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Character Data

These Disadvantages finish off a character by giving them something to work off. You have 1D of Advantages available at character generation. After that 1D is spent you can take a disadvantage to gain more dice to invest in advantages. When purchasing with Disadvantages you are required to purchase as many dice worth as their Advantages -1D. Droids cannot take all Disadvantages, some such as Addiction, Albino, Allergies and so on are considered inappropriate for non-organic beings. Also note that the details can be written into the character's background or be worked out with the Game Master.

GM NOTE: Some of the Disadvantages listed below make it such that either this table be used or the Innate Abilities Table be used, but not both, during character creation.

Note: Disadvantage value is listed in Pips. Remember, 3 Pips adds up to 1D.

Disadvantage Cost Detriment
Acrophobia 2 The character is afraid of heights and tall buildings.
Addiction 1,3 1: common cigs, coffee; 3 addictive drugs or spice; increasing penalty
Agoraphobia 2 The character is afraid of open spaces, crowds, and public areas.
Albino 1 You're very white and very reactive to the sun. You have to keep covered when outside or your skin will start to burn.
Alien Thoughts 1 The character's thoughts are foreign. Telepathy is impossible and sometimes their ideas don't make sense.
Allergies 1,3,5 -1/Point STR skills for resistance.
Animal Antipathy 1,2,3 Animals dislike the character, -2/Point to all rolls involving interaction with animals or +2/Point to Orneriness.
Atheism 1,2,3 The character doesn't believe in religion. They can never gain force sensitivity. Character may be blatantly annoyed with displays of faith.
Attractive 1 The character is attractive, they are very likely going to attract unwanted attention.
AWOL 3 The character disserted the military, they are wanted back if for no better reason than to be kicked out.
Bad Balance 1,3,5 -1/Point to DEX skills for resistance.
Bad Liar 2 -1D Bargain, Command, Con, Gambling
Bad Reputation 2,3,4 -1/point to Con, Bargain, Business, and Persuasion
Beacon of Force 1 The character stands out in the Force, Force sensitive's seem to find them easily.
Betrothed 1 The character has to get married to someone.
Blindness 4 The character can't see.
Brittle Bones 1,2,3 The character's bones are very brittle, and will break when they take damage. 20 5/ rank.
Cannot Lie 4 The character cannot lie...ever...even if it would save their life.
Child Abuse 2 The character was abused in some way as a child. Hates all abuse, to include slavery.
Claustrophobia 2 The character is afraid of closed in spaces. Space travel sucks.
Club Footed 1,2,3 The character's speed is reduced by 1/Point, climbing and jumping skills -1/Point.
Club Hand 1 The character's off hand is useless.
Clumsiness 1,2,3 -1/Point from all Dexterity skills
Code of Honor 2 The character grew up with a strict code of honor, making them unwilling to do anything they'd consider dishonorable. This Disadvantage cannot be selected by Coynites or Wookiees or any other species that starts with an honor code.
Color Blindness 1 The character is unable to distinguish colors.
Cowardice 3 -1D Bargain, Command, Con, Seduction
Curiosity 2 Your cat's dead, and you'll do anything to find out why. Basically, an insatiable desire to investigate to a fault.
Dark Tendencies 1,2,3 You have a strong tendency towards the dark and morbid.
Deafness 4 The character was born deaf, and is incapable of hearing.
Debt 1,2,3 1: 15,000 credits; 2: 30,000 credits; 3: 60,000 credits
Deep Sleeper 2 The character is hard to wake up.
Deformed 1,2,3 The character bares obvious scars. -1 per rank to Command, Business, and Persuasion.
Dependant 1,2,3 Your dear old Aunt May needs looking after...
Depression 2 The character may suffer from a severe depression, or may merely have a dark or pessimistic outlook on life.
Despised 2 The character is despised in their local area. Most people would be glad to see harm befall the character.
Destitute 2 No starting credits or equipment
Dispossessed 1 Someone took away your families lands. Roll 1d6: 1-3 A House, 4 A Farm/Small Business, 5 A Minor Estate/Major Business, 6 A Major Estate.
Easily Hurt 1,2,3 Character gets 2 pips on STR rolls versus damage.
Easily Intoxicated 1,2,3 -1D/Point Stamina when drinking.
Easily Knocked Out 1,2,3 -2 pip/Point on Strength to resist stun.
Epilepsy 3 The character will have seizures randomly.
Escaped Slave 2 You are an escaped Serf/Slave who is on the run.
Excommunicated 1,2,3 You have done something to offend your church or other profession and have been excommunicated.
Exiled 1 You are exiled from your home area for something you did, to return would mean your execution.
Extreme Debts 6 In debt to the value of 250,000 credits or more.
Farsighted 1 The character can see distant objects clearly, but is unable to distinguish nearby objects as well.
Force Blind 3 The character cannot sense with the Force. They are barred from sense force powers.
Force Susceptible 1,2,3 -1/Point on any roll to resist many kind of Force power.
Forcephobia 2 The character has an innate distrust of the Force and Force users.
Forgetful 1,2,3 -1/Point on all memory related skill rolls.
Frail 1 The character is quite frail and pain will often make them pass out, even if the injury wasn't serious. They might otherwise be as healthy as a horse, but be a complete weenie when it comes to anything involving pain.
Gambler 1 The character has a compulsion to gamble.
Generosity 2 Generous to a fault, the character will rarely keep things for themselves, but generally donate money and things to charity or the poor whenever possible.
Glass Jawed 1,2,3 -2/Point to STR tests involving being knocked unconscious while brawling.
Greed 1,2,3 Constantly seeking wealth, fame, or power, above all other things.
Hatred of Authority 2 The character hates any authority figure or group.
Hearing Impairment 1,3 -1 point per rank from PER
Heavy Sleeper 1 Character takes 1D Combat Rounds to be ready for action when he is woken.
Hunted 2,3,4 Someone's looking for the character. The higher the Points the greater the resources of the hunter.
Hyperactive 1,2,3 The character is very hyperactive and can never sit still or concentrate on anything for very long. Affect: -1/-2/-3 Concentration.
Hypochondriac 1,2,3 The character over reacts to every situation.
ID Trouble 3 PC has NO identification of any kind.
Illiterate 2 -1D KNO skills and is unable to read any language.
Imperial Record 1 Wanted (but not specifically hunted) for a minor offense.
Implant-Resistant 1 Someone with this disadvantage cannot have implants of any kind. There may also be complications with certain surgical procedures.
In Love 1,2,3 You are deeply in love with someone and would do anything to stop him or her coming to harm.
Insomnia 1 The character has trouble falling asleep at night. However, as a side-affect, they are somewhat more resistant to sleep effects.
Kleptomania 2 The character takes delight in shiny objects, and often walks off with interesting looking things without realizing it. They steal out of curiosity, which can often get them in trouble.
Lame 3 One of the character's legs is misshapen and lame, reducing their Move Rate and Dexterity rolls by -2.
Laziness 1,2,3 The character is rather lazy, and rarely does anything that isn't necessary, and then only as much as is needed.
Lisp 1 The character speaks with a lisp.
Lost Dependents 1,2,3 The character has dependents out there somewhere.
Lush 1,2,3 -1D Stamina on tests involving alcohol.
Megalomaniac 1,2,3 The character wants power and authority.
Mental Compulsion 1,2,3 Impulse control disorders, obsessive, rumination
Midget 3 The character's growth is stunted, and they are shorter than normal. Their movement speed is decreased.
Migraines 1,2,3 The character gets migraines and is less fuctional by rank point selected. -1, -2 or -1D to all Attributes by rank Point when affected by a migraine.
Mistaken Identity 1,2,3 The character is often mistaken for someone else. The higher the rank point, the more often it happens.
Moment of Awe 1,2,3 You saw something once (a woman, a great treasure, etc) and have dedicated yourself to finding it again.
Mood Swings 2 The character has mood swings.
Moral Qualms 2 Code against killing, that sort of thing.
Mortal Enemy 1,2,3 Someone hate you really strongly and wants you taken down.
Mute 5 The character is mute, and cannot speak or make any sort of vocalization.
Narcolepsy 1 The character will fall asleep randomly.
Nearsighted 1 The character can see nearby objects clearly, but is unable to see distant objects as well.
Needy 1 The character constantly wants attention.
Night Blindness 2 -1D to vision based skills at night.
Nightmares 1 The character has nightmares which keep them up. This affects them by -1 to Perception for the first hour of every day they have one.
Oath of Revenge 1,2,3 The character has made an other of revenge against someone.
Obedience 2,3,4 The character is used to taking orders, and would be hard pressed to defy an order.
Obesity 1,2,3 The character is overweight. Their Move Rate is decreased by 1, 2 or 3 based on rank. Also, -1/Point STR skills.
Oblivious 1 The character just doesn't notice things - regardless of Search or Perception roles unless they are really high.
One Arm 2 The character is missing an arm.
Orphan 2 For whatever cause, both of the character's parents died while they were a child.
Outcast 1 From an early age, the character was not accepted by society, and may have been shunned, or violently exiled from their home.
Outlaw 1 The character is hunted by the law of an entire nation for a crime that is punishable by death.
Overblown Honor 3 Never backs down from a challenge IE: if called chicken would charge a rancor bare handed.
Overconfidence 1 Too much confidence and faith in one's own abilities, often overjudging themselves to be capable of things they are not. This does not apply to defels as their species has this by default.
Panic Disorder 1,2,3 The character panics under stress.
Paranoia 1,2,3 The character is quite paranoid, and feels like society is out to get them, and is thus overly cautious and untrusting.
Persecuted 1,2,3 The character is persecuted by authorities no matter where they go.
Phobia 1,2,3 The character has a phobia against something. Player must select on in this list or find one that suits them
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder 2,3,4 The character has flashbacks that can affect their reality. Rank determines how severe they are.
Poverty 1 The character's family was very poor while they were growing up. Life was a struggle and they had to work from an early age just to survive. They still live and act this way, even if they have credits. They are also likely to send almost all they gain or earn back home to their family (in the amount of 80%-90%).
Powerful Enemy 3 You have made a powerful enemy they will try to cause you grief at every turn.
Pretentious 1 The character is pretentious and will place greater value/importance on almost everything where they are concerned.
Psychological Limitation 1,2,3 This is a catch-all category.
Pyromaniac 1,2,3 The character has the urge to light fires, a lot of fires. The more the merrier, based on rank.
Racist 1,2,3 Depending on how common the species, you have a hatred for a certain one (choose species). Anytime you see one of their kind you either don't trust them or all out want to kill them.
Rationalist 1,2,3 The character always needs an explanation of what is going on.
Reactionary 1,2,3 Tends to jump to conclusions.
Rebellious 1,2,3 Tends to rebel against authority.
Religion 2 The character believes in a religion.
Republic Record 1,2,3 The character has a record in the republic. Rank determines severity and if the Empire has envoked it.
Respect for Nature 1 The character grew up to respect nature and all animals, and will not willingly do anything to harm either.
Rival 1,2,3 The character has a rival.
Scared 1,2,3 The character is afraid a lot.
Schizophrenia 1,2,3 Rank determines how severe. Meds help, but what if they run out?
Secret 1,2,3 The character has a secret they want kept. Will do almost anything to keep it.
Self-Injury 1,2,3 The character hurts themselves.
Selfishness 1 Rarely doing anything for others unless one stands to gain from it in some way.
Shortwinded 1,2,3 -1/Point to Stamina rolls. Failure affects Strength by same amount. Character must rest for 1, 2 or 3 minutes or penalty stays until they rest for twice as long as they ignore it.
Sibling Rivalry 1 A brother or sister of the character greatly dislikes them and can sometimes be vengeful or hindering.
Sickly 2,3,4 The character is unusually sickly, and will occasionally pick up diseases and sicknesses. The character rolls -2, -1D or -1D+1 to Strength when resisting getting these infections.
Slavery 5 The character was born into slavery, or similar. They had no rights and were made to work very hard while growing up. Hate slavery with a passion and will do whatever they can to end it.
Sleepwalker 1 You walk in your sleep.
Slow Reactions 1 Character gets 1D to Dexterity in tests involving quickness or reaction.
Snoring 1 Snores loudly while asleep.
Socially Inept 1,2,3 The character doesn't react well in social situations. -1/Point to social skill rolls.
Sociopathic 1,3 You hate society.
Speaks in Rhyme 1 The character always speaks in rhyme. Man! This is annoying.
Speech Impediment 1 The character has a stutter. Still less annoying than rhyme. (not a lisp)
Split Personality 2,3,4 The character has a split personality. Rank deterines number of personalities. They switch at random with one being dominant.
Stalker 1 The character has someone following them, but can never find them.
Sterile 1 The character can't have children.
Stoic 1 The character is quiet and detached.
Submissive 4 The character desires to be told what to do.
Susceptible to Disease 2 -1D resistance to all diseases.
Technophobia 6 The character has a deep distrust of advanced technology, and will use it sparingly if at all.
Theft 1,2,3 Your characters most expensive single item was stolen; mark it off your character sheet.
Tone Deaf 1 The character couldn't carry a tune in a bucket. They will find it impossible to learn music to any degree that anyone would want to listen to them, or accomplish any magical effects with it.
Tourette's Syndrome 1,2,3 The character screams swear words sometimes (appoved only, please).
Traitor 1,2,3 In a moment of weakness you betrayed someone, you are trying to keep this secret but someday it may come out and cause you grief.
Traumatic Flashbacks 2,3 -1/Point Bargain, Command, Con, Seduction. Similar to PTSD, but very specific and very potent.
Unattractive Appearance 1,2,3 The character isn't attractive. -1/Point Bargain, Command, Con, Seduction
Uncouth 2 -1D Bargain, Command, Con. Tends to be filthy as well.
Unlucky 1 If something bad is going to happen to a member of the party it will be this character 90% of the time. This character cannot have Luck Points (see Advantages for description).
Unmistakable Features 1 Scars, tattoos, etc.
Unwilling Medium 1 The character doesn't want force abilities and can never become Force Sensitive.
Vain 1,2,3 The character thinks highly of themselves.
Vendetta 1,2,3 There is an individual of influence you hate so much you want to hurt them even if it affects your friends and self.
Violent Tendancies 2 The character is very violent, and lashes out at provocation, and may not be able to control their urges.
Vision Impairment 1,2,4 1: requires corrective lenses 2: partial, -1D ranged weapons and Search 4: total blindness, no vision. Similar to Blindness above.
Wanted 1,2,3 The character has committed some minor crimes and is wanted in a small area (planet or system). The jail term would be 2D years. They also have a System Bounty on them for 5000 to 10,000 credits.
Weak Grip 1,2,3 The character gets 1D in tests involving holding on to things.
Weak Immune System 1,2,3 The character gets -1/Point in tests involving poisons and diseases.
Weak Trait 1,2,3 -2 pips to characters lowest stat, even if it brings the statistic below racial norms.
Weak Willed 1,2,3 -2/Point on Willpower tests involving fear or being mentally manipulated.
Xenophobia 4 The character has an unreasonable hatred and fear of all other species.