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Aka Keeta
Jawa Mechanic

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Aka was born on Tatooine to the Keeta clan. Her parents loved her very much and the clan supported her upbringing. She was never wealthy by material means, but her clan did well, finding value in want the human settlements and cities called junk. Refurbishing discarded droids, swoops, speeders, and even starships, the clan always had food, clothes, family, friends, and work. As of all Jawa, she was taught to fix things from simple blasters and droids to ground and repulsorlift vehicles, and even spaceships. When she was old enough, she was even taught to pilot the sandcrawler and allowed to interact with customers.

Early on, Aka was a mathematical prodigy. Numbers came easier to her than to most. This was most apparent in her skills as a mechanic. She could perform jobs faster than most by simply figuring out gear ratios, compression variables, etc in her head, instead of needing to go to a computer. This was most apparent after she left Tatooine. With numbers coming so much easier to her, astrogation was like second nature to her. An unlikely application of math allowed her to locate several missing children in the bowels of Coruscant.

As she excelled in her repair skills, she could fix anything. She even modified an ion pistol to fire using standard blaster power packs. Though it only fired six shots, there was no longer a need to wear a heavy backpack power supply. Unlike many Jawa who saw jury-rigging as a valid repair skill, Aka grew tire of "just making it work again" and began the restoration of what she worked on. She worked for a short in Mos Espa on the pit crew for a Pod Racer named Le'Ahnoot. She had taken his beat up pod and turned it into a piece of art. By the end of the season his pod was winning race after race.

These and other achievements earned the ire of a peer, Telk. He wasn't as skilled and Aka and sought to undermine her. He sabotaged a number of her repairs. But Aka had several friends looking out for her. Soon Telk's deceit was put to light and he was thrown out of the clan. He vowed vengeance on Aka and those who helped get him thrown out of the clan. He was dropped off at Anchorhead and last seen at the space port looking to leave the planet.

During adolescence and as a young adult, she would venture out from the sandcrawler with her friends. Tochi Station and the space ports where favorite places to visit. Though Jawas were typically run off, Aka managed to befriend a few spacers. She even helped them fix their ships for free. The experience to her was more valuable to her than money at that time.

As she helped spacers, she heard stories of fantastic technologies on distant planets. She would sit on the sandcrawler roof at night and dream of visiting the stars to see these new technologies. Aka had a boyfriend of sorts, Ikee, but this dream of leaving Tatooine didn't include him, at least not yet. Though it was the hardest decision of her life, she decided to leave Tatooine. Though they didn't like her leaving, her parents and most of the clan supported her decision. Her friends wished her well and the clan, surprisingly, gave her a send off party. As a gift she received a bandolier with a high-grade tool kit and the ion gun she modified. A spacer she had befriended took her on as a mechanic and she left Tatooine.

One of the first things she discovered was that many non-Jawa didn't like the smell of her. Chemicals on her robes and poor hygiene contributed to this. Being off Tatooine, she no longer needed the special chemicals on her robes that helped Jawas retain moisture (see and with access to facilities, she improved her hygiene. She still remained hidden under the hood of her robes though.

Over the next few months she plied the space lanes with Capt Harker. But soon Harker's Hawk was in near pristine condition and the job began to bore her. This pattern repeated as she hopped ship to ship over the next few years. Despite being out in the galaxy for so long and constantly on the move, she stayed mainly in her part of the galaxy, sticking to the sectors of Arkanis, Abrion, Bothan space, Brak, Dolbur, Chommel, and Cadavine. (All are areas of space near the "southern" end of the Corellian Run and near Tatooine. See highlighted areas of attached map.)

A Corellian corvette she was serving on was ripped from hyperspace. Pirates had managed to create a gravity-well similar to that of an Interdictor Star Destroyer. This gravity-well was unstable and collapsed as soon as the ship was pulled from hyperspace. However, this instability severely damaged the corvette as well, including the hyperdrives. Escape was not possible without hyperdrives. While under fire, and despite wounds taken, Aka quickly isolated the problem with the hyperdrive. The correct parts were not on hand, so she jury-rigged the repair. The ship managed to jump away to safety and limp back to a safe port before the hyperdrives gave out again. This rare display of bravery from a Jawa earned her the respect of the crew of captain and crew of the Night's Promise.

Aka collected a number of items from a junkyard while on Kowak. Back on the ship she was serving on, she began to check over her treasures. In this "junk" she found a unique item, a small handle-like item about 30 cm long. It didn't work. Opening up its casing, she was surprised at its simple, yet highly technical, design. The compact device appeared to focus energy from a small power source into a large beam that emitted out an opening on one side. From the design, the small power source could power the large beam almost indefinitely. She was able to repair the item, though it was very tricky and took her much longer than she expected. To her surprise, the energy beam arced back onto itself creating a sword-like beam. Aka saw its application as a tool when she found that the "blade" could cut through nearly any material. Adjusting a few items inside the device, she found she could reduce the blade's length. She reduced the length of the blade to that of a knife. With no other use to her than a cutting tool, she added it to her vehicle tool kit.

Aka also kept this device for sentimental reasons as this was the first real glimpse at the fantastic technologies she had sought out to experience. She wanted to adapt the principal of its focused energy for use in vehicles and starships. Imagine a starship that could travel with a nearly inexhaustible fuel source. However, she would have to figure out how to create larger crystals, or find one large enough to use in speeders, transports, or capital ships.

Over the years, Aka learned to peddle her wares as well. When not working on ships, she fell back on her trade of repairing discarded items and reselling them for profit. She grew in knowledge about various cultures and learned several languages. Her social skill picked up as well as she learned to interact with the various aliens she met.

Though away from home, she never lost touch. Aka would talk to family and friends via holonet. When she missed the company of other Jawa or the touch of a gentle hand, she would return to Tatooine. Ikee had moved on, but Aka's return always stirred up old emotions between them. She would tell of her adventures and all she was doing. Though it was a large galaxy, the clan was surprised to hear that more Jawa than they expected were off planet, though very, very few as compared to the other races. As much of a minority as the Jawa were on Tatooine, it was even more so off planet. They were also surprised when she brought back news that she had a run in with Telk. Though his focuses had shifted from repairing tech to using tech, they still hated each other with a passion.

When Aka left Tatooine this time, she went all the way to Denon, where the Corellian Run and Hydian Way crossed. Simply looking at maps and dreaming about visiting places like Coruscant, or meeting the Ugnaughts of Bespin, wasn't enough anymore. It was time explore more of the galaxy.

Physical Description: Aka stands .8 meters tall and weighs approximately 35 kilos. To non-Jawa, she looks every bit that of a typical Jawa. Her robes make it hard to tell if she is female or male and all that can be seen from under the hood are her glowing eyes. She wears matching gloves as well matching undergarments (long-sleeve shirts, leggings/pants). In more formal settings, she wears one of two robes not typical of a Jawa: a white robe or a black robe, with boots, matching gloves, and undergarments (shirts, leggings/pants). Her voice is typical of a Jawa. To other Jawa, she is considered attractive. She typically wears a bandolier that holds her hand computer, and 2 spare power packs for her guns.

The bag of the bandolier holds her ion gun, tool kit, extra tools, wire, duct tape, miscellaneous pieces and parts, nuts/bolts, and other small items that she can use on the fly for quick repairs. She also wears a holster that holds her sporting blaster and a medkit. She also has a backpack that she stows her extra clothes and other items.

Though never seen by non-Jawa, she has a tattoo on her upper left arm. It is an armband of a snake-like dragon/serpent. The head of the serpent resembles a krayt dragon, though it isn't a krayt.

Personality: Aka is a typical Jawa. Not very strong and relatively small compared to other species, she typical runs from a fight, especially melee combat. However, this is not to say she is a coward. She, like others, will stand and fight when the situation calls for it. She will not leave a friend, her family, or others she might deem worthy without support.

When she becomes frustrated, her virtually unintelligible Jawa Trade speech becomes what seems to be a jittering flood of nonsense, so that even protocol droids and translators have trouble following her.

She is at home around technology. While her clan tried to teach her how to ride some of the various beasts of Tatooine, she didn't take to it very well.

Despite her time off planet, she never forgets her clan back on Tatooine. She keeps in touch via the holonet and when possible visits them. Should her clan need it, she would head back to Tatooine without hesitation.

Objective: Experience and work on the fantastic technologies of the galaxy.

Quotes: ?

Template: Jawa Mechanic
Character Name: Aka Keeta
Aliases: ?
Gender: Female
Species: Jawa
Age: ? (22)
Height: .8 m
Weight: 35 kg
Force Sensitive: No
Force Points: 2
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 1
Extra Character Points: 0
Cyber Points: 0
Move: 8

Dexterity 3D+2: Blasters 4D, Dodge 5D, Pick Pocket 5D
Perception 3D+2: Bargain 4D+1, (s)Con: Fast Talk 4D+2, Forgery 4D, Hide 4D, (T)Investigation 4D, Persuasion 4D, Search 4D, Sneak 4D
Strength 3D: Lifting 3D+2, Stamina
Knowledge 2D+2: Alien Species 3D, Business 3D, Cultures 3D, Languages 3D+1, Planetary Systems 3D+1, Streetwise 4D, Survival 3D, (s)Survival: Desert 3D+2, Value 4D, Willpower 4D+1
Mechanical 3D: (T)Astrogation 5D, Ground Vehicle Ops 2D+2, Repulsorlift Ops 3D+1, Space Transports 2D+2
Technical 2D+2: Armor Repair 5D, Blaster Repair 7D, Capital Ship Repair 5D, Capital Ship Weapon Repair 5D, Computer Programming/Repair 7D, Droid Programming 7D, Droid Repair 7D, First Aid 5D, Ground Vehicle Repair 5D, Lightsaber Repair 5D, Repulsorlift Repair 7D, Security 5D, Space Transport Repair 7D, Starfighter Repair 7D, Starship Weapon Repair 5D


Special Abilities:
Technical Aptitude: At the time of character creation only, Jawa characters receive 2D for every 1D they place in repair oriented skills
Eidetic Memory: Photographic memory
Natural Aptitude (Technical): When improving skills (not specializations, advanced skills, or talents) the cost is 1 point less to a minimum of 1 point

Story Factors:
Trade Language: Jawas have developed a very flexible trade language which is virtually unintelligible to other species - when they want it to be unintelligible.

Jawa Robes x4 (brown, brown, white, black)
Boots x2
Jawa Ion Gun (range: 3-4/8/12, damage: 3D ion, ammo: 6, modified: uses blaster power packs)
Sporting Blaster (range: 3-10/30/60, damage: 3D+1, ammo: 50)
Power Packs x4 (2 in weapons, 2 spares)
Tool Kit (+2 to repairs)
Medpac x2
Pocket Computer (power: 1D, memory: 10D)
Backpack/duffle bag
Anti-Grav Mule (see below)
Repulsor Sled (towed behind mule)
Starship Toolkit (misc tools for starship larger jobs)
Improved Tool (allows getting into tight areas, +1 to repair)

Credits: 11,500

PackTrack 41LT-R MULE droid
Type: Mechanical Universal Labor Eliminating Droid, PackTrack 41LT-R
Dexterity 1D:
Perception 3D: Search 3D+2
Strength 6D: Lifting 7D
Knowledge 1D:
Mechincal 3D: Repulsorlift ops 4D+1
Techincal 2D: Droid Programming 4D, Droid Repair 5D
Move: 55; 120kmh
Size: 1.5 meters
Cost: 7500

Heavy Lifting Claw
Large Storage bay with 2 cubic meters space protected by 1D armor
Repulsorlift (Altitude 1 Meter)
Equipment Additions: Capable of being slung with up to 4 additional storage pods. They cost 65 credits each.

Special Skill:
Repair Advice: Althought the MULE cannot repair itself. it can advise anyone attempting to fix it using the combined action rules.