Template: R5 Series Astromech Droid

Character Name: Droid name required (Examples: D1, T3, V9)
Manufacturer: Industrial Automaton
Construction Date:
Materials Used:
Classification: 2nd Degree
Cost to Owner:
Current Owner:
Gender Programming: [M][F]
Age: 1+ (based on background)
Height: 1.02m
Weight: 49kg
Force Sensitive: No
Force Points: 0 or 1 (based on background)
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 10
Extra Character Points: 20 + 5-10 for a good background
Move: 5 (may be increased to 7)
Personality Matrix: Basic

Background: Required
Physical Description: Required
Personality: Required
Objective(s): Required
Quote(s): At least one is required

Dexterity 1D:
Perception 1D:
Strength 1D:
Knowledge 1D: planetary systems 3D
Mechanical 3D: astrogation 5D, capitol ship piloting 4D, repulsorlift ops 4D, sensors 4D, starship gunnery 3D+2, starfighter piloting 4D, starship shields 4D, space transports 4D
Technical 3D: computer ops 3D, computer program/repair 4D, repulsorlift repair 3D+2, starfighter repair 4D+1

Start with 10D for skills other than those listed, but listed may be raised as well.
Maximum limit is 13D for any skill.

-Intellex V Computer: Contains 500 detailed starship configurations and many common repulsorlift vehicles
-Built-in Secure Comlink
-Hyperspace Jump Coordinates: 10
-Three Magnetic Grip Treads: The center tread is retractable
-Acoustic Signaler: droid/computer languages, droidspeak: whistles and beeps for communicating with other droids and data networks
-2 Fine Manipulator Arms: +1D to repair rolls
-One Retractable Fine Manipulator Arm
-Holographic Projector
-Electric Arc Welder: 3D+2 damage if used as a weapon, range: .3 meters
-Circular Saw: 3D damage if used as a weapon
-Internal Cargo Compartment: 8 x 8 x 20cm in size (can hold a lightsabre, for example), item can be ejected out of the top of its dome
-Fire Extinguisher
-Fully Extendable Video Sensor: can reach up to three meters
-Sensor Package: full-spectrum tranceiver, electromagnetic, heat, motion and life-forms
   Passive: 50/1D
   Scan: 100/2D
   Search: 200/3D
   Focus: 10/4D

Credits: 0 (based on background)