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Sil'Maloot: Gotal Pilot

Prestige Classes/Levels: Freighter Captain: 2nd Level
Species: Gotal
Gender: Male
Age: 39
HT: 1.96 m
WT: 87.23 kg
Move: 11
Force Points: 1
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 10

Dexterity 2D+1: [T] Blaster 7D+2, dodge 6D+1, running 5D+1, (A) Martial Arts: Jensaarai Rek'dul 1D
Perception 4D: Con 5D, search 5D+1, sneak 6D+1
Strength 2D+2: Brawling combat 6D, stamina 5D, swimming 3D+2
Knowledge 2D: Alien species 4D+1, cultures 4D, languages 4D+2, planetary systems 5D, streetwise 6D, survival 6D, value 4D, willpower 5D
Mechanical 4D: Astrogation 5D, communications 4D, repulsorlift ops 5D+2, sensors 4D, [T] space transports 7D, [T] space transports: ghtroc 720 8D+2, starship gunnery 6D, starship shields 6D, swoop ops 4D+1
Technical 3D: droid programming 4D+1, [T] droid repair 7D, first aid 4D+1, repulsorlift repair 5D+1, starship repair 5D+1, starship weapon repair 5D,

Space Transports
Droid Repair

Species Special Abilities:
Mood Detection: Because of their skills at reading the electromagnetic auras of others, Gotals receive bonuses (or penalties) when engaging in interactive skills with other characters. The Gotal makes a Moderate Perception roll and adds the following bonus to all Perception skills when making opposed rolls for the rest of the encounter.

Roll Misses Difficulty by: Penalty
6 or more -3D
2-5 -2D
1 -1D

Roll Beats Difficulty by: Bonus
0-7 1D
8-14 2D
15 or more 3D

Energy Sensitivity: Because Gotals are unusually sensitive to radiation emissions, they receive a +3D to their search skill when hunting such targets that are within 10 kilometers in open areas (such as deserts and open plains). When in crowded areas (such as cities and dense jungles) the bonus drops to +1D and the range to less than one kilometer. However, in areas with intense radiation, Gotals suffer a -1D penalty to search because their senses are overwhelmed by radiation static.
Fast Initiative: Gotals who are not suffering from radiation static receive a +1D bonus when rolling initiative against non-Gotal opponents because of their ability to read the emotions of others.

Story Factors:
Reputation: Because of the Gotals' reputation as beings overly sensitive to moods and felings, other species are uncomfortable dealing with them. This often hurts them in matters of haggling, as any species who knows their reputation will not put themselves in a situation where any dealings must take place. Assign modifiers as appropriate.
Droid Hate: Gotals suffer a -1D to all Perception based skill rolls when within three meters of a droid, due to the electromagnetic emissions produced by the droid's circuitry. Because of this, a Gotal's opinion of droids will range from dislike to hate, and they will attempt to avoid droids if possible.

Prestige Class Information:
Freighter Captain

Class Special Abilities:

PrC Level Special Ability 1 Space Transport Defense 2 Starship Focus Space Transport Defense: Starting at 1st level, Freighter Captain gains a bonus equal to her Freighter Captain level in pips to all Space Transports skill rolls made to dodge incoming attacks. Starship Focus: At 2nd level, a Freighter Captain gains a bonus on all Space Transports skill rolls. This bonus equals +1 pip for each level she has in the Freighter Captain Prestige class.

Modified YT-1300 Space Transport: Turned over to Second Fleet
Heavy Blaster Pistol (Damage: 5D, Ammo: 25, Range: 3-12/25/50)
Military Comlink (8 scrambled channels, 30 standard channels, frequency scanner)
Standard Space Suit
Spacers Chest

Credits: 865,000 (1/4 in cash, 3/4 on ship in secret area)