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Site Update Archive

From the beginning....

Terran Date Description of Changes/Additions
127.2.03 April 12th, 2004 This is the Official Start Date of The Imperial Power Campaign PBEM site
The web site is up and running, but missing much in the way of content
127.2.05 April 14th Added Counter to home page and created basic character bio page
127.2.08 April 17th Changed web counter. Modified links to other pages of the site
127.2.10 April 19th Added Character Submittal Form page to site - currently incomplete
127.2.15 April 24th Minor cosmetic changes to all pages
127.3.03 May 17th Updated Character Submittal Form
127.3.11 May 25th Added Site Logo to Home Page
127.3.23 June 6th Added Site Updates Page
Had to change Damaya's image to #2 due to bad loads (sorry James)
Changed Home Page to reflect accurate time in-game
Removed image of Mobile Med Unit from home page
Added future updates section to home page
127.3.29 June 13th Modified Future Updates section of Home Page
127.3.33 June 17th Added basic info for new player character: A Verpine CASTer
Updated PBEMData page
127.4.12 July 1st Updated Kason's image in Character Data and Bio
Made minor changes to Home Page
Added more links to Links page
Scene and Round File 2 updated with round 8
127.5.12 August 6th Added Character Templates page with links to all the Player Character types available in my campaign
Updated Homepage with items to be added in the near future
127.5.18 August 12th Fixed some character images in the Character Templates page
Repaired the map for Rounds 9-11
127.7.15 October 18th Added and updated House Rules
Uploaded all available Character Templates and Images (some will have to be repaired)
Added link on the Links Page to the Rancor Pit for Ht. and Wt. (metric) conversions
Placed all data from the first group in the archive section (Archive Data link currently inactive)
Updated all pages of site to reflect new group
127.7.29 November 1st Added the links to "Our Heroes" back on the links frame
Updated Characters for new group
Added Opening Scene and Lead-In Scene
Added Ship Equipment List
Completed PC Gear List Items
Made minor corrections to PC's
127.8.2 November 9th Added Archive page for old group. Still needs some work
Sarkosa Sector notes added
Added First Returns
Added Jedi Force Powers
Made minor corrections to PC's
A new Player has joined us - Jehanna Camari. Image uploaded soon
127.8.8 November 15th Updated First Returns
Added modified map of casino
Added map of turbolift section
Updated Links Frame
Removed Character Creation Form until I learn how to create a really good one
127.8.24 December 1st Added First Returns Part II
Added Deleshan Engineering Map
Updated LinksFrame
Fixed maps of turbolift section and modified casino
127.8.28 December 5th Uploaded Tactical Map of the Deleshan
127.8.32 December 9th Uploaded Map of Engineering showing current status
Made minor changes to LinksFrame
Fixed the Sarkosa Sector info link
Added the map of the Mess in Engineering
127.8.35 December 12th Added First Returns Part III
Made minor changes to LinksFrame
127.9.20 January 1st, 2005 Updated First Returns Part III and added Part IV
Added partial map of the Sarkosa Sector
Updated Jehanna, Kason and Damaya. Added Cynthia while Kason hangs out in a bacta tank for 9 weeks
Completed the Second part of the Equipment List
Updated the Tactical layout of the Deleshan
Modified the Homepage and the LinksFrame
Added the Mandalorian Warrior to the Character Types page
127.9.28 January 9th Updated First Returns Part IV and added Part V
Made changes to Kason and updated CAST Rules
Updated the Mandalorian Warrior
127.9.34 January 15th Added several maps of the Deleshan and its route
Updated Part 2 of the House Rules by adding Jedi Proximity and Relationship tables
Updated First Returns Part 5
127.10.15 February 3rd Moved the Chat Room Access to the main page
Updated First Returns Part 5
127.10.21 February 9th Updated all PC's with end-of-adventure Character Points
Updated First Returns Part 5
127.10.32 February 20th Added separate pages for each adventure
Modified Linksframe to condense the material and link it to new pages for each section
128.1.01 February 24th Updated the Home Page
Added Monthly PC Gear Link and first image - data for item will be posted shortly
128.1.05 February 28th Updated First returns part Five with the last part of the adventure with CP's
Added post in SWPBEM Board for Monthly Item. This will be the permanent home for the updates
Updated Sork's Background and added the Blaster Pistol he picked up
Squashed a few bugs and made minor corrections throughout the site
128.1.07 March 2nd Made minor fixes to various pages. Thanks to Mike for pointing them out
128.1.11 March 6th Changed main image and introduction text on homepage
Removed Chat Room access as it has never been used
Removed the Guestbook for the same reason
128.1.32 March 27th Updated and completed part One of Nar Shaddaa: Opening
Added Part Two of Return to Nar Shaddaa: Money Matters
Corrected image of tracking device found in Jehanna's bag
Updated Home Page with minor changes
128.2.07 April 6th Added Bounty Heads, Inc. to Site Pages section
Made minor corrections throughout site
128.2.10 April 9th Added Links to Character Creation Data and PC Gear and Equipment
Modified House Rules
Made minor corrections throughout site
128.2.13 April 12th, 2005 The First Year Anniversary of this Site!!
128.2.17 April 16th Updated Bounty Heads, Inc.
Modified Home Page
Added Return to Nar Shaddaa Part 3
Made minor corrections throughout site
128.3.05 May 9th Updated Player Characters
Made minor corrections to PC Templates
Removed Forum Link as it has never been used
128.3.28 June 1st Updated Bounty Heads, Inc.
Modified Home Page
Added Return to Nar Shaddaa Parts 4 and 5
Added To the Heart Part 1
128.3.34 June 7th Added Parts 2, 3 and 4 of the adventure To the Heart
128.4.3 June 11th Updated part 3 of the To the Heart adventure
Added part 3a of To the Heart: The Rescue
Modified all Player Characters to reflect current changes
Added Monthly Featured Item and created page to store all the new item on
128.4.11 June 19th Updated Ki and Revynn's Character Templates
Updated Monthly Featured Items page
128.4.11 July 4th Updated Alien Species link page. Still much more to go, but at least it's a start
Updated Monthly Featured Items page for July and added Past Items Page
128.4.15 July 8th Updated Adventure 3a: To the Heart: The Rescue; Part I & II
Made minor updates to all PC's
128.4.16 July 9th Added Galactic History pages. Included so far are Sections I through IV
128.5.7 August 4th Added Galactic History Section V.
Updated PC's with current Character Points
Added Featured Items for August - 2 this month
128.5.20 August 17th Updated PC's with current Character Points and stats and Equipment
128.6.3 September 4th Major Change to Player Character's to reflect 3-pip rule adoption
Monthly Featured Item Page updated for September
Personal Gear updated for 3 pip rules
House Rules updated for 3-pip rules and all pages modified
128.6.7 September 8th Sabacc Rules removed and link to SWAGOnline placed instead (as per request)
Bounty Heads page updated by adding credits for the Raptor Squad site
128.6.25 September 26th Modified Our Heroes by adding a separate page with thumbnail images
Updated Missing Heroes page to include those that have left the group
Updated Monthly Featured Items page for October
Visits to date: 2388
128.7.25 November 1st Updated Previous Mission Log and added current Mission
Updated Monthly Featured Items page for November
Visits to date: 2685
128.9.2 December 18th Updated Previous Mission Logs and added current Mission
Updated Monthly Featured Items page for December
Added Adventure Character Points to all PC's and updated those I could
Visits to date: 2936
128.9.28 January 8th, 2006 Welcome to a New Year!!
Updated Monthly Featured Items page for December and January
Added a new Player: Olaiya the Outlaw
Visits to date: 3014
128.10.16 February 6th Updated several pages throughout the site
Visits to date: 3147
129.1.31 March 28th Updated Monthly Featured Items page for March/April
Updated latest adventure section
Added Imperial Bounties page (incomplete)
Added Party's New Ship page
Visits to date: 3415
129.2.11 April 12th, 2006 The Second Year Anniversary of this Site! Wow!
129.2.13 April 14th Added a new map of the Star Wars Galaxy that is much more accurate
Visits to date: 3503
129.2.15 April 16th Added vehicles to the Vehicles section
Updated the Links on the Links Page
Updated the Links frame and how it functions
Visits to date: 3519
129.2.15 June 24th Updated Featured Items page for May/June/July
Visits to date: 3785
129.4.02 August 20 Updated Featured Items page and Past Featured Items page for August
Updated all Player Characters
Posted a modified/updated Map of the Galaxy
Aliens "A" section is complete as is the layout for each table. All species now have an image as well (7/24/06). I hope to post at least the "B's" this month.
Added to the Works in Progress page to eventually change the site to PHP, Flash and/or Java
Visits to date: 3998
Special Note: Whichever player rolls the counter over to 5000 will get 5 CP's and a GM answer to one game question. Make sure you email me directly. I will allow 48 hours for the email once I note the counter has changed. After that the bonus is gone. The first email I get wins.
129.4.19 September 6 Updated the Space Marine Template in the Character Creation section
Visits to date: 4074
129.5.04 September 26 Updated the Home Page with two new marquis
Updated the Party Adventure journals
Visits to date: 4161
129.5.32 October 24 Updated the Home Page
Added a link to a new page: Jedi Info and Additional Powers
Visits to date: 4509
129.7.09 December 9 Added Ylldu and Xexilia Player Characters as they are joining the group from the Yahoo!Groups team
Visits to date: 4587
129.7.22 December 22 Added the Yahoo!Groups log of Adventures called: On Ord Mantell
Visits to date: 4662
129.7.31 December 31 Updated several Player Character Sheets
Updated the NEW Items page for December 2006/January 2007
Visits to date: 4718
129.8.03 January 6 Updated the Imperial Bounties
Modified Ki's Character sheet: specifically Watson
Visits to date: 4778
129.8.17 January 22 Added new page: How to Join the Current Campaign
Added Sample Planet page
Visits to date: 4927
129.8.34 February 8 Modified the Home Page
Visits to date: 5099
129.9.09 February 18 Changed the Antagonist Page
Added Revynn back to the Our Heroes Page and added Gwendolyn and Gandolv
Modified the Home Page
Modified/Updated all Player Characters
Updated the NEW Items page for February/March
Updated The Party's New Ship page
Visits to date: 5222
129.9.20 March 1 Added the Approved Curse Words Page
Updated Xexilia's character as there were errors
Added Xexilia's Original Stats page
Visits to date: 5336
129.9.26 March 7 Updated the Past Heroes page
Visits to date: 5392
129.10.27 April 12th, 2007 The Third Year Anniversary of this Site!! I am amazed! Thanks to all the Players who kept it going.
129.10.28 April 13 Updated the Our Heroes page and all PC's
Updated the HTFTC page
Updated the Antagonist's page
Visits to date: 5667
129.10.35 May 5 Changed the Featured Items page for April/May/June
Added a second page for the Previous Featured Items
Made minor changes to all the Jedi's in the group
Updated the Links frame
Visits to date: 5799
130.1.10 May 14 Added three Advanced Skills to House Rules page 3
Updated the Slicer Player Character template
Visits to date: 5856
130.1.33 June 6 Moved the Approved Curse Words page to the House Rules section
Modified the Galactic Map
Updated the Imperial Bounties list
Added PC Questions and Names to the How to Join the Ongoing Campaign page
Moved and changed the Secret Page. If you find it... well, it explains what to do
Visits to date: 6022
130.2.3 June 10 Made minor corrections and modifications throughout the site
Updated the Imperial Bounty list and the Bounty Heads list
Visits to date: 6052
130.2.28 July 5 Changed marquee's on Main page
Added Lord Leobund to the Antagonist page
Visits to date: 6173
130.4.01 August 17 Updated the Links page
Visits to date: 6388
130.5.10 September 30 Updated all Player Character's with the exception of Harry and Xexilia, which will be forthcoming
Added GM Charts page
Visits to date: 6511
130.5.29 October 20 Modified the Bounty Heads listing
Updated and moved the Secret Page
GM Note: I hope to have all site updates, the Harry/Xexilia adventure and the Ki adventure completed and posted soon. Sorry for the delay. I moved to another state mid-October and I am trying to get settled. I will do my best to complete the updates as quickly as I can.
Visits to date: 6615
130.6.3 October 29 Modified/updated the Home Page
Changed the name and updated the Jedi and The Force page to Jedi Info. Removed all the Jedi powers to the new Force Powers pages that will be posted soon.
Visits to date: 6653
130.6.6 November 1 GM Note: From here on out I am going to place all the older scrolling text entries in the Site Updates, starting with the current ones.
* Home Page Scrolls:
Line 1: In the distance floats a darkened, lengthy ship. In a few moments several lights turn on along the underbelly followed shortly by two panels opening to reveal a smaller vessel lowering from the hanger that appeared.
Line 2: The ships' engines fire, directing it towards a looming blue and green planet....
Visits to date: 6661
130.6.17 November 12 Posted Featured Items page with its new look (a bit early) for December
Posted General Jedi Powers page even though it is not complete (the powers have not been divided up properly yet)
Dressed up several pages to match all the other changes made throughout the site
Added Star Trek Pages, but without content - for now
Visits to date: 6736
130.6.23 November 18 Updated all Character Templates with correct Data and Images with the exception of the Young Jedi and Young Senatorial. I have been unable to locate correct stats yet. They will be completed shortly.
Visits to date: 6762
130.6.25 November 20 Completed the update of the Young Jedi and Young Senatorial. I made up the stats, but I am sure they are close.
Visits to date: 6774
130.7.31 November 26 * Home Page Scrolls:
Line 1: The small shuttle comes back from the surface after only a few hours and docks with the larger vessel.
Line 2: Once the doors are sealed a ramp extends onto the unnaturally cold, dark hanger deck. A shadow of a figure, darker still, exits the shuttle.
Line 3: The dark figure is followed by what can only be described as a large beast with red, glowing eyes covered by maroon colored flesh. The beast is carrying a small object wrapped within a bag of sorts that seems to radiate a faint, crimson glow.
Line 4: The two enter a turbolift and vanish into the bowels of the ship.
* Completed section "A" of Alien Species
* Updated several aliens in section "B" of Alien Species - it is not yet complete
* FYI: I have completed two pages of the Harry/Xexilia Mission and I have started on the Ki/All Officer Mission
* Visits to date: 6806
130.7.34 November 29 * Updated the Young Jedi and Young Senatorial templates with correct info.
* Added the Brash Smuggler, Faithful Co-Pilot, Professional Thief and Security Specialist to the Character Templates page
* Visits to date: 6825
130.8.5 December 6 * Alien Species section "B" is complete
* Visits to date: 6884
130.8.14 December 15 * Alien Species section "C" is complete
* Visits to date: 6951
130.8.31 January 1, 2008 * Updated all House Rules pages to conform with new layout. They also link to each other
* Visits to date: 7056
130.9.9 January 14 * Updated the Featured Items page for January/February
* Alien Species section "D" is complete
* Visits to date: 7144
GM Secret Note 1: Whoever rolls counter over 10,000 gets two Force Points. Email to GM required.
130.10.10 February 19 * Home Page Scrolls:
Line 1: We interrupt this broadcast to bring you this... spe... Hey! Put that weap... BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! BLAM!
Line 2: Psycho Announcement: It's a boy!!! That's right! You heard me. And since all of you missed his birth, each of you owes me a case of thermals. ...And don't think I won't collect!
Line 3: Five humans, two duros and a qwohog sit at various computer terminals in a small room in the back of an unknown being's living quarters. Another human enters quickly, fear on his face.
Line 4: "Destroy everything now! They've found us!" He quickly grabs a vibrosword off his belt and starts slashing the terminals. The others join him in the destruction.
Line 5: Only a precious few seconds go by when the first shots ring out from the main chamber. "They're here! Hurry!" adds the human as the doors explode inward with fire, hot durasteel and smoke.
Line 6: Everyone inside the room, except the human farthest from the door, is instantly killed. In the smoke and confusion he grabs a small container from a bag, tucks it in his shirt, and exits through a secret panel.
* Alien Species section "E" is complete
* Psycho added his own pages to this site under the Psycho Syte link.
* Home Page updated with new scrolls and other minor changes.
* Vehicles, Ships, Ship Stuff and Star Trek Items have been updated with new pages added. Most do not have content yet, but will be added soon.
* Star Wars Curse Words page has been updated. I added about 75 more approved words to the list.
* Site Map Links Page updated. I hope you can all read the links.
* Visits to date: 7420
131.1.6 March 21 * Alien Species section "F" is complete
* Added some advisories to the Psycho Travel Advisories page
* Added the Cathar species to Alien Species Section 'C'
* Visits to date: 7667
131.1.7 March 22 * The Featured Items page has been updated for March/April/May
* Visits to date: 7677
131.1.28 April 12, 2008 It's the Fourth Year of the Site!! Cool!! Thanks again everyone. :-)
131.2.8 April 27 * Alien Species section "G" is complete
* Corrected some minor mistakes on a few pages
* Updated House Rules page 1 and 2. This includes some actual rule changes. Please scan them.
* Visits to date: 8000
131.2.12 May 1 * Alien Species sections "H" and "I" are complete
* Visits to date: 8037
131.2.15 May 4 * Alien Species section "J" is complete
* Visits to date: 8056
131.2.20 May 9 * Home Page Scrolls:
Line 1: Blackness... slowly, there is light... The scene fades in to a large room full of armored and armed men and women sitting around a holo image of a female. She is also in armor and brandishing several weapons.
Line 2: Out of the shadows steps another man clad in pristine, polished, green armor covered partially by a dark green cape.
Line 3: The man in the green armor speaks to the others. "This is our target. She is well protected, well trained and guarded at all times. It is extremely rare that she is off on her own. When that moment comes" he clenches his fist, "you must be ready."
Line 4: There are nods of approval from all in the room. "Good. Contact me when you hear anything even remotely useful." The light in the room begins to dim as the beings start to exit. Soon, all is black again....
* Added Essastii species to Alien Species Section "E".
* Visits to date: 8098
131.2.27 May 16 * Alien Species section "K" is complete.
* Visits to date: 8161
131.3.8 June 1 * Redesigned Ship Equipment and Ship Design charts and tables.
* The Featured Items page has been updated for June
* Prestige Classes have been added
* Lightsabre Forms and the various types of Lightsabres have been added
* Visits to date: 8379
131.3.26 June 19 * Alien Species sections "L through N" are complete.
* Added link to new Second Fleet page on Party Ships page. Contains the Venators and Modified Acclimators that will soon be Victory III Star Destroyers.
* Modified all PC's on the site. They DO NOT show Prestige Classes yet. Let me know if any of you have any questions, as I may have made a mistake or three.
* Rearranged the Favorite Links page. Got rid of a few that don't work and added some that I felt should have been there to begin with.
* Modified or changed several other pages throughout site.
* Visits to date: 8542
131.4.5 July 3 * The Featured Items page has been updated for July.
* Visits to date: 8685
131.4.6 July 4 * Added the Star Wars Galactic Calendar page.
* Visits to date: 8696
131.4.8 July 6 * Added two new links to the Favorite Links page.
* Alien Species section "O" is complete.
* Visits to date: 8727
131.4.14 July 12 * Alien Species section "P" is complete.
* Visits to date: 8815
131.4.16 July 14 * Alien Species section "Q" is complete.
* Modified several other species to conform with current standards
* Visits to date: 8838
131.4.31 July 29 * Home Page Scrolls:
Line 1: There is a growing Darkness in the galaxy. One small portion was destroyed, but the Darkness remains - it grows still...
Line 2: Invisible are the agents of the Darkness. Always aware and always vigilant, they are ever watchful for a chance to strike.
Line 3: Welcome one and all to the Tapani Sector's rebuilt Capitol Planet of Procopia. This year's Capitol Season is expected to be the best ever!
Line 4: Several Imperial Advisors and Senators from other sectors are expected to be in attendance. Don't miss out on this Once-In-A-Millennium event!
Line 5: Starship manufacturer Gallofree Yards, Inc. has gone bankrupt. There assests are being sold off to other companies to help offset their loss and pay off any remaining debts.

* Alien Species section "R" is complete.
* Visits to date: 8998
131.4.32 July 30 * Dark Side Force Powers have been added.
* Visits to date: 9012
131.5.9 August 11 * Updated the Homepage scroll.
* Visits to date: 9095
131.5.30 September 1 * Added Intelligence Officer and Xeno-Archaeologist to the Character Templates page.
* Alien Species section "S" is complete.
* Featured Items page updated for August/September
* Added Gandolv Tydarr to the NPC Page
* Visits to date: 9230
131.6.1 September 7 * Alien Species section "T" is complete.
* Modified a few other pages throughout site.
* Visits to date: 9280
131.7.1 October 12 * All remaining Alien Species sections are complete. Please note that two Near-Human Species were added to Section "N" as well.
* Added Starport Information page to the House Rules
* Featured Items page updated for October
* Home Page Scrolls:
Line 1: The Inky Black.... That's what spacers call it. It is vast and hides many things within its depths. So many in fact, that most will remain lost to the eons of time.
Line 2: There is one such place that is known to but a select few, most of which are now dead. This place, and its many dark secrets, will soon be discovered....
Line 3: First life, then death, then rebirth - such is the way in nature. And so too, is the way of the Force. From the ashes of tragedy and death comes joy and new life. Not the same life, but life, nevertheless.
Line 4: A new life starts today.... A Light, bright and true, comes from within the Dark, sinister bleakness, and is given breath. With that breath is a chance, however slim, to bring peace and hope; something the galaxy is in dire need of.
Line 5: Not too far distant in the past a king was born. Not a human king - no, far from it. Only his size and strength granted him that title (in human words). He ruled by might and cunning alone....
Line 6: Several years pass under his leadership. On a day like all the rest, one of his minions found something while looking for food. He went to see it and immediately took possession of it. And, through time, it gave him even more power over his tribe, his people.
The Secret Page is still there....
* Adventure Logs are updated under Adventure 4: Power to Defend; Basic Training and Harry and Xexilia
* Visits to date: 9578

GM Note: The 10,000 mark is coming soon! Look around, as secrets abound.
131.7.29 November 9 * Updated the Featured Items page for November/December
* Added three new Player Characters to the Our Heroes page: a Jawa Mechanic, a Former Imperial Commando and a Kid
* Visits to date: 9895

Less than 200 visits away from 10,000! Could be "January" before it's found.
131.8.6 November 21 * Updated the Imperial Bounties page
* Visits to date: 10,083

GM Note: Congratulations to Niles for finding and emailing the GM for the reward of 2 Force Points hidden above on this page once the counter rolled over 10,000! Thanks to all for the continued support and patients during the slow times. As a reminder, the Secret Page is still out there. Also continue to look around the site as there will always be hidden rewards - you just have to look!
131.8.13 November 28 * Updated the Imperial Bounties page
* Visits to date: 10,157
131.8.26 December 11 * Updated several PC's with PrC Classes and other changes
* Decided to update the Featured Items page for December
* Other minor changes to several pages throughout site
* Visits to date: 10,282
131.8.29 December 14 * Updated the Ships page by adding Imperial Customs Inspections and Requirements page
* Visits to date: 10,324
131.9.16 January 5, 2009 * Updated the Featured Items page for January
* Visits to date: 10,538
131.10.9 February 2, 2009 * Changed the Site Links page
* Changed the way the data is accessed by condensing several pages and adding three new ones: Bounties, House Stuff and Galaxy Stuff
* Added Major/Minor and Dead Companies page to the Galaxy Stuff page
* Visits to date: 10,872
131.10.16 February 9, 2009 * Updated Featured Items page for February
* Added the Tapani Sector Calendar to the Galaxy Stuff page
* Visits to date: 10,974
131.10.32 February 25, 2009 * Updated the NPC Page by adding PrC's
* Added the other PC and NPC links back by placing then on the House Stuff page
* Visits to date: 11,196
131.10.35 February 28, 2009 * Updated two Antagonists
* Visits to date: 11,226
131.10.35 March 12, 2009 * Updated the Second Fleet. Link is in Ki Drayson's profile
* Visits to date: 11,400
131.11.8 March 20, 2009 * Updated the New Items page
* Visits to date: 11,507
131.11.10 March 22, 2009 * Updated the Psycho Warnings page
* Visits to date: 11,521
131.11.14 March 26, 2009 * Updated Our Heroes page: Jehanna
* Visits to date: 11,583
131.11.18 March 30, 2009 * Updated Our Heroes page by adding Party Ships page
* Visits to date: 11,646
131.11.28 April 9, 2009 * Updated the Character Templates page by adding 45 new Character Types
* Visits to date: 11,779
131.11.31 April 12, 2009 It's the Fifth Anniversary of this site!!! Thank you all so much for checking it out and keeping the game going. :-)
* GM Note: As a gift for keeping the game alive I have decided to reward all the Player Characters during one of the next missions. I will let each of you know when that happens. :-))
131.12.1 April 17, 2009 * Home Page Scrolls:
Line 1: As Death approaches and Darkness abounds, there are those who stand for justice and equality. They are few in number, but strong in will and determination - always looking for light within the dark.
Line 2: On a planet well within Imperial rule there is one being who abhors the evil that surrounds. This being, once removed from the imposed evironment, will add much to the cause of the Resistance. However, it will not be easy to extract such an important being.
Line 3: There is a solid rock wall covered in green and brown vines growing at the base of a hill. Carved upon it, in an ancient, unknown language, are the directions for finding lost items of ancient make. As with most timeworn creations, this one was guarded by the natural creatures in abundance on the planet of its residence. But, even then, it needed to be found again.
Line 4: A sleek, dark ship of unknown design lands upon a planet ravaged by war and destroyed by anger. Out of the ship steps a being of such evil that eyes would turn away. The cloaked being walks from the vessel towards an unlit archway leading to a structure seemingly undamaged as compared to the rest of the planet.
Line 5: At the entrance the being waves a gloved hand across the air in front of the arch. Within moments a dim light of pure red could be seen coming out from the bowels beyond. The dark being then walks through the archway and vanishes within the red glow.
* Updated the Home page scrolls
* Visits to date: 11,878
131.12.10 April 26, 2009 * Updated the New Items page. And yes, it's early for a change :-))
* Made a few changes to the previous pages of the Featured Items pages: Added/changed links and changed images for a few items
* Changed the date on both Calendars by moving it up 14 days - in the middle of the eighth week of Capitol Season for the Tapani Sector
* Visits to date: 12,000
131.12.28 May 14, 2009 * Updated the Antagonist page
* Visits to date: 12,213
132.1.14 June 4, 2009 * Updated the Featured Items page for June
* Visits to date: 12,463
132.1.26 June 16, 2009 * Modified House Rules page 1
* Made some minor changes and corrections to Non-Force Prestige Classes
* Visits to date: 12,627
132.2.6 July 1, 2009 * Updated New Items page for July
* Added Bounty to Imperial Bounties page and made some minor changes
* Visits to date: 12,817
132.2.21 July 16, 2009 * Made minor changes to the layout of a few pages on the site
* Visits to date: 13,017
132.6.8 November 26, 2009 * Home Page Scrolls:
Line 1: HOLONEWS ALERT!!... We join a story already in progress from within the Tapani Sector on the capitol planet of Procopia....
Line 2: We have learned that Lord Bod'e Leobund's niece, her husband and newborn son were killed by rebel insurgents just a few short days ago by what would appear to be a Spy and a Traitor. The images are grim and many security guards have lost their lives defending the new family.
Line 3: Even though beings within the sector support Lord Leobund, their needs do not go unnoticed. Even the Emperor shows mercy on the sector and sends a Star Destroyer specifically to locate those who defile the celebrated peace of Capitol Season commanded by an Imperial Inquisitor.
Line 4: The Lightsabre; weapon of the Jedi Knights. If used correctly it can protect the life of the wielder and the lives of those they are sworn to protect. Such is that of the handful of Jedi poised against the Darkness. Only together will they defeat the Dark - in whatever form it takes.
Line 5: Soon an unwelcome secret will be revealed. However, the knowledge that it gives will unlock an ancient store of information that could, if used properly, help turn the tide of evil in the galaxy.
* Updated New Items page for August, September, October and November
* Updated some of the rules and wording on the 1st page of the House Rules
* Added all the ships and carried craft to the Second Fleet Page
* Added the Capitol Ship Battery Rules page as a link on the Ships page and implemented them within the Second Fleet
* Added content to Ships: Part 1 - Fighters, Ships: Part 2 - Freighters and Ships: Part 3 - Capitol Ships on the Ships page. All ships listed are currently available but may be difficult to get
* Made some minor changes to all the Alien Species tables and added two new ones: Barcoun and Vernol
* Updated the Our Heroes page and the NPC page.
* Updated all Player Characters and added Coopee: Ewok Outlaw Tech to the group
GM NOTE: A Special 'Thank You' to all the Players for being so patient with me while I transition to a new home, new state and new circumstances. I hope to get back up to full speed shortly. :-))
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I have a feeling 2010 is going to be a stellar year!

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132.10.4 April 12, 2010 It's the Sixth Anniversary of this site!!! Thank you all once again for keeping the game going. :-)
GM Note: See the main page scroll for the reward I promised over a year ago.
133.1.28 July 31, 2010 * Added Droid Templates page to the site along with 10 droids
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* Added the Force Attunement page that should have been added some time ago
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* Updated Item #62: Draymak Tobias Combat Droid, on Previous Items Page 4. Also made minor corrections to a few other items on other pages as well
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* Added a link to the Player Questions, Alien Names, Human Names and Starting Money page on the House Stuff page for easier access
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* Added Fiollo's Guides page that contains information on restaurants, hotels, hostals, berverages and foodstuffs. Mostly for fun. :-))
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Another Secret Bonus: +5 to hit and damage for the next mission to whoever emails the GM first!
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SPECIAL GM NOTE: In case any of you missed it...
And in death, we rise...

So it would seem that over half of our original Players have fled the scene because the game has died - in there eyes at least. Perhaps they think the Gamemaster is dead? Perhaps they feel the game is moving too slow? They would not be incorrect on the second part.

The game is still alive. The GM has no stability in his personal life to keep the game going at a normal pace right now. For those Players who remain you have a choice to make....

First, keep waiting for things to "pick up" and move at the original pace or,
Second, start over from the beginning (the game WILL be different)?

Make your choice and email the GM at New Players, or those that are interested in joining, are also welcome to make their choice.

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