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Creature Name: Valkyrian Hound

Type: Forest Predator / Domestic Hunting Companion
Size: 0.9-1.1 meters in height
Move: 13
Orneriness: 3D
Planet of Origin: Unknown
Valkyrian Hound

Dexterity 3D:
Perception 2D+2:
Strength 3D:

Special Abilities:
Camouflage: +1D to Hide rolls in Forest environments
Claws: STR+1D
Scales: +2 to resist all types of damage when hit on its torso, neck or head
Senses: Valkyrian Hounds possess sharp senses of smell and hearing - add +2D to Perception and Search: Tracking when applicable.
Teeth: STR+1D
Venomous Bite: Valkyrian Hounds do an additional +3D with their venomous bite. This is stun damage only.

Description: The Valkyrian Hound is a medium sized dog that can be found right across the Galaxy both in the wild and as domesticated companions. Their dispersion throughout the Galaxy is largely attributed to their domestication, as scientists have thus far been unable to determine their planet of origin.

Valkyrian Hounds are around a meter in height and have quite a slender build, albeit they possess a sinewy strength. They are covered in short wiry fur and, somewhat unusually, they also have tough scales protecting most of their torso, neck and head. Their colouring tends towards shades of green, yellow and brown, which helps them to blend into their woodland habitat.

In the wild the Valkyrian Hounds live in quite large communal packs made up of mated pairs. Most litters will produce two or three pups and they will feed off their motherís milk for about seven months before taking part in hunting. Mature Valkyrian Hounds will usually hunt in twos or threes, using their ultrasonic voice box to communicate with each other and coordinate the hunt. Once they have identified their prey they will stalk it from multiple directions and strike from hiding using their venomous bite to bring down their prey.

Valkyrian Hounds make excellent hunting companions and are extremely loyal to their owners as long as they are well treated. Training normally starts once a pup has been weaned off its motherís milk Ė starting much later than this will considerably extend the training time. Trainers usually train their charges to fetch, stalk, heel, stay, guard and kill. They are also trained to issue a distinct ultrasonic growl should they scent danger Ė most owners are unable to hear this growl without wearing ultrasonic pickups.

The majority of domesticated Valkyrian hounds are used by legitimate hunting concerns on a wide range of planets. They have also begun to find their way into some planetary police forces, where their bite has proven useful in incapacitating felons. However, this use has alerted underworld elements of the Valkyrian Houndís utility and they are being used in their own security operations, including manhunts for those defaulting on loan payments or who have somehow defied a crime boss in other ways.