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Template: Court Fop

Character Name: The Name Chart can be used
Gender: [M][F]
Species: Human
Height: m
Weight: kg
Force Sensitive: [Yes][No]
Force Points: 1 or 2
Dark Side Points: 0 or up to 5 (based on background)
Character Points: 10
Extra Character Points: 20+ (+5-10 based on background, 10 per Dark Side Point, 5 per Cyber points))
Cyber Points: 0 or up to 6 (based on background)
Move: 10 (varies if not human)
Place of Birth:

Background: Required
Physical Description: Required
Personality: Required
Objective(s): Required
Quote(s): At least one is required

Dexterity 3D: blaster, dodge
Perception 2D: bargain, gambling, investigation, search
Strength 3D: brawling combat, climbing/jumping, swimming
Knowledge 4D: alien species, bureaucracy, business, cultures, languages, value
Mechanical 4D: astrogation, beast riding, ground vehicle ops, repulsorlift ops, space transports, swoop ops
Technical 2D: computer program/repair, droid programming, first aid, repulsorlift repair, security, space transport repair

Sporting Blaster: Damage: 3D+1, Range: 3-10/30/60, Ammo: 100
Datapad: 0D power, 10D memory
Formal Wardrobe (150-200 outfits)
Personal Secretary Droid (see below)
Executive Landspeeder (see below)

Credits: 1000 (on person), 3000 (in bank) (or variable if chart is used)

Character's Executive Speeder

Model: SoroSuub LXS-1 Land Speeder
Type: Landspeeder
Scale: Speeder
Length: 7.4 m
Skill: Repulsorlift Ops: LXS-1 Crew: 1
Crew Skill: See owner
Passengers: 3
Cover: 3/4
Cargo Capacity: 25 kg
Move: 115; 330 kmh
Maneuverability: 2D
Body: 2D+1
Altitude Range: ground to 30 meters

Character's Secretary Droid

Dexterity 1D:
Perception 2D: bargain 2D+2
Strength 1D:
Knowledge 3D: bureaucracy 4D, business 4D
Mechanical 1D:
Technical 2D: computer program/repair 3D+2
 -Humanoid body
 -Vocabulator speech/sound system
 -AA-1 Verbobrain
 -Two visual/auditory sensor recorders - human range
 -Various cooking attachments (replaceable; attach to left hand)
 -Translang I Communications module
 -Business Admin Policies and Proceedures database
NOTE: Character Points: 0 (the owner can give part of his or her CP's to the droid, otherwise they have none; droids may gain their own CP's by going on missions with the party and actively participating)