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Revynn Khan
Ka Jedi

Dark Side Revynn Redeemed Revynn

Original Stats | Current Stats | Martial Arts Maneuvers | Ka Jedi Data

Background: Revynn was once a Jedi Knight one who was very strong with the force, A master of the "Ka Discipline" her sword technique rivaled that of Mace Windu. Five years before the Clone War something happened and she was cast out of the Jedi Order and severed from the force by the Jedi Counsel. All records of her existence as a Jedi were removed from the Jedi Archives.

As a kind of penance for her crime Revynn fought in the Clone Wars as a mercenary on the side of the Old Republic. When the war was over she wandered the galaxy etching out an existence. During her travels she managed to find what was to become her prized possession, a sword made from cortosis.

Over the last few years she has started to feel and eventually was able to use the force again. It seems that whatever the Jedi Council did to her was not as permanent as what they had hoped.

Physical Description: Revynn is completely bald except for a waist length red hair platted into a queue she also has piercing green eyes. She wears nondescript clothing; grey with purple trim, and carries a walking cane, which actually houses her Cortosis sword.

Personality: Quiet and reserved

Objective(s): To protect the Party and the Scarabs


Template: Redeemed Ka Jedi
Prestige Classes/Levels: Jedi Sentinel: 1st Level
Character Name: Revynn Khan
Gender: F
Species: Human
Age: 46
Height: 1.73m
Weight: 58kg
Force Sensitive: Yes
Force Points: 3
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 1 *
Extra Character Points: 0
Cyber Points: 0
Move: 10

Resistance Rank: Navy O-2: Lieutenant
Resistance Title: AIO: Assistant Intelligence Officer
Resistance Pay: 750 Bi-Monthly (currently in Imperial Credits)
* As schools cost Character Points, half of all earned points will go towards payback
CP Payback Amount: 0

Resistance Schools:
Total Training Time: 37 weeks
  1. Basic Training: 8 wks
  2. OCS: 26 wks
  3. Leadership 1: 3 wks
Dexterity 3D: Acrobatics 3D+1, Blaster 3D, Blind Fighting 3D+1, Dodge 5D, Lightsabre 5D,

Lightsabre: Form Zero: 5D (B/I)
Lightsabre: Form I: Shii-Cho 5D (B)

(As)Martial arts (Ka Combat) 3D+2, (As)Martial Arts: Hapan 3D. (As)Martial Arts: Echani 3D, (T)Melee combat 5D, (Ts)Melee combat: sword 6D, Running 4D+1, Thrown weapons 3D
Perception 3D: Bargain 3D, Command 4D+2, Con 3D+1, Hide 3D, Investigation 3D+1, Persuasion 3D+1, Search 3D, (T) Sneak 5D
Strength 2D+2: Brawling Combat 5D, Climbing/Jumping 4D, Lifting 2D+2, Stamina 4D+2
Knowledge 2D+1: Alien Species 3D, Bureaucracy 3D+1, Cultures 2D+1, Intimidation 2D+2, Ka lore 3D, Languages 3D, Law Enforcement 3D, Planetary Systems 3D, Streetwise 3D+2, Survival 4D, Tactics 3D, (s)Tactics: Capitol Ships 3D, (s)Tactics: Ground Assault 3D+2, (s)Tactics: Imperial 4D+1, (s)Tactics: Squad 3D+2, (s)Tactics: Starfighter 2D+2, Technology 3D, Willpower 4D (9)
Mechanical 2D: Astrogation 2D+1, Capitol Ship Gunnery 2D+1, Capitol Ship Piloting 2D+1, Capitol Ship Shields 2D+1, Communications 2D+1, Repulsorlift Ops 2D+1, Sensors 2D+1, Space Transports 2D, Starfighter Piloting 3D, (s)Starfighter Piloting: Jedi Starfighter 3D+1, (s)Starfighter Piloting: Nial Class 3D+1, (s)Starfighter Piloting: Thunderbolt Class 3D+1
Technical 2D: Capitol Ship Repair 2D+2, Capitol Ship Weapon Repair 2D+2, Computer Program/Repair 2D+2, Demolitions 2D, First Aid 2D+1, (s) Melee Weapon Repair: Sword 2D+2, Security 2D+1

Melee Combat

Special Ability:

Force Skills:

Control: 7D
Sense: 7D
Alter: 6D

Force Powers:

Control: Absorb/Dissipate Energy, Accelerate Healing, Battle Prep (see below), Blackness, Breath Control, Burst of Speed, Calm, Cloak of Darkness, Combat Preparation, Combat Trance, Concentration, Control Pain, Emptiness, Enhance Attribute, Enhance Reflexes, Enhance Skill, Force Enlightenment (see below), Hands of the Jhemaden, Hibernation Trance, Remain Conscious
Sense: Alert Sense, Battle Mind, Cyber Sense, Danger Sense, Direction Sense, Instinctive Astrogation, Life Detection, Life Sense, Magnify Senses, Receptive Telepathy, Sense Disturbance, Sense Force, Sense Path, Truth Sense
Alter: Calm Other, Empower Weapon, Force Jump, Force Push, Force Running, Haste, Light, Shadow Mist, Stun Enemy, Telekinesis
Control & Sense: Daisho Combat, Farseeing, Jhemaden Combat, Ka, Lightsabre Combat, Projective Telepathy, Speak with Machines
Control & Alter: Accelerate Another's Healing, Control Another's Pain, Return Another to Consciousness
Sense & Alter: Dim Other's Senses, Empower Self
Control, Sense & Alter: Affect Mind, Battle Meditation, Cyberlocke, Telekinetic Kill

Lightsabre Forms - Stats & Bonuses:

Form Zero:
Beginner/Intermediate Level:
Prerequisites: Form I at Beginner Level
Benefits: +1D to all Attack and Defense skills in Melee Combat, Lightsabre, Brawling Combat and +1D+1 to Dodge. May deflect shots (-1D), but may not redirect blaster shots. May use the following skills as free actions during combat: Bargain, Con, Persuasion, Intimidation, Affect Emotions (if has), Affect Mind (if has).

Form I: Shii-Cho; "Way of the Sarlacc" or "Determination Form"
Beginner Level:
Prerequisites: Force-Sensitive; Control, Sense, Alter (all 3D); Melee Combat (3D); Lightsaber Skill (3D); Brawling Combat (3D)
Benefits: +1D only to all Attack and Defense skills in Melee Combat or Brawling Combat and +2 to Dodge. May deflect shots (-2D), but may not redirect blaster shots.

Unique Force Powers

Force Enlightenment

Control Difficulty: see table

Control Difficulty Additional Dice
Moderate +1D
Difficult +1D+1
Very Difficult +1D+2
Heroic +2D
Heroic +5 +2D+1
Heroic +10 +2D+2
Heroic +15 +3D

Required Powers: Enhance Attribute, Enhance Skill
Note: This power is extremely rare. Revynn and only a few others are the only know practitioners of this ability. Revynn learned this power from Exar Kuns' holocron she found and studdied from before being cast out of the Jedi Order and having the holocron taken from her.
Effect: A jedi with this power may add his or her Control dice to the three primary force skills (Control, Sense and Alter). The amout of additional dice is dependent on the Control roll of the user.
This power may be kept "up" during combat only.

Reyvnn's Control skill is currently 7D. If she rolls a Heroic Control difficulty her new modified Force abilities will be as follows:

Control: 7D/9D
Sense: 5D+1/7D+1
Alter: 5D+1/7D+1

Battle Prep

Control Difficulty: Very Difficult (see table)

Control =>
Bonus to Initiative,
Melee Combat,
Brawling Combat
0-5 +1D
6-10 +2D
11-15 +3D

Required Powers: Concentration, Combat Preparation, Emptiness or Rage
Effect: The user empties his or her mind and allows the force to flow through him/her, to conserve energy in preparartion for impending combat. The character seems to be in a light meditative trance and can eat while in the trance, but only very slowly. No other power may be used while bringing this power up.
Once the character comes out of the combat trance the character gets a +6 bonus modifier to all skill roles during combat for a peroid of time equal to the amount of time the character spent in the combat trance. This applies during combat only. If the character does not enter combat in that period of time then the +6 bonus modifier is lost. The addition to Initiative, Melee Combat and Brawling Combat are still added for up to one minute if not in combat.

Prestige Classes/Levels: Jedi Sentinel: 1st Level

Prestige Class Specials:
Fearless: Because Jedi Sentinel's operate independently (often deep in the bowels of a Sith stronghold), Jedi sentinels develop a fearless temperament. As such Jedi Sentinels are immune to all fear effects, from all powers and skills; intimidation is also under this category. This includes any effect that would cause her to become shaken, frightened, or panicked.
Clear Mind: The Jedi Sentinel may reroll any opposed Use the Force check made to avoid being detected by other Force-users. You must take the result of the reroll, even if it is worse.

Cortosis Sword: Str+2D (can parry lightsabres)
Revynn's Cortosis Sword

Vibro-shiv: Str+2D
Blaster Pistol: 4D
Medpacs: 2
Black Body Suit: 2
Utility Belt: (holds sword and has room for macrobinoculars, 10 meters syntherope, 2 grappling hooks, 3 days rations, two small bottles (liquid or solid) or two grenades and up to 2 tools and a blaster holster

Modified Blaster (see below)
Full Jedi Garb (see Uniform below)

Credits: 354,000 (on Hujinn?), 13,875 (in account)

Modified Blaster
Model: Naboo Royal Guard Ascension Pistol
Scale: Character
Skill: (s) Blaster: Heavy Blaster Pistol
Ammo: 25
Cost: Unavailable, not made or sold anymore
Availability: X
Range: 2-6/20/40
Damage: 7D+2
Notes: Pure Rylith Power Cell (+3D+2 damage)

Martial Arts Abilities

Name Effect Difficulty Description
Disarm Force an opponent to drop a weapon or object Moderate If character's attack is successful (not parried or dodged) and if the skill roll meets the required difficulty number, target character is disarmed.
Iaijutsu Draw and use favored weapon in same action Difficult If roll successful character can draw and attack with specialized weapon. Target can defend normally if they are not surprised.
Instant Stand Negate the effects of a fall and return to a standing position Moderate May use to return to a standing position without a multi-action penalty.
Instant Stun Strike at critical pressure points stunning the target Moderate If attack successful (and is not parried or dodged) and skill roll meets required difficulty, target is stunned for one round.
Multiple Strikes Deliver multiple strikes Moderate If roll successful character can make second attack with no multi-action penalties
Power Block Parry attacks in a manner which inflicts damage Moderate A successful parry inflicts STR+1D damage on the target.
Silent Strike Sneak up on target and kill or render unconscious Difficult Must be within arms reach of the target. Character must declare a stunning or killing attack prior to the attempt. Success indicates that the target is neutralized.
Spinning Kick The character is trained to deliver a spinning kick to the head. Moderate A successful skill roll indicates that the character delivers a spinning kick to the head of an opponent. In addition to the +1D to damage, the opponent is considered "Stunned" for the remainder of the round.

Monks of Shimura

Long before there were lightsabers there were Jedi. After the invention of those graceful weapons Jedi began to lose sight of what the Force was all about and fall into the Dark trap of technology, or so the revered Master Kambei Shimura thought. The Knighthood was beginning to rely too much on "convenient" technology. That's not the way of life; the way of the Force. Jedi after Jedi took up the saber and left for the stars and the adventures they contained. A Jedi craves not these things. Disgusted at the behavior of his fellow Jedi, Shimura broke away from the Academy with a handful of devoted students and established a Temple on the sixth moon of the third planet of the Nikus system. There he taught his disciples the true gifts of the Force: perfection through inner peace, compassion, contemplation and, ironically, tolerance.

Millennia passed and student after student joined the Brotherhood and learned the teachings of Shimura and the way of Ka, the religious philosophy of the Monks. Similar to Zen, Ka teaches the inner spirituality of life and the soul. Everything is provided by the Force, there is little need for cold, unfeeling mechanisms.

During the Emperor's great purge, the Temple of Shimura was located by Dark Lord Vader and torn asunder. Few of the Brotherhood were able to escape and spread across the galaxy like seeds. Today, with the Empire removed, these remaining skilled Monks are establishing their own Temples in remote systems to pass on what they have learned.

1) Avoid the use of (unnecessary) technology. "There is nothing that technology may provide that the Force cannot. Why artificially radiate food when nature provides fire? Why ride aback metal creatures when the wind can send you across sea just as surely? Technology is quick and easy. These are traits of the Dark Side. Life should be neither." Although it is true that nothing can be provided by science that the Force cannot, very few Jedi have been able to step across worlds. The modern Brotherhood believes it is in the spirit of Ka to except one's limitations. The Monks will avoid most technology whenever possible (datapads, blasters, lightsabers, scanners, holocrons, bacta tanks, etc.) but will reluctantly use other forms (starships) when needed (which isn't often. Followers of Shimura discourage "adventuring" and tend to live entire lives in their Temples. The rare exceptions are traveling teachers and emissaries).

A Shimuran Monk would never accept cybernetic replacements or enhancements, nor are they likely to associate with droids.

2) The way of Shimura is the way of Ka. All answers may be found in its techniques. Ka is the foundation of all Shimura's teachings. When a student is first accepted into the Brotherhood he begins learning Ka. First simple koans and history and later develop the physical disciplines. In line with the Brotherhood's beliefs, the process is not quick or easy... it takes several years of hard work and devotion.

3) Follow the Jedi Code. Although the Knighthood has allowed technology to cloud their judgment, the Shimuran Monks still believe in the Code.

4) Tolerate the misgivings of others. Shimuran Monks are not retro, anti-technology fundamentalists. They do not attack technological centers or those who choose to use technology, nor do they harass commuters at starports with pamphlets cursing them for their way of life. They simply have a different outlook on life. If asked, they will tell a koan of enlightenment. If sought out, they will teach their beliefs (but only those who prove worthy will learn Ka). The Monks do not hate the Jedi; in fact, they feel sorrow for their fallen brothers and would do anything to help bring them back to the Light.

The Art of Ka:
The Monks of Shimura are best known for their mastery of Ka, their proto-martial art. Practice of Ka strengthens the mind, body, and soul. Masters of this art are capable of incredible feats. Through Ka, Shimuran contemplative seek perfection and enlightenment, and with it, they stand powerfully against all who would threaten the sanctity of their Temples. Ka can be broken down into three parts: Skill (Ka Lore), Martial Art (Ka Combat), and Force Powers (Ka and Empower Self). Those who are not Force-Sensitive may join the Brotherhood and learn the first two aspects of Ka but not the third.

Skill: Ka Lore
Time Taken: One Round to One Day
Description: This Knowledge based skill represents the philosophical teachings of Ka. Through development of this skill, the Monks intimately learn the foundations of the Force and the Universe as well as the pre-lightsaber Jedi Knighthood.

Notes: This skill is often used to 1) spin a useful (albeit confusing) tale, 2) teach the beliefs of Kambei Shimura, and 3) seek enlightenment. When a Monk is uncertain (Should I take an umbrella today? Which path is safest? Will this man betray me? Is this door trapped? etc.) he may meditate on the Ka. All answers are contained in its many teachings.

If the Monk's roll beats a difficulty set by the GM, he is awarded with a cryptic answer ("You recall your teachings of the Sherlent and the Vornskr and how the tiny Sherlent defeated the great and powerful Vornskr with a single mighty leap."). If the roll succeeds by more than 20, there is no need for riddles, the character knows the answer.

Martial Arts (Ka Combat):
Prerequisites: Brawling Combat 5D, Dex 3D, Ambidexterity
+2D Brawling Combat versus those with no Martial Art training
+1D versus those with training other than Ka

Return Melee Attack: used against an attacker with a melee weapon, the Monk redirects the energy of the attack back into the attacker. Roll Brawling Combat (with Ka bonuses if against untrained opponent) versus attacker's strike roll +10. If successful the attacker hits himself for full damage. A failure means the Monk is struck. This maneuver counts as one action and cannot be used with a dodge.

Note: Ka Combat is not a skill but a special ability (i.e. it has no die code of it's own). If a player learns the martial arts aspect of Ka he may add the bonuses above and use the "Return Attack" maneuver.

Force Powers (Ka and Empower Self)
Ka uses Control & Sense
Empower Self uses Control & Alter