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Creature Name: Bollestida

Type: Two-Headed Carnivor
Size: 1.6-1.9 meters long, .7-.9 meters tall
Move: 12
Planet of Origin: Unknown
Source: Unknown (stats are homemade)

Dexterity 4D+1: dodge 5D
Perception 3D: search 4D, (s) search: tracking 5D
Strength 4D+2: brawling combat 5D+2

Special Abilities:
Multiple Targets: The bollestida can attack up to two targets, one per head, per round with no penalty as if there were two creatures. However, the targets cannot be more than 3 meters apart.
Tail Attack: Every other round the bolletida gains an extra attack with its tail with no penalty.
Tail: Str+1D.
Bite: Str+2D per head.
Surprise: The bollestida is very difficult to surprise and gets to add +1D+1 to Perception to the surprise roll.

The bollestida is a lone hunter most of the time, but will join with one or two others in time of need or to mate. The planet of origin is unknown as the species can be found on most every planet that has jungles, swamps or forests where the creature prefers to live.

The female protects the young for the first six months and then abandons them to fend for themselves. As a typical litter is usually 6-10 young, the chance for survival is quite good given that their numbers have grown on every planet they have been deposited on. The bollestida is fearless and will attack anything they feel threatened by regardless of size, sometimes to their death. This aggessiveness had lead to most other animals avoiding the bollestida at all costs except those that are either more aggressive or much larger.