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Psycho Travel Advisories

Here's the list of advisories. It's short, but important, so pay attention
  1. Coruscant: If you need help understanding this a thermal! You'll feel better and I won't have frag you for being a rock.
  2. Tapani Sector: Stay out if you have any secrets or even if you don't. That Lord Leobund is dangerous and has locked down the sector tighter than the Core Worlds. He has two Imperial Sector Fleets in addition to his already massive sector fleet. However, if you have a death wish or you are on my list...go for it! That's one less being I gotta kill. Oh, one more thing...he has several Dark Jedi working for him, compliments of the Emperor.
  3. Imperial Garrison: Lots of reasons to stay away from these unless you're a Bounty Hunter or me. You ain't me, so don't even go there!
  4. Kuat: Lots of Imps and Corps here. If you manage to get to the planet and don't get captured or killed, let me know how you did it.
  5. Tatooine: Lots of scum and villany. My kind a place, but if you're not prepared you deserve the blaster bolt to the head.