Template: FIII Footman Droid

Character Name: Droid name required
Manufacturer: Tac-Spec Corporation
Construction Date:
Materials Used:
Classification: 3rd Degree *
Cost to Owner: 3000
Current Owner:
Gender Programming: [M][F]
Age: 1+ to 300+ (background determines age)
Height: 1.9m
Weight: 86kg
Force Sensitive: No
Force Points: 0 or 1 (based on background)
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 15
Extra Character Points: 20+ (+5-10 based on background
Cyber Points: 0 or up to 6 (based on background)
Move: 10 (may be increased to 15)

* Not a true third degree droid. Hidden programming places this droid into the 4th Degree category.
Tac-Spec Corp. FIII Footman Droid

Note that this droid must be tied to a Noble House from the Senex or Tapani sectors. Please send an email to the GM for further information and other restrictions for playing this type of droid.
Background: Required
Physical Description: Required
Personality: Required
Objective(s): Required
Quote(s): At least one is required

Dexterity 3D: Acrobatics 6D, Blaster 5D, (s) Blaster: Rail Cannon 8D, Dodge 7D, (A) Sniper 3D
Perception 3D: Con 5D, Investigation 4D, Search 4D, Sneak 5D
Strength 4D (+2D): Stamina 6D
Knowledge 2D: Cultures 3D, Languages 6D, Tactics 4D, (s) Tactics: Close Combat 6D, (s) Tactics: Ranged Combat 6D, (s) Tactics: House _________ 6D
Mechanical 1D: Vehicle Blasters 6D
Technical 1D:

Start with 10D for skills other than those listed, but listed may be raised as well.
Maximum limit is 13D for any skill.

-Dual Blaster: can remove right hand to add blaster. This is kept in a secure, scanner resistent compartment. Damage: 5D+1, Range: 3-30/60/120, Ammo: 100 (internal power pack, can be recharged)
-SyntheTech AA-1 verbobrain: Contains a TranLang II communications module. Can speak and understand up to 3 million languages
-Intellex V Computer: Contains a basic military and tactical database
-Built-in Secure Comlink
-Two Magnetic Grip Feet
-Two Humanoid Legs
-Two Humanoid Arms
-Two Photoreceptors: human range, infrared and low-light
-Two Boosted Auditory Sensors: slightly above and below human range, can hear double the standard distance as a normal human
-Olfactory Sensor
-Holographic Recorder: can record up to 200 hours
-Sensor Package: full-spectrum tranceiver, electromagnetic, heat, motion and life-forms
  Passive: 30/+2
  Scan: 60/1D
  Search: 120/2D
  Focus: 5/3D

Credits: 0 or up to 1000 (hidden, but based on background)