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Psycho Warnings
What do you think this is? A joke? Read it if you want to stay alive.

  1. You talk down to me - you're on The List
  2. You look at my wife - you're on The List twice
  3. You insult me - you're on The List twice. If I feel so inclined I'll just hit you then and there.... What?! You don't think I can? I already got me a stupid female Jedi. Ha, ha, ha! And get this...she fought a Dark Jedi and got herself killed being stupid...AGAIN!
  4. You prevent me from getting to Lens Reekeen - to frag with The List I'll kill ya right then and there!
  5. Travel Advisories: Click on the link to take you there. Advisories
  6. Don't mess with my #1 fan, "B" or you'll be dead before you can draw a breath to apologize.
  7. Don't even THINK about my son, Ben-10, or your next breath will be your last! Then I come after your family, your extended family, your friends and anyone who knows you!
  8. Don't get in my way or you're on - you guessed it - The List
  9. Anyone found with a Cockpit Buddy - you're on The List
  10. That's it for now.... But don't think I won't add some later.