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  1. Proton Sniper Laser
  2. Bloodfury Speeder Bike
  3. Evakmar Docking Station
  4. Tagge Industries Z-X3 Battle Droid
  5. Scarab Droid
  6. Zephyr-G Swoop
  7. Beam Laser Cannon
  8. Y-Head Corvette
  9. Luxury Attendant Droid
  10. Chronometer with Hidden Compartment
  11. Mezzak's Droids Special Assault Droid
  12. Draymak GX-50 LRB Rifle/Launcher
  13. Draymak GL13 Pulse Cannon
  14. BioTech FashFlesh Medpac
  15. Law Enforcement Droid
  16. Holowan Mechanicals Electrostaff
  17. Corellian Industries Huntsuit Armor
  18. Draymak dmw100-03 Cat Slaffing Board
  19. Draymak dmw100 X-Cat Slaffing Board
  20. ARO Botro Combat Droid
  21. Baroness Modified Medium Freighter
  22. Watcher Buoy
  23. Kase Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH)
  24. Andrali-Tech's Low Profile Comm System
  25. Armex Systems M-1 Droid
  26. Soukia Laser Rifle
  27. Imperial Light Repulsor Tank
  28. Imperial Medium Repulsor Tank
  29. Imperial Heavy Repulsor Tank
  30. Thermite Repulsorbike
  31. VTR-5 Flechette Pistol
  32. Ikas-Ando 22-C NightFalcon
  33. Kamperdine Clothing Specialists CSC-5000 Body Glove
  34. Dyseki Missile Blaster
  35. Scorpion XL-12 Fighter
  36. D-45 Combat Speeder
  37. TerexComm Gauntlet-Computer
  38. ZK-50M Speeder
  39. GS1 Sentry Blaster
  40. B-7 Light Freighter
  41. Grenkal Armor
  42. DLX-5 Facility Security Droid
  43. Draymak ATV X-12
  44. Devil Rayd Fighter
  45. Microthrust Clockwatcher
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  1. Hi Flyer Speeder Bike
  2. Star Spray Speeder
  3. Draymak C-321 Mk IV Overkill - Civilian
  4. Draymak M-321 Mk IV Overkill - Military
  5. Draymak Powered Heavy Bounty Hunter Armor
  6. Draymak LRB
  7. Corellian Indutries FXE Luxury Space Yacht
  8. Draymak 19-K Sniper Blaster
  9. Covalis ACC-7 Assassin Droid
  10. Draymak Dual Vibroblade Sword
  11. Zentarian Cyger 6
  12. Draymak Kandrin Combat Armor
  13. Draymak UL-85 Speederbike
  14. Draymak DC-P5 Protocol Droid
  15. Mandal Motors Sword Fighter
  16. Draymak Walker Assault Mech Suit
  17. CSSE Blade Light Attack Fighter
  18. Draymak Tobias MkII Combat Droid
  19. Damorian Manufacturing Corporation Tartan-class Patrol Cruiser
  20. Draymak Heavy Millennium Armor
  21. Corellia Drive Technologies BB-80 Fusion Cannon
  22. Golan Arms FC1 Flechette Launcher
  23. Zentarian D9 Racing Speeder
  24. Drezellian AB-1 Air Speeder
  25. Draymak Ripper 5B
  26. Draymak K1 Blaster Pistol
  27. Draymak K2 Blaster Pistol
  28. Draymak K3 Heavy Blaster Pistol
  29. Draymak K4 Heavy Blaster Pistol
  30. Draymak L1 Heavy Blaster Rifle
  31. Zentarian Ground Wheel
  32. Kelekian Heavy Speeders - K1 and K2
  33. A-R Tangle Gun 7
  34. Draymak D-45 Heavy Sniper Rifle
  35. Draymak BMP1 Blaster/Missile Pistol
  36. Hydrosphere Corporation T-47 Aquaspeeder
  37. Chekla Arms Consortium B2 Blade-Pistol
  38. NP-3228 Heeja Arm Deflector Shield
  39. NP-3230 Heeja Arm Deflector Shield
  40. Draymak B-12 Portable Flamethrower
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  1. CDI Terror Drone
  2. Karbaca's BFG Bowaster/Carbine
  3. Draymak PDBC-x51 Blaster Cannon
  4. Draymak BMG-9 Blaster Mini Gun
  5. Draymak Scorge Gun
  6. CEC DSE-30/M Starlight Class Deep Space Explorer
  7. Draymak XL-5 Air Speeder
  8. Draymak TR-15 Buster
  9. Draymak AP-T Cannon
  10. Zentarian Hydra Launcher
  11. Zentarian Sticky Grenade
  12. KDY Graceful Space Transport
  13. KDY HAVx T3 Land Barge
  14. Cybot Galactica Gaurdian Droid
  15. Draymak SAR-1x Assault Rifle
  16. Draymak 10-S Smart Slugthrower
  17. Stohkli Spray Stick
  18. Utilitech Metrocab
  19. Draymak Double Blade Blaster
  20. Zentarian Adoris Visor
  21. Zentarian FCD-14 Full Combat Droid
  22. Draymak X-105 Hover Tank
  23. Zentarian Death Rifle
  24. Draymak HDS-Rex
  25. Draymak Exotique Space Transport
  26. Draymak TL-15
  27. Menendahl Cybertronics Cybernetic Nexus Ring
  28. Draymak Saturns Ring
  29. Zentarian BD-3 Droid Sentry
  30. Zentarian UTE Repulsor Truck
  31. Zentarian Trixter Air Speederbike
  32. Zentarian Arrow Courier
  33. Zentarian Kick-Axe
  34. Teramexer Bloom Grenade
  35. Draymak HD-500 Hunter Droid
  36. Teramexer PTG-9 Plasma/Thermite Grenade
  37. Zentarian RL12 Repulse-Fire
  38. Draymak X-9 Probe Space Transport
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  1. Zentarian LR-55 Laser Rifle
  2. Zentarian T-50 Datapad
  3. Nordian Tactical/Combat Droid
  4. Nordian Griffin Blade
  5. Draymak Water Shark
  6. Draymak HAF-13 Heavy Assault Fighter
  7. Consolidated Learning Systems Synoptic Teacher
  8. Draymak RGC-1
  9. Draymak RGC-3
  10. Zentarian RPZ Multi-Droid
  11. Nordian WGS-8 Wheeled Ground Speeder
  12. Draymak SR3 Kraken Fighter
  13. Zentarian U99 Double Pistol
  14. Draymak G6 Heavy Blaster Carbine
  15. Draymak XL-12 Auto Slugthrower
  16. Zentarian Security Droid
  17. Zentarian Brisa 3d Swoop Bike
  18. Zentarian E-Pulse Chem-Plas Cannon
  19. Draymak Auto Grenade Launcher
  20. Zentarian Spinning Vibro-Gauntlet
  21. Draymak HB-2 Hyperblaster
  22. Draymak Dual-B Blaster
  23. Cybot Galactica Search and Rescue Droid
  24. Draymak Spider Walker
  25. Draymak Blue Ice Cruiser
  26. Draymak Powered Cybernetic Armor
  27. Zentarian T4b Heavy Tank
  28. Mechanical Universal Labor Eliminating (M.U.L.E.) Droid, Packtack 41LT-R
  29. Dragon Moth Heavy Assault Gunship
  30. LifeLine TechMaster II Vacuum Suit
  31. Koromondain PDS, Inc. Blast Vest
  32. Ayellixe/Krongbing Textiles Shadowsuit
  33. Corellian Bounty Hunter PowerSuit
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  1. Zentarian AP-r6 Slug Thrower
  2. Zentarian AR-j3 Slug Thrower
  3. Zentarian AS-e3 Slug Thrower
  4. Zentarian AC-pt12 Auto Chemical Slug Thrower
  5. Trade Federation Droid Attack Flyer
  6. Draymak LT-2A Heavy Freighter
  7. Nordian K-Flex 12 Full Combat Armor
  8. Draymak Walker Assault Mech Suit Mark II
  9. Corellian Armor Company SuperSuit Mk V
  10. Draymak M7 Heavy Blaster Rifle
  11. Draymak SL-3 Rocket Launcher
  12. Arakyd Mirage Z3 Probe Droid
  13. Nubian D Type Cruiser
  14. RanCorp QR-15 "Quarren" Underwater Jetpack
  15. Corellidyne CQ-4.3x Holographic Image Disguiser
  16. Zentarian AC-x13 ST Cannon
  17. CU-37 Courier
  18. CU-37XL Courier
  19. 3D-FX Protocol Droid
  20. 5T Tree Feeder Droid
  21. 501-Z "Unit Zed" Police Droid
  22. Squire Armorer Droid
  23. Draymak ASF Rail Cannon
  24. Draymak BPZ Plasma Rifle
  25. Draymak BPX Plasma Pistol
  26. DKE Vulcan NE-700 Plasma
  27. Nordian HF-16 Scarab Heavy Fighter
  28. Draymak Dozer Attack Droid
  29. Zentarian HBP "Pirates Joy"
  30. Sweetblossom
  31. Draymak TKC-3 Plasma Carbine
  32. Draymak Bam-Bam Mini Heavy Assault Cannon
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  1. Nordian Starspeeder 1000
  2. Nordian Starspeeder 3000 (MkI/MkII)
  3. Industrial Automaton SN-D1 Service Droid
  4. Draymak T-X4 Blaster Pistol
  5. Draymak Z-X9 Heavy Blaster Pistol
  6. Draymak LK-6 Blaster Rifle
  7. Techno Union Attack Frigate
  8. Nordian Predator Carrier
  9. Nordian Shadow of Demos Assault Frigate
  10. Zentarian L45 Medium Powered Armor
  11. Zentarian T90 Heavy Powered Armor
  12. Nordian Dura-Smasher
  13. Zentarian 3D-BBL
  14. Zentarian T-Snip
  15. Zentarian Ghost
  16. Ubrikkian 300-L Utility Floater
  17. Zentarian 75-XR Speederbike
  18. Zentarian AGL-X Vehicle Grenade Launcher
  19. Nordian LSA-12 Light Armor
  20. Zentarian MGV High Voltage Blaster Rifle
  21. Draymak Mini Max Servant Droid
  22. Nordian A-12 Combat Airspeeder
  23. Moon-Zhag GLT-6 Starfighter
  24. Moon-Zhag FR-15 Medium Freighter
  25. Kivas AHL-15a Luxury Airspeeder
  26. Moon-Zhag Ye-13 Medium Powered Armor
  27. Draymak XT-38 Medium Powered Armor
  28. Moon-Zhag XR-14 Super Heavy Powered Armor
  29. Moon-Zhag FLTA-6 Light Armor
  30. Moon-Zhag Turghin Plasma Rifle
  31. Draymak GX-55 Light Repeating Blaster Rifle
  32. Moon-Zhag SW-27 Plasma Pulser X
  33. Draymak DMax-80 Attack Sub
  34. Zentarian DB12 Security Maintenance Droid
  35. Zentarian MB-16 Sparring Droid
  36. Moon-Zhag Durz-X Medium Infitration Armor
  37. Moon-Zhag G247 "Knocker" Blaster Rifle
  38. Moon-Zhag G813 "Smasher" Heavy Blaster Rifle
  39. Moon-Zhag Anti-Matter Blaster Rifle
  40. Zentarian Cnasta Vibro Cleaver
  41. Moon-Zhag Aurora Scout Ship
  42. Cybot-Galactica SPEX Droid
  43. Moon-Zhag MedR Droid
  44. Moon-Zhag Monocular Medium Combat Armor
  45. Moon-Zhag Aphan ACL1 Hold-Out Blaster Pistol
  46. Moon-Zhag KK2x Sniper Rifle
  47. Moon-Zhag ZZX9 Heavy Blaster Pistol
  48. Draymak 7G-212 Sniper Rifle
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  1. Draymak Viper-X13 Long Range Fighter/Transport
  2. Zentarian FLX-C3 Combat Droid
  3. Zentarian FLX-S3 Combat Droid
  4. Draymak Catapult Assault Armor
  5. Zentarian M32 Blaster Pistol
  6. Zentarian N27 Heavy Blaster Pistol
  7. Zentarian Ozmex 12 Blaster Rifle
  8. Moon-Zhag Kurtenix Heavy Pulse Blaster Rifle
  9. Dreymak Gur-Kilzm Sentinel Vibroblade
  10. Moon-Zhag D-Ned Snub Fighter
  11. Draymak FTCD-1a Floating Turret
  12. Draymak TF-YL Personal Protection Droid
  13. Moon-Zhag Scezikx Combat Armor
  14. Draymak HPAA Kill Joy Heavy Assault Armor
  15. Moon-Zhag HG89 Heavy Grenade Launcher/Blaster Rifle
  16. Zentarian MA37 Assault Rifle
  17. Draymak PIEBR-1b Blaster Cannon
  18. Draymak Durma TF-4 Long-Range Combat Freighter/Transport
  19. Heavily Modified Cuirilla-Raye Xylines-class Spacetug
  20. Zentarian PTE-L6 Planetary Evaluation Droid
  21. Draymak Venator Medium Combat Armor
  22. Zentarian FA-16 Auto-Pistol
  23. Zentarian FA-22 Auto-Rifle
  24. Zentarian FA-50 Auto Heavy Rifle
  25. Zentarian FA-90 Assault Sniper Rifle
  26. Amalgamated Hyperdyne 578-R Space Transport
  27. Moon-Zhag DL3 Combat Droid
  28. Draymak DLTZ-7 Assault Droid
  29. Dreymak G238 Snake Droid
  30. Nordian Droid Artillery Turret
  31. Draymak 109x Pulse Cannon/Blaster Rifle
  32. Draymak Anti-Matter C40 Slug Thrower
  33. Draymak Dual Vibro Star Blade
  34. Draymak Max Intercept MkI Fighter Interceptor
  35. Draymak Max Intercept MkII Fighter Interceptor
  36. Draymak SCD-13 Super Combat Droid
  37. Draymak A3 BeetleDroid
  38. Zentarian Naginata Sniper Rifle
  39. Draymak AC13 Assault Cannon
  40. Moon-Zhag TB-9 StormBlaster
  41. Merr-Sonn Munitions T-50 Heavy Blaster Pistol
  42. Draymak GX-38c Long Range Fighter
  43. Moon-Zhag Red Blast Speeder
  44. Cybot Galactica D-4XS Security Droid
  45. Moon-Zhag Demon Blood Assault Armor
  46. Zentarian H23-j9 Heavy Assault Blaster Rifle
  47. Zentarian BR01 Blaster Pistol
  48. Zentarian BR02 Blaster Rifle
  49. Zentarian BR03 Blaster Sniper Rifle
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  1. Zentarian DB-128z Heavy Fighter
  2. Zentarian KX-16 Pounce Heavy Fighter
  3. Moon-Zhag Guard Dog
  4. Draymak Cyborg Ninja Armor
  5. Moon-Zhag Medium Female Assault Armor
  6. Moon-Zhag DXT-513 Heavy Blaster Rifle
  7. Merr-Sonn Munitions, Inc. Heavy CB-6 Pistol
  8. Merr-Sonn Munitions, Inc. Heavy CB-9 Rifle
  9. Draymak Crimson Outlaw HA-50 Speeder
  10. Moon-Zhag Dark Nova F1 Transport
  11. Draymak L-6 Sparring Droid
  12. Moon-Zhag AXK-15 Security Droid
  13. Moon-Zhag AXK-25 Security Droid
  14. Moon-Zhag DZK-38 Blaster Rifle
  15. Moon-Zhag Norken-4 Light Repeating Blaster
  16. Nordian G-12 Blaster Rifle
  17. Zentarian Puma AR-650 Assault Rifle
  18. Dreymak Blazer Heavy Blaster Pistol
  19. Nordian AF-521 Gladiator Fighter
  20. Zentarian Cron Corvette
  21. Draymak Kalkra Armored Assault Droid
  22. Moon-Zhag K-285 Medium Armor
  23. Moon-Zhag Jam-6 Heavy Blaster Rifle
  24. Nordian DKS Sniper Rifle
  25. Destromo PK-6 Dual PDT Blaster Cannon
  26. Draymak SPR-12 Heavy Blaster Rifle
  27. Zentarian G10 Missile Launcher
  28. Zentarian KLR-13 Heavy Blaster Pistol
  29. Moon-Zhag Charon-class L33T Multirole Gunship
  30. Draymak Arrow 790 Fighter
  31. Draymak RW-9X Hvy Assault Droid
  32. SoroSuub Corporation TX-TL11 (12) Air Speeder
  33. Zentarian K4 Medium Commando Armor
  34. BlasTech TK-9R Blaster Rifle, Series 1-6
  35. Moon-Zhag Iridium II Nanoblade
  36. Zentarian M-2189 Diplomat Machine Pistol
  37. Draymak Green Wraith Sensor Ship
  38. Novalon Kashima 8T Trader
  39. Draymak EL-3K Valet Droid
  40. Zentarian K5 Medium Sniper Scout Armor
  41. Draymak Duster Plasma-Ion-Electric Pistol
  42. Moon-Zhag PCP Plasma Pistol
  43. Nordian SC-38 Heavy Shotgun
  44. Nordian Suunkamma Bomber
  45. Nordian Cortex MBT-6 Battle Tank
  46. Moon-Zhag LTZ-15 Tactical Combat Droid
  47. Moon-Zhag DXN-5 Heavy Combat Suit
  48. Wrokix Works Cyclops Commando Armor
  49. Moon-Zhag Jykryn Blaster Carbine
  50. Nordian Stun Baton
  51. Moon-Zhag R3 Multiturret
  52. Zentarian BTC-X Long Range Fighter/Bomber
  53. Draymak Hound Fighter
  54. Moon-Zhag DR-77 Combat Droid
  55. Draymak AI-G7 Specialty Droid
  56. Ayelixe/Krongbing Textiles (A/KT) Balistic War Armor
  57. Wrokix Works Blackhawk Combat Suit
  58. Moon-Zhag TK-15/16 Heavy Blaster Rifles
  59. Zentarian X-5 Blaster
  60. Zentarian X-7 Blaster
  61. Nordian Super-X Blaster Sniper Rifle
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  1. Nubian L-type Cruiser
  2. Draymak Razor Heavy Fighter Transport
  3. Moon-Zhag Sona Droid Companion
  4. Draymak DX-91 Assault Drone
  5. Draymak Azizma Heavy Combat Armor
  6. Draymak FFMS-1m and FFMS-1f Combat Suit
  7. Nordian Red Flamethrower
  8. Merr-Sonn Torvin Heavy Blaster Rifle
  9. Zentarian TT2B Dual Heavy Blaster Pistol
  10. Draymak Anti-Matter Blaster Pistol
  11. AG Systems SR-AGRC Fighter
  12. Zentarian Military Speederike MK II
  13. Moon-Zhag Falar-2 Battle Droid
  14. Draymak CRB1 Surveillance Droid
  15. Draymak Black Panther Heavy Assault Armor
  16. Draymak Thunderbolt Battle Armor
  17. Corcannis Corp. Snub Pistol
  18. Signum Assault Blaster Rifle
  19. Signum Blaster Rifle
  20. Signum X-9 Plasma Rifle
  21. Moon-Zhag TLT-9 Short Range Scout Ship
  22. Moon-Zhag GTP-12 Dmitriy Gunship
  23. Draymak D4-YBT Combat/Interrogation Droid
  24. Draymak Female Airwalker Armor
  25. Nordian 333 Armor
  26. Nordian P74 Combat Pistol
  27. Lomacaster Arcane Raverunner Blades
  28. Draymak Himma-9 Plasma Blaster
  29. Golan Arms Kestros 7 Multi-Rifle
  30. Zentarian P6-L Deployable Armory
  31. Zentarian KLX-1025 "Aurochs" Armed Freighter
  32. Draymak Multihawk Assault Fighter
  33. Nordian Zantip Battle Droid
  34. Nordian TKG-13x Gladiator/Excavation Droid
  35. Draymak Wasp Heavy Powered Armor
  36. Moon-Zhag RTek FFB Armor
  37. Tenshaya RMV-61 Heavy Blaster Rifle
  38. Merr-Sonn Munitions TA-6g Auto Assault Rifle
  39. Nordian Blade Blaster Mk II
  40. SoroSuub DDV-3 Compact Sniper Rifle
  41. Bernal LKZ-T5 Heavy Freighter
  42. Zentarian TXX Super Corbaxan Fighter
  43. Moon-Zhag K-10 Speederbike
  44. Moon-Zhag AZ56 Heavy Combat Armor
  45. Moon-Zhag Insidious Capture Armor
  46. Draymak KL66 Blaster Mini Gun
  47. Draymak EMP v2 Grenade
  48. Nordian LX-17s Blaster Assault Rifle
  49. Moon-Zhag Thunderfury Blade
  50. Rendili StarDrive Green Rancor Fighter Bomber
  51. Zentarian BVR-463 Barbarian Cruiser
  52. Ikas/Adno A-R12 Mk9
  53. Ikas/Adno IA-23 Mk13 Firewasp
  54. Draymak AAD-4X Assassin Droid
  55. Moon-Zhag Infiltrator Armor MkI
  56. Merr-Sonn HV57 Battle Rifle
  57. Draymak Dexel-6 Heavy Blaster Carbine
  58. Nordian Retractable Dorvin Blade
  59. Draymak Tarydium AR-35 Rifle
  60. Keremexor Containment Products EXP-47
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  1. Dellak Scimitar LG Fighter
  2. Benethelkian, Ind. Artemis Heavily Armed Transport
  3. Moon-Zhag Rocketboard
  4. Cybot Galactica D6L8 Worker Droid
  5. Moon-Zhag All-Weather Combat Armor
  6. Draymak Doregindal's Pounder
  7. Moon-Zhag APM-93x
  8. Zentarian Belter E3 Electro Firearm
  9. Merr-Sonn Silver Slammer
  10. Dormean Systems Advanced Cochlear Implant
  11. Nordian CSX 600 Corvette
  12. Zentarian Zephyr-class Medium Bulk Transport
  13. Moon-Zhag DLX-12 (A and B) Assault Speeder
  14. Zherenfer B-8 Spider Assault Droid
  15. Moon-Zhag AGBS-32a Anti-Gravity Battle Suit
  16. Nordian Z10-X Heavy Blaster Rifle
  17. Draymak Agrivator 23-B Blaster Pistol
  18. Draymak Circular Arm Vibroblade
  19. Zentarian Culminator Z-9 Heavy Blaster Rifle
  20. Phaeroh Adrenaline Amplifier Belt
  21. Accoon ACSA-1276 Medium Transport
  22. Draymak Zinnaklia KT-0 Ultra Fighter
  23. AG Systems DT-5 Speeder Racer
  24. Phaeroh KLR-15 Assault Droid
  25. Draymak DG-9XL Ghost Armor
  26. Zentarian Cryo-Blaster
  27. Draymak AL-12z Blaster Rifle
  28. Nordian 93-xb Shotgun Firearm
  29. Draymak Claymore EMP Cannon Turret
  30. Phaeroh DT-Z97 Deployable Tactical Display Panel
  31. Hiigaran Assault Corvette
  32. Kaiser LT-09 Turbo Fighter
  33. Phaeroh Tangor Combat Speeder
  34. Phaeroh MA-15 Mechanical/Assassin Droid
  35. Phaeroh Ind. LSA-34x Light Scout Armor
  36. Phaeroh Ind. MCA-18s Medium Comat Armor
  37. Draymak Gorgon HBF-13 Battle Rifle
  38. Moon-Zhag TK-154 Blaster Carbine
  39. Phaeroh Arms BBC-10 Blaster Carbine
  40. Draymak KPR-6SW Kinetic Plasma Rifle
  41. Nova Combat Ships BD-X4319 Heavy Fighter
  42. Juzuura Mining Ship
  43. Phaeroh ERZ-12 Hoverbike
  44. Cybot Galactica K-964 Light Reconnaissance Drone
  45. Moon-Zhag 1060 Light Armor
  46. Phaeroh Spectral Sniper Rifle
  47. Draymak EG-201 Shocker Gauntlet
  48. KJ Enterprises Drill Buzzer Special Grenade Launcher (DBSGL)
  49. Kevix DZR-9x Auto Crossbow
  50. Quelloforin Dabel Shield
  51. Gray Man Medium Cargo Transport
  52. KDY CV-350 Pod Transport Ship
  53. Aratech Basic Speederbike
  54. Moon Zhag TW-15cxl Tank Walker
  55. Nordian DXS-151L Medium Combat Armor
  56. Gozelli Arms Double-Barrel Med. Repeater/Sniper Rifle (DB-MRSR)
  57. Drangano XL-12 Assault Rifle
  58. Drangano XL-45 Assault Rifle
  59. Drangano XL-57a Assault Rifle
  60. BioTech Industries Cryo Case
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  1. Grey Man FA-36b Fighter/Troop Transport
  2. Zentarian HKT-12ax "The Huntress" Assault Ship
  3. Phaeroh HT-RS32x Speederbike
  4. Phaeroh 0M-N1 "Omni" Combat/Security Droid
  5. Moon-Zhag LMMA-N35 Light Armor
  6. Moon-Zhag Assault GL-X58 Grenade Launcher
  7. Draymak FX-32 Assault Rifle
  8. Draymak XT-MMFL3 MaxMelter
  9. Blackfire X-3 Blaster Rifle
  10. Bank of the Core Credit Chip Reader
  11. Moon-Zhag Asteroid-09 Cargo Transport
  12. Nova Combat Ships K36 Modular Fighter/Shuttle
  13. Zentarian Mini-D Combat Speederbike
  14. Nordian Zackel T-1 Swoop
  15. Phaeroh Longhorn SAU Droid
  16. Phaeroh Industries Plasmorphian Flex Armor
  17. Moon-Zhag Arborensis Heavy Blaster Pistol
  18. Merr-Sonn R-X1X Modular Blaster
  19. Moon-Zhag "Thumper" AXR-15 Heavy Blaster Pistol
  20. Nordian Hydro-ZZ Blast Grenade
  21. Brykom D8 Cruiser
  22. Zentarian Zeekla Speed Fighter
  23. Phaeroh Spider Pathfinder 650t
  24. Aeon T4 Air Assault Droid
  25. Zentarian FXM-36 Assault Armor
  26. Draymak VX3L-A2 Blaster Grenade Rifle
  27. Draymak PK247 Heavy Repeating Blaster Rifle
  28. Draymak AZ-3 Fusion Cutter
  29. Draymak BZ-4 Fusion Claw
  30. Gimblecorp "Second Chance" Revitalization Collar
  31. Zentarian Genesis Luxury Yacht
  32. Moon-Zhag TLS-4K Transport
  33. Zentarian Tig-4 Heavy Swoop
  34. Nordian TBL-9 Worker Droid
  35. Draymak Dark Storm Heavy Armor
  36. Xymeah Strata Pocket Knife
  37. Xymeah Strata Hunting Knife
  38. Xymeah Strata Plasma Knife
  39. Draymak Psycho Special Heavy Blaster Pistol
  40. Draymak Synoptic Teacher II
  41. Gray Man KT-40X Space Transport
  42. Draymak Metalpick Heavy Fighter
  43. Mezzo Works Sancturian Adder
  44. Seinar Fleet Systems 8V Series Ship Droid
  45. Wrokix Works Argus 34p Medium Armor
  46. Phaeroh Industries FL61-ICE Assault Rifle
  47. Decanto LRZ41 Long Range Laser Rifle
  48. Phaeroh Sabel m-70 Heavy Slug Thrower
  49. Draymak Killer Psycho Special Heavy Blaster Pistol
  50. Draymak Personal Plasma Shield
  51. Gray Man Ultra Courier
  52. Bespin Motors "Thunder VII" Cloud Enforcer
  53. Bloodfury II Speederbike
  54. Phaeroh Industries DH-3 Security Droid
  55. Barkaberus AT-6 Light Armor
  56. Tsuboi EE Blade
  57. Motherland Ballistic Auto Cannon
  58. DDC Light Anti-Aircraft Cannon
  59. DDC Heavy Anti-Aircraft Cannon
  60. Draymak Scrambler Rifle
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  1. Zentarian Splinter X9 Fighter/Transport
  2. Nordian Luboa Z-3 Space Transport
  3. Tagge Co. HAS-TL7 Air Speeder
  4. Draymak HD-1000 Hunter Droid
  5. Zentarian BK-13 Combat Armor
  6. Draymak DEM-9 Plasma Cannon
  7. Draymak Power Burn D100 Heavy Blaster Rifle
  8. Phaeroh Puncture-Pulse Railgun
  9. Nordian Variator Lt. Mk I Blaster Pistol
  10. Nordian Variator Mk I Heavy Blaster Pistol
  11. Nordian 578-S Space Transport
  12. Damorian Manufacturing Corporation Tartan-class Patrol Cruiser, Mk II
  13. Sienar Bloodfury Mk II Speeder Bike
  14. Rseikharhl LE-V0 Law Enforcement Droid Mk II
  15. Corellian Industries Huntsuit Mk II Armor
  16. Zentarian HE-417 Blaster Rifle
  17. Nordian HT-5 Zapper SMG
  18. Terranon Blaster Technologies 14-T Proton Sniper Rifle, Mk II
  19. Draymak GX-100 LRB Rifle/Launcher
  20. Technicorra DP-90 One-Man Drop-Pod
  21. Draymak Eucanniken Heavy Assault Ship
  22. Gray Man Thulltec Fighter
  23. Nordian (formerly Corusmotors) Hi-Flyer Speeder Bike, Mk II
  24. Incom Tx-9500 "Star Spray" Air-Speeder, Mk II
  25. Draymak Powered Heavy Bounty Hunter Armor, Mk II
  26. Draymak Dual Vibroblade Sword, Mk II
  27. Nordian XL-12 Mk II Auto Slugthrower
  28. Draymak Bam-Bam Mini Heavy Assault Cannon, Mk II
  29. Durlek Arms 704cx Assault Auto-Rifle
  30. Tellard Wrist HoloComp, Mk I
  31. Draymak LRSF-9G Krayt Dragon Fighter
  32. Incom TXY-3 Fighter
  33. KDY DX-15 Heavy Repulsor Tank
  34. Arakyd Industries D-5 Construction Droid
  35. Wrokix Works Durabond 15L Light Combat Armor
  36. BlasTech Industries 24-GPSR MkII
  37. Nordian GDH-31c Heavy Blaster Pistol
  38. Zentarian Blue Thunder Heavy Rifle
  39. Draymak B2 Plasma Projectile Blaster
  40. zZip Product Concepts Ltd. Fire Lamps
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