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Template: Outlaw

Prestige Class(es): Elite Bounty Hunter L10, Psychotic Trooper L10
Character Name: Zandor Krugg, "Francis"
Alias:Psycho, Dar Render (Imperial Bounty Hunter)
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 34
Height: 1.75m
Weight: 62.5kg
Force Sensitive: No
Psychotic Points: 280
Dark Side Points: 2
Character Points: 24
Extra Character Points: 89
Cyber Points: 1
Move: 12
Place of Birth: Unknown
Homeworld: Does not have one that he can recall.

Background: Wouldn't you like to know...
Physical Description: Bad to the bone (see image)
Personality: Fears nothing. Acts like he has nothing to live for. Loves to kill stormtroopers.
Objective(s): To violently remove everything on "The List." ...and other, undisclosed items.
Quote(s): "Yo man - That ain't cool!" "Kill the IS!" "Death to the Emperor!" "Don't get on my list." "You're on the list!!" "Death to Red Dot!!!" "Stow this baby!!!" "I'm the official Liaison Officer for all new recruits." "Looks like it's time to liais." "Don't be waivin' the 'hand' at me!" "Mess with me an' I'll give ya the finger!" (as he holds up his cybernetic hand with his forefinger pointed at the being in question) "Wanna play? (as he pulls out a thermal)" "Wasn't me. You didn't see nothin'! If it was recorded, it's a forgery!" "Yo! Where's the FNG?! I need a drink!" "Harry's my 'Yes' man!"

Dexterity 4D [+3D]: [T] Blaster 15D+1, [Ts] blaster: DB-MRSR 16D+1, [Ts] blaster: LC50 17D+2, brawling combat 15D, dodge 16D+2, [T]grenade 12D+2, [Ts] grenade: thermal detonator 16D, melee combat 8D+2, running 9D, thrown weapons 10D
Perception 4D: Bargain 10D, command 9D+1, (s) command: liais 10D+1, con 11D+2, gambling 7D, hide 8D, investigation 9D, search 13D+2, sneak 12D+1
Strength 4D [x3/x4]: [T] Brawling combat 12D, climbing/jumping 10D, lifting 12D+1, stamina 15D+2, swimming 11D
Knowledge 4D: Alien species 7D, bureaucracy 6D, (s) bureaucracy: imperial 10D, cultures 6D, (s) cultures: Imperial 9D, intimidation 9D, (s) intimidation: liais 11D, languages 6D, planetary systems 6D, (As) psycho logic 5D, (As) psycho speak 8D, (As) psycho tactics 5D, streetwise 14D, survival 15D+2, tactics 9D, (s) tactics: small unit 12D, (s) tactics: imperial 13D+2, (s) tactics: unorthadox 10D, technology 10D, willpower 9D+1
Mechanical 4D: Astrogation 4D+2, beast riding 8D+1, communications 6D, computer ops 9D, ground vehicle ops 7D, repulsorlift ops 10D+1, sensors 8D, starship gunnery 8D, space transports 9D, walker ops 10D+2
Technical 4D: Computer program/repair 5D, demolitions 15D+2 (s) demolitions: thermal detonators 17D+2, droid programming 6D, droid repair 6D, first aid 8D, repulsorlift repair 6D, security 15D+2, space transport repair 7D+2


  1. Basic Training
    Weeks: 8
    Instructor: CDR Headhunter
    Notes: Army
  2. NCO Leadership I
    Weeks: 3
    Instructor: CWO3 Scavone
  3. NCO Leadership II
    Weeks: 3
    Instructor: CWO3 Tyson
  4. SpecForce Basic
    Weeks: 16
    Instructor: CDR Santini
  5. SpecForce Hvy Weapons Crew
    Weeks: 8
    Instructor: CWO-2 Salzeera
  6. SpecForce Advanced
    Weeks: 13
    Instructor: COL Armstrong
  7. SpecForce Urban Guerillas
    Weeks: 8
    Instructor: CWO-2 Spawn
  8. SpecForce Pathfinders
    Weeks: 8
    Instructor: COL Monshe'
  9. SpecForce Infiltrators
    Weeks: 12
    Instructor: Master SGT Jenninn


Brawling Combat

Unique Ability:

Psycho Points: Taps into the Psycho Force. The more crazy, insane and wild the action is, the better. He is allowed to spend an unlimited amount of points every round as long as he has them to spend. The effects are simple: +3D to Dexterity and x3/x4 to Strength for causing/resisting damage for every point spent per round.

Innate Abilities:

Ambidexterity: Can use both hands simultaniously.
Ambidextrous: Equally proficient in performing tasks with the left or right hand. Psycho no longer suffers a penalty to skill rolls when using his offhand. This does NOT mean using both hands simultaneously; that falls under Ambidexterity.
Stubborn: Once your mind is made up there is little any one can do or say to sway you. If someone (including an ally) attempts to Bargain, Con or Persuade the character, add a +5 modifier to the difficulty. In addition, the character adds +1D to all Willpower rolls. Notes: The bonus to Willpower rolls does not increase the skill itself and, therefore, when advancing the skill do not factor in the bonus when determining character points to be spent.
Tough: It takes a lot to knock you down and your physical limits are greater than most. The character adds +1 to Strength when rolling to resist damage. In addition, the character adds +1D to all Stamina rolls.
Notes: The bonus to Stamina rolls does not increase the skill itself and, therefore, when advancing the skill do not factor in the bonus when determining character points to be spent.
Trademark: You are renowned for (s) Blaster: LC50. Psycho adds a +2 bonus To Hit. In addition, when improving the selected Specialization, it costs one character point less than normal.
Notes: The bonus to the Specialization rolls do not increase the skill itself and, therefore, when advancing the skill do not factor in the bonus when determining character points to be spent.
Verteran Under Fire: You are much more diffucult to pin down in a firefight. Suppression fire shots have a difficulty value of Very Difficult rather than Difficult against someone with this ability.

Character Advantages:

Armor Penetration: Level: 2. The character is adept at hitting where armor doesn't protect. Half armor protection.
Battle Cry: Level: 3. The character is adept at charging into combat. +3 to Initiative to your side.
Combat Throw: Level: 3. The character is a surgeon with thrown weapons. The character can always center grenades to do maximum effect. Note that throwing range has its limits.

Character Disadvantages:

Force Susceptible: Level: 3. -3 Points on any roll to resist all Force powers.
Forcephobia: Level: 2. The character has an innate distrust of the Force and Force users cause they always make you forget stuff.

Cinematic Feats:



Dexian FE LC50 Laser Finger:
Type: Laser Finger Cutter (Psycho's signature)
Skill: Blaster or (s) Blaster: LC50
Availability: A,X
Cost: 136,000+
Cyber Point Cost: 1
Weight: 1kg
Range: 0.6m
Damage: 6D+2
Description: Self-contained laser with power supply that has EMP protection up to 10 rounds and is undetectable (Difficulty of Heroic [30]). Micro-fusion power cell keeps the laser charged at all times.

Prestige Class: Elite Bounty Hunter: Level 10

Class Skills: Armor Weapons, Blaster, Brawling Combat, Climbing/Jumping, Communications, Computer Programming/Repair, Con, Demolitions, Dodge, Forgery, Grenade, Hide, Investigation, Intimidation, Melee Combat, Search, Simultaneous Attack, Sneak, (A)Sniper, (A)Speed Drawing, Stamina, Streetwise, Survival, Tactics, and Willpower.

Class Special Abilities:

PrC Level / Special Ability(ies)
Target Bonus: Because of intensive study of his target, an Elite Bounty Hunter gains a competence bonus on attack rolls against his chosen target. The hero must announce who the target is before the adventure begins (and in general should be someone that the Elite Bounty Hunter has taken a contract to take down.) While this is normally a single individual, the target could also be a small group of individuals, or even a large group, organization, or entire species. In this case, it is up to the GM.
Sneak Attack: The Elite Bounty Hunter has grown accustomed to attacking his targets while they are either unaware of his presence, or unable to defend themselves. In any situation, determined by the GM, in which the target is not aware of the Elite Bounty Hunters presence, or is in a physically vulnerable state, such as prone, bound, or is flanked by the Elite Bounty Hunter, the Elite Bounty Hunter's attack deals extra damage as indicated by his progression on the level chart. An Elite Bounty Hunter cannot use Sneak Attack on enemies that do not have visibly obvious anatomical weaknesses (such as a sarlacc). The target must also be visible enough to the Elite Bounty Hunter for a vital spot to be discernable, and must be in reach of the Elite Bounty Hunter if a melee weapon is used, or within Short or medium range if a ranged weapon is used. Deadly accuracy cannot be gained at Long ranges. A scope must be used for ranged weapons at medium range.
Inspire Fear: Starting at 3rd level, an Elite Bounty Hunter's infamy and reputation reach such a point that anyone wishing to take direct action against him is subject to a skill penalty. This penalty is equal to -1D at 3rd level, -2D 6th level and -3D at 9th level. This penalty affects all skill and attribute rolls (including attack rolls) made against the Elite Bounty Hunter by other characters.

Prestige Class: Psychotic Trooper: Level 10

Class Skills: Armor Weapons, Blaster, Brawling Combat, Climbing/Jumping, Computer Programming/Repair, Demolitions, Dodge, First Aid, Grenade, Hide, Intimidation, Melee Combat, Planetary Systems, Powersuit Operations, Search, Sneak, (A) Sniper, (A) Speed Drawing, Tactics, and Willpower.

Class Special Abilities:

PrC Level / Special Ability
Ranged Weapon Focus: Starting at 1st level, the Psychotic trooper may choose any one ranged weapon as their weapon focus. Whenever he or she uses this weapon in combat, he or she adds a +2D bonus to all attack rolls. At 6th level, this bonus increases to +3D.
Melee Weapon Focus: Starting at 2nd level, the Psychotic trooper may choose any one melee weapon as their weapon focus. Whenever he or she uses this weapon in combat, he or she adds a +2D bonus to all attack rolls. At 7th level, this bonus increases to +3D.
Uncanny Dodge: Starting at 3rd level, the Psychotic trooper gains the ability to react to danger before he or she would normally be aware of it. This allows him or her to make Dodge skill rolls to avoid unseen attacks and ambushes. At 8th level, the Psychotic trooper gains a +1D bonus to all Dodge skill rolls.
Awe of Death: In the heat of battle, the Psychotic Trooper can make a Perception roll (DC 15) to "foresee" the final outcome of a battle. If the roll succeeds, the Psychotic Trooper can temporarily "loose" his mind and gain +2D to all of his combat skills and STR to resist damage. When this is done in full view of his fellow soldiers, all of his fellow soldiers who stare at the Psychotic Trooper for one round gain this same bonus; except they have -2D to STR to resist damage. Needless to say, that not many fellow soldiers survive a battle where the Psychotic Trooper "looses" his mind. The Psychotic Trooper must roll a Heroic (DC 30) Stamina roll at the end of every round, while using this or fall unconscious from exhaustion.
Weapon Specialization: At 5th level, a Psychotic trooper may choose a specific weapon. Any time the elite trooper makes a successful attack with her weapon focus, she adds +2D to her damage rolls. If the weapon is a ranged weapon, this damage bonus only applies to attacks within 10 meters.
Deadly Strike: At 9th level, the Psychotic trooper can attempt to execute a deadly strike with any weapon he wields. Making a deadly strike is the only action the Psychotic trooper is allowed to take in the round in which he attempts it (including defensive rolls). He rolls to hit as normal, but with a +1D+1 bonus to his attack roll. If the attack hits and is not avoided by the target, it inflicts double damage.
The Sole Survivor: This is similar to Awe of Death, except that the bonus is +4D.

Equipment List:

  • My Baby (Starfighter scale Thermal Detonator)
  • 2 Heavy Thermal Detonators
  • Draymak Killer Psycho Special Heavy Blaster Pistol
  • Draymak AL-12z Blaster Rifle
  • 2 Impact Grenades
  • 2 Napalm Grenades
  • Detonite Amulet
  • Utility Belt
  • Secure Encrypted Ear Comlink
  • Travel Backpack
  • 4 Crates of Lum
  • 4 Crates of Strd Thermal Detonators

Equipment Details:

Draymak Killer Psycho Special Heavy Blaster Pistol:
Type: Super Killer Heavy Blaster Pistol
Scale: Walker
Skill: Blaster or (s) Blaster: DKPSHBP
Weight: 5.4kg
Cost: 900,000
Availability: 4,X (automatic death sentance just for carrying it)
Body: 4D
Ammo: 20 (clips cost 80,000 each)
Range: 3-20/40/80
Blast Radius: 3 meters
Damage: 7D+2
Description: Power. Death. Destruction. Just what Psycho ordered. The most concentrated blaster beam ever created. The casing is made from corusca stone and Mandalorian iron composite. Any other substance melts after the first shot.
Game Notes: This weapon is only available to Psycho for the listed price. Multiply the cost for anyone else by 10.

Click on image for full size

Draymak AL-12z Blaster Rifle:
Type: Specialized Heavy Blaster Rifle
Scale: Speeder
Skill: (s) Blaster: AL-12z (required to use correctly)
Weight: 5.5kg
Cost: 486,000
Availability: 4,X
Body: 4D+2
Ammo: 300
Fire Control: 2D
Range: 3-200/400/800
Damage: 8D
Description: Accurate, deadly and sturdy are but a few of the descriptive words used to describe this weapon. The AL-12z is the most deadly rifle on the market and it can destroy, with ease, any speeder it encounters. This rifle has also been known to take on walkers and win. The price is high, but the results of what it is capable of are spectacular.
Game Notes: This weapon is so specialized that it will instantly adapt itself to the armor, cybernetics and bioware of the owner. In fact, it will be so integrated that its systems will automatically register with the HUD of armor and any other internal systems that it detects so that the weapon can be more easily used. The AL-12z blaster rifle is the perfect choice for the AutoFire program. Once purchased and touched, the circuits in the rifle scan for DNA in the owner. The file biolocks the weapon so that no other being will be able fire it unless a DNA/voice/retina scan and voice order to do so are confirmed by the original owner who must still be alive.

Click on image for full size

Heavily Modified Gozelli Arms Double-Barrel Med. Repeater/Sniper Rifle (DB-MRSR):
Type: Medium Repeater
Scale: Character
Crew: 1 (for Psycho Only)
Skill: (s) Blaster: DB-MRSR
Weight: 20kg
Cost: 157,000
Availability: 3,X
Body: 3D+2
Ammo: 4000 (connected to power supply)
Fire Control: 2D (special scope compensates for weapon movement)
Range: 5-500/1000/2 km
Damage: 10D (sniper), 9D (+1 for every extra shot fired at the same target, max of 10 shots per round)(kill only)
Blast Radius: 3 meters
Description: Extra heavy repeating blaster rifle designed to take down a single target with accuracy or several targets in an area. Requires two beings of humanoid size to carry the weapon, but a houk or larger being can operate the weapon alone. The rifle, when assembled, is 2 meters long.
Game Notes: Every extra shot fired in repeater mode adds +1 to the target number. A minimum of three shots must be fired in this mode. The weapon comes with a special hair trigger mode that allows both barrels to fire simultaniously causing 8D+2 damage to the target. The weapon cannot be fired in repeater mode when both barrels are engaged. The blaster rifle can be set to overload. This process takes 20 seconds and causes 16D damage in a 20 meter radius much like a thermal detonator.

Click on image for full size

Psycho's Baby:
Scale: Starfighter
Weight: 1.2kg
Thrown Range: 3-4/7/12 +Str Modifier
Blast Radius: 0-2/8/12/20
Damage: 10D/8D/6D/4D (stored in cold stabalized storage case on belt)

2 Heavy Thermal Detonators:
Scale: Character
Weight: 1.2kg
Thrown Range: 3-4/7/12 +Str Modifier
Blast Radius: 0-2/8/12/20
Damage: 12D/10D/7D/4D (stored in cold stabalized storage case on belt)

2 Impact Grenades:
Scale: Character
Thrown Range: 3-7/20/40 +Str Modifier
Blast Radius: 0-2/4/6/10
Damage: 6D/5D/4D/3D

2 Napalm Grenades:
Scale: Character
Thrown Range: 3-4/7/12 +Str Modifier
Blast Radius: 0-3/5/8/15
Damage: 7D

Detonite Amulet:
Scale: Character
Range: 1-5/9/15 +Str Modifier
Blast Radius: 0-1/2/4/6
Damage: 8D/7D/6D/5D

Utility Belt:
Rations: 3 days
Spare Comlink
Water Containers: 3 days
Heavy Blaster Holster: Custom made to allow for Quick-Draw
Heavy Blaster Pistol Clips: 3
Syntherope: 10 meters with standard grapple hook and magnetic grapple

Secure Encrypted Ear Comlink: Range is 60 km. 30 encrypted channels with 50 standard channels. Scans all channels every second.

Credits: 570,000+