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Galactic Beverages

Please note that some items listed here are not listed on the Star Wars Drinks Section of the House Rules. If your character wants to drink one of them - no problem - just let the GM know which one and stats will be made for it and it will be added to the regular list.

Abrax Cognac: A pale blue, alcoholic distilled spirit
Accarrgm: This is a potent Wookiee liquor
Adira VineSpider Tea: Strange, almost mossy tea. Very narcotic hallucinogen, not for humans at all!
Afterburner: A potent drink indeed
Agaric Ale: This foul brew was favored by the Neimoidians
Aitha: This protein drink is consumed by spacers to keep their bodies healthy during long runs. It is served hot
Alderaan Ruge: A very rare and expensive liqueur
Alderaanian Ale: This fermented, alcoholic beverage was brewed from the fragrant grains once native to Alderaan
Algarine: A wine best served at 50 degrees, in a 40-degree glass
Altorian Milk-ale: A strange beverage fermented on Altor 14
Andoan Ale: Green, alcoholic beverage
Andoan Wine: This distinctive wine was produced on Ando, and was aged in heavt casks
Angerian Fishak Surprise: This mixed, alcoholic drink was a favorite at the Binary Bar on Venaari
Anoat Malted: This is a rich, sweet beverage has a deep, smoky flavor
Antakarian Fire Dancer: This was a potent alcoholic drink
Aquilie Water: This was a bottled spring water favored by the Empire during the height of the New Order
Bantha Blaster: A green and pink alcoholic drink that fizzes and pops as it goes down your throat
Bantha-blood Fizz: An alcoholic drink made from clarified bantha blood
Bespin Port [vintage]: A strong unique ale, that is both charming in its looks as well as its taste
Bidziil: A form of beer or ale
Bubblezap: This was a form of chanpagne enjoyed by the citizens of the New Republic
Boiled Snig: Don't knock it till you've tried it. Its quite good actually
Caffa: This stimulating beverage, favored on Core Worlds like Stassia, was best served hot
Cambrian Wine: This was a fine wine produced during the height of the New Order
Cassandran Brandy: A true Brandy for the upper class types. "My, that's tip top"
Cassandran Choholl: Another of the renowned Cassandran spirits, it is better even than Cassandran Brandy
Chadian Rum: This version of rum was distilled on the planet Chad
Chandrilan Herb Tea: Brewed from leaves grown on the planet Chandrila, this tea was known for its soothing properties
Chav: This beverage, usually served hot, was consumed on the planet Beheboth
Corellian Whiskey: A strong but mellow drink, a true whiskey in the old sense. Very expensive outside of Corellia
Cortyg: This is a strong alcohol produced by the Wookiees
Dantic: A form of beer or ale
Daranu: This was an alcoholic spirit consumed on Parein II in the Sarin Sector. Made from local fruits and berrys. It is rich, refreshing, warming, and hits you like a blaster shot to the head in half an hour
Deltron Spice Wine: This was a strong, spicy wine which was favored in some of the galaxy's seedier cantinas
Dorian Quill: An alcoholic beverage aged 12 years or more
Drath Coke Classic: The company, after a huge galactic out cry, has gone back to the original formula for Drath. Now many Bothans will not have to die with out their favorite soda
Elshandruu Pica Thundercloud: A beautiful and mellow drink, almost to nice to look at. Fizzy effect to glass
Endorian Port: This full-bodied, sweet wine was grown on the Forest Moon of Endor during the second decade of the New Republic
Eth Fire Water: Feel the burn, baby
Eyeblaster: This is a mixed, alcoholic drink
Flameout: Watch out for the flames, as this drink is always served on fire
FozBeer: Another alien beer
Garwillian Champagne: This was a failry common form of champagne. Only the ultra-rich would enjoy this drink, especially when there are so many better ways to get loaded
Gravdinian Ale: This was considered one of the galaxy's most "dangerous" beers. A sweet beer once it has fully fermented, Gravdinian Ale gave off a strong vapor as it fermented. In concentrated amounts, this vapor could be lethal
Gruvian Tovash: This was an alcoholic spirit produced on the planet Gruvia. It was favored by Koth Melan and many other Bothans. It was discovered that Gruvian Tovash, when mixed with ryll spice, reacted with incendiary force. Ryll addicts often drank a shot of Tovash after consuming ryll, burping up puffs of blue smoke as a way to impress their friends
Hoojib's Revenge: One more time, he reaches out from the grave to grab you
HorstBerry Cider: Non-alcoholic cider
Johrian Whiskey: This was a blue-green grain alcohol
Kareas Brandy: This distillation was favored by General Hestiv
Kopi Tea: This steeped tea was brewed on the planet Frego. When properly brewed, Kopi tea was a deep orange color
KyLessian Fruit Distillate: Strange Alien fruit mixes, very strong, usually aged for decades. Not for Humans
Lum: A powerfully intoxicating beverage favored in the Corellian System but found throughout the galaxy. Lumguzzling competition. Can't overdose on it
Luranian Brandy: A fine fermentation of fruit, often served in a deep, wide-bottomed snifter
Meltdown: A strange and hardy drink, also a narcotic hallucinogen. Mix of Lum and Spice Liqueur. A more expensive version of the Reactor Core. Strange visions are sure to follow
Nikta: his is an alcoholic beverage brewed on Aduba-3
Noonian Fixer: This alcoholic concoction was guaranteed to make you forget your troubles
Norvanian Grog: An old, expensive intoxicating beverage. A 400-year-old bottle is exquisite. It is produced on the island of N'van on the planet Ban-Satir II
Narcolethe [genuine]: Must be the real thing from Mandalore, very hard to find and therefore very expensive. Great drink, a true warriors drink. Think of the history
Ottegan Mead: A true Mead, complete with wheat residue floating in it. An acquired taste
Pink Lizard Thunderbolt: Gives off a sound wave when drunk. Can knock you flat
Reactor Core: A real kicker of a drink. To be shot quickly. Also a narcotic hallucinogen. Mix of Spice Liqueur and Blue Tonic. Did you know you've just turned into a lampstand?
Red Dwarf: A potent drink
Renan Irongut: Woah, what a drink. Not to be taken lightly. Great rust remover
Renan Wines: Very nice vintages available. Many different kinds of wines as well: dinner, dessert, etc
Rodian Ale: A vile, green substance that only a Rodian would try to digest
Ryll Beer: A strong narcotic hallucinogen in the form of a beer
Savareen Brandy: An old-timers drink, very mellow. To be sipped lightly. Yes, it's quite nice
Skannbult Likker: A Deep-core kind fire-water. Variable quality
Spice Liqueur: A highly narcotic hallucinogen in a thick syrup. Not to be taken lightly
StarShine Suprize: An alien drink that is strong and beautiful. Not for Humans
Stimcaf: This was a strong form of caf, brewed to provide an instant burst of energy
Tarkenian Nightflower: An alcoholic drink
Tatooine Sunburn: A drink that is a hot as the twin suns of Tatooine, two StarShine Suprizes in a shot
Thuris Stout: A deep almost black ale, very strong
Venaarian Cringe-Ale: This bitter, yellow-colored beer was produced on the planet Venaari
Vinta Harvest Ale: This microbrewed beer was produced by Tradium. It was specially brewed for serving during the height of the podracing season on the planet Malastare, at the running of the Vinta Harvest Classic. The marketing campaign revolved around the following description: "When the races get tough, the tough reach for Vinta!"
Wampa Milk: Not really wampa milk, but a name used to represent any native milk drink
Wroonian Ale: This was a fermented malt beverage brewed on the planet Wroona
Yeade: The Witches of Dathomir favored this warm beverage during the last decades of the Old Republic
Zadarian Brandy: A smooth fermented alcohol
Zeltronian Spiced Wine: Dengar had drunk too much of this the night before Jabba died, and so he missed the trip to the Pit of Carkoon.

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