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ID: 1-1-0-0001A (updated)
Title: Green Planet Dilemma, Pre-Introduction

Author: Game Master
GSD/GST: 123.5.25/16:45:32
Location: Stubby's Glog-n-Slog

Dacumbee, a lush green planet in the Cazemble Sector housed the only food production facilities for the entire sector. Quite green from orbit, one could see this as a lush, vegetation-covered planet, full of life and vibrancy. However, on closer inspection, the only pockets of civilization were contained in Spaceports; grimy, dim and full of slimy surfaces the cleaning droids could never keep up with. One such Spaceport, Frindur, was no exception. Dimly lit and in bad need of repair, it remained unremarkable in the sprawl of the city. On one street the lights remained especially dimmed, creating shadows across sidewalks devoid of beings. A large sign could be seen on a particularly large building through the poring rain.

Come in and enjoy the sights and smells

That was what the glowing, scrolling sign read above the entrance to one of three bar and grills in the dismal spaceport city of Frindur. The rain was coming down in droves, keeping the streets empty except for the usual speeder trucks carrying food and supplies and personal speeders cruising about. The occasional security officer would step out of the shadows, look about for any trouble, and then step back in.
Suddenly the door to Stubby's flew opened and two beings fought there way out into the street, swinging at each other while trying to maintain their balance on the slick sidewalk.
The scene moves past the two contenders to the interior of the establishment stopping momentarily on a table covered in small, empty shot glasses with a large black-skinned being sitting behind them chugging down more of the same brown and green concoctions.
Moving beyond the table and further into the pub a counter comes into view. Behind it stands a medium-build human sporting a bald head and a thick black beard; to his left at the bar, sit two beings still wearing rain gear and sipping on drinks. To the right and down three stools sits a small furry being nibbling on a bowl of nuts. The remainder of the pub is filled with various aliens and humans all engaged in drinking and talking. Droid servers are flitting about filling and serving orders. Along the back wall behind the bar is a small stage. On it is a red-skinned twi'lek and a blue-skinned chagrian. Both are dancing to the music and are currently entertaining a small crown of aliens and a couple of humans.
In the darkest corner booth to the right sit two beings conversing softly. They seem oblivious to the crowd around them as they sip from full glasses as if not wanting them in the first place. Their voices are inaudible from even one meter away, masked by a small device resting in the center of the table directly between the two beings. Once inside the invisible barrier all can be heard.
"Where is the sample?" asks one of the beings.
"In plain sight where it can be protected." the other answers, tapping on a small silver and blue object resting on the table between the two beings. "If it should fall into the wrong hands..."
"No!" the other blurted out, cutting the first being off. "It will not! Only myself and two others know where it is located and all of us have taken an oath on our lives not to reveal it."
"But we must be sure it will be safe."
"Don't worry, my friend. Someone we trust is near, very near."

ID: 1-1-1-0001B
Title: Green Planet Dilemma: Opening Scene 1

Author: Game Master/Damaya/PBEM Group
GSD/GST: 123.5.25/21:53:02
Location: Stubby's Glog-n-Slog

Orbital Assigned Station for the Phalynx - Dacumbee
Captain Repati sat at the console and wondered why the latest edition to the crew made her feel different then did all the others. Something about those deep black eyes gave her comfort knowing that, in a pinch, she could count on Sev to follow through. Her thoughts were interrupted when the com system activated.
"Drop Ship 1 to Phalynx, over." It was her shuttle pilot calling in.
"Phalynx here. Go ahead Drop Ship." She replied.
"Permission to dock, ma'am?"
"Of course. Bring her on in, and then report to the bridge."
"Yes ma'am," came the stern reply.
Outside the view port Krystil could see the approaching shuttle. It was still too far away to discern who was at the helm, but she already knew the answer to that - Flint Stenim. He was a good pilot and a valued member of the crew. He had been attached to the ship for the last four years and was one of the few crew members who could be trusted. That trust had to be earned, but it was welcome when it came.

A few minutes later Flint stood on the bridge with Captain Repati discussing the latest news and their latest hire - a female human in very good shape. Her name, at least the one she gave, was Swordfish (Boyd's Immortal: name pending PC completion). She would be providing protection to the crew when they went on runs to the surface to collect the goods they needed for the next shipment, and also for any other destinations. Breannon defeated all contenders in a friendly hand-to-hand dual for the right to protect the crew. She had this knack for knowing where the attack was coming from and could then easily defend against it. Yes, she would make a fine addition to the crew and Team Vortex.

Later, at the loading hatch to the drop ship, Kristil says goodbye to two of the crew and steps inside. The door closes behind her as she moves to the cockpit for the flight down to the planet and a bit of relaxation.
Along for the ride are Sev and Breannon, with Flint piloting.

It was just another night on Dacumbee in some refuse filled alley in a bar that was more like a sewage dump then a bar. Damaya looked around the place noting faces and races; their body language speaking volumes about their own problems with no one looking for trouble.

Player Intro
The name's Damaya, I'm a rare breed; I'm what some call a Jedi. Mainly I am in retraining due to some bad karma that befell me; no thanks to my sister who has joined the Dark Side. I'm here following up on some lead told to me by some pilot about several Sith (dark Jedi) having stopped here for refueling and re-supply my sister being one of them. It wasn't hard to find the merchant who sold them the supplies. But it was nearly impossible to talk to him since he had been cut in half. I got this ability to see things, had it since childhood. Call it second sight, call it the Force or call it that sixth sense. But whatever it is my people are all born force sensitive, and it seems in exchange we are also born blind. We have eyes but we cannot see. Our sight is something special; it's kind of like having a sonar/radar ability. This ability has its ups and downs but try to surprise one of us and you'll find that we're much harder to kill than you can ever imagine. In either case I didn't learn much except how bad the poor sod suffered. My sister always had a way with playing with people's pain.

Damaya slides up to the bar, her hooded cloak still covering her face. The bartender, a stout human, glances over his shoulder a moment and turns back to cleaning the shot glass.
"What's your poison kid?" the barkeep asks over his shoulder.
"Whatever he's havin'," answers Damaya roughly, gesturing with a thumb to the stranger at the end of the bar.
The bar keep smiles and nods reaching down and pulling a bottle of Corellian XXX from the lower cabinet and pouring the stiff liquid into a shot glass. He turns and plants it in front of the newcomer with a grin.
"Drink up kid" he says in a heavily accented tone, before turning back and grabbing a bar rag to begin cleaning up the place.
The stranger picks up his drink and moves closer to Damaya. He plants himself with one chair between them.
"You like Corellian, eh?" Without waiting for an answer he adds, "me too."
"It doesn't matter." Damaya said without turning to face the man.
"Right. Just need a drink."
Silence entered in as the last word rolled out, which hung in the air around the two for some time. Neither spoke for several minutes. The human male seemed edgy from the lack of conversation, so without waiting another moment, he spoke up.
"If you'd like another drink..." He paused as if to catch his bearings. "...I'd be happy to pay. The name's Ki if you're interested."

Shortly after Ki speaks up, three humans (two of them female) and a togruta male enter the pub and move to an empty table near the small stage. Everyone near the front of the pub looks up to catch sight of the bright red face and white head-tails of the togruta; all except for Damaya.

Damaya is surprised; this hole in the wall isn't so bad. Her other hand had been holding onto the lightsabre under the folds of the robes' sleeve; a sabre she had inherited from her parents. She was about to put this away when a group of local security guards enter the place.
Trouble, always comes knockin' when you're not even lookin'. She says to herself (no pun intended).

As the Security Guards (7) walk towards the crowd surrounding the stage they pull out stun sticks. Their attention seems focused on the rather large barabel at the center of the group.

ID: 1-1-1-0001C
Title: Bar-abel Brawl Scene 2, Rounds 2 and 3

Author: Game Master
GSD/GST: 125.01.23/21:56:12
Location: Stubby's Glog-n-Slog

Combat begins in earnest as the leading two guards begin to pummel the barabel. As they do so the barabel spins around, anger permeating his face, and strikes back at both men throwing them back slightly (it would seem he was aware of the attack). After the initial contact the gloves on the barabel's hands begin to glow with electrical energy, giving away their true nature as shock gloves. From what you can tell he is well prepared for any combat and seems skilled enough to handle seven human security guards with relative ease.
The bouncers (wearing blast vests with leg and arm guards, each carrying a stun blaster and wearing shock gloves similar to the barabel's) near the stage do not, at this time, appear to be getting involved; although they are watching intently.
The chagrian dancer runs off the stage as soon as the fighting starts. The twi'lek stays and continues dancing.
Our Heroes remain calm and collected; waiting for the perfect time to interfere and take down this insurrection.

ID: 1-1-2-0002B
Title: Aftermath of the Almost, Scene 2, Round 4

Author: Game Master/Trooper Nahrees
GSD/GST: 125.01.23/21:56:17
Location: Stubby's Glog-n-Slog

The fight that was suppose to take place never really got started, as Trooper Nahrees stepped in and averted the worst with her official Imperial Stormtrooper response.
The barabel seemed interested in Damaya's statement and followed her to where Ki was sitting. Ki, of course, had started tailing Blacky and his two new buddies when Damaya came up behind him. He shook his head as if not really there and turned his head slightly towards Damaya to hear what she whispered to him.

Blacky and his two companions walked through the southern exit and out into the night's rain.

The chagrian dancer ran to the booth where the two beings had been, grabbed something off the table, and continued through the same exit. Her rate of movement suggests that she might have cybernetic implants of some type, but they are not visible (she is barely dressed). If she does have cybernetics they are very expensive.

Trooper Barda Nahrees shucks off her loose, confining rain gear, revealing her skin tight black bodysuit, which would normally be worn under her white armor. It clings to her strong, lithe form, and the white armored utility belt at her hip, as well as white boots, make a stark contrast. Her red colored bionic eye whirrs as the stern woman thinks.
To those that have been searching the bodies, she speaks orders, as she pockets her ID once more. "Be sure these men are secure. I want to talk to the fellow they were attacking. Surely, they had some motive."
Her stern glance runs over the bar once more...thinking the situation explosive. "Thank you for your assistance, citizens. I'd appreciate you retaining control of the situation as best you can."
With that, she takes her comlink from her belt, thumbs it on, and says into it, crisply. "Nahrees to Control. I have a group of insurgents at my location. Request an H-wagon to pick up for custody. Over."

The reply was almost immediate. "This is Control. THF-342 you are to remain on-site until H-wagon arrives. ETA: 5 minutes. Detain all involved for questioning. Control out."

The guards actually carried comlinks in a pouch on their belts along with binders. They did not get the chance to use them before they were pummeled by the two houk.
No ID's were found, but something just as interesting was; Kristil and Swordfish found that all the guards had the same tattoo just below their left shoulder blade.