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Annika Song
Hemophage Dark Warrior

Background: Escaped an Imperial experimental facility. The Empire is hunting her down with every available agent. Annika is sterile due to all the experimentation and exposure she underwent during her incarceration with the Empire and she will die in about 5 years unless a cure for the infection can be found.

Annika Song started out as a happy young woman and ended up a genetically created soldier. She was quickly captured by the Empire and was used as a test subject for a secret Imperial research project to create a new generation of stormtrooper. She was exposed to a genetically modified virus. Many of the test subjects died during the transformation process from normal human to genetically modified human. Others were destroyed due to unforeseen mutations like sensitivity to light or an unnatural craving for human blood. In Annika the Empire's hopes have come to fruition; a stable transformation. She was then implanted with cybernetics to achieve their goals. But before she could be indoctrinated she escaped killing the researchers and destroying a large portion of the research facility.

While making her escape from the facility she stumbled upon the prototype armory. Here she acquired all of her weapons, including a pair of cortosis swords and two unique blasters.

Once off the planet she jumped around from system to system trying to keep one step ahead of the Empire. One night while acquiring another transport, Annika met up with someone offering her something she needed in exchange for her services. Had it not been for the attack on both of them and her subsequent rescue of the being that made the offer, she might not have believed him.

With that she promptly fled the planet and joined the Resistance to fight the Empire. Before she knew it she was being sent to Mon Calamari to help crew a ship and was told that she would make a perfect addition to a Special Ops team. Once integrated into the group she would be able to return to base and receive all the sorely needed training.

That was two weeks ago...

The captain of the transport ship announced that they had arrived in the Mon Cal system and would be off-loading shortly - a ship called the Hujinn and a Captain by the name of Ki Drayson.

Physical Description: Tall, slender and athletic. Blonde hair and brown eyes.

Personality: Quite reserved, doesn't speak much at all.

Objective(s): To find a cure that will prolong her life past the four years she has left. To make the Empire pay for what they did to her.

Quote(s): "Unarmed? Not yet you're not." "I hate the empire with every fiber of my being and I'll kill every single one of them, almost as quickly as they'll try and kill me."

Template: Hemophage Dark Warrior
Character Name: Annika Song
Gender: Female
Species: Genetically Modified Human
Age: 30
DOB: 100.6.14 (-32 BBY)
Height: 1.99m
Weight: 83kg
Force Sensitive: No
Force Points: 1
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 10
Extra Character Points: 0
Cyber Points: 6
Move: 10 (13)

Attribute Dice: 20D [maximums are listed in brackets]
Dexterity 4D (6D) [5D]: acrobatics, armor weapons, [T] blaster 6D (8D) (+1D) [1D of 7D], [T] dodge 6D (8D) [2D of 7D], firearms (+1D), firearms: railgun (+1D), grenade, (A) martial arts 5D, [T] melee combat 6D (8D) [3D of 7D], melee combat: swords, , missile weapons, thrown weapons
Perception 3D[4D+2]: bargain, con, forgery, hide, persuasion, search, sneak 5D (+27)
Strength 4D (5D) [5D]: [T] brawling combat 6D (8D) [4D of 7D], climbing/jumping, lifting, stamina, swimming
Knowledge 3D+2 [4D+2]: intimidation, law enforcement: Imperial, planetary systems, languages, streetwise, survival, technology: weapons
Mechanical 3D+1 [4D+1]: astrogation, communications, jet/rocketpack ops 4D+1 [5D of 7D], powersuit ops, repulsorlift ops, sensors, space transports, swoop ops, vehicle blasters
Technical 2D [4D]: armor repair, blaster repair, computer program/repair, demolition, first aid 5D [6-7D of 7D +12], (A) medicine: cybernetics 2D, security 5D (+27)

  1. Blaster
  2. Dodge
  3. Brawling Combat
  4. Melee Combat
Special Abilities:
  1. Ambidextrous: Can perform tasks equally well with your left OR right hand. This does NOT mean using both hands simultaneously.
  2. Ambidexterity: Can use both hands simultaneously with no penalties. Basically two shots can be fired every action with no multiple action penalties. However, the weapons must be very similar or the bonus is lost.
  3. Mecha Empathy: see below
  4. Genetically Enhanced Attributes
  5. Veteran Under Fire: Suppression fire shots have a difficulty value of Very Difficult rather than Difficult against someone with this ability
  6. Quick-Draw: May draw and use a two hand held weapons in one action phase. No multiple action penalties are incurred. This is due to ambidexterity and cybernetics.
  7. Lightning Reflexes: +2 to PER for all initiative rolls
  1. Dexterity Enhancement: Adds +2D to Dexterity and all skills. This system is also specially coated to appear like normal flesh when scanned. A thorough scan will detect it for what it is.
  2. Strength Enhancement: Adds +1D to Strength and all skills. This system is also coated to appear like flesh when scanned. A thorough scan will detect it for what it is.
  3. Move Increase: Adds +3 to move rate.
  4. Cybernetic Eyes (both): Adds +1D to hit with any ranged weapon. Also provides UV, IR, Thermal and Electrobinocular Vision (adds +1D to Search for objects 50-100 meters away, also adds +2D for objects 100-300 meters away, reduces ranges by one as well.)
  1. Custom Modified Heavy Blaster Pistol: 5D+2 (see below)
  2. Thermal Detonator w/ CoolCase (Damage: 10D/8D/6D/3D, Range: 3-4/7/12, Blast Radius: 0-2/8/12/20)
  3. 2 Knives: Str+2
  4. Form Fitting Body Armor: +1D+1/+2
  5. Draymak Energy Absorption Shield System (DEASS): Will absorb 20 points of damage for up to 5 minutes before it needs to be recharged. There are two ways to recharge it. First: insert a blaster power pack, which instantly drains the pack and allows 2 more minutes of protection. Second: set it into a standard charging unit for 10 minutes.
  6. Rocket Pack (100 h, 75 v; 10 charges)
  7. 2 FastFlesh Medpacs
  8. Weapon Belt with two Quick-Draw Holsters
  9. Cybernetic Emergency Repair Kit (can repair a Wound [-1D] up to 5 times before being used up).
  10. Bloodfurry Speeder Bike
Credits: 12,500

Martial Arts Abilities

Name Effect Difficulty Description
Disarm Force an opponent to drop a weapon or object Moderate If character's attack is successful (not parried or dodged) and if the skill roll meets the required difficulty number, target character is disarmed.
Iaijutsu Draw and use favored weapon in same action Difficult If roll successful character can draw and attack with specialized weapon. Target can defend normally if they are not surprised.
Instant Stand Negate the effects of a fall and return to a standing position Moderate May use to return to a standing position without a multi-action penalty.
Instant Stun Strike at critical pressure points stunning the target Moderate If attack successful (and is not parried or dodged) and skill roll meets required difficulty, target is stunned for one round.
Multiple Strikes Deliver multiple strikes Moderate If roll successful character can make second attack with no multi-action penalties
Power Block Parry attacks in a manner which inflicts damage Moderate A successful parry inflicts STR+1D damage on the target.
Silent Strike Sneak up on target and kill or render unconscious Difficult Must be within arms reach of the target. Character must declare a stunning or killing attack prior to the attempt. Success indicates that the target is neutralized.
Spinning Kick The character is trained to deliver a spinning kick to the head. Moderate A successful skill roll indicates that the character delivers a spinning kick to the head of an opponent. In addition to the +1D to damage, the opponent is considered "Stunned" for the remainder of the round.

Mecha Empathy:

Willpower Difficulty: Moderate, modified by the complexity of the weapon.
Time to Use: One round
Effect: The Hemophage can feel his or her way around the inner workings of a technological weapon, seeking out specific malfunctions, learning how to operate the weapon, and finding imperfections or potential modifications that could improve or enhance the weapon's performance at least temporarily. The difficulty for this ability is modified by the complexity of the weapon.
Successful use of this power enables the Hemophage to operate the weapon in question as if he or she had the applicable skill at his or her default skill level; in other words, it allows the Hemophage to make his or her dice rolls with no negative modifiers for unskilled operation of otherwise specialized skills. The character can also use this power to enable himself or herself to make repair skill rolls under circumstances that he or she would normally be unable to do so, as well as design equipment for practical use with a minimum of quality components.

2 Modified Custom Draymak TZX-12 Heavy Blaster Pistols

Type: Prototype Heavy Blaster Pistols
Weight: 2.5kg each
Body: 3D
Ammo: 125
Range: 3-30/60/120
Fire Control: 1D
Damage: 5D+2

Bloodfury Speeder Bike

Craft: Sienar Bloodfury Military Speeder Bike
Type: Speeder Bike
Scale: Speeder
Length: 2.9 meters
Skill: Repulsorlift Ops: Speeder Bike
Crew: 1
Passengers: 0
Cargo Capacity: 50kg
Cover: 1/4
Altitude Range: Ground level-15m
Cost: 2400 used only
Maneuverability: 2D+2
Move: 200; 250kmh
Body Strength: 3D+1
  Twin Laser Cannons
    Fire Arc: Front
    Skill: Vehicle Blasters
    Fire Control: 2D
    Range: 3-50/120/250
    Damage: 6D
Description: The Bloodfury is an upgrade of the Bloodfin Speeder Bike also from Sienar, after the Bloodfin failed to attract the military sales it was originally designed for, and with upcoming large purchases for the Clone Troopers, and later Storm Trooper armies, Sienar redesigned the Bloodfin into a real military speeder bike. With twin laser cannons capable of doing significant damage to a target, the already high speed of the Bloodfin and additional armor and maneuverability, the Bloodfury made a very powerful combat bike. However the high cost and difficulty to manufacture in the quantities required for the Clone Troopers meant that the design lost out on this lucrative contract to Aratechs' design. The Bloodfury was sold to other military purchasers in limited quantities before the design was eventually dropped, these few bikes have continued to retain a high value and are considered to be among the best speeder bikes available, even if they are becoming increasingly hard to acquire parts for.