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Creature Name: Gohai

Type: Desert Carnivore
Size: 2.2 meters at the shoulder
Move: 15
Orneriness: 4D
Planet of Origin: Unknown

Dexterity 4D+2:
Perception 4D: Search: tracking 7D, sneak 7D
Strength 6D+1: Brawling combat 7D+1

Special Abilities:
Claws: Cause Str+2D damage.
Bite: Causes Str+2D+2 damage.

Designation: Non-sentient
Distinctions: Quadruped body with tail, triangular-shaped anterior pointing mandibles, torso that peaked between shoulder blades

"Just because it's closer to your weight class doesn't mean it'll be any easier to take down."
-Bounty hunter Ro-San Borokki on gohai

Gohai are a non-sentient quadruped species that can be found throughout the Expansion Region. With a well-muscled body comparable in size to large predators like the gundark or nexu, they have a long, thick tail. Their faces have two eyes, a flat nose, pointed ears, and a single wide mouth filled with sharp pointed teeth. The jaw also has a distinctly triangular-shaped pair of mandibles with their narrowest point jutting toward the creature's anterior. Gohai have a narrow waist, digitigrade limbs and the robust torso comes to a peak between the shoulder blades.

The Bounty Hunters' Guild Handbook recommended that if they charged at a being, the target should drop to the ground. The bounty hunter Ro-San Borokki mentioned gohai when she wrote "The Hunt," a chapter of the Bounty Hunters' Guild Handbook.