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Template: Immortal

Character Name: The Name Chart can be used
Gender: [M][F]
Species: Human (option to be any other species)
Age: [usually 30+, based on species and background]
Height: m
Weight: kg
Force Sensitive: No
Force Points: .01 *
Dark Side Points: 0 or up to 5 (based on background)
Character Points: 10
Extra Character Points: 20+ (+5-10 based on background, 10 per Dark Side Point, 5 per Cyber point)
Cyber Points: 0 or up to 6 (based on background)
Quickening Points: 5 #
Immortal Kills: 0 *
Move: 10 (varies if not human)
Place of Birth:
* # Special rules apply. See below.

Special GM Note: Only 1 Immortal per group, no exceptions.

Background: Required (see below for details)
Physical Description: Required
Personality: A wanderer. Waiting for the time of The Gathering. Will never violate any Immortal laws or traditions. This includes not fighting on Holy Ground (see below for additional details).
Objective(s): Required
Quote(s): At least one is required

Dexterity 3D+1: blaster, dodge, (s) melee combat: sword (specific type) ^, (A) martial arts
Perception 3D: con, (s) forgery: permits and ID's^, hide, persuasion, search, sneak
Strength 4D: brawling combat (5D for martial arts), lifting, stamina
Knowledge 3D: alien species, business, cultures, streetwise, survival, tactics, (s) value: ancient artifacts^, willpower
Mechanical 2D+1: archaic starship piloting^, communications, sensors, space transports
Technical 2D+1: computer program/repair, first aid, (As) melee weapon engineering: swords ^, melee weapon repair (5D min for (A) melee weapon engineering)^, security

Special Sword: Str+1D+2 or by sword type (rolled for - no exceptions)
Blaster: 4D (small sensor-proof compartment in handle containing Life Chip, but only if PC knows they are an Immortal) *
Syntherope (50 meters + 2 grappling hooks)
Secure Comlink
Long Riders Coat
Up to 5 Contacts (may have more depending on age)

* Note that Life Chip may be hidden anywhere the Player wants. The above is just a suggestion.

Credits: If you know you are Immortal, 2000 (on person), 10,000 (in bank). If you don't, 300 (on person), 1000 (in bank) or variable if chart is used.

*: Force Point % is based on # of kills. The character also gets one extra skill (randomly rolled) at +1D for being an Immortal (see Notes on Immortals for complete details).
#: Quickening points start at 5. If the PC spends an additional 1-6 CP's the character will get an additional 1-6 QP's. See Notes on Immortals below for complete details.
^: Skills available only if PC is aware of Immortal status.



Animal Energy N/A When extra strength is needed, the Immortal may "tune in" to the rhythm of any animal and use it to push longer and harder for short periods of time. In game terms, this adds +1 or +2 to Move and +1D or +2D to Stamina (depending on the size of the animal: +1/+1D for small creatures, +2/+2D for large) for 3/6 (small/large) rounds as long as the animal is within 300 meters of the Immortal.
Regeneration 1 per roll Immortals have the natural ability to regenerate vital organs when damaged. This ability does not extend to the limbs, which can be lost See chart. The time required to regenerate organs is dependent on how badly damaged they are (1 round to 1 day per 1D wound for organs that have been completely destroyed). Normal healing time is 1-5 days at no cost. The only way to reattach an extremity (the limb must be at least 85% whole) is to have it with you while Quickening (in a lightning storm or just after a kill). Spending a QP and rolling Stamina on the chart below may reduce healing time (minimum healing time of 1 round). The Immortal may spend as many QP's as desired to reduce the healing time to the minimum.

Heroic +5 -1 Day Moderate -2 Hours
Heroic -16 Hours Easy -1 Hour
Very Difficult -8 Hours Very Easy -30 Minutes
Difficult -4 Hours

Sense Immortal N/A Warns the Immortal of the presence of another Immortal within 30-60 meters. The distance is only 30 meters for very young Immortals (0-400 years old), 40 meters for young Immortals (401-1000 yrs old), 50 meters for mature Immortals (1001-4000 yrs), 55 meters for old Immortals (4001-8000) and 60 meters for ancient Immortals (8001-13,000+). Very Young Immortals can sense old or ancient Immortals at half their normal distance (15 meters).
Quickening N/A Allows the Immortal to store and use extra energy for whatever task he/she needs to accomplish. This energy is only received\ during natural Lightning Storms (1 strike of lightning = 1 QP, 0-5 per storm, roll a D6-1) and when killing other Immortals (1 QP per kill / 5). The Immortal may store an unlimited amount of Quickening Points to be used at any time (except to raise skills), even if normal Character Points have been used. Quickening with another Immortal can be accomplished by having both Immortals spend at least 9 of their current QP's at the same time while touching (must be uncovered skin). This allows for mental communication (use Projective and Receptive Telepathy but modify for distance only). The total number of QP's spent at the time of the Quickening, divided by 3, determines the number of dice used for the skill check (i.e..: 9 QP's/3 = 3D) for both Immortals.
Skill Bonus N/A All Immortal PC's get one power (skill) during character generation only, rolled on the Talents Tables. This power adds +1D to the chosen skill beyond the initial 7D and may be increased as a normal skill. Any skill listed, including specializations, may be rolled for. This +1D skill dice may be split up into three specialized skills adding +1D to each.


1. Standard Sword 3 Long, Short, Broad, Two-Handed, etc...
2. 100 folds 3 "
3. 200 folds 3.1 "
4. 300 folds 3.2 "
5. 400 folds 3.3 "
6. 600 folds 3.5 "
7. 800 folds 3.7 "
8. 1000 folds 4 "
9. 1200 folds 4.2 "
10. 1500 folds 4.4 "
11. 2000 folds 4.6 "
12. 3000 folds 4.8 "
13. 4000 folds 5 "
14. Tritanium 8 "
15. Duranium 7 "
16. Corusca Stone 6 "
17. Tritanium/Duranium 8 "
18. Adamantium @ 9 "
19. Neutronium @ 21 "
20. Castrodinium @ 15.5 "
* Style must be picked before roll is made.
@ Indicates special construction.


1-2 Standard 1 1000 Times (PS-5)
3-4 Folded Swords (See Table A) 2 1200 Times (PS-6)
5 Special Folded Swords (See Table B) 3 1500 Times (PS-6)
6 Special Swords (See Table C) 4 2000 Times (PS-7)
5 3000 Times (PS-7)
TABLE A: FOLDED SWORDS 6 4000 Times (PS-7)
1 100 Times (PS-3)
3 300 Times (PS-3) 1 Tritanium (PS-10)
4 400 Times (PS-4) 2 Duranium (PS-12)
5 600 Times (PS-4) 3 Tritanium/Duranium (PS-14)
6 800 Times (PS-4) 4 Corusca (similar to Sith swords) (PS-16)
5 Adamantium (PS-16: sustained for 3 rounds)
TABLE D: NEUTRONIUM QUALITY 6 Neutronium (See Table D)
1-5 Neutronium
6 Castrodinium


  1. Any species (except Mandalorians) can be Immortal, but they do not know they are until the Immortal gene activates (backgrounds can allow for this to have happened already). The time the gene activates is set except for a traumatic experience (getting killed in combat and waking up in a morgue is one example).
  2. Immortals cannot have a Star Trek background due to their nature as a single being that is slowly trying to pull itself back together to become whole again.
  3. One Immortal kill gives the PC Immortal .01 Force Points with 100 kills equaling 1 Force Point. If the Immortal that was just killed had 1.26 Force Points, the Immortal that did the killing would get 1.26 Force Points (equaling 126 kills).
  4. A kill also gives the Immortal a +1D bonus to add to any skill of his choosing. This may be split into 3 specialized skills with +1D added to each. The skill or specialized skills may be one(s) the Immortal already has or, he may choose from the marked skills of the one killed.
  5. Once Immortal combat has begun, no Force Points may be used, only Quickening Points.
  6. Quickening Points act like, and are used like, Character Points.
  7. Any Force Points spent during an adventure always return at the end of that adventure.
  8. Attributes are set if human but revert to alien minimums and maximums if non-human.
  9. Corusca Stone, Sith, Adamantium, Neutronium and Castrodinium swords can parry lightsabres.
  10. The winning Immortal may grow back a lost limb during the release of energy after a kill.
  11. Once a battle has started no other being can join in. An energy barrier is immediately created that pushes out and blocks all beings within a 20 meter radius.
  12. Only another Immortal can actually kill an Immortal, even if the head is cut off (there are exceptions to this rule. See the Note below). However, cutting off the head is the only way to actually kill an Immortal.
  13. All Immortals obey the rule of Holy Ground and will not fight when on it. Holy Ground is considered as any religious sanctuary and the grounds around it. This includes burial grounds. Note that this includes a Light-Side Nexus and a Dark-Side Nexus up to a 100 meter radius depending on how old the nexus is (ie: 1 meter = 100 years). All Immortals can sense the edge of the barrier of any type of Holy Ground as soon as they come within 10 meters of it.
  14. The age of a PC Immortal cannot exceed 1500 years. Anything over 500 years requires a detailed background to include a maximum of 5 kills, how they gained them and what skills/bonuses were added.
  15. Immortals can sense each other in a 50 meter radius. If the Immortal is over 1000 years old this range extends to 75 meters; 5000 years extends it to 100 meters.
  16. All Immortals can be good or evil, but PC Immortals are expected to be good, similar to Duncan McCloud. Just as with Jedi, Dark Side Points are used as the gage for how evil they are. Anything over 6 is evil, much like the Kergen. One DSP can be removed with each kill if the Immortal is atoning for past deeds. Also note that if the PC goes over 6 DSPs they will lose that character (there are rare exceptions).
Note: When an Immortals' head is removed by anyone or anything other than an Immortal there must be a being nearby (within 1km) that can house the spirit and the energy released from the kill. If no such being is nearby then the Immortal is instantly healed. For Example: if the Immortal is flying in space and part of the ship explodes sending a piece of metal out that accidentally cuts off the head of the Immortal, the head will re-attach itself using a Quickening Point. Should the Immortal not have a QP then all of the power from a power generator or similar item would be used, permanently using up that generator.