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  • Yeah, that's right...I was born, not spawned. Anyone who says otherwise gets on my List.
  • Parents killed, grew up on the streets after hunting down and killing the gang that ganked my blood. The List was born.
  • Discovered I had extra feats of strength whenever I used violence. Started hunting down anyone who spoke badly of me or my family.
  • Discovered my first real weapon. A large plasma cannon that I ripped out of a capitol ship. See image.

    Sweet, isn't it? You best be sayin' yes!
  • Killed my first Stormtrooper for talkin' down ta me. That's how they got on my list. Then I killed all his buddies (as I recall it was 15). Don't believe me? You can check out archived file number Z1405674.342DF-TL54. That'll prove things to ya. Go through the Government Hub, then the Imperial Hub, then Military Computers. Look for Outlaws. You'll see me smilin' back at cha. Oh...and hire the best slicer creds can buy or you won't get anywhere near it.
  • Literally ripped the head of a walker operator off to stop him from shootin' my friends while we was tryin' ta escape. Of course I had to manually rip open the hatch to get at him...
  • Got a new book out. You gonna get a copy? You better or you're on The List.
  • Love thermal detonators. They get me all sorts a trouble - just the way I like it!

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Updated: 5/19/18
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