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Dark Warrior

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Background: Xexilia Tanis is an anzati dark warrior with cybernetic parts who is hunted by the Empire. About 15 years ago, she lost her eyes in a battle with "Gand," a Gand Findsman specializing in anzati who works for the Empire as an Imperial bounty hunter and who is trying to make a name for himself (literally). Since then, she has acquired cybernetic replacements for her eyes; has been on the run from the Empire and its agents; and has studied various forms of combat to protect herself, cobbled together from different sources, including bounty hunters, a Mandalorian Commando and even a Sith holocron. She has been in hiding on the desolate jungle planet Gephadin for so long that her cybernetic eyes are starting to break down and she needs parts to fix them. She scavenges parts from spaceships that land on the planet, a phenomenon that doesn't happen too often on Gephadin - until recently.

When three ships landed on Gephadin within only a few hours, Xexelia determined it was time to flee the planet, since it wasn't so secluded anymore. She went in search of the occupants of those ships to check them out, and try to secure passage away from the deadly jungle planet.

Xexilia is a loner, and doesn't feel that she needs anyone, but she has been known to ally with an individual or a small band from time to time. When she does so, she does not feed on her allies, despite her urge to do so. She is thousands of years old; she's not a young Anzati. With thousands of years of age necessarily comes some kind of wisdom. She's at least learned that there are social consequences to feeding on others. She realizes that if she starts feeding on her allies, her allies will not accept her.

The party that came to Gephadin, Chrono, Ylldu, and Sil'Maloot, was one she wanted to join with. Because the party was searching out ancient artifacts, possibly Sith ones, Xexelia saw the opportunity to get her hands on some secret Sith knowledge. Because she was around to see not only the fall of the Old Republic, but even the ancient Sith Wars, she is aware that the Sith once again rule the galaxy, and that Palpatine and Vader are be a pair of Sith. She figures that the best way to survive in a galaxy run by the Sith is to learn about them, and getting her hands on Sith artifacts is a good way to do that.

Also, Xexelia prefers to feed on Imperials. She hates the Empire because it's hunting her down and wants her dead or captured. She often feeds on her hunters to turn the hunter into the hunted. Turnabout, after all, is fair play.

Xexelia is a survivalist, and thousands of years old. She has lived many places in her long life, and is equally at home in the deepest jungle or in the heart of Coruscant. She is ruthless, stealthy and lethal.

She wields a Kelekian Roma light repeating blaster which hangs on a strap from her shoulder and a pair of large vibro-scythes sheathed on her back. On her arms she wears a pair of gauntlets with retractable spikes, similar to the ones Jango Fett once wore. In fact, it is rumored, but not confirmed, that her gauntlets are, in fact, Fett's, which she acquired on the black market when parts of his Mandalorian armor were looted and dispersed. She also has Moturian energy disks for throwing weapons. From a lost Sith holocron, she learned the Bare-Handed Keldaeris Martial Arts style.

Physical Description: She is lean and well toned from hard living in the jungle. Her hair is glossy black and falls in thick locks down her neck and shoulders. Her skin is bronzed and her cybernetic eyes are as black as midnight, but glow red from the pupils when she operates any function other than normal sight. She wears a bodysuit and boots of black howlrunner hide. See image above.

Personality: She is humorless, brooding and to the point. Thousands of years of witnessing the strife of the galaxy has hardened her. She would not hesitate to kill to get what she wants, and she often has, finishing her opponents by drinking their "soup."

Objective(s): To survive. She has lived thousands of years before the Empire ever existed. She doesn't intend to let the Empire be her demise. She would sooner destroy it than let it destroy her. Lesser objectives include maintaining her combat prowess and her cybernetic parts.

Quote(s): "The galaxy is an unforgiving place." "I was here long before the Empire, and I'll be here long after it."

Template: Cyborg / Dark Warrior
Prestige Classes/Levels: Martial Arts Master: 9th Level, Master Thief: 7th Level
Character Name: Xexilia Tanis
Alias: Xexilia
Gender: Female
Species: Anzati
Homeworld: Anzat
Age: 28 (appearance), 7790 (true)
Height: 1.702m
Weight: 49.9kg
Force Sensitive: No (but see below)
Force Points: 3
Dark Side Points: 2
Character Points: 40
Extra Character Points: 30
Cyber Points: 0
Move: 12

Iblis Schools on Dxun:
Total Training Time: 43 weeks
  1. Basic Training: 8 wks
  2. NCO Leadership 1: 3 wks
  3. Infantry: 12 wks
  4. Vehicle Ops: 8 wks
  5. Espionage: 12 wks
Dexterity 5D: [T] Acrobatics 8D, [T] Armor Weapons 9D, Blaster 11D, Blind Fighting 10D, Contortion 8D+2, Dodge 11D+1 (+2D+2), Grenade 7D+2, Melee Combat 9D+1, (s)Melee Combat: Spiked Gauntlets 12D+1, (s)Melee Combat: Vibro Scythes 12D+1, Missile Weapons 8D+2, Pick Pockets 9D+2, Running 10D+1, Thrown Weapons 9D
Perception 3D+2: Command 7D+2, Con 7D+2, Forgery 11D+1, Hide 7D+1 (+1D), Investigation 8D+2, Persuasion 8D+1, Search 10D (+1D), [T] Sneak 13D (+1D)
Strength 3D+2 (+2D/+1D): Brawling Combat 12D+1, Climbing/Jumping 10D+2, Lifting 8D+1, (As)Martial Arts: Sith Bare-Handed Keldaeris 5D+2, (As)Martial Arts: Teräs Käsi 5D+2, Stamina 11D+2, Swimming 7D+1
Knowledge 4D: (s) Biology: Anzati 8D, Bureaucracy 5D+1, Business 5D+1, Cultures 5D+1, Intimidation 7D+2, Languages 8D+1, (s)Languages: Anzati 12D, (s)Languages: Wookiee 7D, (s)Languages: Hutt 7D, (s)Languages: Sith (spoken and written) 7D, Law Enforcement 7D+1, Planetary Systems 7D+2, Scholar 8D, (s)Scholar: Jedi Lore 10D, (s)Scholar: Sith Lore 10D, (s)Scholar: Tyia 9D, Streetwise 8D+2, Survival 10D+2, Tactics 8D+2, (s)Tactics: Ground Assualt 9D+2, (s)Tactics: Imperial 9D+2, (s)Tactics: Resistance 9D+2, (s)Tactics: Squad 10D+2, Technology 9D, (s)Technology: Cybernetics 10D, Value 6D+1, Willpower 12D+2
Mechanical 3D+1: Communications 7D, Computer Ops 7D+2, Ground Vehicle Ops 5D+2, Hover Vehicle Ops 5D+2, Repulsorlift Ops 8D+1, Melee Weapon Repair 8D+2, Security 7D, Sensors 7D, Vehicle Blasters 7D+2
Technical 3D: Armor Repair 7D, Blaster Repair 8D+1, Computer Program/Repair 7D+1, Demolition 8D+2, First Aid 9D, (s)First Aid: Anzati 10D, Ground Vehicle Repair 5D+1, Hover Vehicle Repair 5D+1, (A) Medicine: Cybernetic Repair 4D, Primitive Construction 7D, Repulsorlift Repair 6D+1, Security 9D

Armor Weapons

Species Special Abilities:
Long-lived: Anzati are practically immortal, and can live for eons.
Stealthy: Because they must secretly hunt sentient beings, Anzati have grown adept at maintaining their stealth and secrecy. This is reflected in a +1D bonus to their Hide and Sneak skills.
Vampires: The Anzati feed from living beings as described in the article. Game effects in D6 are as follows: for every turn spent feeding, 2 pips are subtracted from the victim's Knowledge, Mechanical, Perception, and Technical attributes. If any one attribute is reduced to 0 or less, the victim dies. The damage to the attributes is permanent, and reduces skills accordingly.
Hypnosis: The Anzati uses a crude form of telepathy to hypnotize their prey. If a sentient being within two meters is unaware of the Anzat who is stalking them, the Anzat may attempt to hypnotize the target. The Anzat rolls base Sense and the target is stunned on a failed Willpower save (Difficulty = Easy + the Anzati's Sense roll). The subject remains stunned until the Anzat's next attack. If an Anzati is attacked, interrupted, or otherwise distracted before he can insert his proboscises into his victim, the hypnosis effect ends immediately and the victim can act normally.
Proboscises: A successful unarmed melee attack against a grappled, stunned, or helpless creature allows the Anzat to insert his proboscises into the creatures brain (usually through its sinus cavities) and drain its "soup." A successful attack stuns the victim, and the stun effect remains until the Anzat withdraws its proboscises or dies. Only a victim who is not already stunned is entitled to a Stamina save to negate the stun effect of the Anzat's proboscises.

Once Xexilia begins feeding, she is compelled to consume all she can. Only the risk of death will cause her to leave a meal unfinished.

Special Skills:
Anzati Sense: 9D (raised like an advanced skill, starts at the Perception attribute)
Anzati Sense Starts at 3D. The Anzati have focused this skill to feed on their victims. The usage is very similar to the way Jedi's use it, sensing strength in the force and what not, but with one important difference. Due to the thousand of years spent using this skill, The Anzati have developed the ability to not only sense the presence of the force, but they can use it to determine the "life force" or "luck" of the target.
Anzati Tracking: 10D (can be increased as an advanced skill).
Anzati are able to sense the Force in others, and each is automatically considered Force-sensitive and possessing of the Sense Force skill. When tracking prey, Anzati oftentimes use Force powers such as Life Detection, Life Sense, Receptive Telepathy, Sense Force, and Sense Force Potential. These are all natural abilities and not actually Force related, though they work the same way.

Prestige Classes/Levels: Martial Arts Master: 9th Level, Master Thief: 7th Level

Martial Arts Master Class Specials:
Exceptional Resources: A Martial Arts Master has access to a multitude of resources. Once per day, the Martial Arts Master can make a Knowledge check to use these resources. The value of the resources gained equal the Martial Arts Master's level x the total of his Knowledge rolls x 1000. Thus, a 4th level Martial Arts Master who rolls an 11 on his Knowledge check would gain 44,000 credits' worth of resources (4 x 11 x 1000 = 44,000). These resources can take any form the Martial Arts Master chooses (with the GM's permission) and are his to do with as he wishes. The resources gained arrive within 1D hours.
Skill Bonus: At 2nd, through 9th levels, the Martial Arts Master gains a +1D skill bonus to any one of the following skills (due to his intense studies and physical training): Acrobatics, Blind Fighting, Contortion, Dodge, Melee Combat, Pick Pocket, Running, Thrown Weapons, Hide, Persuasion, Sneak, Brawling Combat, Climbing/Jumping, Stamina, Cultures, Intimidation, Languages, Scholar, Tactics, First Aid, Technology, (A)Martial Arts, (As)Martial Arts: Hapan, (As)Martial Arts: Echani, (As)Martial Arts: Jala'ishi, (As) Martial Arts: K'tara, (As)Martial Arts: K'thri, (As)Martial Arts: Republic Senate Guard, (As)Martial Arts: Dajitte, and Willpower. This skill bonus is permanent.

Master Thief Class Specials:
Exceptional Resources: A Master Thief has access to a multitude of resources. Once per day, the Master Thief can make a Knowledge check to use these resources. The value of the resources gained equal the Master Thief's level x the total of his Perception rolls x 1,000. Thus, a 4th level Master Thief who rolls an 11 on his Perception check would gain 44,000 credits' worth of resources (4 x 11 x 1,000 = 44,000). These resources can take any form the Master Thief chooses (with the GM's permission) and are his to do with as he wishes. The resources gained arrive within 1D hours.
Resource Contact: Starting at 2nd level, a Master Thief can call in favors from a special contact. The contact must be generated by the GM, with the Master Thief's player suggesting what sort of contact he would like to have. The maximum value of supplies or resources available through this contact is equal to the Master Thief's class level x the number of dice he has in his Perception score (dropping pips) x 100,000 credits. For example, a 3rd level Master Con-Artist with a Perception score of 3D+2 could have up to 900,000 credits worth of supplies or resources available (3 x 3 x 100,000). These supplies or resources can include weapons, vehicles, repair costs or any other equipment. This total is the maximum value of supplies available to the Master Thief at any given time. Although no specific time limits are assigned, the Master Thief should still attempt to return any and all equipment borrowed within a reasonable amount of time. If any amount of borrowed equipment that is lost or destroyed, its value is counted as a permanent penalty to the Master Thief's maximum value; unless it is replaced. Though the contact will not accompany the Master Thief on adventures, he will provide information, supplies or resources and expert skills. The more powerful the contact, the less time he will have to spare the Master Thief. A Master Thief can call upon the same contact more than once per adventure.
Skill Bonus: At 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 9th levels, the Master Thief gains a +1D skill bonus to any one of the following skills: Acrobatics, Dance, Dodge, Pick Pocket, Running, Bargain, Con, Forgery, Gambling, Persuasion, Intimidation, Languages, Law Enforcement, Planetary Systems, Scholar, Sensors, Streetwise, Survival, Value, Encryption, (A) Magician, (A) Speed Drawing, Technology, and Willpower. This skill bonus is permanent.
Shadow Port Contact: This is similar to Resource Contact from 2nd level; except this contact is located in a Shadow Port and the Master Thief must go there to utilize this contact. The resources gained are available within 1D hours.

  1. Modified BlasTech Heavy Blaster Pistol (see below)
  2. Draymak Power Burn D100 Heavy Blaster Rifle (see below)
  3. Klyvo-klan Bio-Acid Blaster (see below)
  4. Imperial Sonic Blaster Pistol (see below)
  5. Two Large Vibro-Scythes (Damage: Str+3D, Difficulty: Moderate, sheathed on her back)
  6. Gauntlets (2) with retractable spikes (Str+1D)
  7. Moturian Energy Disks (4): (see below)
  8. Black Howlrunner Leather Bodysuit (+2/+1)
  9. Boots and Gloves
  10. Camouflage Clothing (2 urban, 2 black)
  11. Security Tool Kit
  12. Computer Tool Kit
Credits: 5000 (on person), 123,500,000 (in account), 10,000,000,000 (stashed away in precious metals, alloys, gems and credits)

Equipment Descriptions

BlasTech Heavy Blaster Pistol
Model: Modified DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol
Type: Heavy Blaster
Scale: Character
Skill: Blaster
Ammo: 50 per clip (spin-sealed tabanna gas, 3 extra clips)
Cost: 1250 (Power Packs: 150)
Availability: 3,X
To Hit Bonus: +2D+2
Range: 3-15/30/60
Damage: 7D+2
Game Notes: Includes a crystal (see below) in the firing chamber to add damage and range. Has been modified for heavier damage and range. Spin-sealed tabanna gas clips are the norm for this weapon.

Perfect Ilum Crystal:
Game Effects: +2D+2 to hit and damage; +2D+2 to Dodge; Always reroll a result of "1" on the wild die, you never fumble; superior energy control resulting in longer power life-time; adds major resistance from power drain/corruption.

Click on image for full size

Draymak Power Burn D100 Heavy Blaster Rifle
Type: Heavy Blaster Rifle
Scale: Character
Skill: Blaster
Weight: 5kg
Cost: 106,000
Availability: 4,X
Body: 4D+2
Material: [GM: coming soon]
Ammo: 150/125/75 or 100 (arc)
To Hit Bonus: +2D
Range: 3-150/300/600 or 3-30/60/90 (arc)
Damage: 7D/7D+2/8D+1 or 6D (arc)
Description: Super heavy and super cool, the Power Burn D100 is the rifle of choice for the assault team member either on the ground or on a ship. The weapon has several modes of fire that include single barrel, dual barrel, heavy dual barrel and wide angle. All modes require different amounts of the spin-sealed tabanna gas, but the amount of available shots is high regardless of mode. In addition, this rifle is one of the sturdiest on the market and can handle a direct hit from most other weapons and still function. It can do this due to a special alloy produced exclusively by the manufacturer for this rifle. The cost is restrictive, but worth every credit in heavy combat.
Game Notes: Rounds available are listed by function. 150 rounds is normal mode. 125 rounds is dual barrel mode. 75 rounds is heavy dual barrel mode. 100 (arc) rounds is used when firing the wide angle arc that covers 5/15/30 degrees in front of the barrel. Anyone caught in the arc takes the listed damage. The poly-alloy used for the shell of the rifle is a trade secret.

Click on image for full size

Klyvo-klan Bio-Acid Blaster
Type: Acid Spray Weapon
Skill: Armor Weapons
Ammo: 10
Availability: 3,X
Body: 2D+2
Material: [GM: coming soon]
Range: 1-3/5/7
Damage: 5D vs. Strength, ignores armor
Notes: As this weapon is Smart-Linked it does not waste ammo. The bio weapon will fire similarly to the acid beam rifle. This weapon can only be mounted on the shoulder of powered armor and has been modified to fit on Xexilia's armor.
Effect: Anyone failing the roll will double over in pain and take the listed damage. Those that make the roll still double over in pain, which lasts for 3 to 5 minutes.

Click on image for full size

Imperial Sonic Blaster Pistol
Type: Modified Sonic Weapon
Skill: Armor Weapons or (s) Armor Weapons: Sonic Blaster
Ammo: 30 shots (see below)
Availability: 3,X
Range: 1-3/10/20
Damage: 7D/4D/3D (heavy stun)
Notes: Very Difficult save vs. Stamina or damage changes to physical at short range only, Save vs. Very Difficult Strength roll or get knocked back 1-3 meters. Ammo recharges from armor power pack after 5 minutes - with powered armor of course, otherwise an expendable clip is used. This weapon is armor mountable.

Morturian Energy Disks
Type: Thrown Energy Weapon
Scale: Character
Skill: Thrown Weapons
Ammo: N/A (Xex carries 5)
Availability: 3,X
Range: 1-5/10/20
Damage: 5D (Special: see below)
Game Notes: Additional 5D stun damage if Strength roll is below damage roll. Also "sticks" being to wall or whatever object the disk impacts.

"Luck" Chart

Rating Benefits Bonus
1 Normal human or other species +1 to Dexterity, Perception, Strength and Knowledge for one week
2 Above average +2 to Dexterity, Perception, Strength and Knowledge for two weeks
3 Exceptional +1D to Dexterity, Perception, Strength and Knowledge for one month
4 Force Aware +1D+1 to Dexterity, Perception, Strength and Knowledge for two months 1 Force Point: Lasts 1 month or until used
5 Force Sensitive +1D+2 to Dexterity, Perception, Strength and Knowledge for four months +1 Force Point: lasts for 2 months or until used
6 Jedi (Dark or Light Side) +2D to Dexterity, Perception, Strength and Knowledge for eight months +1 Force Point: lasts for 4 months or until used
NOTE: Once the extra energy wears off the hunger begins. This manifests in an Easy Willpower roll to resist for the first 3 months. Resistance becomes Moderate for the next 2 months, then Difficult for the next 1 month; Very Difficult for 5 weeks, then Heroic from then on. After the first failed resistance roll, Dexterity, Perception, Strength and Knowledge drop by -1 pip. They then drop -1 pip every month after that. Once an attribute reaches 1D the Anzati must feed within one week or enter a coma from 1 to 6 months. At the end of that time the Anzati will awake with a ravenous hunger. Attributes will return to normal for 24 hours only. If the being cannot feed in that time they will drop back into a coma for another 1 to 6 months. This will continue every six months after that until they are able to feed.

Sith Bare-Handed Keldaeris Martial Arts

In the days of the Great Sith War, Force-sensitive warriors battled each other on many battlegrounds. Occasionally, a Sith warrior would be forced to fight without his lightsaber, and after many lessons were learned the hard way, the Sith began to create their own martial arts style. After consulting the Dark Side for inspiration, they created a martial arts style that is as shadowy as their own souls, and began training certain apprentices in the skill. Even after the near- extinction of the Sith, the teachings are stored in Sith holocrons for future generations. Though the Martial Arts style does not use the Force directly, the Sith Force-enhanced reflexes add speed and skill to these maneuvers.

For every 1D that a character improves her Keldaeris Martial Arts specialization, that character gains a special maneuver described below. In addition to those listed below, the following martial arts skills are acceptable for selection by Keldaeris combatants: Blindfighting, Instant Stand, Instant Wound, Multiple Strikes, and Silent Strike. Characters must declare which martial arts technique they are attempting to use prior making the required skill roll unless otherwise indicated.
Technique Description Difficulty Effect
Backflip The character is trained to flip backwards to avoid a hit or fall Easy If the character makes the required skill roll, he may add +2D to his next climbing/jumping or dodge roll. This maneuver does not count towards calculating the multiple action penalty.
Surprise Attack The character is trained to alter body language so as not to give away an attack Difficult If the character makes the required skill roll, he may attack his opponent without giving any warning, causing his opponent to suffer -2D to all reaction rolls. If the character waits for one additional round before attacking, he automatically gains that round's initiative over his opponent as well.
Weapon Steal The character is trained to disarm and take control of a weapon in the opponent's grasp. Very Difficult, plus an opposed Strength roll If the character makes the required skill roll, and overcomes his opponent's Strength roll, he may steal an opponent's weapon from them for his own use.
Multiple Strikes Trained to attack a second time as if it was the first Difficult A character can make an additional attack this round doing STR damage without a penalty for an additional action.

Teräs Käsi Martial Arts (Unique Rules)

Martial Arts: Teräs Käsi is a rare skill. A person must study full-time under a master of Teräs Käsi for six months to acquire the first die of skill. Improving teräs käsi costs Character Points equal to double the number before the "D"; the training time is one day for every Character Point spent; the cost is doubled if the character does not have a teacher. The training time may be reduced by one day for each extra Character Point spent.

To use teräs käsi in combat, the character may do nothing else in the round other than performing the teräs käsi attacks - the character may not even parry or dodge. Before making the attack, the player splits the Martial Arts: teräs käsi skill dice into two groups: attack dice and damage bonus dice.

The character rolls to attack using only the attack dice. If the character succeeds in the attack, add the damage bonus dice to the character's Strength roll when determining damage. Characters may not allocate more than half of their Martial Arts: teräs käsi dice to their damage bonus dice.

If a character wants to make multiple teräs käsi attacks in one round, multiple action penalties apply to both attack dice and damage bonus dice.