Template: Explorer Mk V Scout Droid

Character Name: Droid name required
Manufacturer: Rim Securities
Construction Date:
Materials Used:
Classification: 2nd Degree
Cost to Owner:
Current Owner:
Gender Programming: [M][F]
Age: 1 to 200+ (background determines age)
Height: 1.8m
Weight: 75kg
Force Sensitive: No
Force Points: 0 or 1 (based on background)
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 10
Extra Character Points: 20 + 5-10 for a good background
Move: 7 (may be increased to 9)
Personality Matrix: Basic

Background: Required
Physical Description: Required
Personality: Required
Objective(s): Required
Quote(s): At least one is required

Dexterity 1D: Dodge 3D
Perception 2D: Bargain 2D, Investigation 2D, Persuasion 2D, Search 2D
Strength 2D+2: Brawling Combat 3D, Lifting 2D+2, Stamina 2D+2
Knowledge 2D: Alien Species 2D, Bureaucracy 2D, Business 2D, Cultures 2D, Languages 2D, Planetary Systems 2D, Value 2D
Mechanical 2D: Astrogation 2D, Communications 2D, Repulsorlift Ops 2D, Sensors 2D, Space Transports 2D, Starship Shields 2D
Technical 2D: Computer Program/Repair 2D, First Aid 2D, Starship Repair 2D, Security 2D

Start with 10D for skills other than those listed, but listed may be raised as well.
Maximum limit is 13D for any skill.

-Intellex III Computer: Contains a basic creature database
-Built-in Comlink
-Two Magnetic Grip Feet
-Two Humanoid Legs
-Two Humanoid Arms
-One Wide-Angle Photoreceptor: human range, infrared and low-light
-Two Boosted Auditory Sensors: slightly above and below human range, can hear double the standard distance on a normal human
-Olfactory Sensor
-Holographic Recorder: can record up to 300 hours
-Chest Storage Case: .5 cu meters
-Analysis Kit: +2D to Investigation and Value for minerals only
-Long Range Sensor: +2D to Search for objects 25-30 meters away
-Atmospheric Sensor: Air content in one hour plus type in five minutes

Credits: 0 (based on background)