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Creature Name: Ash Angel

Type: Small airborne scavenger
Size: 1 meter tall, 2.5 meter wingspan
Move: 4, 10 (flying)
Planet of Origin: Sullust
Source: Ultimate Adversaries (pages 67-68)
Ash Angel

Dexterity 4D+1:
Perception 2D+1: Hide 7D, search 6D
Strength 1D+1: Brawling 3D, bite 3D+2

Special Abilities:
Poison: Ash Angels have a poisonous bite designed to allow them to escape danger. When bitten, the target must make a Difficult Stamina roll or suffer -1D to Strength. One minute later, a second Difficult Stamina roll must be made or the target is paralyzed for 1D half hours, giving the Ash Angel time to escape.
Camouflage: Ash Angels blend in with their surroundings, granting a +2 bonus to hide in ashy, burnt or cluttered environments.
Fire/Blaster Energy Resistance: Ash Angels are highly resistant to fire and blaster energy, gaining +2D to resist these types of damage.

Description: Ash angels are large avians native to Sullust. They subsist on the harsh surface of the planet by consuming ash. Their bodies extract nutrients from the ash, then shed the powdery residue through their skin.
Ash angels do not have feathers like other avians. Instead, they had short, thin strips of tissue covering their wings and back, granting them the appearance of a pile of ash, which is valuable camouflage in the incinerated landscape. It is through these strips that they shed the ash residue.