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Current as of GSD: 127.5.19

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Real Name: Zarik Naolin
Alias: Reverb
Occupation: Assassin
Crimes: Assassination of House Jeklin family members
Bounty: 22,000 Dead or Alive
Bonus: 6000 if brought in alive
Advisory: Well versed in stealth and silent weapons. Very dangerous
Last Spotted: Bakura, ORT
Receiver: Lt. Karnitha, Silo City, Bakura
Bounty Hunter Tips: Use caution as Zarik will always have hidden weapons and at least two exit strategies. He is highly trained in multiple martial arts forms. Your best bet with this one is to corner him with only one way out and force him to fight in the open.
-Buggie 126.10.01

Real Name: Jaylynn Frenta
Alias: Amber Bone
Occupation: Smuggler
Crimes: Smuggled out Nectican Corporation's private art collection after it was stolen. Murder of security personnel.
Bounty: 30,000 Dead or Alive
Bonus: 10,000 for recovery of art collection (35 pieces)
Advisory: Well armed and will always be with several associates.
Last Spotted: Ord Pardron, Mid Rim
Receiver: Security Viceprex Grigin Tobishna, Nectican Corporation, Segistan Spaceport, Ord Pardron
Bounty Hunter Tips: As Amber is a smuggler, she will most likely never be alone and never be unarmed. She is skilled with a custom-made arm weapon that seems to turn all of its victims a dull shade of amber after death - giving her the nickname of Amber Bone. She runs with three partners that she splits the spoils with and has, so far, never failed to complete a run.
-Sage of Lakeena 125.09.24

Real Name: Oom'ghia Telohm
Alias: Stinger
Occupation: Bounty Hunter/Assassin
Crimes: Attempted murder, Murder of Deginoff Ketrius
Bounty: 35,000 Dead or Alive
Bonus: 6000 if brought in alive for arraignment
Advisory: Armed and very dangerous. Never works alone, but associate remains unknown.
Last Spotted: Calamari
Receiver: Bentomus Ketrius, Son of Deginoff Ketrius, Mon Calamari, ORT
Bounty Hunter Tips: Deadly and extremely dangerous. Well versed in tactics. Associate always remains hidden and continues to remain annonymous. It is suggested that this associate is a defel or similar species.
-Sprite 126.04.12

Real Name: Unknown
Alias: Trigger
Occupation: Assassin/Smuggler/Pirate
Crimes: Atempted murder, murder, theft, kidnapping, extortion, destruction of private property
Bounty: 45,000 Dead or Alive
Bonus: 12,000 Dead Only; must have proof
Advisory: Extremely dangerous and mentally unstable. Will use any means to accomplish goal.
Last Spotted: The Wheel, Mid Rim
Receiver: Dextin Artannis, The Wheel, Mid Rim
Bounty Hunter Tips: Do not try to take this one alone. He is unstable and very unpredictable. He often carries heavy explosives to guarantee his escape if he cannot complete his goal/mission. Always works alone.
-Sage of Lakeena 125.07.04

Real Name: Remlin Cantorra
Alias: Doc
Occupation: Thief, Illegal Street Doctor, Drug Dealer
Crimes: Theft of hutt property
Bounty: 52,000 Alive Only
Bonus: 12,000 for location of illegal drug manufacturing facility
Advisory: Armed and dangerous. Very smart and skilled tactition.
Last Spotted: Ord Ibanna
Receiver: Bogga The Hutt, Seswenna Sector, ORT
Bounty Hunter Tips: Ooh...look out hunters! This one has a hutt after him. Even so, I've heard he is a pretty good doctor...even if he has no official license to practice anywhere. Just know that he is likely to have a few knockout drugs he can use.
-Spider 126.01.02

Real Name: Eblobbu Nelb
Alias: Quibby
Occupation: Arms Dealer
Crimes: Theft of military weapons, Selling of military weapons
Bounty: 58,000 Alive Only
Bonus: 15,000 for return of at least 100 stolen blaster rifles
Advisory: Lightly armed, but heavily protected by henchmen
Last Spotted: Etti IV, CSA
Receiver: Ketar Jexeal, Security Advisor, Merr-Sonn Munitions, Etti IV, CSA, ORT
Bounty Hunter Tips: Very well protected by at least 30 beings of various species. They are very loyal and will likely protect him to the death. Eblobbu is skilled in knowing when to leave a bad situation.
-Cryo Stint 124.09.34

Real Name: Clindul Kindina
Alias: Dredger
Occupation: Gun Slinger/Smuggler
Crimes: Theft of private property
Bounty: 65,000 Dead or Alive
Bonus: 8000 for return of stolen property
Advisory: Armed and dangerous. Will not hesitate to use violence to escape.
Last Spotted: Tatooine
Receiver: Memack Turnel, Security Adjuct, Mos Eisley, Tatooine, ORT
Bounty Hunter Tips: This guy is a bit odd. He always leaves a red poker chip at the scene of his crimes. He has also been known to frequent casinos that favor any game using chips. It is amazing he has not been caught.
-Buggie 127.01.02

Real Name: Annabelle Lucku
Alias: Striper
Occupation: Thief
Crimes: Theft, vandalism, assault
Bounty: 80,000 Dead or Alive
Bonus: 10,000 for return of stolen items
Advisory: Armed and dangerous. Always uses syntherope or other means to keep victims from escaping or stopping her. Will use violence only if there are no other options.
Last Spotted: Mall'ordian, CSA
Receiver: Vice Prex Nomindilla on Etti IV
Bounty Hunter Tips: This human female likes to tie her victims up first, then steal everything of value that the owner has well hidden. She seems to know where the most valuable items are well before entering. Note that she will not take anything larger than a blaster carbine.
-Cryo Stint 126.10.32

Real Name: XY-3D
Alias: Cooler
Occupation: Assassin, Thief
Crimes: Murder, theft
Bounty: 95,000 Dead or Alive
Bonus: None
Advisory: Heavily armed and extremely dangerous. Always uses violence.
Last Spotted: Nexus Ortai, Hertae Sector, Mid Rim
Receiver: Moff Amadell Kitrion in the Imperial Garrison on Nexus Ortai
Bounty Hunter Tips: A droid? Seriously? Ok, really...this droid is an assassin droid that kidnapped the Moff's daughter, ransomed her back to him, took out the entire platoon sent to capture him, and still got away with the credits! One deadly droid if you ask me. Smart too. He always manages to get repaired before his next mission.
-Spider 127.04.32

Real Name: Ventegreen Kestix
Alias: Puncture
Occupation: Assassin, Thief
Crimes: Assassination of Bitthævrian leaders, theft of sacred objects
Bounty: 115,000 Dead or Alive
Bonus: 60,000 for return of ALL sacred objects (contact planetary official for details)
Advisory: Heavily armed and extremely dangerous. Always uses a Shoni spear to kill with
Last Spotted: Guiteica
Receiver: Any Guiteica military outpost
Bounty Hunter Tips: Well, at least this Kaleesh doesn't have a cyborg body! Deadly with a Shoni spear, but knows how to use blasters and other weapons as needed or required to get the job done. It looks as though this kaleesh has struck at the heart of the Bitthævrian species, hence the large bounty.
-Hermicrab 127.5.14


Real Name: Dedrik Melkinn
Alias: Slicer
Occupation: Swordsman, former guard from the Kuat Palace on Kuat
Crimes: Murder, kidnapping, rape
Bounty: 128,000 Dead or Alive
Bonus: 30,000 for swords
Advisory: Heavily armed and extremely dangerous. Approach with caution.
Last Spotted: Kuat
Receiver: Moff Thichis Kuras on Kuat
Bounty Hunter Tips: He is an expert swordsman with any type of melee weapon. He will always have at least three melee weapons on him at all times. However, he fully capable of using other weapons. No one is quite sure how he got the rape charge added on, but it is likely to have something to do with the Moff's daughter.
-Sage of Lakeena 125.9.13


Real Name: Torin Kelderro
Alias: TK
Occupation: Human/alien slave trader
Crimes: Slavery, theft
Bounty: 250,000 Dead or Alive
Bonus: Large bonus if the daughter of Vice Prex Darious Cazzimox is returned alive
Advisory: Heavily armed and extremely dangerous. Approach with caution.
Last Spotted: Corporate Sector
Receiver: Vice Prex Darious Cazzimox, Etti IV, House Cazzimox
Bounty Hunter Tips: She may be good looking for a human, but that is where the niceties stop. She is ruthless and cruel and will do what it takes to continue her trade and remain free. Beware of her henchmen. They are always large and there are plenty of them. They normally operate in or near the Corporate Sector.
-Hermicrab 127.5.18

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