Thalen Florencia

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Thalen - NPC

Background and Character Stats

Background: From the time he was born, Thalen was always something special; and frightening. As a baby, he never cried and never showed any signs of sickness. By the age of two, his parents could swear they were going crazy hearing disturbingly confusing phrases in their minds when around their child. Nobody could pinpoint what was wrong with the young Florencia child, not even those most wise and attuned to the Force. Superstitious rumors of demonic dealings, curses, and prophecies began to pass as the only possible explanations. Eventually Thalen's parents, fearing for their own sanity and that of their newly born first daughter, abandoned the strange toddler Thalen at the doorstep of a monastery on a distant and remote planet.

The next decade saw young Thalen's power and develop at a rapid pace. The monks of the monastery nurtured the talented youth's physical and psychological growth in their own tradition. The young man grew strong of arm and of will and showed an insurmountable ability for knowledge. He learned studiously the interconnection of all things and honed the many facets of himself into a whole through meditation, martial arts, and his innate power.

Early in life, Thalen realized exactly what his gift was. With the patient understanding of the monks, all benefited from the healing power of the miracle child as he undertook the duty to use his abilities as needed. Particularly, he most eagerly anticipated any opportunity to converse with the world around him. Gradually though, he began to pull away from the demands of the more sentient beings in his environment and became reclusive and aloof as he spent countless hours walking through the wilderness in silent conversation with benign flora and fauna. He drifted into states of unease around people and his discomfort grew nearer to contempt as time wore on. He began to feel used, aimless and alone. Surely, he felt, there was something in this life that he needed to attain that was not possible within the trappings of his current station.

As his tender teen years drew on, Thalen's reputation had made it impossible for any solitary peace in the adolescent's life. Local populations became aware of the young man and his gift and increasingly began to greedily seek him out to further their own selfish agendas. Even the monks themselves had begun in recent months began to shy away from the young boy whose power so greatly exceeded their own already. The combination of unwanted attention from the ignorant masses and abandonment from his masters was too much for the emotionally distraught teen to handle. Thalen immediately set out to leave his new homeland, alone though able as he was.

Others, however, were not so happy about the idea of losing their wondrous messiah. Word spread quickly as Thalen attempted to smuggle himself off of the planet. At the spaceport, the breaking point was reached and a confrontation was inevitable. As selfish pleas fell on deaf ears, reason abandoned itself and gave way to jealousy and rage. The mob was nearly on the verge of tearing the boy apart when Thalen was forced to fight back in the only way that he knew would work. Releasing his welled up hate, he channeled his healing gift in reverse into the nearest and largest member of the mob. The wound had all the psychological effect of a grenade and the mob fled in terror from the demon they had angered. The shadow had grasped him for the first time, and worse, Thalen knew it. However, he believed the crisis averted, and believed himself free at last despite the terribly gnawing pain in his soul.

That freedom lasted less than a minute; only until the wrinkled forms of his own old masters strode confidently into view. Emotion defeated wisdom again in that moment and Thalen was unable to consider staying even at the strongest behest of his very favorite mentor and friend, the aged monk who had been like a grandfather to the young boy. Words erupted into bitter challenge and the group of disciplined monks descended upon the singularly powerful gifted one. Instinct screamed to Thalen that he would not survive this threat, that the monks would physically overpower him and all would be lost. The struggle was brief and conclusive as the boy was held firm by no less than twelve tight arms. Desperately, the healer again felt the rage of the shadow gripping his soul and guiding his actions. Someone would suffer for extinguishing the teen's hope for freedom. In a moment it was over and one random arm felt the icy grasp of Thalen's life-controlling hand.

Another second went by before Thalen realized what had happened. His greatest mentor and master lay dead under a heap of muscle; his aged form decrepit beyond sustenance. The shadow laughed at him in his heart at the cruel card that had been played. Before the boy had time to think at all, his legs forced him to stand and to walk away; up the gangplank and into the belly of a starship that would carry his power and his grief to someplace that didn't know him.

* * *

Some time later he found himself on a planet deep in the Outer Rim. He wasn't sure why he was here, only that he was. He wandered around for some time before learning that there were ruins outside the Force Walls of the city. He managed to find someone willing to take him there and began exploring. Before he knew it, however, he was attacked by large, blind creatures he was unprepared for. They cut him easily - pain that was almost welcome - which brought him to unconsciousness...

Personality: A mere boy of fourteen, Thalen constantly struggles with the weight of powers and responsibilities beyond those which most beings will experience in a lifetime. His gift has razed the single most loving person in his universe and cultivated the selfish ambitions of countless insignificant worms. A vortex of self-loathing sheathed in an ivory tower of perfection and grace; this adolescent has reason to keep to himself. However, the will is stronger than may seem; through it all, Thalen is determined to never give up. He must endure and make amends. His duty is to chase the dream that he knows he cannot fulfill and his life is devoted to that duty.

Stoic and somber, Thalen is much more personable than his mug would suggest. A constant learner, the boy digs and probes for knowledge in every place; his favorite locale for discovery is within the minds of others. Though he truly has no real care for worldly matters, he is easily swept up in the adventures of those who happen across his path. He brings his gift to those that need it and stubbornly attacks those that impede freedom in any form.

Physical Description: Sad eyes and silent lips dominate the smooth face of this young man. His frame is chiseled, solid, and fluid and his soft gait is akin to the harmony of a master harpist. His complexion is flawless and no defect of any kind mars his skin. Closely cropped hair of jet shines healthy as a new sun. The hands protruding from simple cloth garb seem to radiate with hope and energy.

Objective: To somehow come to terms with his place in the galaxy and learn to control the shadow that threatens to overtake his life.

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Template: Healer
Character Name: Thalen Florencia
Gender: M
Species: Near-Human
Age: 15
Height: 1.6m
Weight: 62kg
Force Sensitive: No
Life Points: 2
Shadow Points: 2
Character Points: 15
Extra Character Points: 10
Cyber Points: n/a
Move: 10

Dexterity 3D+2: (T)Dodge 6D+2, (A)Martial Arts 3D+2, Melee Combat 6D+1, Running 4D+1
Perception 3D+2: Persuasion 4D, Search 4D, Sneak 4D+1
Strength 3D: Brawling Combat 5D+1, Climbing/Jumping 3D+1, Stamina 3D+1
Knowledge 2D+2: Cultures 3D, Ecology 4D+2, Willpower 3D
Mechanical 2D: Beast Riding 2D+1
Technical 2D: First Aid 4D+2, (T)Melee Weapon Repair 3D+2

Level: 7

  1. Dodge
  2. Melee Weapon Repair
Special Abilities: Quick Learner

Equipment: Leather Hide Clothing, Cloak, Wood Staff (Electrostaff): STR+2 (STR+4D), Knife: STR+1D, Backpack (leather), Cresh Luck Armor (see below), Jump Boots (see below), Vibrogaunts (see below)

Credits: 12,900

RIOT LIGHT ARMOR (Cresh Luck Armor):
Protection: +2D/+1D
Weight: 4kg
Protects the following: Torso, Front of Legs.
Infrared Motion Sensor Array: Has a range of 30 meters. An alarm is triggered when any mass over 10 kg is detected traveling in excess of 1 meter per second (this alarm can be external audio or can be run into a blast helmet for interior audio or visual)

Weight: 1.5kg
20 meters per move. A maximum of two moves may be made per round. Up to 2 hrs per charge.

Damage: STR+4D
Weight: 1kg
Skill: Brawling Combat (Difficulty: 10)
Length: .1 m
Description: Adds +2D to climbing. May add a bonus to gripping an opponent or object, at the GM's discretion.


Model: Holowan Mechanicals Electrostaff
Type: Melee Weapon
Scale: Character
Skill: Melee combat: electrostaff
Weight: 3.5 kg
Cost: 1500 IC
Availability: 3,R
Difficulty: Moderate
Damage: STR+2D, or STR+3D vs. droids.
Game Notes: Made of the phrik alloy. By making the Moderate difficulty roll for both attacks, a character wielding this weapon may make 2 attacks without suffering the multiple action penalty. Additionally, any character damaged by an electrostaff suffers a -1D penalty to all attack rolls and Strength and Dexterity-based skill checks for one round. Electrostaff attacks ignore shields.

NOTE: A Healer character will never know what planet they were born on. A Healer may have as many Shadow Points equal to their Healing Skill in dice without loosing their connection to the pool.

Healer Powers
Level Age Power Description
0 Birth Regeneration Similar to the Immortal power of the same name. This power can only be used on the Healer. Full healing is received; i.e.: wounds, limbs, diseases, poisons, etc.
0 Birth Immunity to Sense The Healer is completely immune to Sense powers and any of their variants
1 2 Communicate with Wildlife Can communicate mentally (two way) with all wildlife (natural). Range is LOS
2 4 @ Healing (others) Can heal people and wildlife. Range is touch. Use Medpac difficulty table
3 6 @ Cure Diseases (others) The ability to cure deseases in people and wildlife. Range is touch. Use Jedi difficulty table for similar power
6 @ Detoxify Poison (others) Can detoxify poison in people and wildlife. Range is touch. Use Jedi difficulty table for similar power
4 8 @ Restore Limbs/Organs In both people and wildlife. Range is touch. Use Accelerate Healing difficulties. can only be done as many times per day as the healer has Life points.
5 10 Immune to the Force The Healer is totally immune to all Force powers. The immunity extends out in a one meter radius and includes everything within it.
10 ** Wound Healer can harm people and wildlife up to Mortally Wounded. Range is touch. Use Injure/Kill difficulties. Healer automatically receives a Shadow Point
6 12 @ Resurrection Same as Restore Limbs/Organs. Can only be done once per recipient
12 ** Disease Same as Wound with Healer automatically receiving a Shadow Point
7 14 @ Restore Youth Same as Resurrection but use Reduce Injury difficulties. Can only restore as many years as the Healer is old
14 ** Age Same as Restore Youth, but works the opposite way. Healer automatically receives a Shadow Point; two if use of the power causes death
8 16 @ Bless Healer can make any place a Holy Place, where no evil can exist. The area blessed will grow in plant and animal life. Eventually (100 years) the area will become a Light Side Nexus. If used on a Dark Side Nexus, the Nexus will weaken but the Healer will take a Mortal Wound and receive a Shadow Point. This power costs as many CP's as the size of the area being blessed (ex. 30 sq. km = 30 CP's)
16 ** Wither Same difficulties as Restore Limbs/Organs. Healer automatically receives and Shadow Point; two if this causes death. Recipient is automatically dropped to Mortally Wounded (-3D) status and dieing. Range is touch
9 18 Unclone Same as Wither but it only works on clones and does not constitute evil so the Healer does not receive a Shadow Point (due to their religous beliefs)
18 ** Kill Same as Wither but the Healer automatically receives 2 Shadow Points and the recipient will be at least -4D wound status
10 20 * Curse Just the opposite of Bless. The Healer can make any place unholy, where no good can exist (Immortals can fight on this type of ground). The area cursed with wither and all wildlife will either die or leave the area. Eventually (75 years) the area will become a Dark Side Nexus. If used on a Light Side Nexus, the Nexus will weaken and the Healer will take a Mortal Wound and receive three Shadow Points. The CP cost is double the area being cursed (ex. 20 sq. km = 40 CP's). Other, smaller Curses can be made as well. For example; the Healer can Curse someone to always miss in combat or always get hit in combat. Their are many more variations and are too numerous to be listed here. Use your imagination
@ The recipient will loose all benefits if he/she ever tells a lie, and will revert back into whatever shape they were in before the power was used. Healers who tell a lie will loose all their powers and will have to travel back to their home planet on a personal quest to regain them at the Healer Pool. This must be undertaken as soon as the powers are lost or they will forever be without them and become mortal.
* Will gain a Shadow Point if used for anything other than stun or mild curses.
** Use of the power always gains a Shadow Point.