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Dr. Hemgeh Bevans
Time Lord

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Quantum: TARDIS Series 70, Model 79.002

Background: Dr. Hemgeh Bevans is a Time Lord of the Galactic Security Order. He has been alive for more than 7,000 years. 7,623 years to be exact. Over the years he has acquired quite the innocent over self confidence. Though he doesn't mean anything by it, he is a bit disconnected from the circumstances around him and more interested in his studies. This is largely because he has quite literally "done this" a thousand times. In most circumstances he has already previewed the future through his mental connection to the T.A.R.D.I.S. Often times it will seem that he is not taking even dangerous situations seriously; almost as if he were trapped in a play where nothing has real consequences. His circumstances tend to make him seem egotistical; a 'know it all'.

He has currently chosen to be seen as a conservatively dressed 50 year old man, with a certain, currant, fashion appeal. He has a bit wild looking white hair and the strangest blue eyes that seem to have a distant flare, intriguing, yet mysterious in that they have a depth far beyond the comprehension of man. He has a generally cheerful disposition that is easily intrigued if there is something to learn. In all of his undertakings he conducts himself with an energetic flare for undiscovered information.

He was born on Gallifrey. There he was selected to be specially trained for the protection and control of justice for the time line of his home Galaxy. After a thousand years of training he was given a series 70 Security Tardis he affectionately named Quantum. His distinct moral code and uncanny tactical mind (for which he received many honors during his training) gave him the privilege of owning the Security Tartis to aid him with his special responsibilities. Having been trained, Dr. Bevans set out on his quest for developing his personal abilities. Having defense as his initial concern he devoted the second thousand years to learning the art of tactics and war. He drilled himself in all areas of battle whether it be between ships or hand to hand. Dr. Bevans spent extensive time traveling the galaxies abroad observing tactics in every major war known. His natural inclination to strategy fed his passion for his research. When it was over he retained some artifacts particularly unique to many of the battles across the Universe. Some of the favored items that he mastered particularly are a Corusca Blade, a Lightsabre, an atomic bomb, a photon torpedo, and a phaser. These items are kept in a special case in the Tartus arsenal that is kept well stocked with tactical equipment and weapons.

After his third regeneration Dr. Bevans devoted himself to the study of technologies and inventions where he started using a mental connection to the Tartis and developed some of his abilities to have the Tartis use the transporter by mind command. Dr. Bevans uses this ability to negate boring conversations often times and makes sure that he is on top of every situation before it happens. He is known to say "I knew that would happen" or "Yes, yes, yes I know". Preparing for the worst of circumstances and knowing his great challenge to protect Gallifrey, Dr. Bevan's took some time to make some useful equipment. He has developed a special body armor that is skintight but very effective against physical effects. It is enhanced by having a sensor that detects energy weapons within 50 meters. His favorite is the cane that he carries from one regeneration to the next. This 'handy cane' is capable of slowing time to a stop for around five seconds, but the cartridge has to be replaced after every five uses. A widely known technology for Time Lords is the 'stazer', which he planted within the cane allowing the effects to be produced as a ranged weapon and at a short range stroke. Realizing that the technology of the cane and his body armor must never be revealed to any being, he equipped each with a shocking device. If one of these items gets touched by anyone besides Dr. Bevans they will automatically activate a shocking mechanism rendering them unconscious. This he also put on his personal square duffle bag that he has used for thousands of years. This bag is specially made with compartments that contain all of Dr. Bevans' components that are required to conduct his studies.

Having accomplished his design to outfit himself he moved on to other ventures such as inventing and creating a host of droids. Most important was his cloaking observer pods that where scientific droids used for observing and gathering historical data up close without being seen. There were a dozen terminator style droids for tactical maneuvers created. Each have flying capacity, specialized vision true light, x-ray and hyper-red vision and a stazer rifle along with there specialties. These specialties include drills, explosives, snipers, five fast shooter hand to hand combat, water navigation, space combat and infiltrators (having a cloaking device). There are a number of servant droids. He created hundreds of thousands of data retrieval droids with a planet wide range. There are many other miscellaneous droids for repairs, transporting equipment, cleaning, deliveries, medical attention, and bartering. Dr. Bevans found it useful to enable a two way mind link that connected his mind to Quantum and Quantum was connected to each of the droids. This cost him many years and a considerable sum of credits, but he has found that it is worth it.

After his fourth regeneration Dr. Bevans devoted the next thousand years to the sciences. He took it upon himself to learn the laws of the Universe and master the understanding of every science he could get his hands on from medicine to metallurgy. During this time is when the Doctor placed the data retrieval droids in concealed orbit around every major plant in the Universe. These droids gather every move that is taken searching for new information that is then transmitted to Quantum. During this task Hemgeh found in the Star Trek Galaxy to technology of the replicator, which he installed immediately on the Tartis.

After so many years of development the Great Counsel gave Dr. Bevans the responsibility of detaining the Master who is the arch enemy to all Time Lords. Battling for nearly a Millennium the two opponents finally came to an impasse. Dr. Bevans was able to bar the Masters devious way and yet was not able to out wit him into putting himself in jeopardy. The Master, exhausted and frustrated in his attempts at getting around Dr. Bevans was finally able get him in checkmate when Dr. Bevans was betrayed by a brainwashed colleague. In order to save his friend Dr. Bevans surrendered and was stazered by the Master.

This made necessary Dr. Bevans' fifth regeneration. The distractions of Dr. Bevans lead him to search the Universe for culture and learning the psychosis of the people of the different worlds. Dr. Bevans became very familiar with etiquette and traditions of the major peoples of the Universe. Finding ways to adapt himself into almost any culture Dr. Bevans assumed hundreds of identities. He infiltrated himself into every major organization that he could find which included. Helpful to this endeavor, Dr. Bevans invented a holoimaging disguise which allowed him to look as large as a Houk and as small as a bug. Shortly afterwards the Doctor invented a droid that could impersonate just about anyone assuming there looks and attitude. This was done by the technology of the holoimaging disguise along with downloading the history of their life off of the data stored in the Tartis (proved by the data droids) and any detailed information that could be gathered into the droid's memories. These droids where put in his place after he moved on from a certain position to keep up appearances.

He spent the next thousand years dedicated to building wealth in different parts of the Universe. Creating places of influence and gaining friends in high places and strategically placing these Impersonator droids in their place.

This last 6 hundred years or so have been dedicated to searching out anomalies and studying their specific technology and abilities. Searching out these wonders has lead him to understand the reasons why for the unexplainable. His Search is almost done. One of the curiosities that he has found is a group that is unique to all others, who have been traveling together. The forces of time unravel in their quake. As they go, the elements seem to take note. Under further inspection he found that this group has some strange abilities that he has not yet fully understood. Such as the abilities of "the Force" and the strange abilities of Seis. Harry himself is odd in structure and make up. He decided to spend some time with this group. After studying the histories of these characters he planned a scenario that would get him into the group naturally so he could study them in a subjective environment.

Physical Description: See image above.
Personality: Polite with a touch of arrogance.
Objective(s): To repair his TARDIS so that he can resume his studies properly.
Quotes: He is known to say "I knew that would happen" or "Yes, yes, yes I know."

Template: Time Lord
Character Name: Dr. Hemgeh Bevans
Gender: M
Species: Gallifreyan
Age: 7623 (50+)
Height: 1.73m
Weight: 65.79kg
Force Sensitive: No
Force Points: 1
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 20
Extra Character Points: 16
Cyber Points: 0
Move: 10

Dexterity 3D (4D max): dodge 6D+2, (A) Martial Arts: Weapons 4D, melee combat 6D+2, pick pockets, running, stazer 5D
Perception 3D (5D max): bargain 5D, command 5D, con, hide, (T) investigation 5D, persuasion 7D, search
Strength 3D (4D max): stamina, brawling combat
Knowledge 5D+1 (6D max): alien species, bureaucracy 6D+1, business, chemistry, culture, gallifreyan technology 6D+1, history, languages, law enforcement: gallifrey, planetary systems, scholar: psychology, survival, tactics 7D+1, (A) temporal science 3D, value: advanced technology, willpower
Mechanical 4D (6D max): capitol ship shields, communications, sensors, repulsorlift ops, (A) tardis ops 4D+1, temporal astrogation 5D, (A) temporal mechanics 3D
Technical 5D (6D max): (T) armor repair: space marine 5D+2, computer program/repair 6D+2, (A) droid engineering 5D, droid programming, droid repair, first aid, first aid: gallifreyan, (A) medicine 3D, (A) medicine: cybernetics 3D, {A} tardis repair 4D,

  1. Gambling
  2. Armor Repair: Space Marine
  3. Investigation
Sonic Screwdriver TARDIS Key T.A.R.D.I.S. (series 70) 2 FastFlesh Medpacs Time Lord Pocket Computer (Power: 6D, Memory: 50D) Comlink (scrambled, encrypted - up to 50 secure channels simultaniously) Special Form Fitting Body Armor (Adds +2D/+1D, gives a shock of 5D to anyone who tries to remove it) Special Walking Cane (Stazer: stun or kill, Ammo: 50; Time Field (this affect took nearly 2000 years to perfect): 2 times in a 10 meter radius, area does not move and Dr. Bevans is immune to the effects, charge lasts for 2 rounds, cell must be replaced, others outside the area see the doctor moving normally. Any shots fired at him will freeze upon contact with the barrier, the cane will also shock anyone who touches it for 5D damage) Jelly Babies (bag of 200)

Credits: 49,500 IC, 10,000 CSA Vouchers (Given enough time the doctor can access up to 250,000 addition credits)


Galactic Droid Array: There are a total of 450 cloaked (Time Lord version) droids in orbit around various planets throughout the galaxy. Some are listed below.
  1. Alderaan
  2. Coruscant
  3. Corellia
  4. Etti IV
  5. Kuat
  6. Mandalor
  7. Mon Calamar
  8. Sarkosa Prime
  9. Tatooine
  10. Yavin IV
  11. Ryloth
  12. Ord Mantell
  13. Ithor
Starting Shape of T.A.R.D.I.S.: Large Luggage Container
Current Weight: 16kg

Number of Regenerations Remaining: 5

The Dr.'s T.A.R.D.I.S.
Quantum: TARDIS Series 70, Model 79.002



Languages Time Lords are often very good with languages. Their latent telepathic ability allows them to share this knowledge with others close by. In game terms any of the PC's companions can understand any language the Time Lord can while in his/her presence. This does not mean they can read or speak the language though.
Natural Healing Time Lords have the ability to regenerate their body parts. Damage sustained will reduce one level every 12 hours from 2nd wound (this time is extended by 12 hours for every regeneration lost or expended), and one level every 36 hours from mortal wounds (-4D) (time is extended by 24 hours for every regeneration lost or expended).
Personal Danger Warns the Time Lord of danger to his or her person 30 seconds before it happens.
Regeneration Time Lords have the ability to regenerate upon the death of their body. This power can only be used a maximum of 12 times. The regeneration can be voluntary (used to rid the body of a deadly poison, gas or virus), involuntary (mortal wound) or natural (every 1000 years). The only problem with the new regenerated body is that the new Time Lord does not remember anything about the previous regeneration's except basic racial items. However, natural abilities (no history of self) slowly return over a few hours to a few months during the new life (how to operate a T.A.R.D.I.S., for example, would only take 2 hours). Skill Dice are randomly shuffled for each regeneration with the exception of the Time Lord's special skills. Spending time in the Zero Room after a regeneration will reduce recovery time by half. If the Time Lord loses a life that totally destroys their body (eg. Starship explosion) then they cannot regenerate.
Sense Emotion Gives the Time Lord the ability to sense emotions in others similar to Gotals.
Future Sense Gives the Time Lord the ability to see a random future event for anyone who's eyes the Time Lord looks into for a minimum of 10 seconds. This event will happen so GM's must be careful with what is told to the PC.
Superior Memory Remembers pictures and written text with great detail (60% accuracy, +1 pip to Knowledge). This may be increased by +3% and +1 pip per regeneration spent to a maximum of 96 % or +4D+1 to Knowledge.
Skill Bonus All Player Character Time Lord's may pick one standard skill. This bonus adds +1D to the chosen skill beyond the initial 7D and may be increased as a normal skill. Any skill listed, including specialization's, but excluding special Time Lord skills, may be chosen from the list of skills in the Blue Players Book and/or GM Screens.


Gallifreyan Technology This Knowledge skill is required for all other Time Lord skills. This skill is used to understand how a T.A.R.D.I.S. works as well as all other Gallifreyan tools and items that may be used or constructed. For Star Wars-based characters the cost of learning this skill is at x3 and is considered an Advanced skill. The required prerequisite is Technology at 7D. Training time is also at three times normal. This skill cannot be self taught by anyone other than the Time Lord.
(A) T.A.R.D.I.S. Ops This Advanced Mechanical skill is used to operate the standard craft of the Time Lords.
(A) T.A.R.D.I.S. Repair This Advanced Technical skill is used to repair the standard craft of the Time Lords, the T.A.R.D.I.S.
Temporal Astrogation Allows the Time Lord to plot a course through time and space. This skill plus Gallifreyan Technology are required for (A) Temporal Mechanics.
(A) Temporal Mechanics This Advanced Knowledge skill allows a Time Lord to understand the How's and Why's of Time and Space Displacement. Also used to plot a course through time and space similar to astrogation in use only. Can be used with Temporal Astrogation by adding pips to the skill roll equal to the number before the "D."
(A) Temporal Science This Knowledge skill helps a Time Lord understand his own technology better and allows him to construct new equipment for personal or T.A.R.D.I.S. use. For example: a K-9 Unit.


Sonic Screwdriver Used to fix the T.A.R.D.I.S. and to build, construct or alter new/used items. Adds +3D to all Technical skill rolls when fixing Star Wars equipment. Adds +2D to all Technical skill rolls when fixing Star Trek equipment. Adds +1D to all Technical skill rolls when fixing Time Lord equipment. May be used as a weapon at close range (1 meter or less). Damage: 5D.
T.A.R.D.I.S. Key Used to access the T.A.R.D.I.S. and turn it on or off. May install a security feature (10 CP's and 1000 IC) that will shock all who touch the key except those who have authorized access to the T.A.R.D.I.S. This shock will do 8D stun damage. Works up to 30 times before needing to be recharged.
K-9 Units Plans for unit are stored in the ships computer. Dog-like robot companion to a Time Lord. See stats below.
Cost: 40,000/45,000 (repulsorlift), CP Cost: 25 (30)
DEXTERITY 3D: Blaster: Stazer 7D, Blaster: Force Field Emitter 7D, Dodge 6D
PERCEPTION 6D: Con 5D, Investigation 7D, Search 7D, Sneak 6D
STRENGTH 1D/6D (vs. damage only): Climbing 5D
KNOWLEDGE 5D: Alien Species 6D, Gallifreyan Technology 7D, Humanoid Biology 7D, Diagnosing 7D, Planetary Systems 7D
MECHANICAL 5D: Communications 5D, (A) Dimensional Sensors 4D, Remote Ops, 8D, # (optional) Repulsorlift Ops 7D, Sensors 8D, (A) T.A.R.D.I.S. Ops 3D, Temporal Astrogation 5D
TECHNICAL 5D: Computer Prog./Repair 8D, First Aid 6D, (A) Medicine 3D, (A) T.A.R.D.I.S. Repair 3D, (A) Temporal Mechanics 5D
WT: 6kg
MOVE: 6 (repulsorlift option: move; 10, up to 15)
HEIGHT: .3 meters
-Force Field Emitter: STR of 6D Capitol Ship Scale, covers an area 5 meters wide by 5 meters long/tall. Can also be used as a Tractor Beam: Damage (STR): 6D Capitol Ship Scale
-Battery Power System: Must be recharged every 4 days. Excessive use of stazer or force field will drain batteries in 24 hours or less.
-Standard/Time Lord Computer Interface Remote Link
-Medical Diagnostic Computer
-Analytical Computer
-Small Extendable Appendage for Fine Work
-Stazer: Stun or Kill (no save allowed) Rng; 3-75/150/300
-Narrow/Broad-Band Transceiver Antenna
-Wide Range Sensors and Recording Devices
-Dimensional Sensor System (limited to approximations)
-Investigation and Analysis Computer
-Planetary Wide-Range Sensor Array
PASSIVE: 200M/+2
SCAN: 600M/+1D
SEARCH: 1200M/+2D
FOCUS: 75M/+3D

Basic Time Lord Data

Galifreyans are an old race, one of the first to master the secrets of not only space travel, but also time travel. Their society was formed when two Galifreyan scientists, Rassilon and Omega, used a device called the Hand of Omega to detonate a sun and create a Black Hole. They were able to capture the energy, and to this day the Black Hole now known as the Eye of Harmony resides beneath the Panoptican, the great hall in the Capital City of Gallifrey.
Time Lords society is governed by a High Council led by a President. The President may only be over-ruled if all other members of the High Council are in opposition.
Gallifrey employs a rule of non-interference. Initially they saw themselves as superior to all others, near god-like beings. In recent years their society has become corrupt. Now their rule of non-interference is one of safety, for the once powerful Time Lords are in fear that Gallifrey should be invaded. Should their powers and technology fall into the hands of war-mongering races such as the Daleks the Universe as a whole could be threatened.
Gallifrey itself does not employ a military besides the Honor Guard under the command of the Castilan, one of the members of the High council. The planet is not without defense however. Gallifrey exists in a state of temporal isolation. Nothing can pass the temporal field surrounding the planet that technically exists within its own time continuum. For safety reasons, to avoid paradox's, time travel on Gallifrey is forbidden, and due to technical restrictions, not possible. Any Time Lord returning to Gallifrey will instantly be transported back to their own space and time.


Gallifreyans have many forms of Time-Travel, though the two most commonly used are Time Capsules (such as the Type 40, or TARDIS) and Time-Bracelets. Time-Bracelets are simple in that they are worn on the wrist and can transport a Time Lord to anywhere in Space or Time instantly. Time Bracelets are reserved for special assignments and for members of the High Council. For details on Time Capsules see the TARDIS below.

Time Lords

Human in appearance, Time Lords do not dominate the Gallifreyan population, but they do rule it. Arrogant, aloof, and often having delusions of superiority (in some cases justified). Time Lord bodies are quite robust. They have two hearts and a respiratory by-pass allowing them to survive where a human would die. They have latent telepathic abilities between other Time Lords in close proximity, or may boost this ability with the aid of the telepathic circuit in the TARDIS. Time Lords also have limited shape-shifting ability. They may change form twelve times; this shake up of the body will often result in a slight personality change also. Their new form will still be human in appearance and they do not change sex. Although a Time Lord may change form at any time this shape-shifting ability is most often employed as a regenerative tool should their current body become mortally wounded or diseased. Each incarnation of a Time Lord is physically capable of living for approximately 1000 years, possibly much longer. Time Lords that leave Galifrey often end up having shorter life spans due to accidents causing them to regenerate more frequently.

Playing a Time Lord

A PC isn't going to be acting on behalf of the High Council of Time Lords because they have a policy of non-interference. Instead the character should be a rouge, much like The Doctor or Romana.

T.A.R.D.I.S. 40