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Template: Cyborg

Character Name: The Name Chart can be used
Gender: [M][F]
Species: Human
Age: 20+
Height: 1.7m
Weight: 76kg
Force Sensitive: [Yes][No]
Force Points: 1 or 2
Dark Side Points: 0 or up to 5 (based on background)
Character Points: 10
Extra Character Points: 20+ (+5-10 based on background, 10 per Dark Side Point, 5 per Cyber points))
Cyber Points: 8 (can be variable)
Move: 10 (12) @
Place of Birth:

Background: Required
Physical Description: Required
Personality: Required
Objective(s): Required
Quote(s): At least one is required

Dexterity 3D+2 *: blaster, (s) blaster: blaster carbine, dodge, grenade, melee combat, missile weapons, running
Perception 3D: bargain, con, investigation, search, sneak
Strength 4D+2 #: brawling combat (+1D), lifting, stamina
Knowledge 2D+2: intimidation, languages, streewise, survival, willpower
Mechanical 3D: communications, computer ops, powersuit ops, repulsorlift ops, sensors, vehicle blasters
Technical 3D: armor repair, blaster repair, computer program/repair, demolitions, first aid (5D min for medicine), (A) medicine: cyborging (first aid must be at least 5D, medicine must be at least 3D), repulsorlift repair, security

Blaster Carbine: Damage: 5D, Range: 3-25/50/250, Ammo: 100 (3 extra clips)
Military Comlink: 8 scrambled channels and autoscan
Cybernetic Repair Kit: good for 8 uses before requiring replenishment
2 FastFlesh Medpacs
Macrobinoculars: Adds +1D to Search up to 50 meters, adds +2D to Search 51-200 meters

Credits: 1500 (or variable if chart is used)

GM NOTE: The extensive Cybernetics listed below are optional. They can be traided in for extra Character Points, Credits or Gear. The GM will determine final exchange value.

  1. @: +2 added to Move Rate (2 CyP)
  2. *: +1D added to Dexterity Attribute (1 CyP)
  3. #: +1D added to Strength Attribute (2 CyP)
  4. Cybernetic Eyes: add +1D to Search or +2D to Search for targets 50-200m away (1 CyP)
  5. Cybernetic Arms: +1D to Brawling Combat attack and damage (2 CyP)
Note: All cybernetics appear human but have not been sensor proofed in any way. Also, if cybersystems get knocked out, remove all bonuses until restored.