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Gellaree Gazer


Player #17

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Background: Gellaree was raised an navy brat within the Imperial Navy for the first eight years of her life. Her parents were fighter pilots who were too wrapped up in their careers to bother with her. They would get transferred often from station to station. After a while, every station starts to look the same.

Gellaree doesn't remember much of where she was born-some station, does it really matter? They hadn't even stayed long enough to call it home before they were on the move again. Her parents would leave her in the care of a nanny or a tutor, but for the most part, she would wander the base at Alderaan. She has an older brother, Col. Detwiler Gazer, also was serving in the navy, but had left the family to go against the Empire in his own fashion, so there was no way of contacting him, let alone finding him. She has no hope of ever seeing him, as she does not know where he is, and has no idea if he even cares if she exists or not-her parents didn't, why should he?

The last place of Gellaree's "residence" was a station on Alderaan. It was on a particular ill-fated mission that her mother had met with an untimely death, as is the way of the fighter pilot. Gellaree's father acted as if she were never there, and had no hand in continuing to raise her, so she was on her own. She stuck around the station until she reached the age of ten and then she decided to take off for stars unknown.

She spent the next few years hanging out with officers and gathering her own intelligence about the Empire, figuring out for herself that the Empire was not all it was cracked up to be.

Some of the officers seemed to take a shine to her and would teach her things about droids and vehicles and even got a chance to learn how to handle a gun from time to time. She would earn the extra credits for doing things they were supposed to do-like polishing buckles, boots and guns and making sure they were properly charged. She'd get extra credits if her work passed inspection with high marks.

However, life at the station was simply life at the station. Her father had crawled into a bottle and was in danger of losing his commission, she never heard from her brother, and there were no other relations to turn to.

Gellaree was enjoying life as the military brat-getting into all sorts of trouble, into the restricted places, and being where she really wasn't supposed to. But it gets old. By the age of thirteen she had gotten completely out of hand to where she was threatened with being put in lockdown or being sent to a home.

Captain Defrane, who took her under his wing, describes her as happy-go-lucky. She never seems to let the little things get her down. She's also wild, impulsive and somewhat out of control. He admits that her cute looks and those mysterious green eyes seem to get her out of most trouble, and if that doesn't work, she can talk her way out of the rest. She's also talented in fixing things-droids, gun repair and fixing vehicles. She's also gotten herself into trouble here-like jumping the occasional speeder bike for a joyride. He'll tell you that she has the usual rap-sheet of offenses for kids of her age-pick-pocketing, petty theft, minor vandalism and the like.

Now that she's thirteen, she gets bored easily and finds interesting ways to entertain herself-even if it means stowing away on some freighter or bribing some pilot to shuttle her somewhere so she could find other things to do.

Her constant companion is a pet ferret, Brutus. He is very smart and they have a special relationship where they benefit each other. When they are on the streets, Brutus might help in finding food or a good hiding place, and is a good size for "fetching" things that can't be reached or retrieving items that are in hard to reach places, like dropped credits and such. While spending money for the latest trinket or game or whatever catches her fancy, she also tends to hoard money as well, planning on purchasing her own swoop since she's getting old enough to drive one. She usually only carries just enough to live off of.

Gellaree spends a lot of time just doing what she feels and as much time away from the station these days, drinking in stories of the Rebellion and wondering if her big brother is some kind of hero. She secretly wants to find him, but won't openly admit to it. She also spends time fantasizing about being some kind of Rebellion hero.

Now that she's reached the age of thirteen, she's struck off on her own, living on the streets, making an occasional appearance at the station to check in with Captain Defrane for the occasional meal or extra credits, and Captain Defrane knows better than to try and make her stay in one place.

Physical Description: Gellaree looks like your rough-and-tumble child. She has dark auburn hair that falls shoulder length, but is usually tied back in some fashion to keep out of her face. Her face has a natural "cuteness" to it, as it's heart-shaped, and her dark green eyes look mysterious. It's what helps get her out of trouble most of the time. She has a tattoo of Brutus, her pet ferret, on her right shoulder, and has three earrings in each ear. She tends to dress light-nothing baggy. Baggy clothes tend to make for good "handles" when getting caught on or by something or someone.

She wears boots with her pants tucked into them. She sticks to t-shirts and the only "baggy" item is an oversized leather jacket to be able to carry Brutus in it, along with her "stuff" she acquires. She loves things that are shiny, loves action and can't always help being in the middle or underfoot in any situation. She also loves to see if she can "pull one over" on adults to get her way.

Personality: Gellaree tends to live in the moment. If there's a chance to see or get in on the action she'll do it. She seems happy-go-lucky for the most part. She doesn't let much get to her and will kindly listen to what someone older may have to say and then make her own decisions and do what she thinks best. She has a "cute" factor and uses it to her advantage, so beware of the puppy-eyes!

She's also very independent and has her own ideas on how to keep herself occupied. One minute, she can talk a mile a minute, and the next, can be clammed up. She tends to be cute and endearing, but can also get under people's skin with her impulsiveness. It doesn't take much to get her excited about going after bad guys, or foiling a plan, or evading the law or doing anything exciting. However, don't bring up family, she clams up and gets defensive.

Objective: While she won't openly admit it, Gellaree is looking for her brother who has gone in service of the Rebellion. While she puts on the front of indifference, she's hoping to not only find him, but to hopefully connect with him, as he's possibly the only family she has that would acknowledge her, and is willing to search the entire galaxy if she has to. She feels that this is mostly a solo mission, and is not likely to ask for the help. Her greatest fear is that when she finally does find him, or finds out what happened to him, that he will reject her.

In ten years, she hopes to be following in her brother's footsteps, serving in the rebellion, whether she finds him or not.

Quotes: "Aaaaaaaaand a wookiee sez whut?"

Template: Kid
Prestige Class:
Character Name: Gellaree Gazer
Aliases: Gell, Gellar, Gazer, GG, (and whatever id's she happens to lift at the time)
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 14
DOB: 115.9.15
Height: 1.6003 m
Weight: 52.163 kg
Eye Color: Dark Green
Hair Color: Dark Auburn
Force Sensitive: No
Force Points: 2
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 30
Extra Character Points: 34
Cyber Points: 0
Move: 9
ATA: 100%

Dexterity 3D+2: Blaster 4D, [T] Bowcaster (unknown skill) Dodge 4D+2, (A) Martial Arts: Jensaarai Rek'dul 1D, Melee Combat, Pickpocket 5D, Running 4D+1
Perception 3D+2: Bargain, Con 3D+2 *, Hide 4D+2, Search 4D, Sneak 4D+2
Strength 3D: Brawling Combat 5D, Climbing/Jumping 4D+1, [T] Stamina 4D+1, Swimming 3D
Knowledge 2D+2: [T] Cultures 3D+2, Languages, Streetwise 4D+1, Survival 3D+2, Technology, Willpower 3D+2 *
Mechanical 3D: Beastriding 3D, Ground Vehicle Ops 4D, Repulsorlift Ops 3D+1
Technical 2D+2: Blaster Repair 4D, Droid Programming, Droid Repair 3D+2, First Aid 4D

Bowcaster (unknown thus far)

Special Abilities:
Body Language Intuition: On a Difficult Perception roll the character can determine what a person's body language is portraying. The person must be of the same species as the character (I will allow variables of this by spending 5 additional CP's per species).
* Stubborn: +1D to Perception when someone is trying to Con you (this includes allies); also adds +1D to Willpower rolls.



  1. Bolodyne Works Heavy Blaster Pistol (see below)
  2. Small Stone (Str+1 thrown/Str+2 held)
  3. Command Cylindar: Imperial Admiral (see below)
  4. Two Pibb Cola's (any flavor)
  5. 1 Bottle of Fizzyglug
  6. 1 Bag of Candy (50-100 pieces)
  7. Length of Synthestring: 10m (hidden in utility belt)
  8. Bantha Leather Belt Pouch: Comes with synthetic fur lining. Holds Brutus when not on shoulder. Small internal pouch holds food for Brutus.
  9. Utility Belt: Carries blaster and most other items
  10. A Smile other beings just can't refuse! (adds +1D to Con)
  11. Small Box: Lockable. Taken from the room of an Imperial Officer (see below for content)
  12. Frazium Ring: in front pocket (value unknown)
Credits: 1200 (200 emergency credits in a sensor-proof compartment of her left heel)

Equipment Descriptions:

Bolodyne Works Heavy Blaster Pistol
Manufacturer: Bolodyne Works
Type: Heavy Blaster Pistol
Scale: Character
Skill: Blaster
Weight: 2kg
Cost: 950
Availability: 2,X (permit)
Body: 2D+2
Materials: [GM: coming soon]
Ammo: 50
Range: 3-20/40/80
Damage: 5D+1
Description: Just a bit better than the average heavy blaster, this weapon comes with improved ammo, range and damage with an extra layer of armor to protect it from typical wear and tear
Game Notes: This heavy blaster pistol is lighter than standard blasters in its class as it has been designed for smaller species (and the young of those species).

Click on image for full size

Ancient Heavy Blaster Pistol
Manufacturer: Unknown
Type: Heavy Blaster Pistol
Scale: Character
Skill: Blaster
Weight: 5kg
Cost: Unknown
Availability: X
Body: Unknown
Materials: Unknown [GM: coming soon]
Ammo: Unknown
Range: Unknown
Damage: Unknown
Description: This heavy blaster pistol is quite old, but in prime shape as the previous owner took very good care of it. As GG has never investigated the weapon in any way, there is very little known about it.
Game Notes: Unknown at this time. Discovered inside small box.

Click on image for full size

Command Cylinder: Imperial Admiral
Manufacturer: Fabritech
Type: Code Cylinder
Scale: Character
Skill: Computer Ops
Weight: .03kg
Cost: 50
Availability: 2,X
Body: 1D
Materials: [GM: coming soon]
Description: Provides verifiable Command access and rank when needed in order to access specific systems, files and data. This access is based on Title, Rank, Need to know and Command position. Highly variable. Power cell lasts for one standard year.
Game Notes: Allows automatic access to specified data ralated to role and position. Also grants access in an 'as needed' capacity. Updated every 24 hours when in Imperial controlled space or as soon as possible if not. Access will be automatically blocked if tampered with unless a Heroic+5 Computer Program/Repair roll is successful. Failure destroyes the device. Specially adapted code cylinders do not expire, but are designed to melt if tampered with in any way, no role allowed. The power cell can be replaced in both versions without issue. A new power cell costs 3 credits.

Click on image for full size

GG's Companion:
Name: Brutus (ferret-like companion)
Species: Nausicaa
Dexterity 4D:
Perception 3D+2: Sneak 5D
Strength 1D: Brawling Combat 3D+1
Orneriness: 1D (for GG), 3D (for everyone else)
Move: 10