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Template: Callidus Assassin

Character Name: The Name Chart can be used
Gender: F
Species: Human
Age: 22+
Height: m
Weight: kg
Force Sensitive: No
Force Points: 1
Dark Side Points: 0 or up to 5 (based on background)
Character Points: 10
Extra Character Points: 20+ (+5-10 based on background, 10 per Dark Side Point, 5 per Cyber points))
Cyber Points: 2 or up to 6 (based on background)
Move: 10 (13)
Place of Birth: W40K Location
Homeworld: W40K World

Background: Required
Physical Description: Required
Personality: Required
Objective(s): Required
Quote(s): At least one is required

Attributes: 20D
Dexterity 4D: Acrobatics, Blaster, (s)Blaster: Neural Shredder, Blind Fighting, Dodge, Grenade, Melee Combat, (s)Melee Combat: Sword, Pick Pocket, Running, (s)Simultaneous Attack: Blaster, (s)Simultaneous Attack: Sword, Thrown Weapons
Perception 4D: Command, Con, Forgery, Hide, Investigation, Persuasion, Search, Sneak
Strength 4D (5D): Brawling Combat, Climbing/Jumping, Lifting, (A)Martial Arts: Combat Master, Stamina, Swimming
Knowledge 3D: (s)Alien Species: Chaos, (s)Alien Species: Eldar, (s)Alien Species: Genestealer, (s)Alien Species: Ork, (s)Biochemistry: Poisons, Bureaucracy, (s)Humanoid Biology: Chaos, (s)Humanoid Biology: Eldar, (s)Humanoid Biology: Human, (s)Humanoid Biology: Ork, (s)Non-Humanoid Biology: Genestealer, Intimidation, Languages, Law Enforcement, (s)Law Enforcement: Eldar, (s)Law Enforcement: Ork, Planetary Systems, Politics, Streetwise, Survival, Tactics, (s)Tactics: Callidus, Technology, Value, Willpower
Mechanical 3D: Computer Ops, Powersuit Ops, Repulsorlift Ops, Vehicle Weapons
Technical 2D: Armor Repair, (s)Armor Repair: Callidus Combat Armor, (s)Armor Repair: Assassin Syn-Skin, Blaster Repair, (s)Blaster Repair: Neural Shredder, First Aid, Melee Weapon Repair, Security


Up to three will be rolled for by the GM. However, a good background can override the GM results in favor of those listed in the history created. The better the history of the character, the better the chance to use those described.

1. Strength Increase: +1D added to Strength for causing and resisting damage.
2. Move Increase: Adds +3 to Move Rate

Special Abilities:

Acrobatics: Adds +1D to Dodge, Melee Combat or Brawling Combat for defense only
Ambidextrous: No penalties for off-hand use of a weapon
Blademaster: Adds +1D to hit with any melee weapon that has a blade
Catfall: Adds +1D to Dexterity when falling to land on feet
Dodge: Adds +1D to skill
Quick Draw: Allows a single weapon to be drawn and fired once with no penalty; this skill does not cover melee weapons
First Strike: Allows a single melee weapon to be drawn and used once at the beginning of a combat round without penalty if a Very Difficult Difficulty is met)
Hipshooting: No minuses to hit with a ranged weapon
Force of Will: Requires Willpower of 6D and works similar to the Jedi Power of the same name)
Nerves of Steel: Stamina at 6D and Willpower at 6D: allows character to ignore rolls vs. fear - with the exception of certain Force Powers - for those the assassin gets +1D to resistance rolls)
Quickload: Unload a clip and load another in a single action - small, hand-held weapons only
Lightning Reflexes: +2 to Perception for all Initiative rolls)
Subdue: Adds +2D stun damage to the intended target, must be stated)
Stealth: All attempts to detect an assassin via Perception suffer a -2D modifier
(As) Martial Arts: CA Combat Master: Requires Brawling Combat and Melee Combat at 6D or more. Callidus assassins are trained to deal with large numbers of enemies in close combat at one time, and fully expect to have to utilize this aspect of their training. This Advanced skill adds +2D to all Brawling Combat and Melee Combat rolls (attack and parry) as no one in the Star Wars galaxy knows it (including Space Marines). The actual dice in the skill may be divided between attack and defense as the Player sees fit. Ranged attacks allow no bonus. See Callidus Maneuver Table below for details.

Maneuver Difficulty Description
Throat Jab Moderate Using this maneuver may target breathing tubes or blood veins in an opponent's neck to strike at. If the character is successful in making his skill roll, his opponent may take no other actions this round due to shock and blood/air blockage. This also allows the Callidus to gain a free Search roll in order to strike at a vulnerable point in armor to produce the same effect as the throat would cause.
Block Ranged Moderate This special maneuver allows the Callidus to move around opponents, one in particular, in order to block ranged attacks with the body of one of the attackers that are currently engaged in melee.
Flawless Counter Difficult The character can counter a melee attack to perfection. If the character makes the required skill roll, his next attack (which must be a hand-to-hand attack) is automatically successful.
Falling Roll Easy The character can turn a fall into a roll and set up for an attack. If the character makes the required skill roll, he may turn a fall into a roll to the side, giving +2D to any further dodge rolls this round.
Power Stand Difficult The character is trained to inflict damage while rising from the ground. If the character makes the required skill roll, she may do 3D damage to an opponent by using her legs against the opponent while standing up from the ground.
Retrieval Easy The character is trained to pick up an item from the ground using feet and legs. If the character makes the required skill roll, he is able to retrieve an object from the ground using his feet and legs. This does not count as an action when calculating the multiple action penalty.
Alter Aim Moderate + Str The character is trained to alter the aim of a missile or blaster weapon in close combat. Moderate plus an opposed Strength roll. If the character makes the required skill roll, she may attempt to grab and re-aim a weapon in the hands of her opponent. If within hand-to-hand range, the character makes her skill roll, then must win an opposed Strength roll to aim the weapon. For missile weapons and blasters, she must roll the appropriate skill to aim at -1D (but without a multiple action penalty) to choose where the weapon fires.
Surprise Attack Difficult The character is trained to alter body language so as not to give away an attack. If the character makes the required skill roll, she may attack her opponent without giving any warning, causing her opponent to suffer -2D to all reaction rolls. If the character waits for one additional round before attacking, she automatically gains that round's initiative over her opponent as well.
Wrist Chop Moderate The character is trained to chop an open hand down on an opponent's wrist. If the character makes the required skill roll, the character chops the side of his open hand down on his opponent's wrist. Any object in that hand falls to the floor, and if the damage roll exceeds the opponent's Strength roll by more than 15, the wrist is broken and the hand cannot be used until the wrist is healed.
Escape Grapple Moderate The character is able to escape a grapple due to specialialized training. When a character is being held by an opponent, a successful skill roll allows the character to contort and escape the hold, and move a few meters away (roll a D6+1 for distance).

Jump Back: Callidus assassins are trained to bypass bodyguards sent to intercept them in combat as quickly as possible, allowing them to concentrate on the job at hand - namely, eliminating their target! Unlike a normal fighter, when a Callidus assassin executes a Break Off maneuver in close combat, she always adds +2D to her Initiative score, and +3D if at arm's length. If the Break Off is successful, then the assassin may use the free run action to move straight passed the opponent from whom she has just broken off. Normally, a fighter cannot run passed a foe during a Break Off unless there is no other option. She can move a full move away plus .5 meters per 10 points above the opponents' roll. Jump Back is an Advanced Dexterity skill that can be increased at x3 normal cost and requires Running at 6D.


Neural Shredder *
Polymorphine Injectors
Poisoned Blades
Assassin Body Suit (syn-skin)
Callidus Combat Armor: Protects head, chest and abdomen) *
5 Blind Grenades: Roll 5D vs. Stamina or blind for 5 rounds +4D added to all target numbers to hit
* Whether or not these items of equipment are carried depends on whether or not the Callidus assassin makes use of the Polymorphine drug - see below for more details.

GM Note: The C'Tan Sword did not make it through the Warp, so don't ask.

Neural Shredder:

The Neural Shredder is unique in that it uses the target's Knowledge Attribute instead of the target's Strength to determine wounds. The Neural Shredder can also affect vehicles; automatically causing a Glancing Hit (so you can only Stun or Shake a vehicle with a Neural Shredder). Damage: 6D+2 (Character scale)/ 5D (Speeder scale stun only)

Callidus Combat Armor:

If the Callidus assassin is not planning on using Polymorphine to get right next to the target before striking, then she may enter combat wearing a suit of carapace armor modified by the Callidus temple for their operatives.

The Combat Armor is more lightweight than most carapace armor, and so provides marginally less protection, but is more flexible, and still allows the assassin a full range of movement. The armor gives +2D+2/+1D+1 to all locations covered. Weight: 4 kg.

In addition to this, the head piece contains advanced sensory equipment which can be overlaid upon the assassin's vision. The assassin counts as having Advanced Sight (allows Infrared and Ultraviolet vision) and Hearing Auto-Senses (+1D to Perception or Search), Filtration Plugs (basically air filters - need to be changed after every 30 hours of use), an Infrascope Gunsight (adds +1D to hit with chosen weapon only - usually the Neural Shredder - and allows it to be used in darkness, but without the bonus) and a Bio-Scanner Auspex (must choose to activate the bio-scanner as normal, otherwise it scans on passive only).

Bio-Scanner Auspex

Setting Range/Bonus Area
Passive 100m/+2 360o
Scan 200m/+1D 180o
Search 300m/+1D+1 90o
Focus 300m/+2D 5o

Assassin Syn-Skin:

Like normal imperial syn-skin for the purposes of resistance tests, but made with an additional lightweight and strong fiber mesh, giving the assassin +2D/+1D of additional protection. Weight: 2 kg. This armor can be worn under normal clothing.

Poisoned Blades:

Callidus assassins may often find themselves in situations when they cannot carry the signature weaponry of their temple. However, they are never completely unarmed, and will carry upon themselves several thin, stiletto-like blades, often poisoned, that they can use to attack their target if the opportunity arises.

The blades may be coated with one toxin of the GM's choice. Toxins are detailed below.

Fex-M3: Deadly nerve toxin used that kills its victim in under 10 seconds. Fex-M3 is often delivered through dart-weapons for silent elimination.
Sennari: Fast-acting toxin delivered by a Kamino Saberdart and used by Jango Fett to eliminate Zam Wesell in Episode II.


Polymorphine is the signature tool of the Callidus temple. It is also, in gaming terms, the hardest part of the assassin's armory to represent. A single dose lasts until the assassin changes back to their original form or they are killed. To change into their chosen identity or to change back requires a Very Difficult Willpower roll. Failure knocks the assassin out for 5 rounds, after which they can try again with a +2 modifier. A second failure kills the assassin if they fail a Heroic Stamina roll.

The Player Character will be allowed 5 doses of Polymorphine, which cannot be replaced. However, the character can get an extra 1-3 doses by spending 15 CP's per dose from extra starting points only.

Credits: The amount of starting credits must be determined in the Background and approved by the GM.

The Callidus Temple:

"To assume the shape of the accursed and deliver death from the purity within you."
--Dictatus Callidus

The Callidus Temple is the most subtle of the ancient hidden temples of the Officio Assassinorum, specializing in the artful deception of the enemies of the Imperium. Acting covertly, the Callidus Assassin gets close to those who would subvert and threaten Imperial society, working their way through the ranks of traitors and heretics to pull the disease out by its roots.

To achieve its exacting tasks, the Callidus Temple specializes in the use and development of the shape-altering drug Polymorphine. With this remarkable drug alone, a Callidus Assassin can masquerade as any human, making and breaking bonds on a molecular and cellular level to allow Callidus assassins to alter their appearance at will. In addition, the Medicus Adepts of the Imperium have developed a range of surgical implants to allow Callidus Assassins to mimic members of alien races, such as Orks, Eldar and even the grotesque form of the Genestealer hybrid. It takes years of training to successfully use Polymorphine, and the consequences of failure to master the drug during training can range from the extremely fatal, to the crippling, fatal, or even worse. During the centuries of use of the drug within the Callidus temple, it has been discovered that the female body is far better suited to shapeshifting than the male, with the result that almost all Callidus operatives are female.

On military missions, Callidus Assassins are dropped behind enemy lines, where they use their cunning and stealth to infiltrate the enemy army. Usually this is done by eliminating individuals and taking their place, with the help of Polymorphine and the armor and wargear of the recently deceased. Using this technique, the Callidus Assassin can get close to enemy commanders or powerful psykers, influencing their strategy and finally killing them when the opportunity arises. Callidus also perform long-term infiltration missions, often spending weeks, months, or even years inserting themselves deep into the workings of the target organization. With extreme patience and care, the Callidus will work her way into a position to get as close to the target as possible, often ending up as a trusted advisor or confidante. Often, a Callidus assassin will not simply kill the target at the first opportunity, but will use her position of trust and influence to disrupt whatever plans the target is formulating, sowing the seeds of confusion, suspicion and mistrust far and wide through those surrounding the unknowing target.

When the time finally comes to eliminate the target, the Callidus assassin has many advantages on her side. First and foremost, the extreme shock for the target when they discover a close advisor to be a shape-shifting killer often renders them nonsensical long enough for the Callidus to execute the kill with no immediate resistance whatsoever. Even if this is not the case, the adepts of the Callidus Temple wield some of the most powerful weaponry in the Imperium, scarce understood by the Adeptus Mechanicus, but lethally effective nonetheless. Once the kill has been made, the Callidus frequently has to fight her way free, frequently from very large bodyguard cadres, and from within sealed fortresses, but all her training is directed towards reaching a specific target, making the kill and escaping once more, while minimizing the chance of a successful retaliation.