM's permission) and are his to do with as he wishes. The resources gained arrive within 1D hours.

-Tuff1 Combat Jumpsuit
-Draymak HB-2 Hyperblaster (see below)
-Draymak Z-X9 Heavy Blaster Pistol (see below)
-Heavy Blaster Pistol
-2 extra clips for each weapon
-Vibro Knife
-Concealed Holster (for Heavy Blaster Pistol)
-IPKC License in the name of Nubarak Kreego
-Well worn set of traveling clothes
-Various Permits
-Disguise Kit
-Backpack (items include):
  • Change of clothes
  • Emergency signaler
  • 3 medpacs
  • 2 glow rods
  • 2 thermal flares
  • 1 breath mask (with 5 extra filters)
  • small portable fusion power generator
  • 1 weeks rations
  • 10m sytherope
  • 1 knife: Str+2 damage
  • portable moisture vaporator
  • portable field scanner
  • macrobinoculars: Search +1D for targets 100-200 meters away
  • exposure suit
  • 1 person di-crome shelter
  • recording rod: 200 hours audio
  • standard explosive charge
  • pocket computer
  • vibro pick
  • fusion cutter
Credits: 8000 (on person), 258,500 (Imperial bank account), Unspecified amounts (various locations)

A/KT Tuff1 Combat Jumpsuit

Model: A/KT Tuff1 Combat Jumpsuit
Type: Combat Jumpsuit
Availability: 2
Protection: +1D/+2
Materials: [GM coming soon]
Description: The combat jumpsuit is a one piece outfit that can be tailored to fit most individuals. While not as good as full-fledged armor, it provides modest protection with a minimum of weight. It can be combined with blast vests and other armor types or concealed beneath "street clothes."

The jumpsuit is durable, with padding around the torso, elbows and knees. Though tight-fitting, the material breathes well and dries quickly. A number of hooks, rings and other attachments are placed around the suit to hold tools and weapons. When reinforced with gloves, boots and a standard blast helmet, the suit provides excellent protection from minor abrasions.

Wrokix Works Bounty Hunter (N.P.) Armor

Model: Medium Bounty Hunter (Non-Powered) Armor
Type: Medium Bounty Hunter (N.P.) Armor
Availability: 3,X
Weight: 9kg
Protects the following: Head, Neck, Torso, Shoulders, Arms, Front and Back of Legs, Buttocks and Groin.
This armor has excellent expansion capabilities (see Med. Bounty Hunter Pwrd for sample). A repair kit (8 uses) is included in the price.
Protection: +2D+1/+1D+1/-1D
Materials: [GM coming soon]
Dexterity Enhancement: +1; Controlled by built-in Computer
Breath Mask: Filters must be replaced after 30 hours of continuous use.
Flash Protection: Reduces the effects of bright flashes by one half.
Macrobinoculars: Add +2D to Search for objects 100-500 meters away. Scomp-linked to one weapon to reduce ranges by one level.
Example: long rng becomes medium, medium becomes short)
Sensors: Low-Light
  Passive: 160 m/+1
  Scan: 280 m/+1D
  Search: 560 m/+2D

Click on image for full size

Corellian Tech. Light Armor

Model: Corellian Tech. Light Armor
Type: Light Armor
Availability: 2,R
Weight: 5kg
Protects the following: Head, Chest, Shoulders, Shins and Groin.
Protection: +2D/+1D
Materials: [GM coming soon]
Game Notes: This armor has a fair amount of expansion capabilities including Dexterity Enhancements, but can't be powered. A repair kit (8 uses) is included in the price.

Click on image for full size

Nordian Heavy Battle Armor

Model: Nordian Heavy Bounty Hunter Armor (N.P.)
Type: Heavy Armor, Non-Powered (helmet exceptions)
Availability: 3,X
Weight: 16kg
Protects the following: All. This armor has excellent expansion capabilities. A repair kit is included in the price.
Protection: +2D+2/+1D+2/-1D
Materials: [GM coming soon]
Dexterity Enhancement: +2, controlled by built-in Computer
Breath Mask: Filters must be replaced after 30 hours of continuous use.
LOX/Air System: Allows 4 hours in space or under water.
Flash Protection: Reduces the effects of bright flashes by one half.
Macrobinoculars: Add +2D+2 to Search for objects 100-500 meters away.
Scomp-link: Option for two weapons; reduce ranges by one level. (Example: long range becomes medium, medium becomes short)
Sensors: Low-Light, IR, UV
  Passive: 100 m/+1
  Scan: 200 m/+2
  Search: 300 m/+1D
  Passive: 200 m/+1
  Scan: 400 m/+1D
  Search: 600 m/+2D

Click on image for full size

Custom Armoror's Guild Medium Demon Armor

Model: Demon Armor
Type: Custom Medium Armor
Availability: X
Weight: 8kg
Cost: 1,500,000+
Protects the following: All. This armor has excellent expansion capabilities. A repair kit is included in the price.
Protection: +2D+2/+1D+2/0D (if compensation failes then -1D)
Materials: [GM coming soon]
Dexterity Enhancement: +1D, controlled by built-in Computer
Breath Mask: Filters must be replaced after 30 hours of continuous use.
LOX/Air System: Allows 4 hours in space or under water.
Flash Protection: Reduces the effects of bright flashes by one half or -4D becomes -2D.
Macrobinoculars: Add +2D+2 to Search for objects 100-500 meters away.
Scomp-link: Option for two weapons; reduce ranges by one level. (Example: long range becomes medium, medium becomes short)
Sensors: IR, UV, Low-Light, Thermal, Movement
  Passive: 150m/+1D
  Scan: 300m/+2D
  Search: 600m/+3D
  Focus: 40m/+4D
 Low-Light, Thermal
  Passive: 100m/+2
  Scan: 200m/+1D
  Search: 400m/+2D
  Focus: 20m/
  Passive: 100m/+1D
  Scan: 200m/+1D+2
  Search: 400m/+2D
  Focus: 20m/+2D+2

Click on image for full size

Zentarian AR-j3 Slug Thrower

Model: AR-j3 Rifle
Type: Auto Slug Thrower Rifle
Scale: Character
Skill: Firearms: AR-j3
Weight: 5.5kg
Availability: 3,X
Body: 2D+2
Materials: [GM coming soon]
Ammo: 50 + 10
Range: 3-40/80/160 or 5-25/50/100
Grenade Blast Radius: 5 meters
Damage: 4D+1 (single shot)/5D+1 (burst)/6D+1 (full auto) and 4D+2 (Grenade)
Description: For those out there that find themselves in a troubled spot, this weapon can help. It comes with a full clip of standard rounds and 10 mini-grenades for that time when nothing else will do. The scope makes it easier to hit the selected target and can be attached to an armor H.U.D. system. This rifle has also been designed for easy cleaning and maintenance. It can also take a beating and continue working longer than other rifles in the same class.
Game Notes: The damage listed is for standard rounds and the standard mini-grenade (note that the grenade used in the rifle is larger than the one in the pistol). Alternate ammo is available here. Extended clips are also available in 65 and 85 round capacities. Cost is 120 and 160 credits respectively. The larger clips add .3kg and .5kg to the total weight of the rifle. Larger grenade clips are also available and come in 12 (230 credits) and 15 (275 credits) grenade capacity. The scope adds +1D to hit and when integrated into an armor HUD System adds +1D+2. When integrated into armor the weapon will not fire a round unless a valid target is available, even in Full Autofire mode.

Armor Piercing Rounds: Poodoo 9 (2 sets of 10)
Availability: 4,X
Damage: 5D+2 (ss)

Draymak HB-2 Hyperblaster

Model: Draymak HB-2 Hyperblaster
Type: Heavy Blaster Pistol
Scale: Character
Skill: Blaster or (s) Blaster: HB-2
Weight: 4kg
Cost: 16,800
Availability: 4,X
Body: 3D+2
Materials: [GM coming soon]
Ammo: 20 or 10
Range: 4-20/40/80 or 2-10/20/40
Damage: 7D or 8D
Description: This rather large blaster is very powerful and very illegal. Even Imperial Bounty Hunters have a difficult time getting their hands on an HB-2. The extra damage burns off the small ammo capacity twice as fast, but delivers a punch like no other. Most targets get knocked down after flying back a few meters; rarely getting up.
Game Notes: The weapon delivers so much energy with every round fired that the barrel needs to be replaced every third clip. If this is not done there is a 2 in 6 change of the weapon's barrel melting and the clip exploding moments later, usually killing the user (blast causes 1D damage at point-blank range for every round left in the clip).

Click on image for full size

Draymak Z-X9 Heavy Blaster Pistol

Model: Draymak Z-X9 Heavy Blaster Pistol
Type: Heavy Blaster Pistol
Scale: Character
Skill: Blaster or (s) Blaster: Z-X9
Weight: 2.5kg
Cost: 4000
Availability: 4,X
Body: 3D+2
Materials: [GM coming soon]
Ammo: 50/25
Range: 3-25/50/100
Damage: 6D/7D
Description: No longer in the game, but on top of it, Draymak has out done themselves again with the creation of the Z-X9 Heavy Blaster Pistol. This dandy weapon can, and does, put out the firepower of a light repeating blaster without the penalties or the weight. In fact, this beauty weighs less than most heavy blaster pistols, even beating out many blaster pistols and sporting blasters. It is well designed and easy to use. Similar to others from the Draymak line, this weapon is easy to clean and repair, breaking into three seperate sections to allow easy access.
There is a second energy setting that allows the weapon to cause additional damage at the cost of 50% of the clip capacity.
Game Notes: An added security feature keeps the weapon from firing as soon as the release mechanism is touched for longer than two seconds. Pressing the release mechanism again enables it once all peices are in place. A secondary security device keeps the weapon locked when not held by the owner of the weapon. The owner must also be alive and conscious. If the weapon moves away from the owner by more than 10cm it will deactivate as well.
There is a special feature that can be added for an additional 3000 credits that causes the weapon to overload and explode in five rounds should anyone else try to use it. The overload automatically stops once released. If the being continues to hold the weapon to the end of the 25 second period, the weapon will explode with a force equal to 3D speeder scale plus 1 pip for every two rounds remaining in the clip. The blast radius is 1-2/3/5.
The extra damage feature reduces the clip capacity from 50 to 25, but adds 1D to the damage.

Click on image for full size

Heavily Modified Baudo-class Star Yacht

Craft: Baudo-class Star Yacht
Type: Space yacht
Scale: Starfighter
Length: 33 meters
Skill: Space transports: Baudo yacht
Crew: 1
Crew Skill: Varies widely
Passengers: 6
Cargo Capacity: 30 metric tons
Consumables: 6 months
Cost: 800,000+
Hyperdrive Multiplier: x.75
Hyperdrive Backup: x6
Nav Computer: Yes
Maneuverability: 2D+2
Space: 10
Atmosphere: 415; 1200 kmh
Hull: 4D+2
Materials: [GM coming soon]
Shields: 3D
Backup Shields: 3D
  Passive: 15/0D
  Scan: 30/1D
  Search: 60/2D
  Focus: 6/3D
  Double Blaster Cannon (retractable)
    Fire Arc: Turret
    Skill: Starship gunnery
    Fire Control: 3D
    Space Range: 1-5/15/30
    Atmosphere Range: 50-500/1.5/3 km
    Damage: 6D
  Heavy Concussion Missile Launcher (retractable)
    Fire Arc: Turret
    Skill: Starship gunnery
    Fire Control: 3D
    Ammo: 16
    Space Range: 1-3/6/12
    Atmosphere Range: 50-300/6 km/12 km
    Damage: 9D
Source: Pirates & Privateers (pages 71-72)

Special Equipment:
Hyperspace Transceiver: Allows instant communications nearly anywhere in the galaxy. Cannot be used in combat as it drains too much power from all systems while in use.

Click on image for full size

Baudo-class Deck Plans

Carried Items

(from crate delivered by the "Special Agent")

2 Draymak Tobias Mk II Combat Droids

Type: Combat Droid
Dexterity 4D: Blaster 10D, Blind Fighting 8D, Dodge 10D, Firearms 9D, Grenade 9D+2, Melee Combat 10D, Missile Weapons 9D, Plasma Weapons 8D, Pulse Wave Weapons 8D+2, Simultaneous Attack 14D
Perception 4D: Command 8D, Search 9D, Sneak 9D
Strength 4D (3D/3D): Brawling Combat 10D, Climbing/Jumping 12D, Lifting 9D, Stamina 10D
Knowledge 3D: Alien Species 8D, Humanoid Biology 8D, Languages 8D, Law Enforcement 8D, Planetary Systems 8D, Streetwise 8D, Survival 9D, Tactics 10D
Mechanical 3D: Communications 9D, Repulsorlift Ops 9D, Sensors 10D, Swoop Ops 12D
Technical 3D: Armor Repair 8D, Blaster Reapir 9D, Demolition 9D, Droid Programming 7D, Droid Repair 7D, (A) Explosives 3D, Firearms 8D, Melee Weapon Repair 8D, Missile Weapon Repair 7D, Plasma Weapon Repair 8D, Security 9D
Materials: [GM coming soon]
Move: 12/50 (jump)
Weight: 158kg
Size: 1.75m
Cost: 875,000
Availability: 4,X
Personality Matrix: Complex
-Modified Heavy Blaster Rifle: Ammo: 100, Range: 3-50/150/300, Damage: 6D+2 (scomp-link adds +2D to hit moving targets, targeting scope adds +1D to hit in addition to the scomp link if aimed for one or more rounds)
-Armor: Adds +3D/+3D to all areas and is a partial Cortosis weave. Every hit from an energy melee weapon (lightsabres, vibro weapons, etc) has a 30% chance of being turned off for 1-6 rounds
-H.U.D. System: This includes a rear sensor system that eliminates attacks from behind
-Internal/Locked System: Cannot be turned off by normal means. Each droid comes with a unique command phrase that allows it to be turned off. The phrase is also linked to the owner's voice signature for security. If more that ten droids are owned then a group phrase can be added as well. Of course, a Jedi may make a Very Difficult Sense roll to locate the power switch followed by a Difficult Alter roll to turn the droid off (designed to resist Jedi tampering)
-EMP Protection: 10 rounds
-Fire Protection
-Water Sealed
-Plasma Protection
-Ion Protection
-Nanobot Repair System (see Game Notes below for details)
Description: A very sleek design with many built-in redundant systems for guaranteed functionality and long lasting combat readiness. All droids produced thus far have had provided flawless service to their owners. It is recommended that the droids' memory be wiped every month as they quickly develope strong personalities. Note however, that those not wiped have never turned against their owners or disobeyed orders
Game Notes: All systems are redundant allowing the droid to function with damage at two levels lower than normal (Example: -3D wound - droid wound is actually -1D). This droid also has a nanobot repair system that will eventually be able to repair all damage of -5D or less (-1D = 1 minute, -2D = 5 minutes, -3D = 20 minutes, -4D = 50 minutes, -5D = 2 hours).

6 Arakyd Mirage Z3 Probe Droids

Type: Probe and Scout Droid
Scale Character
Cost: 15,000 (new); 6800 (used)
Availability: 2,F
Dexterity 2D: Dodge 8D
Perception 5D: Hide 7D, Search 7D, Sneak 7D, Tracking 8D
Strength 2D+2:
Knowledge 2D: Languages 3D
Mechanical 3D: Repulsorlift Ops 6D, Sensors 5D, Communication 5D
Technical 2D:
Materials: [GM coming soon]
Weight: 9kg
Height: .3 meters
Move: 20
-Repulsorlift Drive (Ground level - 1500 meters)
-Broad-band antenna receiver
-Human Range Optical and Audio Sensors
-Heuristic Processor (Droid can learn by doing)
-Telescopic and Microscopic Optical Sensors
-Sensor Gear, Thermal, Magnetic, IR and sonic imaging
-Audio Discrimination and Extended Range Audio Sensors
-360 Degree Holocam, with backups
-360 Degree Holo-projector
-Retractable fine manipulator arm. Can lift small items, work switches and knobs
-Scan-absorbing shell (+2D to difficulty when trying to find droid using Passive or Scan; +1D when using Search)
-Holo-projector camouflage project image of surroundings to visually mask itself (+3D to visual search)
-Vocabulator speech/sound system
-Durasteel Reenforced Frame (+3D Strength vs Energy and Physical Damage)
  Passive: 250/1D
  Scan: 420/2D+1
  Search: 1500/4D
Description: This probe droid from Arakyd shares many features with their early recording droids, but shows many signs of its decedents like the infamous Viper Probe Droid. The Mirage is a small droid with a number of optical and auditory sensors combined with its expensive and complex logic systems, which make it a truly amazing tracker and hunter.

1 Mezzak's Droids TLX-15 Assault Droid

Type: 4th Degree
Dexterity 3D: blaster: medium repeating blaster 9D+2, dodge 7D, melee combat 7D, missile weapons: missile launcher 9D+2
Perception 2D: search 7D, sneak 6D
Strength 3D (+2D/+2D): stamina 7D
Knowledge 0D:
Mechanical 0D:
Technical 2D: security 8D
Materials: [GM coming soon]
Move: 12
Size: 1.2 meters
Cost: 33,000
-Mini Concussion Missile Launcher: 7D (Ammo: 15, Range: 4-75/250/500, Blast Radius: 0-1/2/4)
-Medium Repeating Blaster Rifle: 7D (Range: 3-75/200/400; fires three shots with no penalty)
-Four auto-balance legs (one leg can be used as a close-quarters melee combat weapon, Damage: Str+2D)
-Retractable fine manipulator arm
-Retractable heavy grappling arm (+1D lifting)
-Acoustic signaler
-Energy Shield Generator (+2D vs. Energy Weapons)

50 Scarab Droids

Manufacturer: Sienar Intelligence Systems
Type: Scarab VI Assassin Droid
Dexterity 4D+2: Dodge 4D, (s) Melee Combat: Injectors 6D
Perception 2D: Hide 7D, Search 3D+1, (s) Search: Tracking 4D, Sneak 7D
Strength 1D: Climbing/jumping 4D
Knowledge 1D:
Mechanical 1D: sensors 5D
Technical 0D:
Materials: [GM coming soon]
Move: 6/10 (jump)
Size: .05 meters long, .01 meters tall
Cost: 20,000
Availability: 4,X
Source: Arms and Equipment Guide (pages 57-58)

-Motion Sensors: +1D to Search for moving targets.
-Improved Sensor Package: +2 to Search, Infrared vision. Range is 75 meters.
-Audio Sensors: +1D to Search for sound. Range: 200 meters.
-Heat Detectors: Range is 100 meters.
-Pheromone Sniffers: If the droid has a sample of fluids to track the target, it gets a +1D+1 bonus to track that individual.
-Biorhythm Analyzers: must match stored target information.
-Poison injector: Damage depending on the type of poison used. Contains only 2 doses of poison.
-Magnetic feet (+3D to climbing)
-Locked access (The droidís shut-down switch is secured or internally located)
-Self-destruct system
Description: Professional assassins know that stealth can be just as potent a weapon as a dart shooter or a sniper rifle. This was the simple principle behind scarab droids.

Tiny, quiet and unobtrusive, the insectile destroyers can locate and terminate a slumbering target without the victim ever stirring from a peaceful afternoon nap. Most household security systems aren't focused enough to detect the minuscule killers, and when they do, they are often misidentified as harmless garden beetles.

Only in the last few decades has electronic miniaturization progressed to levels where scarab droids were practical. Since the covert assassins were also highly illegal, Sienar Intelligence Systems furtively developed them in their top-secret Black Ops laboratories. When perfected, the entire line was sold under-the-table to the assassination branch of Imperial Intelligence. Many "enemies of the Empire' soon felt the sharp sting of their needle fangsÖ and very little after that.

All scarab droids can fit comfortably in the palm of one hand. Collectively, there were eighteen varieties of scarab, each with a different configuration of weapons and appendages. The later generations, in particular, tended to be gruesomely nasty, sporting spines, claws, and flesh-eating shredders. The simpler Scarab Mark VI posted the best kill ratio and was the most widely produced of the various models.

Each Mark VI possesses a compact body, six jointed legs, and a hard head tipped with poison injectors. These piercing fangs connect to a small internal reservoir filled with fast-acting nerve toxins or hallucinogenic stimulants. In a notorious incident on Coruscant, one of Emperor Palpatine's senatorial critics abruptly appeared on the roof of the Imperial Bank and shrieked that he was being chased by a flame-eyed, snake-tongued Rodian batwing. He then plunged two hundred and seventy stories to his death. The newsnets called it stress; those in the know recognized scarab-induced dementia.

Scarabs have specialized sensors to aid in locating their quarry. High-gain photoreceptors are keyed to work efficiently under dim lighting conditions. Heat detectors, pheromone sniffers, and biorhythm analyzers ensure that the droids make a positive ID on their quarry before beginning their evil work. In human subjects, the prime target area is the soft neck skin just above the carotid artery.

For maximum secrecy, a single scarab works best. But a swarm of scarabs has its advantages in case something goes wrong-even a fully alert subject will find it difficult to exterminate a dozen or more of the skittering beetles without suffering a fatal bite.

Planet of Birth: Sarka

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Region: Mid Rim
Sector: Sarka
System: Sarka
Grid coordinates: Q-8
Rotation period: 39 standard hours
Orbital period: 462 local days
Class: Terrestrial
Atmosphere: Type I (breathable)
Climate: Hot
Gravity: 1.3 standard
Primary terrain: Jungles, Marshland, Caves
Native species: Sarkans
Primary language(s): Sarkese
Government: Ruler by tribal selection
Population: 3 billion (9 BBY)
Major cities: Salyrini
Major imports: Luxury items
Major exports: Nova Rubies
Affiliation: Galactic Republic
Galactic Empire

Sarka is a Mid Rim planet and the homeworld of the Sarkan species.

Sarka is inhabited by a variety of animals, plants, and insects, including Sarkans, the planet's only sentient species.

The terrain of Sarka was dominated by humid jungles and marshland. Cave systems, usually located adjacent to underground hot springs, housed most of the planet's population and were rich with Sarkan Nova Rubies, which were highly valued throughout the galaxy. Five major languages were spoken on the planet, including Sarkese.