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1 Star Hotal: Boarding House or Hostel
2 Star Hotel: Typical Starport Hotel
3 Star Hotel
4 Star Hotel
5 Star Hotel

Hotels and Hostels

Hotels have popped up all over the galaxy to take in the weary traveler, much the same as they have on real life Earth. So why not offer them as a part of the gaming world? After spending days, weeks or even months in the cramped quarters afforded on board even the most spacious of freighters, finding even a semi-spacious room and a soft bed for a night or two can really take the edge off a long, tense flight. The amenities that are offered can wash away hours of tedium and offer refuge from the captivity of your ship and crewmates.
Hotel rooms can be used in a variety of ways aside from their normal use. They can be great meeting places and the larger ones can host conventions both large and small. These suggestions and those offered in the questions above only break the ice. There are countless other opportunities hotel settings can support.

The hotels listed are rated using stars (*). A percentage is given to estimate the frequency of finding a particular class of hotel in a medium sized city. Information about each class of restaurant/bar is broken down into the following categories:

Base Daily Cost for one (1) night
Additional occupant costs
Pet policies and charges
Hotel Amenities, description and weekly/monthly/bi-yearly cost reductions if applicable
Kenneling costs are covered in the last section

Starports in general will only carry two to three hotels of about 30-100 beds each. These will be two star establishments. Standard and Imperial Class Starports may also have a three star hotel in them. In cities, each of these classes of hotels will be found near the Starport and throughout the city. As a rule, for the lower classifications, the further from the Starport you are, the cleaner and better the hotel. Services and amenities may vary between hotels. Contact local operators for full listings and current pricing.

Hotels are available at the following nightly charges:

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* - One Star (Boarding House or Hostel)

Availability: 20%
One Person: 10 IC
Each Additional: 2 IC
Pets: Not Allowed
Amenities: Your kidding right? A bed. Bring your own linens. The advantage to boarding houses is they are anonymous and rooms can be rented by the day, week, month, and six month period of time. Rates are reduced by 1credit/day for weekly rentals, 3 credits/day for monthly rentals and 5 credits/day for six-month rentals. You can bring and leave what you want when you rent long term, but security is nothing but a dead bolt and chain and the leases state that if you default on your rent, all articles left in the room become property of the landlord.

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** - Two Star (Typical Starport Hotel)

Availability: 40%
One Person: 35 IC
Each Additional: 8 IC
Pets: 15 IC
Amenities: Holo-thread viewer, pay per view Holo-vids, Clean linen (by request), Vending machines, credit-op laundry on site. Long Term Rates reduced by 5 IC/day weekly, 10 IC/day monthly

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*** - Three Star

Availability: 20%
One Person: 55 IC
Each Additional: 10 IC
Pets: 15 IC+25 IC Deposit (refundable)
Amenities: Free holo-vids and Holo-thread viewer, Clean linen daily, Vending Machines, laundry service available, Continental Breakfast. A Bar & Restaurant (**) will be near by.

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**** - Four Star

Availability: 15%
One Person: 95 IC
Each Additional: 25 IC
Pets: 25 IC+50 IC Deposit (refundable)
Amenities: Free holo-vids and Holo-thread viewer, Clean linen daily, Bar & Restaurant (***), Limited room service, laundry service, pool, spa, gym, and free business/starport shuttle. 15% Restaurant discount.

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***** - Five Star

Availability: 5%
One Person: 150 IC
Each Additional: 50 IC
Pets: 35 IC (On site kennel, Limited availability)
Amenities: Free holo-vids and Holo-thread viewer, in room spa, Clean linen every day, Bar & Restaurant (****), Shopping, Full room service, laundry service, pool, spa, gym, in room massage service, package service, free business/starport shuttle. Sightseeing trips are available. 15% restaurant and shopping discount.
Kenneling: 5%
Kenneling services provide a safe environment for pets and animals of nearly all sizes. Food and exercise are included services for the daily price paid. Holding pens are secure and sanitary and maintained free of refuse and feces. Additional services such as bathing and grooming are also available and generally cost 15-30 IC. In general this is a better option than leaving your critter alone in a hotel room or star ship while you are planet side.

Cost per animal based on size in kilograms:
0-15 kg - 15 IC per day
15-30 kg - 20 IC per day
30-45 kg - 25 IC per day
45-60 kg - 30 IC per day
60-75 kg - 35 IC per day
75-100 kg - 45 IC per day
100 kg+ - 75 IC per day

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