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Creature Name: Roggwart

Type: Nonsentient carnivor
Size: 2.5 - 3 meters
Move: 12
Orneriness: 3D+3
Planet of Origin: Vendaxa (or Guiteica)

Dexterity :
Perception :
Strength :

Special Abilities:


"ROOOAAARRR! *grunt*"
-The roar of a Roggwart

Roggwarts are large predatory beasts. A distinguishing anatomical feature is a pair of curving horns growing from the sides of their heads. They have a long tail and thick skin.


During the Clone Wars, General Grievous kept a pet roggwart named Gor in his castle on Vassek. Gor was roughly the size of a rancor, and was outfitted with battle armor, including a chest plate and helmet. He was released to attack Jedi Master Kit Fisto, his former padawan, Nahdar Vebb, and clone commander Fil, in Grievous' castle. In the end, Gor was defeated by Kit Fisto in Grievous' own home.