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General info on all starports is included below. Docking Fees are charged per day. The standard Maintenance and Restocking fee listed is used for a base. Multiply this amount by the # of passenger and crew capacity x the number of days restocked.





Example: YT-1300 Stock Light Freighter for 1 day
2 crew, 4 passengers

LANDING FIELD No Fees N/A N/A (unless all work is done by crew w/ parts) 0/0
LIMITED SERVICES 10-20 30-35 N/A (unless all work is done by crew w/ parts) 60-120 + 180-210
STANDARD CLASS 40-60 10-35 1000-5000 240-360 + 60-210
STELLAR CLASS 50-75 15-35 1500-5000 300-450 + 90-210
IMPERIAL CLASS 110-175 20-40 1500-6000 660-1050 + 120-240
Maintenance Overhaul on hyperdrives is required after every 20 jumps. Neglect on this creates mishaps when a 1 is rolled on the Wild Die.
Items Restocked: water, lubricating fluids, coolants, oxygen & other life support gases & basic proteins for food converter systems
Other Tasks Performed: waste removal, decontamination, landing-gear stress checks, replacement of air filters, gravitational disks & ablative heat shields, re-calibrate intake & firing cells of the ion engine, basic maintenance on the hyperdrive
METOSP (MEssage TO SPacers): METOSP is a One-way broadcast of a prerecorded message. Landing Fields (few), Standard, Stellar and Imperial class starports broadcast on a standard channel. Includes system info, Imperial &/or military presence & comm channel for starport control.
Standard METOSP Comm Channels:
6222.255 - Imperial Class
5878.334 - Stellar Class
4433.111 - Standard Class
3233.554 - Limited Services Class
2220.101 - Landing Field (if it has one)