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Creature Name: Balyeg

Type: Carnivorous Cave Reptile
Size: 2.3 meters tall, 3.8 meters long
Move: 10 (walking)/14 (climbing)/5-8 (digging, see below)
Planet of Origin: Unknown

Dexterity 3D+2:
Perception 4D: search 5D, (s)search: tracking 6D
Strength 6D: climbing 7D

Special Abilities:
Sense of Smell: this natural ability is very powerful allowing the balyeg to detect and track prey from 5 kilometers away downwind and 2 km upwind. The balyeg can even smell prey under as mush as 10 meters of earth or stone.
Claws: Str+3D. In addition to being very sharp and hard, they allow the balyeg to dig through solid rock to reach hidden prey. This rate is at a move of 8 in hard dirt, 6 in soft stone and 5 in hard stone.
Bite: Str+2D. Not the most powerful attack, but once clamped on, the only way to get free is to kill the creature (lightsabers work well).
Tail: Str+2D


"You have faced the Balyeg. You need never fear again."
-Jango Fett, to his son Boba, after the latter faced the Balyeg

The Balyeg is a large reptilian creature that preys on the pardlam. Bounty hunter Jango Fett considered it one of the scariest creatures in the galaxy. Hoping to teach his son Boba not to fear, Fett took him to the Balyeg's planet and ordered him to get the creature's tooth. Boba was successful in this task.

Biology and Appearance:

The Balyeg was a gigantic reptilian creature that inhabited a planet. The Balyeg had yellow eyes, large claws and teeth, and a series of bony ridges covered its body. This characteristics combined to give the Balyeg a frightening appearance.


Jango: "You know those large creatures we saw on the way in, the pardlam?"
Boba: "They were hard to miss."
Jango: "They're the main food source of the Balyeg. The pardlam are the only things on this planet big enough to sate its hunger, and it needs to eat a lot of them."
-Jango and Boba Fett

The Balyeg lives in a large cave and preys on the pardlam, which are the only creatures large enough to satisfy the Balyeg's hunger. The Balyeg locates the pardlam by a special smell that they emanate.


"You have faced the most terrifying thing in the galaxy. Now, no matter how long you live, no matter what you come up against—you know the most fearful thing you will ever face is behind you."
-Jango Fett, to Boba

In 22 BBY, the Balyeg's planet of residence was visited by the bounty hunter Jango Fett and his son, Boba. Hoping to show his son the most frightening creature in the galaxy so he would never fear again, Jango took Boba to the Balyeg's cave. Spraying him with the pardlam's smell, Jango gave Boba his jetpack and told him to bring the Balyeg's tooth to him. The Balyeg attacked Boba, but the latter was able to maneuver on the jetpack and take the creature's tooth, bringing it back to Jango.