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Character Data

Force Attunement Overview

A force attuned character is someone who, while not force sensitive, can still manipulate the force to a small degree. Force attuned individuals have one innate ability they can just do. A force attuned individual can only raise their force skill so high. Most force attuned people only have one force skill, but a few like psychics, have two. A force-attuned person can't learn any more powers other than their one innate one. If someone tries a sense force on a force-attuned individual, the difficulty level is one higher. If the roll is successful, then they can sense the force attuned individual, but it doesn't come across quite as powerful as a normal force sensitive individual. If a Jedi (or other force sensitive person) tries a sense force potential on a force attuned individual it will have an odd effect. They won't be pushed back, but they will feel something pushing against them.

Rules for Playing a Force Attuned Character

If you want to play a force attuned character you need to write down Attuned in the force sensitive box. Then roll 4D or pick your one force power from the chart below. You get the force skill(s) needed to perform that power at 1D. After that roll 1D for each force skill and write that number on the back of your character sheet. That is the maximum that your force skill can reach. For every 10 starting Character Points spent the Force Skill can be raised by 1D to a maximum of 6D (Note that there are items in the galaxy that can enhance this).

Force Attunement Chart: Roll 4D
4 Control Breathing
5 Sense Path
6 Beast Languages
7-9 Sense Force
10-11 Dim (see New Force Power below)
12-13 Weather Sense
14-15 Life Detection
16 Danger Sense
17-18 Contort/Escape
19 Enhance Attribute
20-21 Magnify Senses
22 Short Term Memory Enhancement
23 Receptive Telepathy
24 Farseeing
Example: Jarred wants to make a force attuned character. He first writes attuned on his character sheet. He then rolls 4D: he rolls a 19. So under special abilities he writes Control 1D and the power Enhance Attribute. Jarred then rolls 1D. He rolls a four. 4D is now the maximum that his Control skill can get.

Role-playing a Force Attuned Character

More often than not, a force attuned individual does not know how they are able to do what they do, they just do it. It is something that comes natural to them. Say something to the effect of 'I'm going to roll to see if I have that when I am around things that have unusual powers.' Force attuned characters, while not quite as rare as force sensitive characters, are still hard to find in the galaxy. While everyone at first may want to play a force attuned character because there is very little draw back, this should be discouraged. Force Attunement will cost one dice of attribute die or 15 CP's if learned later.

Force Attuned Types

Many force attuned individuals with the same powers tend to go into the same profession, have the same basic personality, and other similarities. If you are playing a force attuned character you would be in one of the following categories, you by no means have to act like the majority.
  • Psychics: force attuned (the really good ones are force sensitive) individuals who tell the future. Whether they know it or not they do this through the Jedi power farseeing. Some psychics are withdrawn, while some try to commercialize themselves. A general feeling among all psychics (though at different degrees) is that they are different and in ways better than "normal" people. Most psychics put a lot of faith into talismans and often wear unusual clothing.
  • Magicians: while not all magicians are force attuned, the best usually are. These are the magicians that don't always rely on simple tricks and slight of hand. They actually do escape from the binders, or hold their breath for twelve minutes in the "aquatic chamber of doom". Force attuned magicians normally possess the contort/escape or control breathing power. Magicians tend to be flamboyant and sure of themselves.
  • Woodsmen: force attuned people who utterly hate people. These individuals have the beast talking ability. They will normally live the life of a hermit in a forested area, surviving off the land, and trying to protect it from intrusion.
  • Shadows: people who have spent their entire life going unnoticed. They just tend to fade into the background. These are usually people who possess the ability dim. They are normally shy, prone to wearing black, and are often good with computers or droids. Shadows are also good at sneaking around, and they are almost always emotionally sealed up, and rarely allow people to get to know them.

New Force Power

Name: Dim
Force Skill: Control
Difficulty: Easy
This power may be kept up
Effect: This power allows the user to fade into the background. This power isn't effective when there's no one around. When in effect, this power adds +15 to the search difficulty of anybody looking for him or her.