Lacrimo Cruor S'Badai
Immortal Mandalorian

Template: Immortal
Character Name: Lacrimo Cruor S'Badai
Gender: Female
Species: Mandalorian
Age: 27
Height: 1.83m.
Weight: 81.4Kg.
Force Sensitive: No
Force Points: N/A
Dark Side Points: N/A
Honor Points: 4
Dishonor Points: 12
Character Points: 20
Extra Character Points: 22
Immortal Kills: 2
Quickening Points: 11
Cyber Points: 0
Move: 11


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Background: Corsamina S'Badai was born as the only child of the S'Badai Warlord Frazec and his partner Loren Sengir K'Yltek.
Trained in war from an early age as are most Mandalorian, Corsamina grew up both fearing and respecting her parents as was only proper, a situation that would only be rectified when she succeeded in her hunt and earned the right to be regarded as an adult.

Taking it upon herself to not only succeed, but to excel, Corsamina constantly pushed against the limits of what was expected, failing as often as not, but it was the successes that she remembered and which pushed her on further.

As the time of her Hunt approached, Corsamina cursed the ceremony and pomp that surrounded the event, chaffing at the constraints that held her back until, finally, she used her stealth skills to avoid the guards at the forward camp and set off to find a prey animal that was worthy of her skills.
What she found was a sneak attack force of the new so called 'Imperial' Clonetroopers and their Commander, an imposing figure wearing armour reminiscent of the Mandalorian Warriors themselves.

Taking it upon her self to repel these invaders, Corsamina began a battle of attrition, slowly wearing the enemy down over several nights, making it appear as if the deaths were attributable to the local fauna or misadventure until finally, on the 3rd night, she ran afoul of the enemy Commander himself and was captured.
Nothing has been recorded of the torments that were inflicted on that long night, all that is known is that upon the arrival of the Mandalor search party, she was executed by a firing squad before the troopers turned their weapons to their own defense.

The fury of her parents retribution is remembered in the annals of what history of her race survive, and her fathers battle against the Jedi Warlock holds a place in the heroic deeds of the Clans, but in the end their fall before the final retreat of the invaders came as a shock to those who remained.
A shock surpassed only when, on their return to inter the bodies of their comrades days later, they were to find the hunched figure of the scorched and bleeding Corsamina holding vigil over the fallen, the wounds inflicted having healed completely, though the blood spilled still tracked her face like falling tears.

The young woman went into seclusion as she searched for the meaning behind the strange events that had befallen her, as well as to contemplate what her new abilities heralded for the future.
When she finally returned, it was with new purpose, and a hardened resolve.

Though her people granted her the status of a successful Hunt, Corsamina at first refused, immediately swearing herself to a new target; one to rid her people of the Force sensitive bloodlines that had spawned the Force tricksters responsible for her peoples downfall, and more specifically, the ones who brought about her parents doom.
Her newfound longevity meant that she was finally one who could undertake a task of such a magnitude and, with her skills, training and impetus for revenge, may actually possess the capabilities to achieve her goal.

Taking a warrior name from the ancient tongue which meant 'Tears of blood', Lacrimo has left her home world to seek and destroy her enemies, hoping to find and use ways and means to meet the despised charlatans on their own terms.

(Lacrimo is a successful Bounty Hunter, with several confirmed 'resolutions'. She is also rumoured to have had run in's with several non bounty individuals, but no record of the results of these meetings has been found...)
Personality: To say that Lacrimo is driven could be somewhat understating the case.
Being Mandalorian Lacrimo does not wear her heart on her sleeve, creating instead 'layers of personality' that she uses almost as a defense against the world.
Her surface facade is of a somewhat reserved individual who prefers to listen rather than speak, is capable of humor, most often manifested as a tendency to acerbic commentary.
Underneath she is coldly analytical, quite ruthless really.
This is not to say she is psychotic or murderous, just that she analyses situations without emotive attachment, deciding which path is most likely to lead to her desired result, and then works on it from there.
Finally, in her deepest heart, she is possessed of a burning desire for revenge and restitution, for her father and for her people, and it is this which influences nearly every decision she makes.

Basically Lacrimo will make her decisions based on the situation she is in, but will always keep her deepest desire in mind as an influential factor.
She will then examine all the variables she is aware of, and will come to a decision regarding a path of action after an in depth analysis, disregarding any and all 'personal' influences that may deviate her from the most efficient course.
She then acts on it, using her top layer personality traits to help cover her intentions as she interacts with others.

It is this layered mindset that helps make the Mandalorians as resistant to the Mind Trick powers of the Jedi as their genetic legacy does to the Jedi's more physical Force applications.
Physical Description: Statuesque, Elegant, Lithe, Athletic - Lacrimo is all of these.
Brought up in the strict warrior society of the Mandalorians, Lacrimo has acquired the physical hardiness and strength that have long helped her people to cement their reputation as one of the premier Warrior races of the Galaxy.
Though not of the same size as some of her male counterparts, Lacrimo more than makes up for her lack of sheer bulk by compensating with speed, skill and a level of ruthless dedication that have earned her their respect nonetheless.
She has since augmented her considerable natural abilities with intensive training, focussed dedication, and a custom suit of Combat armor that she received on passing her Test at adulthood.
Possessed of flowing Bronze-Gold hair, pale, though lightly tanned, skin and a set of charcoal grey/almost black eyes, she is aware that she creates an impression where she travels, and thus takes care to cultivate a reputation as being extremely competent at what she does, avoiding the tendency most Bounty Hunters have for adopting the social camouflage necessary to blend with the scum they hunt.
Her sartorial tendencies are toward simple, yet elegant cuts, manufactured from modern wear resistant materials - Tough, yet fashionable enough for business/casual wear.
When on the job or expecting trouble she will tend to wear her armor and cloak - In appearance a suit of scale mail and Plate in indigo blue Mandalorian Iron, in reality an ultramodern suit of combat armor with multiple weapon systems and designed to work more in line with her 'bend rather than break' style of combat.
At all times she wears a pair of Fighting Kynac - 'Hand and a Half' variations of a Long and Short sword set, the smaller weapon a gold sheened - grey Mandalorian Iron blade at her left hip, while the longer, slim sword of glasslike, Indigo Blue Neutronium is slung crosswise over her right shoulder.
Objective: To destroy the Force.
Not exactly the most reachable of goals, so she has chosen instead to hunt the users of such, as a revenge for both her father and her people.
Along these lines she has been working as a Bounty Hunter to both test her own mettle and, as most of the criminals that prove worthy of a Bounty are powerful individuals in and of themselves, as a way to acquire skills, abilities and 'toys' that may one day help her match a Jedi in a one on one confrontation.
Along these lines she has taken note of the being 'Seis', and his reported use of a 'Green Magic', a power that may one day enable a Force Resistant like herself to wield Force-like powers.
Quote: "My people shall have revenge. ~and so shall I~"
Attribute Dice: 24D
Dexterity 5D: Armor Weapons; Blaster, Dodge 6D, Firearms: Railgun 6D+2, Grenade, Melee Combat 7D, Melee Combat: Kynacs 9D+2, Missile Weapons, Thrown Weapons, Thrown Weapons: Moturian Discs 6D, Running, Blaster: Mandalorian Iron, (A) Martial Arts 5D+1
Perception 3D: Bargain, Command, Con, Gambling, Hide, Search, Sneak, Forgery: Permits and ID's
Strength 4D+1: Brawling Combat, Climbing/Jumping, Stamina 4D+2, Swimming, Persuasion
Knowledge 4D: Alien Species, Business, Cultures, History: Sith 5D+1, Languages, Law Enforcement, Streetwise, Survival, Tactics, Tactics: Ground Assault, Tactics: Squad 4D+1, Willpower 7D
Mechanical 4D: Communications, Ground Vehicle Ops, Hover Vehicles Ops, Hover Vehicles Ops: Hoverbike 5D, Jet/Rocketpack Ops, Powersuit Ops, Repulsorlift Ops 4D+2, Sensors, Vehicle Blasters
Technical 4D: Armor Repair, Blaster Repair, Computer Program/Repair, Demolition, First Aid, Jet/Rocketpack Repair, Melee Weapon Repair, Security, 5D, Missile Weapon Repair, Repulsorlift Repair, (A) Melee Weapon Engineering: Swords

(A) Medicine

  • Medium Bounty Hunter Armor - Powered (see below)
  • Neutronium Long Kynac
  • Mandalorian Iron Short Kynac
  • Mandalorian Iron Blaster
    Ammo: 75
    Damage: 4D+2
    Range: 3-30/60/120
    Note: Small sensor proof compartment in handle contains life chip
  • Black Synthleather Utility Belt
  • Syntherope (50 meters + 2 grappling hooks)
  • Chronometer
  • Chiewab Amalgamated Pharmaceuticals Company ECM-598 Advanced Medical Kit
  • Backpack
  • Comlink
  • Long Riders Coat
  • Ankle length full regalia cloak(Leather)
  • Zentarian K-Pike Force Pike
  • Zentarian 'Railer' Rail Gun (4 Clips Standard, 4 Clips Plasma Encased, 4 Clips Micro-Thermal)
  • Binders (30 TaggeCo Biodegradable Binders)
  • HM1 Comlink
  • Dalabar Micro-Electronics SDS-632
  • Vreshann Electronics, Inc. EMS Scanner
  • Culcanis Microinstruments Tagger: 20 Type 6 Personal Tracking Devices
  • 5 Moturian Kayson's Zipper-Z Energy Discs: deactivated and disguised as belt decorative plates
  • 4 tubes Impact Webbing (in utility belt)
  • Assorted Clothes and Jewelry (including Uniforms and such)
  • Speeder Bike

10 doses of 'Skin Buster' coating contents of a 10 shot Magnetic disk magazine
2 doses of Pure Demkendu
2 doses of Pure Daphki

Credits: 1000 on hand, 5000 in Bank


Modified Medium Armor Legal/Availability: A-B,X Cost: 80,000 +2D+1/+1D+1 WT: 11kg
Protects: Head, Neck, Torso, Shoulders, Arms, Front and Back of Legs, Buttocks and Groin.
Mandalorian Iron Form-fitted armor (Scale and Plate look), Cortosis weave, Mimetic metal helm (Deploys on command).
This armor has excellent expansion capabilities (A repair kit is included in the price)
Powered (Controlled by built-in Computer)
Breath Mask Filters must be replaced after 30 hours of continuous use.
Flash Protection Reduces the effects of bright flashes by one half.
Macrobinoculars Add +(2D+1) to Search for objects 100-500 meters away. Scomp-linked to two weapons to reduce ranges by one level.
Sensors IR, Low-Light, Motion, UV


Low-Light, Motion

Passive: 100 m/+2 Passive: 200 m/+2
Scan: 200 m/+1D Scan: 400 m/+1D
Search: 300 m/+1D+1 Search: 600 m/+1D+1
8 Slot Computer System Two I/O ports (Capabilities: Power: 4D, Memory: 14D)
Programs Multiple Targeting, Road Map, Bounty, * Hostilities, Sensors, * Multiple Program, Medical
Security System Auto destruct of data and programs. Active virus for I/O ports
Self Destruct Must be activated. Goes off in 1D6 rounds. 10D damage as Thermal Detonator.
Weapon Systems
Holds up to 10 discs. Can program discs to be attracted by certain magnetic signals (+2D to hit) that all beings possess, or just aim and shoot. Will most likely hit throat due to height of launch (for humans). Has 20 spare discs (+10 in weapon), but will retrieve discs from fallen enemies.
See above drug description regarding one of the magazines
The discs used by Lacrimo are made of a Cortosis weave composite, as she knows that when facing Jedi they will attempt to parry with a Lightsabre, and will therefore have the weapon disrupted.)
Right arm RODIAN CRYOGEN WHIP A-C,F-X 350 STR+1D/4D stun 1.5
Sancretti Arms and Munitions Interstellar Rodian Cryogen whip
Left arm WRIST LASER A-B,R 3000 5D 1
Use Armor Weapons skill. Can be set to overload (15 second build up) but is non-reversible.
Ammo: 25
Range: 3-5/25/50
Blast Radius: 1-3/6/8
Damage: 8D/5D/3D
Power Pack cost: 100/250/500
Left arm VIBROBLADE A,X 900 STR+4D+1 2
130 meters per move/370 kmh. Up to 1.5 hrs per charge.

Special Species Abilities:
Resistant to Force Use: Mandalorians are immune to some of the effects of the Force, and their minds cannot be read using the force, or modified using the force. However precognitiant abilities such as Lightsabre Combat work perfectly well.

Inability to use the Force: The Mandalorians have a genetic defect inherited from their ancestors and compounded by the small genepool that they have grown from. They cannot use the force. Not only does this mean that they cannot become Jedi, they cannot earn or spend Force Points.

Genetically Superior: Due to the harsh circumstances the Mandalorian people grew from, they are a much hardier people than most species in the galaxy. While the Mandalorians like to see this as Genetic Superiority, it is perhaps more linked to their inability to use the force, so they have had to rely on themselves more. This "superiority" gives them a bonus of 6 Attribute Dice when starting play.

Story Factors:
Feared: Enemies facing the massed forces of the Mandalorian Empire will quite rightly fear them, this makes the forces opposing the Mandalorians more difficult to Command.
Honor: Mandalorians base their lives around the concept of honor, while part of this honor is serving and obeying the Mandalorian Emperor and his representatives, it is also a personal honor requiring them to protect it with deed and action.

  • Any race can be Immortal but they do not know they are until the Immortal gene activates (backgrounds can allow for this to have already happened). The time the gene activates is set except for a traumatic experience (getting killed in combat and waking up in a morgue is one example).
  • Immortals cannot have a Star Trek background due to their nature as a single being that is slowly trying to pull itself back together to become a whole again.
  • One Immortal kill gives the PC Immortal .01 Force Points with 100 kills equaling 1 Force Point. If the Immortal that was just killed had 1.26 Force Points, the Immortal that did the killing would get 1.26 Force Points (equaling 126 kills).
  • A kill also gives the Immortal a +1D bonus to add to any skill of his choosing. This may be split into 3 specialized skills with +1D added to each. The skill or specialized skills may be one(s) the Immortal already has or, he may choose from the marked skills of the one killed.
  • Once Immortal combat has begun, no Force Points may be used, only Quickening Points.
  • 1-6 CP's spent during character generation allows for an additional 1-6 Quickening Points.
  • Any Force Points spent during an adventure always return at the end of that adventure.
  • Attributes are set if human but revert to alien minimums and maximums if non-human.
  • Corusca Stone, Sith, Adamantium, Neutronium and Castrodinium swords can parry lightsabres.
  • The winning Immortal may grow back a lost limb during the release of energy after a kill.