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Galactic Historian

Professor Scrivener Ylldu

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Background: Ylldu was born 547 years ago on the hidden, swampy world of Grentarik. There, he apprenticed for centuries under the great historians and scrivener masters to make his mark on the voluminous "Journal of the Whills." At the age of 420, upon being granted the prestigious title of "Professor-Scrivener," he left Grentarik to conduct his field research, searching for artifacts of historical significance to be studied, recorded, and eventually maintained in the secret halls of the Grentarik Institute of Galactic History.

Ylldu established a home base for his research by opening an antiquities shop on Ord Mantell more than a century ago. There, he trades in rare objects in hopes of acquiring items of significance to the Journal project. He employs a young human boy named Deak, who was an orphaned street urchin until Ylldu took him under his wing. Deak assists Ylldu in cataloging the items they acquire, cleaning, and keeping shop on those occasions when Ylldu ventures out in the field. Deak knows of the Journal project, a secret Ylldu has entrusted to him, but does not know of the location of Grentarik and has never been off of Ord Mantell.

Ylldu has no love for the Empire. In fact, he blames the Empire for casting the galaxy in to a "Dark Age" of ignorance by eradicating civilizations and records of them, destroying or appropriating important artifacts (most importantly, those of the Jedi Order), disseminating misinformation and propaganda, and putting a stranglehold on knowledge and learning. Ylldu considers himself, and indeed the Journal project itself, to be part of an important crusade to save the galaxy from ruin and barbarism.

Ylldu is bookish and an academic, but an intrepid adventurer at heart when the situation calls for it. However, after a particularly impressive act of derring-do, he is often heard to complain, "Too old for this sort of thing am I getting."

Physical Description: Ylldu [pronounced YEEL-doo] is a whill with slate blue skin and midnight blue eyes crested with bushy white eyebrows. He is middle-aged by whill standards and his long, tapering, blue ears crown a hairless pate. He dresses modestly, but well, in a dark brown, knee-length tunic over a white undershirt and dark brown pantaloons. Tan spats adorn his shoeless, three-toed feet. He carries an intricately carved gimmer stick adorned with a silver likeness of a wotwyrm, a reptile indigenous to Grentarik and a symbol of knowledge on that world. Also see image above.

Personality: Bookish, erudite, sagacious, reflective, respectful, secretive.

Objective(s): Collect Force Artifacts and continue writing his Journal of the Whills.

Quote(s): "Too old for this sort of thing am I getting." "Belongs in a museum this does!" "The Empire. Hrmph! The tool of darkness it is! Ignorance and misinformation its way is."

Template: Galactic Historian
Character Name: Scrivener Ylldu
Title: Professor Scrivener
Gender: Male
Species: Whill
Age: 550
DOB: 579.3.18
Height: .8m
Weight: 37kg
Force Sensitive: Yes
Force Points: 3
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 13
Extra Character Points: 0 *
Cyber Points: 0
Move: 9 (species max is 10)

Resistance Rank: Navy O-3: Lt. Commander
Resistance Title: HO: Historical Officer
Resistance Pay: 650 Bi-Monthly (currently in Imperial Credits)
* As schools cost Character Points, half of all earned points will go towards payback
CP Payback Amount: 12

Resistance Schools:
Total Training Time: 63 weeks
  1. Basic Training
  2. OCS
  3. Leadership I
  4. Corpman/Demolition
  5. Espionage
  6. Leadership II
Dexterity 3D [max]: Blaster 6D, Dodge 6D+2 (+1D), Grenade 4D, Lightsaber 5D,
(s) Lightsaber: Form 0: 5D+1 [B/I]
(s) Lightsaber: Form I: Shii-Cho 5D+1 [B]

Melee Combat 3D, Pick Pocket 3D+2, Running 4D+2, Thrown Weapons 3D+1
Perception 3D [3D+2]: Command 6D+2, Con 3D+2, Forgery 4D+1, Hide 4D, Investigation 4D, Persuasion 3D+1, Search 3D+2, Sneak 5D+1 (+1D)
Strength 2D [2D+2]: Brawling Combat 3D, Climbing/Jumping 3D+1, Lifting 2D+2, Stamina 5D, Swimming 2D
Knowledge 4D [4D+2]: Alien Species 5D+1, Bureaucreacy 5D+1, (T)Business 4D+2, Cultures 4D+1, History: Force Artifacts 6D, Intimidation 5D, Languages 5D, Law Enforcement 4D+1, Planetary Systems 5D, Scholar: Jedi Lore 6D, Streetwise 4D+2, Survival 5D+2, Tactics 4D+1, Tactics: Capitol Ships 4D+2, Tactics: Ground Assault 4D+1, Tactics: Imperial 5D+1, Tactics: Starfighter 4D+1, Technology: Ancient 5D+2, Value 4D+1, Willpower 5D+1
Mechanical 2D [2D+2]: Astrogation 3D, Capitol Ship Gunnery 2D+1, Capitol Ship Piloting 2D+1, Capitol Ship Shields 2D+1, Communications 2D+1, Repulsorlift Ops 2D+1, Sensors 2D+2, Space Transports 2D+2
Technical 3D [max]: Capitol Ship Repair 3D+2, Capitol Ship Weapon Repair 3D+2, Computer Program/Repair 5D+2, Demolition 4D+2, Droid Programming 3D, Droid Repair 3D, First Aid 5D, Ground Vehicle Repair 3D+1, Hover Vehicle Repair 3D+1, Repulsorlift Repair 3D+1, Security 4D+2


Innate Abilities:
Ambidextrous: You are equally proficient in performing tasks with your left or right hand. The character no longer suffers a penalty to skill rolls when using their offhand. This does NOT mean using both hands simultaneously; that falls under Ambidexterity.
Natural Aptitude: Knowledge: You have natural aptitude and affinity for a particular attribute and skill set. When improving skills under the chosen Attribute, it costs one character point less than normal. In addition, it costs five character points less to improve the chosen Attribute. Notes: Once the Attribute has been selected, it may not be changed.
Quick Learner: Things come to you naturally and you pick up new things with ease. When learning new skills, the character advances two pips above the attribute rather than the usual one pip. Notes: The cost in character points is the same as advancing one pip and time is reduced by at least one day.

Lightsaber: white, 5D+2 (see below for details)
Gimmer Stick (Damage: Str+2)
Hand Scanner
Blaster Pistol (Damage: 4D)
Comlink: Encrypted with 12 secure channels, auto search
Medpac (2)
Belt Pouch

Force Powers:
Control: 3D
Sense: 3D
Alter: 3D

Force Skills:
Control & Sense:
Control & Alter:
Sense & Alter:
Control, Sense & Alter:

Species Special Abilities:
Sneak Bonus: +1D (due to size and species)
Dodge Bonus: +1D (due to size and species)
Languages Spoken: Speak and Read/Write Whillish and Basic

Credits: 7500 (on person), 49,500 (in account)

Species Notes:
This ancient, long-lived species is characterized by its short stature - generally slightly over one-half of a meter tall; long, pointed ears; and greenish or bluish skin. The Whills' hands and toes sport only three digits each. The Whills have taken great pains to keep hidden the identity of their swampy homeworld Grentarik, "The World of Records" - a repository of knowledge and a world teeming with flora and fauna - on which several major predators have Force-resistant abilities similar to the ysalamiri. As a natural defense, the Whills are naturally Force-sensitive. The Whills are naturalists, and have great respect for life, owing chiefly to their deep understanding and connection to the Force. On average, the natural lifespan of a Whill is between eight and nine hundred years, in part due to their Force-sensitivity, which gives them a natural biological longevity.

The syntax of their ancient language, Whillish, is a tortuous and archaic one. Even when a Whill speaks other languages, including Basic, he tends to apply this archaic syntax to it, creating a dialect some have characterized as sounding "backwards."

Many Whills were members of the theological/philosophical order on Ossus that pre-dated the Jedi in discovering the Force. Known for their farseeing and foresight in the Unifying Force, the Whills foretold of great periods of wartime strife in the Galaxy that would drastically alter the lives of future generations. The lessons to be learned from these cataclysmic upheavals, they discerned, contained universal truths about good and evil that people of all galaxies in the Universe would do well to learn. To this end, the Whills became a species of scribes, secretly recording in a vast, encyclopedic, multi-volume "Journal" the history of their Galaxy. They took great pains to ensure that millions of copies were made of existing volumes in a variety of formats and languages, and, even during the iron-handed "Dark Age" brought on by the rise of the Empire, the Whills jettisoned many of these copies in capsules into Wild Space, so that denizens of galaxies far, far away could someday acquire them and learn from the experiences of the Whills and their fellow galactic denizens. The "Journal of the Whills" is ever a living product, however, and despite the many efforts by myriad opposing forces over the course of the Galaxy's long history to halt their quills, any Whill with breath still in him has made it his sole purpose to continue the perennial undertaking of his species no matter what the cost. To quote an age-old expression of that species, "Where there's a Whill, there's a way."