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This document is designed to be a guideline in creating PC backgrounds. It provides some solid, basic questions by which to judge how much detail your character has in his or her background.

From the perspective of a gamemaster, there is nothing more frustrating than having a player without direction. As a player, there should be nothing more frustrating to you than being unsure of how your own character would act. Hopefully these questions will give you something to consider during the creation process. There is no given length that denotes a good background or not. If you have put thought into it, and if you feel as though more information would be more burdensome rather than helpful, you've probably done it well.

Quick Facts
  • Name (and any nicknames or aliases)
  • Species
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Eye Color
  • Hair Color (if applicable)
  • Career / Player Type
Personal History / Life Story

Note: Throughout this section, at least one of these topics should provoke the telling of at least one meaningful story in your character's past. There is, of course, no limit on good thinking. So write as much as you wish.

  • Where was your player born?
  • What is the background of your character's family? Are they wealthy or poor? Is there a family business? Do all the family members seem to enter into one line of work?
  • Is there a significant family or childhood event that shaped your player's life?
  • What is the level of your player's education?
  • Does your character have a partner/spouse or any children?
  • Describe a past personal romance that had a significant impact on your character's life.
  • Elaborate upon your character's career -- why did he or she pick that career? Is there a story behind the choice? Does he or she enjoy it or hate it?
  • Offer a brief job history if it may lend anything to the history.
  • Does your character have exceptionally good friends and/or enemies from his past? (Note: Most characters, except intentional recluses, should have at least one or two of each)
  • How might those relationships have impacted your past? Are there reasons why you would expect to never see them again (Living on different planets is not a good reason)?
  • Does your character have a bounty on his or her head of any sort? Obviously, describe the history if this were the case.
  • Is your character religious?
  • Is there a single thing or person that your character would do anything - even kill - for? Money, a girlfriend, a parent, et cetera, are all valid options.
  • Does your character have any serious hobbies? (If the GM feels that this character's hobby contributes significantly to the story, the development of this character, or any other aspect of the game, the GM can award a bonus in that area at the time of creation)
  • Where does your character live now and why? Did the PC live on any planet, other than this or where he or she was born, for a large part of his or her life?
  • Have you ever met any of the other PCs in this campaign? How? What is your current relationship with them - positive or negative, friend or enemy, lover or close friend, et cetera?
  • If your character is over 100 years old a history must be provided based on galactic events and what, if any involvement, you may have had in it. Please do not get too grandiose here, but have some fun with it.
Physical Characteristics
  • Describe the natural physical characteristics your player has. This includes length and style of hair, facial features, facial hair, et cetera.
  • Describe other characteristics such as tatoos or piercings. Why did your character get these things?
  • Describe his or her general style of dress. What clothing does he or she prefer?
  • Does your character have any physical quirks? This can include non-visible things like voice, laughter, et cetera, but also obvious things like a limp or scar.
  • Briefly describe how your character's personal history has impacted how he or she lives his or her life at this time. Is the character wild, daring, shy, trigger-happy, calm, rash, or something else? Be descriptive.
  • What are notable social habits your character has? Does the PC have any traits that might be exceptionally polite or rude, et cetera?
  • What are some "personality quirks" your character has?
  • Is there anything that people find especially annoying or endearing about you character?
  • How does your character view him or herself.
  • Is your character prone to mood swings or one certain mood?
Objectives and Future Plans
  • What motivates your character? (options: money, love, attention, faith, a story from the past, etc)
  • What is your character's single greatest hope? Fear?
  • What will your character be doing in 10 years (game time)?
Force Sensitive Specifics
  • When did you first notice your abilities?
  • How did you advance your learning?
  • Were you classically trained or modern-day trained? If neither, are you seeking any training?
  • If it was by way of an outside source - teacher, holocron, etc - how did you meet or acquire him/her/it?
  • Describe your personal philosophy on the Force. (You may use relevant Force users to your time period to explain this ideal.
  • Have you made any steps into the Dark Side? If so, how did this first happen? How many Dark Side Points did it give you?
  • If your character has DSPs, how did he or she get them? Have any of them been removed through penance and the like?
  • Provide other information at will.
  • List and describe any weapons, vehicles, ships or significant personal possessions you have. Use the PC Templates for starter equipment and expand on that.

The Star Wars Name Gazetteer

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Alien Species

*Abyssin: _____, a short, usually disyllabic, given name, Heavy on: M's, S's & A's, Ex: Vomak, Myo, Sadie
*Akwin: _'_____, a prefix which denotes social position, followed by a given name, Heavy on: B's, W's & A's, Ex: B'dassa (a scout)
*Anzati: Anzati are so rare that there is rarely two of them in the same sector, let alone the same conversation. For this reason, Anzati rarely name their offspring. Often times though, due to their constant need for victims, Anzat will take human-like names in order to blend in with the surrounding populace, Ex: Anzat of Anzati, Dannik Jerriko, Nikkos Tyris
*Aqualish: ____ ____, two names (both given), usually disyllabic. Heavy on: vowels, D's & N's, Ex: Ponda Baba, Unda Lagor, Calfta Bongi
*Arcona: _____ ____ or ______-__, two names, the first of which is a nest name, and is common among all males in the nest (the "nest" is the family unit in Arcona society). Female nest-members affix an "a" onto their nest names (such as Dutana Leara of the Dutan nest). The second name is a simple given name. Sometimes, especially if one of the names is very short, Arcona tend to run the two together, and write them with a hyphen, Heavy on: T's, K's, V's, A's & R's, Ex: Kodu Terrafin, Vegath Tist, Gezzov-tak, Dutan Kelliv, Dutan Lee, Dutana Leara, Hem Dazon, Kal Mpon, Kal Nkai, Shlith-Dan
*Aruzan: _____, a given name, Heavy on: R's, N's O's & other vowels, Ex: Abano, Menaroo
*Askajian: ______ or ______ _'__' ____, all Askajians are born nameless, and receive their given names only after surviving their first year on their harsh desert homeworld of Askaj. While most have only a single given name, those in important positions, such as chieftains or dancers, are given honorific second and third names, Heavy on: T's, A's & N's, Ex: Nautag, Yarna d'al' Gargan

*Barabel: ______, one name (given), Heavy on: S's, A's, R's & L's, Ex: Shahtul, Vangar, Baraduk, Shallamar, Tibor
*Baragwin: _____ ____, two names. The first is a given name. The second is the name of the homeworld or culture that they below to. Since the Baragwin species has been widely spread across the galaxy, this can say a lot about an individual, Heavy on: I's, D's & A's, Ex: Hermi Odle
*Bith: _____ __'_, a name followed by a shorter, often apostrophed family name, Heavy on: D's, N's, K's & vowels, Ex: Figrin Da'n, Doikk Na'ts, Ickabel Go'nt, Tedn Dahai, Herian I'ngre, Angor Farn, Barquin D'an, Brin Da'p, Fiz Cor'gril, Herian I'ngre, Lin Konpost, Lologin Da'p, Nalan Cheel, Nara Deega
*Bilar: ____ _____, seconds after their birth, newborn Bilars naturally form into groups known as claqas. Each claqa becomes a group mind, and can be considered a single entity and so all Bilars within the claqa share the same name. Heavy on: U's, R's & I's, Ex: Unni Yerudi
*Bimm: ____ _____, two names, one of which they recieve at birth, normally followed by a second name choosen in honor of a favorite ancestor or epic hero from a cherished ballad or story, Heavy on: R's, M's & musical tones, Ex: Rycar Ryjerd
*Bothan: ___ _____'__, given name followed by family name with the final suffix as a clan nobility symbol (the suffix "'lya" indicates the clan Alya, argueably the most powerful clan). Lack of this suffix signifies dishonor. In extreme cases, a Bothan may have even his family name removed, becoming a complete exile from Bothan society, Heavy on: B's, Y's R's, S's, A's & K's, Ex: Borsk Fey'lya, Tav Breil'lya, Koth Melan, Peshk Vri'syk, Asyr Sei'lar, Eurrsk Thri'ag, Girov Dza'tey, Velst Nay'sro, Bem Lyu'kji, Kursk Mal'ia, Staarn, Ceok Orou'cya, Askar Rayl'skar, Morst Tayl'skar, Escra Plo'kre, Karka Kre'fey, Laryn Kre'fey, Liska Dan'kre, Tereb Ab'lon

*Caamasi: _____ _____ or _____, the first name, and [for males] the first portion of the last name, are given. The portion of a male's last name following the apostrophe is the name of the Caamasi's maternal clan. Heavy on: A's, G's & L's, Ex: Elegos A'kala, Ylenic It'kla, Releqy
*Calibop: ____ ______, Calibops have two names, both given at birth. In many cases, one of the names is a "legacy", passed down from previous generations, Heavy on: O's, I's & N's, Ex: Ponc Gavrisom
*Carosite: ___ __, a short given name, followed by an even shorter family name, Heavy on: O's, T's M's & A's, Ex: Tamo Lan, Omo Taj
*Cathar: _____, one name with two syllables, with cubs of the same litter often given names that begin with the same letter or letters, Heavy on: R's, N's, K's & hard C's, Ex: Crado, Nodon, Nonak, Sylvar
*Cerean: ___-___-___ or _____, while Cerean females have only a single given name, Cerean males have a three-part naming tradition, with each name seperated by a hyphen. The first name is the individual's given name, the second is his father's name, and the third is that of his grandfather. Rebellious teenagers have been known to defiantly trim the second and third names off of their own, symbolically disowning their heritage. Heavy on: I's, M's, D's R's & N's, Ex: Ki-Adi-Mundi, Bin-Garda-Zon, Mawin, Sylvn, Nar-Somo-Dali, Shea, Maj-Odo-Nomor, Dor-Femi-Bonmi, Droe, Twin, Skeel, Kordren
*Cha'a: ___ ______, a short family name, followed by a longer given name, Heavy on: Double-letters (especially S's, K's & R's), Ex: Ssk Kahorr
*Chadra-Fan: _'___ _'___ or _____ _____ or _____ , there are many different standards for naming on Chad. Often males are given two names, while some groups only give them one. Females almost always have only one given name. In one particular group, the first letter of both names (usually separated from the main body by an apostrophe) indicates a social position or occupation ("T" indicates an engineer, for instance). Heavy on: K's, A's, and hard-consonants, Ex: T'achak T'andar, Yarbolk Yemm, Kabe, Chan, Fandar, Fugo, Tutti Snibit, Trubor
*Chevin: _____ or ____ _____, all Chevin are given a single name at birth. However, many Chevin will take on the name of another person as a surname over the course of their lives, in honor of that being. However, this tradition dictates that only one honorary name may be added, and it is considered very disrespectful to change it once it is taken on. Heavy on: O's, M's & N's, Ex: Ephant Mon, Osman, Pedna Scotian
*Chiss: ____'___'_____ or ______, Chiss have long, three-part names. When dealing with non-Chiss, a shortened name is used, derived from the central, most important name, Heavy on: R's, K's, N's, T's, & double-consonants, Ex: Mitth'raw'nuroundo [Thrawn], (Other short names: Prakk, Brosh, Voss Parck, Stent, Dreel, Sorn)
*Coynite: ___ ____ __'___, A Coynite's name is a story in itself, usually composed of many words and phrases, speaking of everything from their given names to their life achievements. In most conversation, however, a shortened form of the name is used, with two given/earned names followed by the name of their clan. Capital letters indicate honor, while lower-case letters denote cowardice. Heavy on: T's, G's, L's, R's & A's, Ex: Zal Tuag Th'trar, Zal Afreg Kt'Aya, Trel Tak Muls'rak, Arecelis Acosta, Tra'Parr'Sratt

*Defel: ___'__, all Defels have short single names, frequently containing an apostrophe. Heavy on: F's & L's, Ex: Kl'aal, Defeen, Vex
*Devaronian: ____ ______ or _____'__'____, first name is a ordinary given name, the surname is the name of the city in which they were born. The Devish, a sub- species of the Devaronian, have names that are in the form of Name'from'City, where the middle name is a simple preposition (as, from, for, of, with). Traditionally, both races of Devaronians also choose for themselves less formal nicknames for use in everyday speech (which translate into anything from Cold Food to Moonlight) Heavy on: M's, L's, R's & A's, Ex: Kardue'sai'Malloc (nicknamed Labria), Mlar'nkai'Kambric, Dmaynel Kiph, Elassar Targon, Kapp Dendo, Lak Jit, other nicknames: Oxbel, Jubal, Yemm, Kambrea, Manos, Saricia, Trynic
*Diamala: _____ _____, two names, with the common arrangement of given name followed by family name, Heavy on: vowels, M's & P's, Ex: Porolo Miatamia
*Drackmarian: ______, a single given name, Heavy on: G's, H's & soft A-sounds, Ex: Omogg
*Drall: _____, one name (given). While all Drall do have a family name, they are not used in everyday conversation, mainly because they are extremely long and difficult to pronounce (Mastigophorous is an example of one of the shorter family names), Heavy on: G's R's & H's, Ex: Marcha, Ebrihim, Driggs
*Dresselian: _________, one name, given, traditionally derived from those of close relatives or friends, Heavy on: R's, E's & rolling letters, Ex: Orrimaarko, Reeft
*Dornean: ___ _'___, first name is given, second name is a family name (which is always apostrophed), Heavy on: T's, H's & A's, Ex: Etahn A'baht, Kiles L'toth
*Dubravan: _____, a short given name, Heavy on: A's, V's & B's, Ex: Bobek, Nevana, Sarma
*Duro: ___ ______or ______, one name or a given name followed by a surname. In most cases, surnames are only adopted when the given name is a common one, Heavy on: R's, L's, N's & hard syllables, Ex: Ellor, Krudar, Lai Nootka, Areta Bell, Baniss Keeg, Bringe, Phobos, Chachi, Kir Vantai, Chidee, Croig, Dassid, Dustangle, Oso Nim, Dustini, Geneer, Hav, Leslomy Tacema, Hes Glillto, Jiuk'chtna, Jivis, Kadlo, Monnda Tebbo, Ohwun DeMaal, Rana, Toryn, Jenssar SoBilles

*Elomin: ________, a single given name, sometimes followed by one or two addition names. These added surnames denote rank and social stature, and are only adopted by prestigious individuals, Heavy on: I's, D's, R's & G's, Ex: Brafid, Rennimdius B'thog Indriummsegh, Verrinnefra B'thog Indriummsegh, Monjai, Notoganarech, Rattagegach, Theosidicc Sirrap Treblif, Laerron Woern
*Ewok: _____ or _____ Warwick, Ewoks have a single given name. These names often have religious or tribal significance, and they are almost always composed of two syllables (like much of the Ewok language). The warriors of a certain Ewok tribe have names followed by the honorific Warrick, perhaps in honor of the legendary Ewok warrior by that name. A tribe's foremost warrior has the additional "W." placed between their given name and the Warrick appelation, Heavy on: Vowels (especially E's and A's), Ex: Arbo, Asha, Weechee, Bozzie, Wicket W. Warrick, Latara, Chirpa, Deej, Graak, Ebab, Erpham Warrick, Grael, Gwig, Kaink, Wiley, Kamida, Pondo, Widdle, Kazak, Zephee, Keoulkeech, Logray, Kneesaa, Bandi, Leeni, Lumat, Mookiee, Malani, Nippet, Salina, Norky, Paploo, Ra-Lee, Ponto, Romba, Shodu, Teebo, Tippet, Batcheela, Warok, Warwick, Willy, Winda, Zarak
*Exodeenian: _'___ _____, Exodeenians have two names, the last a family name, the first a complex social title. The part after the apostrophe is the name of their "hive" or clan (a hive is a unit of both military and community, all residents of a city belong to the same hive which is ruled by a military commander)(the Yets are the strongest hive). The letter before the apostrophe shows their standing in that hive ("R" indicates Commander-in-Chief, "M" indicates 2nd-in-command). Heavy in first name: Hard constants, Heavy in last name: Slurred vowels, Ex: M'yet Luure, R'yet Coome

*Falleen: _____, one name (given), Heavy on: X's, Z's, I's A's & L's, Ex: Xizor, Xzuhal, Miaxi, Haxim, Azool, Savan
*Fia: ____ of the Fia, one name, that bares a symbollic reference, always followed the phrase "of the Fia" that reiterates their racial pride, Heavy on: TH-sounds, Ex: Jobath
*Firrerro: ______, one name (given) (Though normally, their names are unknown by most. One peculiar aspect of the near-human Firrerreos is that they will never tell you their name right off. In their culture, the knowing of names is similar to ownership. A Firrerro will only give you his or her name if he/she is surrendering to you or proposing marriage to you [hopefully you can tell which is the case ;o) ]). Heavy on: R's, T's & I's, Ex: Tigris, Rillao, Hethrir
*Frezhlix: _____, Frezhlix usually have only one simple name. The custom of naming is not held as highly by the Frezhlix as by other species, and sometimes one may go through many names over a lifetime, or never have a name to begin with, Heavy on: L's, R's & X's, Ex: Plarx
*Frozian: ___________, one given name, very long. Heavy On: C's, L's & O's, Ex: Micamberlecto

*Galidyn: ____________, one name, given. While they may sound like unintelligble screechs to those not familiar with the species and their language, Galidyn names are actually meaningful references to cherised things from their parents' pasts, Heavy on: E's, soft C's & S's, Ex: Ssseeeeseetek
*Gamorrean: ______, one given name, usually limited to one or two syllables (though the rare educated Gamorreans sometimes change their name to longer, less grunt-like versions), Heavy on: G's R's, M's, K's, double-letters & T's, Ex: Gartogg, Rogua, Ortugg, Venorra, Voort saBinbring (a genetically enhanced Gamorrean, the latter half of his name literally means "by Binbring" which he sees as bitterly ironic), Xob, Steef, Gorge, Greel, Bullyak, Ugbuzz, Draughckt, Orrtug, Tolra, Tront, Warlug, Fruck, Gakfedd, Krok, Ugmush, Mugshub, Snogrutt, Gorrt, Ithmir, Jos, Kinfarg, Jubnuk, Klagg
*Gand: Gand or _____ or ____ ____, the Gand honor and naming systems coincide. A lowly Gand is just called Gand, after a Gand does something of merit he is given a name (as in Gretzky, when he plays junior hockey), after a Gand becomes well known, he is given a second name that goes before the first (as in Gretzky Wayne, when he is signed by the Oilers). Until a Gand is known universally across the planet Gand, he refers to himself in the third person. But when he does become famous, he refers to himself proudly as "I", Heavy on: vowels (especially O's and U's), L's, V's & R's, Ex: Ooryl Qrygg, Ussar Vlee, Syron Aalun, Vviir Wiamdi, Lu'daal-ud, Venlyss Pnorr, R'kayza, Vytor Shrike, Zuckuss, Zukvir
* Givin: ____ _____, two names, the first being a given name, and the second being the name of the individuals homecity, Heavy on: N's, S's & L's, Ex: Elis Helrot
*Gran: ___ ___ or ___-___, two short, often monosyllabic names, Gran encountered offworld often times hyphenate their names or take completely different names all together. This usually denotes being in exile, either literal or personal, and is usually an early sign of Gran seperation syndrome, Heavy on: R's, V's & E's, Ex: Ree-Yees, Vee Naaq, Boe Vixe, Cera Vixe, Rae Vixe, Aks Moe, Mawhonic, Baskol Yaersim, Ainlee Teem
*Gree: _____ or _____'k, all Gree have a short given name, but Gree Masters have an extra click added to the end of their names as a title of high respect, Heavy on: V's, R's T's & K's, Ex: Karkak'k, Rokak'k, Totth'k, Varat'k
*Gosfambling: ______________, Gosfambling vocalics are slightly but distinctly different from most Basic-speaking humanoids. Their long and unpronounceable names are shortened into two syllable abbreviated names for their dealings with non-Gosfamblings, Heavy on: S's, SH-sounds, F's & untranslatable harmonics, Ex: C*********osf (common-name: C-Gosf)
*Gotal: _____ or _____ ______, one name or a name and a surname, depending on the prosperity/social standing of the parent family, Heavy On: T's, K's, N's, & G's, Ex: Feltipern Trevagg, Lishma, Abav Ghart, Glott, Jauxson, Kith Kark, Mahk'khar, Sarlim Gastess, To-yel, Toalar, Pari Notgoth, Tolokai, Tuuve, Mnor Nha
*Glottalphib: __________, one name (given), usually trisyllabic or longer and bubbly-sounding, Heavy on: vowels, N's & S's, Ex: Nandreeson, Iisner
*Gungan: _____ or ____ ____, a given name, usually one word, but sometimes two or three. Heavy on: S's, E's, A's and O's, Ex: Tarpals, Nass, Ceel, Jar Jar Binks, Been, Teers
*Gutretee: _______, one name, chosen by an elder, Heavy on: T'a, N's & A's, Ex: Iponta, Yustavan

*Ho'din: _____, one name only, Heavy on: A's, P's & hard-syllables, Ex: Spero, Par'tah, Usta, Baji, Plett
*Hortek: ________, first name is given, second name is shared by all those in a certain hatch, Heavy on: K's & P's, Ex: Ejagga Pakkpekatt
*Hrasskis: ___ ______, two names, surname after given name, Heavy on: O's, A's & R's, Ex: Cion Marook
*Hutt: _____ the ____, one name, almost always between 4 and 7 letters, followed by a title which denotes their caste. Only members of the highest caste may use the apellation which they view as upmostly cultured ["The Hutt"]. All Hutts actually have a longer official name in the form of "Givenname Clanname Surname", but these names are very rarely used (for instance, Jabba the Hutt's full name is Jabba Desilijic Tiure). Heavy On: vowels, R's, D's, G's & B's, Jabba the Hutt, Zorba the Hutt, Durga The Hutt, Orko the H'uun, Gorga the Hutt, Anachro the H'uun, Gardulla the Hutt, Mardoc the Hutt, Aarrba the Hutt, Grappa the Hutt, Aggaba the Hutt, Aruk the Hutt, Bogga the Hutt, Zochaeb the Hutt, Grelb the Hutt, Boonda the Hutt, Tagta the Hutt, Dalla the Hutt, Daskha the Hutt, Dreddon the Hutt, Glorga the Hutt, Jemba the Hutt, Korrda the Hutt, Kossak the Hutt, Grappa the Hutt, Churabba the Hutt, Dojundo the Hutt, Spadda the Hutt, Dreyba the Hutt, Uta the Hutt, Gheeta the Hutt, Smada the Hutt, Grejic the Hutt, Grondo the Hutt, Jiliac the Hutt, Kibbick the Hutt, Mageye the Hutt, Zavval the Hutt, Nullada the Hutt, Shala the Hutt, Zier the Hutt

*Iotran: _____ ___, two names, a family name preceded by a given name, similiar to human fashion, Heavy on: T's, R's & A's, Ex: Rodick Tag, Dira Shal
*Ishori: ___ __'___ first name is given, the second is a surname, Heavy on: C's, S's & O's, Ex: Ghic Dx'ono
*Ishi Tib: _______ or _____ _____, the chirping language of the avian Ishi Tibs is uncommon in that it does not put particular importance on word breaks. Ishi Tibs have two names, both given, but these can be written as anything from two seperate names to a name seperated by an apostrophe or hyphen, to one long unbroken name, Heavy on: C's, S's, T's & R's, Ex: Dr'xureretuel, Harc Seff, Kanjil Mang, Shasa Tiel, Thilis-Brin, Ttotplat
*Ithorian: ____ _____, two names (first given, second family), Ithorians speak in a diharmonic language [having dual larynxes], so translations are very loose and names are rarely pronounced as spelled, Heavy On: vowels, W's, O's, T's, N's, D's & M's, Ex: Momaw Nadon, Tomla El, Chadra Hobat, Ire Eleazari, Tol Ado, Tendau Bendon, Tredo Dopra, Umwaw Moolis, Slag Flats, Momaw Mowadan, Ixxus Cranata

*Jawa: ___ ____, given name followed by a clan name (all Jawas on a sandcrawler are of the same clan, so they also have the same last name), Heavy on: H's, E's, A's & K's, Ex: Het Nkik, Jek Nkik, Eet Ptaa, Hrar Kkak, Aved Luun, Rkik Dnec, Tteel Kkak, Wimateeka Nkik

*Khommarian: _____ #, There are no sexes on Khomm, all kin are genetic duplicates of their parent, and take there parent's name (e.g. Joe 43's offspring is named Joe 44), Heavy on: K's, R's & monosyllables, Ex: Dorsk 81, Dorsk 82, Kaell 116
*Kiffu: ____ _______, typical human-style names, with given name followed by a second family name, Heavy on: N's, T's, L's & vowels, Ex: Anton Brunwin, Sturn Brunwin, Vul Tazaene, Parla Tentase
*Kitonak: _____, one short name, given, Heavy on: N's, K's & R's, Ex: Anarc, Snit, Terno
*Klatooinan: ______, a brief given name, occasionally followed by a title. Barada is a very common name for a Klatooinan male, in honor of the historical figure Barada M'Beg. Heavy on: R's, A's and short-syllables, Ex: Barada, Chokk
*Koodan: ___-Kooda, a monosyllabic name, followed by "Kooda", which literally means "of the Koodan". Heavy on: R's & A's, Ex: Bar-Kooda, Ry-Kooda
*Kubaz: ______ or ____ ____, either one given name or in the form of [given name] [family name], depending on place of origin and upbringing, Heavy on: T's, R's & V's, Ex: Thwim, Tavvar Va'ran, Garindan, Lorindan, Shuzz, Taratan, Totolaya, Zubindi Ebsuk

*Letaki: _____ _____, the first name is given at the time of their hatching, with a second [the "brood name"] being given to all of the surviving hatchlings, Heavy on: R's & vowels at regular intervals, Ex: Evar Orbus

*Meerian: _____, a disyllabic name, the last syllable of which is the region of Bandomeer in which they were raised. Besides this peculiarity, there is a slight difference between genders. The females capitalize each syllable of their names, while males only capitalize the first, Heavy on: N's, R's & T's, Ex: Rontha, SonTag, VeerTa
*Mon Calamarian: _____, always one name (except for rare cases, where descendants of renowned explorers or travelers will take on a distinctive second name for honor and clarity), Heavy on: A's, S's, M's, R's, T's & SH-Sounds, Ex: Ackbar, Perit, Akanseh, Sesfan, Clighal, Ibtisam, Jesmin Ackbar, Tralphka, Rekara, Onoma, Rutralli Optor, Rekush, Oro, Zgorth'sth, Jhemiti, Elpfel, Bant, Jhemiti, Kalbrac, Legassi, Arboga, Perit, Toklar, Ragab, Tekba, Tuz

*Neimoidians: ____ _____, two short names. The first is a given name, usually a single syllable, and the second is a mono- or disyllabic traditional surname, Heavy on: U's, K's, N's and A's, Ex: Nute Gunray, Lott Dodd, Rune Haako, Daultay Dofine, Tey How
*Nikto: _____ or __'_'______, their are five distinct races of Nikto, each with differing cultures. Several races, such as the Kajain'sa'Nikto and the Kadas'sa'Nikto, use compact forms of given names. Others, like the M'shento'su'Nikto, use the older, more traditional form, with three words linked together by apostrophes, Heavy on: W's, N's, M's & vowels, Ex: Giran, D'we'mouk, Wooof, Nysad, Ma'w'shiye, Vedain, Vizam
*Noghri: ______ clan ____'___, given name is ALWAYS said with clan name, as a matter of loyalty to their Dukha (or "Clanhouse"), Heavy on: R's, H's, I's, M's, K's & T's, Ex: Ruhk clan Baikh'vair, Khabarakh clan Kim'bar, Ovkhevam clan Bakh'tor, Ekhrikhor clan Bahk'tor, Cakhmaim clan Eikh'mir, Sakhisakh clan Tlakh'sar

*Omwati: _____ or ___ ___. Omwati are given a single, disyllabic name. Omwati who are born offplanet usually have names which are seperated into two words, whereas those born on the homeworld have their names formed into one word, Heavy on: K's, I's & S's, Ex: Pillik, Tannis, Qui Xux
*Oolid: ____ ___, two short names, both given, Heavy on: T's, L's & O's, Ex: Tolik Yar
*Oswaft: _____________, the Oswaft have a reverence for age, and their names are a composed of a string of titles that they earn throughout the course of their lives. Each Oswaft begins life with one syllable in their name, and each title adds one syllable to it, Heavy on: Vowels, N's, S's & H's, Ex: Bhoggihalysahonues, Feytihennasraof, Lehesu, Senwannus'gourkahipaff
*Ortolan: ______, one name (given), normally composed of a hard syllable followed by a soft syllable, Heavy on: B's, E's and O's, Ex: Nabkess, Rebo, Ydde

*Paqwe: _____ or ______ ___, a given name, sometimes followed by a title of nobility (The ruler of the Paqwe's title is simply Paqwe. Another title is Ourn, which means Extraordinary Consul), Heavy on: L's, A's, R's & T's, Ex: Belezaboth Ourn, Cathacatin, Ilar Paqwe

*Quarren: _______ or _____ ____, one given name or a given name followed by an occupational title. These titles are most common among governmental, administrative and military types. For this reason, many fringe Quarren often take on fictious titles to make them seem more important, Heavy on: S's, L's, & K's, Ex: Seggor Tels, Vekker, Tessek, Nrin Vakil, Triogor Sllus, Segken Tels, Wheade Daud, Wirriz, Dellis Yuls, Omon Gantum, Jerresk, Kelmut Woig, Nrin Vakill, Kruluk, Lyyr Zartoq, Moren Chonk, Logor, Notha Dab, Salin Glek, Rullak, Thulwuk Thur, Tikkes, Vuhlg Worrik, Tsillin Wel, Walif Merv

*Rakaan: ___ ___, two names, with the first being the mother's name, the second being given at hatching time. Rakaa's native language is a short, fast, babbling type of communication, were most words have more than one meaning, but the wide majority of the vocabulary are monosyllables, Heavy on: L's, D's, R's and vowels, Ex: Lud Chud
*Ranat: ______ or ___ ___, one or two names (self- chosen), Heavy on: S's, E's, N's & G's, Ex: Reegesk, Nevar Yalnal
*Rellarin: ______ ____, the first name is a family name, followed by the given name, Heavy on: N's, L's & A's, Ex: Moshene Tre, Lunkar An, Tanlin Sha
*Rodian: _____ or ____ ____ or _____ __ ____, naming custom changes between different Rodian subraces, anything between one and three given names are common, Heavy on: R's, O's, E's & K's, Ex: Greedo, Avaro Sookcool, Beedo, Navik, Clezo, Gorak Khzam, Griv, Andoorni Hui, Standro Jcir, Keebo, Garoush, Wald, Chido, Hydan, Koobis Nu, Malo, Cevva Xuz, Chordak, Teeko, Thuku, Dheendo, Dorzo, Dwess, Gadaf, Greeata, Harida Kavila, Horvat, Meelto, Neela, Sniquux, Dodo Bodonawieedo, Neesh, Nok, Pqweeduk, Rei'kas, Prevaro, Reeveid, Skee, Treetor
*Rybet: _____, a short, croaking given name, containing one or two syllables, Heavy on: B's, G's & R's, Ex: Briff, Gribbet, Doole

*Saurton: ________, one name (given), Heavy on: S's, T's & I's, Ex: Miktiss, Ginzet
*Schenor: _'______, the Schenor have a strict caste system, and the letter prefixes to their given names signify the caste that they belong to (for instance, the "B" caste is nobles, while the "A" class is scientists), Heavy on: Z's, K's & A's, Ex: B'karitz, A'kazz
*Selonian: _______, a single given name with between two and four sharp syllables, Heavy on: constanants, S's, K's, hard C's & V's, Ex: Kleyvits, Dracmus, Salculd, Maronea
*Shistavanen: ___ _____, names consist of a monosyllabic given name and a mono- or disyllabic surname, Heavy on: K's, R's, L's, S's & I's, Ex: Riv Sheil, Lak Sivrak, Tar Lup, Mal Biron, Kal Lup, Caet Shrovl
*Snivvian: _______, a single name, Heavy on: Z's, I's & N's, Ex: Zereldspidar, Zutton, Geezum
*Squib: _____________________, one incredibly long given name. For the obvious reasons of simplicity, time constraints, etc... Squibs will most likely go by a much shorter nickname, Heavy on: S's, L's, R's & Long (UA, EE) or Short (A, E, I) vowels, Ex: Spilferithimus- narlamos (nickname: "Spilfer"), Eebareebaveebeedee, Macemillian-winduarte (nickname: "Mace Windu")
*Ssi-Ruu: ___________, like almost all words in their language, Ssi-Ruuvi names are a long string of high and low sounds that stand for a phrase or describe an abstract concept. Heavy on: I's, R's & extreme high (S, K, F, C) and low (W, R, G, NG-sound) sounding letters, Ex: Firwirrung, Ivpikkis, Sh'tk'ith, Shreeftut
*Sullustan: ____ ____, most given names and surnames contain near or exactly 4 letters, Heavy on: vowels, S', V's, L's & N's, Ex: Nien Nunb, Sian Tevv, Aril Nunb, Mian Hoob, Kalien Kol, Syub Snunb, Huego Eib, Niev Jaub, Byun Tenab, Dllr Nep, Huoba Neva, Jalus Nebl, Riin Raas, Jub Vengu, Kanno Sebak, T'nun Bdu, Moplin Jarron, Liat Tsayv, Nooni Dalvo, Dr'uun Unnh, Rostat Manr

*Tammarian: ____ ____, First name given, second name family, Heavy on: A's, Y's, K's & D's, Ex: Ayddar Nylykerka
*Talz: _____, only one name, given, Heavy on: A's, F's & V's, Ex: Gar, Muftak
*Tiss'shar: ___-___-___, names are in the form of a long, run together string of three syllables (separated by hyphens), with the first syllable representing the given name, the second being the father's given name, and the third is a family name. Heavy on: S's, L's & H's, Ex: Uul-Rha-Shan, Kal-tan-shi, San-kur-lor
*Togorian: ______, a single, given name, Heavy On: R's, U's, & purring-sounds, Ex: H'sishi, Rrowv, Sarrah, Keta, Mrrov, Muuurgh, Seendar
*Trianii: _______, one name (given), Heavy on: vowels, R's & T's, Ex: Pakka, Atuarre, Keeheen, Tuunac
*Trandoshan: ______, a short, growl-like given name, Heavy on: R's, K's, & S's, Ex: Bossk, Portha, Cradossk, Jungen, Corrsk, Nakaron
*Turgi: ____, a single short given name, often similar to those of the Hutts, since they speak a dialect of that language, Heavy on: Vowels (especially deeper vowels, such as U's), T's & R's, Ex: Jutka
*Twi'lek: _____'___ or ___ _____, all Twi'leks are given a single name that resembles "Name'clan". Due to the dualistic properties [most words have two or more meanings] of Twi'lek grammar, they are often grouped with a syllable carryover effect (as in Billclin'ton, pronounced "bilclin" *pause* "ton"). Also, some Twi'leks who leave the homeworld of Ryloth revert to separate names (such as the case of Nawar'aven or Bibfort'una). Heavy on: R's, K's, O's, N's & T's, Ex: Bib Fortuna, Nawara Ven, Lohk'har, Tru'eb, Tal'dira, Kep Fortuna, Cazne'olan, Firith Olan, Adon'aris, Koyi Komad, Reess Kairn, Abdi Badawzi, Ree Shala, Adon'aris, Ann Gella, Nuro Tualin, Tann Gella, Arali Dil, Lyn Me, Car'ulorn, Valsil Torr, Cazne'olan, Dia Passik, Docent Vant, Nolaa Tarkona, Guldus Bemm, Hassla'tak, Kaplin Toologin, Jart Eyan, Koh'shak, Mazer Rackus, Lobb Gerido, Ob Fortuna, Rach'talik, Tal'kina, Nat Secura, To'irr
*Tynnan: _______, Tynnan have a single given name, Heavy on: N's & I's, Ex: Odumin

*Ubese: _____, one short name. A name is given to a Ubese only if the youth survives to adulthood. At this time, he is admitted to a clan and given his name by its elders. Heavy on: S's, U's & O's, Ex: Boushh, Savax
*Ugor: ____, a short name, sometimes containing a second capital halfway through, Heavy on: R's & K's, Ex: Botiv, GrrKack, ArrGack
*Uukaablian: ____ ____, first name is given a birth, while the latter name is honorific and given later in life as a social distinction, Heavy on: N's, M's, C's and Vowels, Ex: Trann Shoame

*Verpine: _____ or ____ __'__, one name or a name followed by a hive name, Heavy on: S-sounds (Z's, S's, X's, C's), Ex: Zraii, Kyli Ned'lx, Fxz'et, Jurfel, Moegid, Suskafoo
*Vratix: ______ ___, two names, first of which is a hive name, second is a given name. Vratix are a semi-hive intelligence. Thus, all Vratix refer to themselves in the plural, and by their hive name (as in one Vratix saying, "We are pleased to meet you, our name is Qlaeren), Heavy on: vowels & R's, Ex: Qlaeren Hirf

*Weequay: Weequay, members of this species have no individual names, they refer to each other as Weequay, (loosely translated "Follower of Quay", their deity of high divinity). Though this is the case, nameless faces annoy most humanoids, so others tend to give them nicknames, and most Weequays except this and acknowledge the names as their own, Ex: Weequay (nicknamed Ak'Buz) (Other nicknames: Ak-rev, Fyg, Grimorg)
*Whiphid: _'_____ or ______ or _____ __, naming practices vary between Whiphid tribes. Most often, both genders have one given name. For males, when the first letter or letters are separated from the given name by an apostrophe, it is usually an identification with their hunting pack (the prefix remains there, regardless of whether they still engage in active hunting or not). Since only males are allowed to pack hunt, females do not receive a prefix. Other Whiphid tribes use short surnames, which serve the same purpose as the prefixes, Heavy on: W's, P's & rolling syllables (r's and l's), Ex: D'Whopp, J'Quille, Valarian, Betsi, Aiaks Fwa, Betsi, Ch'unkk, Fillin Ta, Mubbin, Nuron Gep
*Wookiee: ________, a given name. Sometimes cousins or siblings of famous Wookiees are given similar names in honor of their brethren. Heavy on: Vowels, W's, H's, G's, R's & Y's, Ex: Chewbacca, Lowbacca, Lofryyhn, Snoova, Frorral, Kerritharr, Grakkata, Gaartatha, Nagraoao, Arrikabukk, Spetbecca, Busurra, Attichitcuk, Chalmun, Katarra, Dewlannamapia, Salporin, Shoran, Gaartatha, Tarkazza, Geyyahab, Wrrlevgebev, Groznik, Isshaddik, Jiprirr, Mallatobuck, Dryanta, Katykam, Kichiir, Jowdrrl, Kallabow, Liak, Lumpawarrump, Mahraccor, Grashk, Grayyshk, Frorral, Nagraoao, Nawruun, Raabakyysh, Chenlambec, Snufftalon, Tamarc, Krotorra, Lamorrack, Twen, Urartu, Montacca, Gorrlyn, Grasheel, Motamba, Utchakkaloch, Ralrracheen, Wynni, Yarua

*Yevethan: __ ____, first name is given and always contains 3 letters, second name is family and always has 5, Heavy on: L's, R's, P's, silent E's, soft A-sounds, repeated vowels, Ex: Nil Spaar, Eri Palle, Vor Duull, Dar Bille, Jip Toore
*Ychthytonian: ______, one given name, often containing unusual, hard-to-pronounce letters and strings of letters, Heavy on, Y's, CH's, O's & T's, Ex: Bômlas
*Yn: _______, one name (given), Yns speak in high squeaky voices and have an annoying tendency to drop vowels out of words, Heavy on: consonants & Y's, Ex: Wwebyls
*Yuzzem: ___, a single monosyllabic name, Heavy on: N's, M's & H's, Ex: Hin, Kee

*ZeHethbra: ________, one rolling given name, heavy on: N's & R's, Ex: Clyngunn

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(Homeworld - number of names customary, examples)

Adarlon - 1, Ansil
Adin - 1, Meido
Adumar - 3, Depird ke Fanax, Jeapird ke Fanax, Cheriss ke Hanadi, Garatty ke Kith, Liak ke Mattino, Balass ke Rassa, Phalle ke Seiufere, Thanaer ke Sekae, Eneboros ke Shalapan, Buan ke Shia, Pekaelic ke Teldan, Uliaff ke Unthos, Dyans ke Vasan, Irasal ke Voltin (All Adumari bear an honorific syllable between their given and family names, which denotes their nation of origin. For instance, "ke" is the moniker of Cartann, whereas "ya" marks a person from Yedagon, and so on)
Agamar - 2, Choday Hrakness, Dod Nobrin, Lod Nobrin, Fod Nobrin, Ettal Howrider, Popal Howrider
Alderaan - 1 or 2, Leia Organa, Bail Organa, Celly Organa, Rouge Organa, Tia Organa, Carlist Rieekan, Bren Derlin, Afyon, Korren, Kasan Moor, Halla Ettyk, Wynt Kepporra, Agrippa Aldrete, Liana Merian, Tash Arranda, Zak Arranda, Neena, Nyiestra, Niclara Varnillian
Aldivy - 2, Lara Notsil
Alsakan - 2, Mirkovig Hirken
Annoo - 2, Demma Moll
Arda-2 - 2, Kiros Zorad, Mag Doum, Zon Zorad, Exec Temora
Atrisia - 2, Villis Andal
Bakura - 2, Pter Thanas, Iskit Tyestin, Gaeriel Captison, Malinza Thanas, Hortel Ossilege, Wilek Nereus, Eppie Belden, Orn Belden, Roviden Belden
Baffop - 1, Anselm
Belderone - 1, Zana, Flint
Bespin - 2, Rhysati Ynr
Bestine - 2, Geng Salaban
Bethars - 2, Kant Aryon
Bonodan - 2, Hallis Saper
Botras - 2, Jorus C'baoth
Brentaal - 2, Platt Okeefe
Brigia (New Brigia) - 2, Negus Nigekus, Brakka Barakas (Brigian humans are usually given names which are phonetically similar to their surnames)
Caprioril - 2, Amel Bakli
Carratos - 2, Andras Pell
Centerpoint Station - 2, Jenica Sonsen
Chandrila - 2, Hiram Drayson, Mon Mothma, Kylan DuPre, Canna Omanda, Gowan Ch'lessan, Dev Sibwarra
Churba - 2, Kirtan Loor, Dar Keyis, Tetengo Noor
Commenor - 2, Feylis Ardele, Todra Mayn, Tomer Darpen
Concord Dawn - 2, Iving Creel, Jaster Mereel
Contruum - 2, Pash Cracken, Airen Cracken, Cryle Cavv, Sienn Sconn
Corellia - 2 or 3, Crix Madine, Han Solo, Garm Bel Iblis, Wedge Antiiles, Corran Horn, Sena Leikvold Midanyl, Myn Donos, Cubber Duine, Thracken Sal-Solo, Daclif Gallamby, Dupas Thomree, Iella Wessiri, Booster Terrik, Mirax Terrik, Hal Horn, Jagged Antilles, Zena Antilles, Sayl Antilles, Tormax Ardellian, Gil Bastra, Areta Bell, Sulen Belos, Doman Beruss, Crev Bombassa, Lanah Malo, Fiana Novarr
Corulag - 2, Edor Crespin, Delak Krennel, Nizuc Bek
Coruscant - 2, Didlen Harleys, Gilad Palleon, Derset Konnair, Klaus Vandangante, Ysanne Isard, Benedict Vidkun, Atril Tabanne, Apwar Trigit, Gara Petothel, Kesin Ommis, Edallia Monotheer
Danoor - 1 or 2, Waric Nane, Moreen, Makezh
Dathomir - 1, Teneniel, Rell, Damaya, Baritha, Augwynne, Gethzerion, Ocheron, Tosh, Ooya, Barukka
Dayark - 2, Sal Olbeg
Derilyn - 2, Melodia Fharn
Dodz - 2, Jost Ellan
Dolomar - 2, Keleman Ciro, Noell Ciro
Dilonexa XXIII - 1, Berrie, Shirley
Eiattu - 2, Leonia Tavira
Elrood - 2, Devron Zal
Emberlene - 2, Shada D'ukal, Koroly D'ulin (The first letter of the last name represents social position; "D" represents a member of the Mistyl Guards)
Empress Teta - 1, Aleema, Bearus, Halkans, Korus, Vulpe
Ennth - 1, Shinnan
Eol Sha - 1, Gantoris
Eriadu - 2, Wilhuff Tarkin
Ession - 2, Hola Paskalian
Etti - 1, Wumdi
Exocron - 2, Deamos Na-Coth, Horzao Darr, Pagda Gevtes, Eida Sharden
Fondor - 1, Zsinj
Fyodos - 1, Alyak, Kalor, Meerak
Hapes Prime - 1, Isoloder, Ta'a, Kalan, Harravan, Astarta, Elliar
Hargeeva - 2, Ketrian Altronel
Harix - 1, Berd, Jaro, Myoris
Ingo - 2, Shalla Nelprin
Jaxus - 2, Almera Zan
Kalla - 2, Evir Derricote
Kal'Shebol - 2, Cal Alder
Kaut - 2, Allexia Evlan, Allandria Evlan
Kirima - 2, Bren-Jules Rordan
Lanthrym - 2, Tamaron Pol
Lazerian IV - 1, Aereena, Alarik, Careese
Leria Kersil - 2 or 3, Karia Ver Seryan (the majority of populace has 2. The honorific "Ver" denotes being a "life-bearer", more commonly known as a "life-witch".)
Lianna - 2, Valles Santhe
Lorrd - 4, Hart-and-Parn Gorra-Fiolla of Lorrd [short: Fiolla of Lorrd] (Certain Lorrdian societies have a social/genelogical system of naming. First hyphenated pair is the Supporting Fathers [usually Father and Grandfather]. Second hyphenated pair is a given name, first male then female, choosen before birth. The common name will be of whichever gender applies, plus "of Lorrd" when dealing with offworlders)
Lucazec - 1, Akanah, Lishra, Nishra, Isela, Norika, Toma, Ji, Wialu, Enara
Mantooine - 1, Brandei
Mechis III - 2, Kalebb Orn
Mowgle - 2, Perth Black
Naboo - 2, Sio Bibble, Hela Brandes, Ric Olie, Lufta Shif, Padme Naberrié (Royalty, and those in service to royalty, will often take on single names, i.e. Palpatine, Amidala, Panaka, Sabé, Rabé, Sache, etc)
Narvath - 2, Esege Tuketu, Bijo Hammax
Obinipor - 2, Bonion
Onderon - 1, Amanoa, Ommin
Ord Mantell - 2, Melenna Seltrayne
Oseon - 2, Bassi Vobah, Lob Doluff
Ossus - 2, Jem Ysanna, Rayf Yssana
Pantolomin - 2, Garik Loran
Pitann - 2, Sho'ban Do
Phaeda - 2, Mirith Sinn
Port Evokk - 2, Tord Gamb
Quian - 2, Benald Orlan, Karin Orlan
Ralltiir - 2, Derek Klivian
Rampa - 2, Darsie Vundt
Roundtree - 1, Rekkon
Rudrig - 2, Ton Phanan
Sacorria - 2, Tendra Risant
Salliche - 2, Ranna Gorjaye
Shiffrin - 2, Jak Bremen
Siluria III - 2, Kaiya Andrimetrum
Sluis Van - 2, Kell Tainer
Socorran - 1, Firdaaz
Taanab - 2, Wes Janson
Tamban - 2, Aitro Koornacht
Tatooine - 2, Luke Skywalker, Biggs Darklighter, Gavin Darklighter, Huff Darklighter, Cole Fardreamer, Falynn Sandskimmer, Anakin Skywalker, Shmi Skywalker (almost all Tatooinian surnames are verb- based)
Terephon - 1, Astarta
Thyferra - 2, Bror Jace, Erisi Dlarit (There are relatively few major family names on Thyferra. The competion between the family enterprises is similiar to Italian Mofia meets Montagues and Capulets.) (The Dlarit's and the Jace's are the prime businesses, but there are others)
Topwara - 2, Tyria Sarkin
Trulalis - 2, Otias Atori, Adalric Brandl, Jaalib Brandl
Tyshapahl - 2, Tedris Bjalin
Velmor - 2, Regent Zelor, Korl Marcus
Wakeelmui - 1, Barich
Walalla - 2, Tig Peramis
Xartun - 2, Noobj Koolb
Ylix - 1, Gallandro
Zaraksander - 2, Cyrstas Eloinie, Darred Eloinie
Zelos II - 2, Galleros Nul

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Beginning Status and Money

Below are two tables used to determine class standing and money a character begins with at the time of creation.

These tables are completely optional.

Table One

Roll 3D Title Credits (x100)
3-4 Serf 1D-1
5-6 Peasant 1D
7-8 Peasant 1D+1
9-10 Commoner 2D
11-12 Commoner 2D+1
13-14 Freeman 3D
15-16 Aristocrat or Trade Magnate 4D
17 Knight * or Arch Merchant 5D
18 Re-roll on table below See table
* Not to be confused with Jedi Knight

Table Two

Roll 3D Title Credits (x1000)
3-14 Lord or Trade Lord 6D
15-16 Baron or Trade Baron 7D
17 Duke, Count, or Merchant Prince 8D
18 Prince or Merchant King 9D