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Template: Tetra Grammaton Cleric

Character Name: The Name Chart can be used
Gender: [M][F]
Species: Human only
Age: 20+
Height: m
Weight: kg
Force Sensitive: No (see Prozium Note below)
Force Points: 0 (may have up to 1 based on detailed background)
Dark Side Points: 0 or up to 3 (based on background)
Character Points: 15
Extra Character Points: 25+ (+5-10 based on background, 10 per Dark Side Point, 5 per Cyber point)
Cyber Points: 0 or up to 6 (based on background)
Move: 10
Place of Birth: Alternate Earth City
Homeworld: Alternate Earth

Background: Grammaton Clerics are restricted to a maximum of 2 years in the Star Wars Universe when creating the character. The Cleric will be out of Prozium after 140 days (4 months) anyway, but the player may still choose this option. Additional information required.
Physical Description: Required
Personality: Required
Objective(s): Required
Quote(s): At least one is required

Dexterity 4D: firearms, (s) firearms: TGCS 105, dodge, grenade, (A) Gun Kata, melee combat, (A) Tai Chi: Sunaj
Perception 3D+1: command, con, gambling, hide, search, sneak
Strength 3D: brawling combat, climbing/jumping, stamina, swimming
Knowledge 2D+2: languages, streetwise, survival, tactics, (s)tactics: ground assault
Mechanical 3D: computer ops, ground vehicle ops, vehicle blasters
Technical 2D: firearms repair, computer program/repair, demolition, first aid, security

TertraGrammaton Pistols (2): TGCS model 105 mark 2 (TCS 105.2) (see below for stats)
Harness System for M105 Mk 2 (auto pistol) (see below for stats)
Vibro-Katana: see below for stats
TetraGrammaton Watch: see below
Grammaton Comlink: see below
Grammaton Cleric Uniform: Long Black Body Coat
Prozium: see below for complete information
Credits: 3000 AEC (Alternate Earth Credits), exchange rate of 2:1 or variable if chart is used

Description: The Grammaton Cleric is an enforcer of the State of Libria, located in an alternate dimension of Earth. The Cleric is a true foe having extreme fighting and mental discipline. The Clerics have no Magic or Psionics of note and are extremely rare even in Rifts Earth. Most Clerics who find themselves in the Star Wars universe are outcasts of the Librian society and will usually work as peacekeepers, deputies, or bodyguards. Some have chosen life as a mercenary or traveler making up for the limited existence they had in Libria.

A Cleric will not use armor for any reason as it will remove any bonuses to (A) Tai Chi: Sunaj and the (A) Gun Kata. Some Clerics will use personal force fields (player may choose this option) to avoid damage from energy/ranged weapons. A standard force field will deflect up to 50% of ranged weapons fire but is useless against hand to hand weapons. The charge lasts for 5 minutes and takes 3 minutes to fully recharge.

Special Abilities:

(A) Gun Kata:
Through careful training and study of gun techniques the Grammaton Cleric is an excellent marksman. Each Cleric carries twin fully automatic machine pistols, but is also well versed in several different types of weapons. (Two additional weapons of choice [cannot choose energy weapons until later, GM discretion as to when] under the same skill) When using the twin guns they gain an additional +2 to hit and +2 to Dodge.
Invoking the Gun Kata gives a sudden boost to both the Strike and Dodge Bonus as the Cleric knows the best possible angles to strike damage while also positioning his body to reduce impact.
The Gun Kata also allows the Cleric to perform 3 strike actions in a row. So if a Cleric has 6 actions and has initiative, they can take three shots, then the opposition goes, then they take the last three allowing them to inflict major damage before any shots are fired.
Fast reflexes and a keen eye allow for a +3 initiative.
Gun Kata can be performed with any single handed weapon(s) or a single two handed weapon. Two handed weapons are limited to one shot per action unlike dual pistols.

When Gun Kata is in effect all successful hits on a single target gain a +1D bonus to damage.
Strike/Dodge Bonus +7 (+2) more with Machine Pistols.
Auto Paired weapons, no negative. Allows the Cleric to fire his weapons at separate targets thus allowing up to two separate strikes per action, or 6 strikes total for every three actions taken together.
The Cleric can also use the gun kata in extreme close quarters using the guns as blunt weapons.
Same rules apply except damage is STR+1D+1 per hit. It costs one action total to flip both weapons into blunt attack mode. The Cleric may also cause stun damage instead of normal damage, but this must be stated.

The Gun Kata Clip Maneuver:
Using special clips the Cleric can actually change clips without using an action. Simply put, a Cleric can use a single action to place clips on the battle area. During combat the Cleric can switch these clips out without using an action.

(A) Tai Chi: Sunaj
A Martial Arts and combat specialist: including sword training and blunt weapons. Melee Combat at 5D and Brawling Combat at 5D required to get 1D in this specialized advanced skill.

Starts with 4 attacks per melee plus those from H-H training
Hand-to-Hand base attack bonuses based on (A) Tai Chi: Sunaj skill.
Base strike/Dodge/Parry for ranged weapons +1/+3

Equipment Descriptions

TertraGrammaton Pistols (2): TGCS model 105 mark 2 (TCS 105.2)
Damage: 4D(ss)/5D+1(b = 3 rnds)/6D(fa = 10 rnds), see below
Range: 2-15/30/60
Ammo: 30 (6 extra clips)
Weight: 1kg each
Notes: High velocity metal piercing rounds inflict up to 6D per shot. Fully Automatic: 10 rounds or all 30 if using 3 actions. 10 rounds: 6D per pistol or 8D combined (all 30 requires 3 successful strike rolls. For each successful roll: 6D, if two are successful add an additional 1D, if all three hit add 2D (considered critical hits. Only counts if all shots are against a single target. Otherwise it is 6D for each target up to 3 total per combat round).

Harness System for M105 Mk 2 (auto pistol)
The TCS 105 harness system attaches the Cleric's side arms to his arms allowing stealth of the weapons and quick delivery that DOES NOT require an action to expose the weapons. Each delivery harness also allows an additional clip to be stored and retrieved. Switching clips does not require an action. After this clip is used however, the Cleric must us an action to change clips unless they succeed in the Gun Kata maneuver for changing clips (See Gun Kata). New clips can be added to the harness during non-combat times.

Damage: STR+ 3D plus 1D extra if the total to hit roll is above the target number by 15 or more.
Weight: 2kg
+2 strike/parry beyond standard bonus (Specially Balanced). Bonus does not apply to other weapons
TetraGrammaton Watch: The watch is made from pure platimum and can sell for 3500-4500 credits if needed. Acts as a standard chronometer, but houses a garrott weapon that causes STR+2D.

Grammaton Comlink: 30 channels, 12 encrypted. Will scann all frequencies and has a Communications skill of 4D for decrypting other comm signals. The Cleric can increase this to a maximum of 4D+2 by spending CP's as a normal skill and 500 credits per pip increase.

Prozium: The mind altering drug used by Clerics in Libria. It is clear that those few Clerics who left Libria and found themselves in the world of Star Wars have forsaken Prozium, which blocks emotional responses. In any effect the Cleric would not exist without Prozium to start. Prozium does have some long term effects that must be described.
Prozium might block emotion, but as a result has increased several other aspects of the Cleric. Clerics are not supernatural at all having no Force skills to draw from, however the stunting of their emotions did expand their problem solving and intuitive nature.

This allows for the initiative bonus and automatically adds the following skills.
Perception: Detect Ambush: 4D+2 (can be raised as a normal skill).
Sneak gets a bonus of +2D.

Beginning Clerics start with a very limited supply of Prozium. The PC starts with 70-120 (1D) vials with each vial as one dose lasting 24 hours. Allocating and extra 20 Character Points allows 20 extra vials. No additional vials will be allowed. The character must, if wanting more Prozium, devise a way to replicate it or locate a very highly skilled chemist to recreate it. The second option will require the loss of 10 to 20 vials and may take as long as three years to create depending on the chemist's skill level and the amount of funds he has available. Note that adding and additional chemist will cut the time in half. Adding a third will reduce the time in half again for a minimum of one year to replicate the drug.
Once a Cleric has depleted his or her Prozium supply the sudden exposure to emotion creates drawbacks. The Clerics tend to be extremists and are either very good or very evil as a form of compensation for their sudden awakening. Player characters should choose either a good or evil alignment, avoiding those that are midline. Any bonus gained from prozium is lost once it wears off.

Note Grammaton Clerics cannot manipulate The Force in any way until they have been free of Prozium for at least one year. At that time the player can roll to see if they make a connection. There is a 10% chance after the first year that increases by 10% every year up to a maximum of 80%. Once the 50% mark has been reached the player has the option to purchase the Force connection for 20 Character Points (if they failed in prior years) in order to gain one Force Point. Force Points can be gained normally from that point forward.

GM Note: Prozium is highly restricted and the notes above cannot be bypassed by time in the Star Wars galaxy. If abused in any manner the Player will be told to pick another character type and will not be allowed to play a TGC again.