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Verpine Outlaw Tech

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Among the most respected of the outlaw techs was a Verpine simply known as Sork. Unlike most verpine, he was born and raised into a life of luxury, son of a wealthy mining executive. His family wealth afforded him a valuable education, which honed his already prodigious technical talents.

Because of the exceptional education afforded him, he soon found himself working for Alherrodyne Systems. At first he enjoyed the work but soon became appalled by all the corners that were cut by the profit-hungry corporation. Despite his warnings, his employers went ahead and approved the release of the Azario 66, a product that proved faulty and resulted in many accidents. Eager to find someone to blame for the incident, the upper management of Alherrodyne pinned it on his family, bankrupting them.

After his family's demise, both blacklisted and credit-less, Sork drifted aimlessly into the underworld of the outlaw tech culture. During the early years of the Galactic Clone Wars, Sork sought refuge in Corporate Sector space, maintaining an outlaw tech base and black-market smuggling ring with like-minded friends.

There, he quickly became the most sought after security and demolitions expert and computer slicer in the CSA (Corporate Sector Authority). For his legendary repair and modification work, he was a wanted criminal throughout the Empire and the Corporate Sector, and still is to this day. Currently, he is on the run and hiding out in the Sarkosa Sector of the ORT, trying to lay low for a time.

Always seen with his slaffing board in tow, he is known as a verpine that can always get the job done, for a price.

Sork, through heroic deeds, is now the Chief Engineer on the Hujinn. His experience has now been officially recognized.

Personality: Whimsical and energetic, always curious and playful.
Physical Description: see image above
Objective: To correct the wrong Alherrodyne Systems Corp. did to his family
Quote: "Knowledge is power. Tech is cool."

Template: Outlaw Tech
Character Name: Sork
Prestige Classes: Chief Engineer, Level 4
Gender: M
Species: Verpine
Age: 25
Height: 1.9m
Weight: 74.02kg
Force Sensitive: No
Force Points: 2
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 25
Extra Character Points: 50 *
Cyber Points: 1
Move: 10 (13 for 1D rounds)

Dexterity 2D: [T] Blaster 9D+2, Dodge 4D+1, Grenade 3D, Melee Combat 5D+2, Pick Pocket 2D+2, Running 5D+1, Thrown Weapons 2D+1
Perception 4D: Bargain 4D+2, Command 6D+2, Con 4D+2, Forgery 8D, Hide 5D, Investigation 4D, Persuasion 4D+1, Search 5D, Sneak 7D
Strength 2D (+0D/+1D): Brawling Combat 6D, Climbing/Jumping 4D, Lifting 4D+1, Stamina 6D (+1D for 1D rounds due to heart implant)
Knowledge 2D: Alien Species 6D+2, Bureaucracy 4D+2, Business 6D+1, Cultures 3D+2, Intimidation 3D, Languages 4D, Law Enforcement 2D+2, Planetary Systems 3D+2, Streetwise 5D+2, Survival 5D+2, Tactics 3D+2, Tactics: Capitol Ships 4D+2, (s) Tactics: Ground Assault 4D+1, (s) Tactics: Imperial 3D+1, (s) Tactics: Starfighter 3D+1, Technology 5D+2, Value 5D+2, Willpower 6D+2
Mechanical 3D: Astrogation 5D+1, Capitol Ship Gunnery 2D+1, Capitol Ship Piloting 2D+1, Capitol Ship Shields 2D+1, Communications 4D, Computer Ops 7D+1, Powersuit Ops 3D+2, Repulsorlift Ops 7D+1, Sensors 4D+1, Slaffing 9D+2, Space Transports 5D, Starship Gunnery 3D, Starship Shields 3D
Technical 5D (+2D): Armor Repair 7D (9D) (s) Armor Repair: Space Marine Armor 8D (10D), (A) Artificial Intelligence 2D+2, Blaster Repair 7D (9D), Capitol Ship Repair 6D+2 (8D+2), Capitol Ship Weapon Repair 6D+2 (8D+2), Computer Program/Repair 10D+2 (12D+2), [T] Demolitions 9D+2 (11D+2), Droid Programming 7D+2 (9D+2), Droid Repair 7D+1 (9D+1), (A) Engineering: Armor 4D+2, (A) Engineering: Computer 5D+1, (A) Engineering: Droids 3D+2, (A) Engineering: Energy Weapons 3D+1, (A) Engineering: Software 4D+1, First Aid 7D+2 (9D+2), Ground Vehicle Repair 5D+2 (7D+2), Hover Vehicle Repair 5D+2 (7D+2), Melee Weapon Repair 6D (8D), Missile Weapon Repair 6D (8D), (s) Missile Weapon Repair: Bolter 6D+2 (8D+2), Repulsorlift Repair 6D+1 (8D+1), Security 9D+2 (11D+2), (A) Slicing 5D+2, Space Transport Repair 5D+2 (7D+2), Starship Weapon Repair 5D+2 (7D+2)

Resistance Rank: Navy O-4: Commander
Resistance Title: CEO: Chief Engineering Officer
Resistance Pay: 900 bi-weekly. Added to base pay when on a mission: 400 bi-weekly Combat pay and 100 bi-weekly Hazard pay (all pay currently in Imperial Credits)
* As schools cost Character Points, half of all earned points will go towards payback
CP Payback Amount: 0

Resistance Schools:
Total Training Time: 72 weeks
  1. Basic Training: 8 wks
  2. OCS: 26 wks
  3. Leadership I: 3 wks
  4. Leadership II: 3 wks
  5. Slicer: 10 wks
  6. Corpman/Demolition: 12 wks
  7. Espionage: 15 wks
  1. Blaster
  2. (A)Martial Arts: currently unknown
  3. Demolitions
Special Species Abilities:

Body Armor: The Verpine's chitinous covering acts as armor providing +1D protection against physical attacks.
Microscopic Sight: The Verpine receive a +1D bonus to their search skill when looking for small objects because of their ability to see microscopic details with their highly evolved eyes.
Organic Telecommunication: Because Verpine can send and receive radio waves through their antenna, they have the ability to communicate with other Verpine and with specially tuned comlinks (a comlink an receive this signal at its normal distance). The range of this ability is extremely limited for individuals (1 km) but greatly increases when in the hive (which covers the entire Roche asteroid field).
Technical Bonus: All Verpine receive a +2D bonus when using their Technical skills.

Innate Abilities:

Natural Aptitude (Mechanical): When improving normal skills (not including specializations or Advanced skills) under MECH it costs one character point less. It also costs five character points less to improve the MECH attribute.
Ambidextrous: Can perform tasks equally well with your left OR right hand. This does NOT mean using both hands simultaneously.
Quick Learner: Things come to you naturally and you pick up new things with ease. When learning new skills, the character advances two pips above the attribute rather than the usual one pip. Notes: The cost in character points is the same as advancing one pip and time is reduced by at least one day.


Cybernetic Heart: Standard replacement heart lost during a battle with a Dark Jedi. Due to being cybernetic, his heart can pump blood through his body at twice the normal rate allowing for temporary acceleration for 1D rounds. Adds +1D to Stamina as a side bonus.

Prestige Class: Chief Engineer

Class Skills:
The skills available to a Chief Engineer to increase are:
Astrogation, Capital Ship Repair, Capital Ship Weapon Repair, Communications, Computer Programming/Repair, (A) Engineering (any), Search, Sensors, Space Transports, Space Transports Repair, Starfighter Repair, Starship Shields, Starship Weapon Repair, Technology, and Willpower.

Miracle Worker: Whenever a Chief Engineer uses his repair skill (any), he can make a difficult (20) repair roll using the skill appropriate to the task. For every point above the difficulty number is the number of hours the Chief Engineer can shave off of the job. Any and all other types of bonus can apply to this (combined action, etc…), but the very minimum the Chief Engineer can reduce repair tasks down to is one hour. This can only be done once per day.
Skill Bonus: At 2nd, 4th, 6th, and 8th levels, the Chief Engineer gains a +1D skill bonus to any one of the following skills: Capital Ship Repair, Capital Ship Weapon Repair, Computer Programming/Repair, (A) Engineering (any), Search, Space Transports Repair, Starfighter Repair, Starship Weapon Repair, Technology, and Willpower. This skill bonus is permanent.
Resource Contact: Starting at 3rd level, a Chief Engineer can requisition supplies or resources from a special contact; this can even be in the form of owing a favor or calling one in. The contact must be generated by the GM, with the Chief Engineer's player suggesting what sort of contact he would like to have. The maximum value of supplies or resources available through this contact is equal to the Chief Engineer's class level x the number of dice he has in his Perception score (dropping pips) x 100,000 credits. For example, a 3rd level Chief Engineer with a Perception score of 3D+2 could have up to 900,000 credits worth of supplies or resources available (3 x 3 x 100,000). These supplies or resources can include weapons, vehicles, repair costs or any other equipment. This total is the maximum value of supplies available to the Chief Engineer at any given time. Although no specific time limits are assigned, the Chief Engineer should still attempt to return any and all equipment borrowed within a reasonable amount of time. If any amount of requisitioned equipment is lost or destroyed, its value is counted as a permanent penalty to the Chief Engineer's maximum value; unless it is replaced. Though the contact will not accompany the Chief Engineer on adventures, he will provide information, supplies or resources and expert skills. The more powerful the contact, the less time he will have to spare the Chief Engineer. A Chief Engineer cannot call upon the same contact more than once per adventure.

  1. Modified Heavy Blaster Pistol (Damage: 6D+2, Range: 3-15/30/75, Ammo: 100, 2 extra clips)
  2. Vacuum Suit
  3. Tool Harness: Tool Kits (armor, #computer, #droid, starship, security, #weapons)
  4. Modified Microthrust Portable (4D power, 30D memory, see below)
  5. Modified Pocket Computer (3D power, 15D memory, see below)
  6. Secure Military Comlink
  7. Medpacs (2, see below)
  8. Draymak DXT-15 Slaffing Board (see below)
#: currently carried kits

Credits: 299,701 (on Hujinn), 361,050 (Secret account)

Notes: Sork currently has 25 Bolter Rounds completed for Harry with 25 more coming soon. He is also working on a prototype for a new suit or armor that will be Speeder scale to start, but can be upgraded to Walker.

Equipment Details:

Modified Moon-Zhag Rocketboard
Type: Heavily Modified Swoop Board
Scale: Speeder
Length: 1.8 meters
Cover: None
Cargo Capacity: 3kg
Cost: 13,000 Credits (Modified cost: 44,000)
Availability: 2,F (R)
Skill: Swoop Ops or Slaffing or (s) Slaffing: Rocketboard
Crew: 1
Crew Skill: See Sork
Passengers: None (1 in an emergency)
Altitude Range: Ground level to 550 meters
Maneuverability: 4D
Move: 250; 650kmh
Body Strength: 3D (+1D added by Sork)
Shields: 2D
Sensors: (linked to goggles for HUD display)
  Passive: 100m/+2
  Scan: 200m/1D
  Search: 300m/2D
  Focus: 15m/3D
  1 Blaster Cannon
    Scale: Speeder
      Skill: Vehicle Weapons
      Fire Arc: Central Turret (360 degree horizontal arc, -35 degree vertical arc)
      Fire Control: 3D
      Atmosphere: 3-60/120/240 m
      Damage: 5D+1
Description: Super fast for a racing board, the Rocketboard is actually designed for slaffing, but can be used for any kind of outdoor fun. Game Notes: The board does not provide any cover, but can be maneuvered to block shots from low angles. Shields of up to 2D may be added, but the extra weight will reduce speed to 220; 600kmh and maneuverability to 3D. However, there are engine upgrades that can compensate for the losses. The cost is 2200 credits for the speed compensation and an extra 500 for the maneuverability package. Also, nearly any small weapon can be modified so that it can be mounted on the speeder. GM has final say on what weapon can be added.

Click on image for full size

Microthrust Portable Computer S4A (Sork Special)
Type: Heavily Modified Portable Computer
Body: 3D+2
Power: 4D
Memory: 30D
Off-Line Memory: 60D
Holorecorder Port: Can record for 8 hours
Mem-Stik Interface: Can support a credstic as well for remote banking
Notes: Encrypted Off-Line Memory contains Kumoryo, Harry I, Golden Avatar, Dark Saber, Black Raven, Rainmaker and X-Wing Prototype schematics. Full plans for Imperial Garrisons. Also contains the complete technical readouts of all droids in the group, including Gunna (does not show the "special" section).

Sork Special Datapad
Type: Heavily Modified Personal Datapad
Body: 3D+1
Power: 3D
Memory: 15D
Off-Line Memory: 25D
Holorecorder Port: Can record for 2 hours
Mem-Stik Interface: Can support a credstic as well for remote banking
Notes: Added Remote Ship Sensor Interface (RSSI, maximum range: 3km), Combat Droid Interface (data transferred from droids to datapad and can be used for direct communication, max range of 5km).

Standard Medpac (2)
Type: Personal Medpac
Uses: 1
Difficulty: Moderate (adds one level of difficulty to every use beyond the first)
Cost: 100 credits
Notes: Heals one wound level. Cannot use more that one in a 24 hour period unless a FastFlesh medpac is first used.

Scorpion Droid
Dexterity 4D+2: blaster 8D+2, dodge 8D+2
Perception 2D: search 6D+2
Strength 4D+2 (shields 2D+2):
Knowledge 2D+2: tactics 6D, technology 5D
Mechanical 3D: Communications 5D, Sensors 5D
Technical 1D: Security 6D+2

Move: 7/18 (22 for three rnds up to 5 times per day)
Space: 2
Height: .7 meters
Length: 1.8 metes
Weight: 48kg

-Pulse Cannon: 6D (+1D to Blaster, fires a large pulse with a blast radius of 3 meters. Range: 3-75/200/400)
-Repeating Blaster: 5D+1 (three shots with no penalty), Range: 3-50/150/300
-Personality Matrix: Complex (they do not speak except through tight-beam communication and a readout in Galactic Basic when requested.)
-Military Database: Adds +2D to Perception to recognize any military verhicle or any military or paramilitary unit
-Tactical Database: Adds +1D to Tactics
-Technology Database: Adds +1D to Technology skill rolls.
-Starfighter/Space Transport and Capitol Ship Database: contains the layout of 700 ships (Hujinn, Victory I & II, X-Wing, Ithorian Herd Ships, Imperial-class I Star Destroyers, etc)
-Improved Repulsorlift Drive: Allows 18 meters per move. Boost system allows move of 22 for three rounds once per day.
-Improved Strength: +2D permanently added
-Armored: Adds +1D to Strength to resist damage
-Energy Shield Generator (+2D vs. Energy Weapons)
-Motion Sensor (+1D to Search to detect moving targets within 50 meters)
-Standing Orders: Will not obey anyone other than those designated by Sork: (current PC and NPC members). All weapons set to stun until being on list is stunned or wounded.
-Radio Wave Communication System: Encrypted. Burst speed and tight beam transmissions. Used to communicate with Sork up to 10 km.
-Holographic projector/recorder: Can be used for communication if requested.
-EMP Protection: Lasts up to 10 rounds before needing to be re-applied.
-Water Sealed: Critical systems are protected from water up to 100 meters deep.
-Vacuum Sealed: Capable of operating in space.
-Life Form, Infrared, Thermal and Ultraviolet Sensors
Sensors: Life Form, Movement
  Passive: 40/+2
  Scan: 80/+1D
  Search: 160/+1D+2
  Focus: 12/+2D
Sensors: Infrared, Thermal
  Passive: 30/+1D
  Scan: 60/+2D
  Search: 120/+3D
  Focus: 10/+4D
Sensors: Ultraviolet
  Passive: 200/+1D+1
  Scan: 400/+2D+1
  Search: 600/+3D+1
  Focus: 40/+4D+1

Game Notes: These droids respond to Sork only. He may designate others temporarily, but they must be in their database. The two droids are linked together for easier maneuvering and combat tactics. This link is encrypted and transmits on a very tight beam and burst transmission. This link has a range of 15 km (10 km in urban settings and 7 km underground).

One of Sork's Scorpion Droids has been destroyed by a Tobias Droid in the employ of TN2. He will not be replaced.

Scorpion Droid