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Character Data

These Advantages help to polish off your character. They give you some sort of possitive effect for your character. The list below defines the available advantages. All characters have 1D to spend on Advantages from this list. You may take additional advantages by purchasing them with Disadvantages from the Disadvantages List.

GM NOTE: Some of the Advantages listed below make it such that either this table be used or the Innate Abilities Table be used, but not both, during initial character creation.

Note: Advantage price is listed in Pips. Remember, 3 Pips equals 1D.

Advantage Cost Bonus/Effect
6th Sense 1,2,3 +1/Point PER, Search, Hide, Sneak and Surprise.
Ability Focus 1 The character can take an Advanced skill without meeting its requirement.
Able Drinker 1,2,3 +1D STR on tests involving alcohol
Accelerated Climbing 1 The character can climb at their normal movement rate instead of half.
Accurate Assessment 1,2,3 The character is astute at deciphering a situation. +2 to Investigation.
Acting Ability 1,2,3 +1/Point Persuation skill.
Acute Hearing 2 +1D PER, Search, Hide and Sneak.
Acute Smell 1 +1D PER
Acute Taste 1 +1D in tracking/search/eating when using taste.
Acute Touch 2 +1D Pickpocket, Sleight of Hand, Security.
Acute Vision 2 +1D PER; +5 long range shots, +1D Search.
Age Well 1 The character is less affected by age than others.
Aggressive Defense 1,2,3 The character is gifted with defending in melee. +2 to Melee Combat.
Agile 1,2,3 The character is very agile. +2 to Melee Combat.
Agile Riposte 1,2,3 The character is gifted with defending. +2 to Dodge.
Alliance 1,2,3 The character has a strong professional alliance with an individual of influence and skill.
Altruism 1,2,3 The character is kind to others and others are kind back.
Ambidextrous 2 Character gets no minus for using the off hand.
Ambitious Leader 1,2,3 The character is a good leader looking for a leg up. +2 to Command.
Animal Empathy 1,2,3 Character naturally gets along with animals. +1D to all rolls involving interaction with natural animals or -1D to Orneriness.
Animal Friendship 1 +1D Animal Handling and Beast Riding.
Anything Goes Combat 1,2,3 The character will do anything to win. +2 to Brawling Combat, Melee Combat, and Thrown Weapons.
Apothecary 1,2,3 The character can make drugs. +1/Point to First Aid to make drugs.
Applied Scholastics 1,2,3 The character had classes in a specific area. +1/Point to a specific skill.
Approachable 1,2,3 People like to talk to you. +1 on Persuasion rolls.
Armed Flurry Of Blows 1,2,3 The character is adept at landing multiple hits. +1 to damage for multiple hit attacks.
Armor Penetration 2 The character is adept at hitting where armor doesn't protect. Half armor protection.
Artistic Ability 1 +1D Forgery
Athletic Ability 1,2,3 +1/Point STR skills (but NOT vs. damage)
Attack Focus 1,2,3 The character is adept with a particular attack. +1 to damage with named weapon.
Attentive 1,2,3 The character pays attention. +1D to Search.
Attractive Appearance 1,2,3 +1/Point Bargain, Con, Command, Seduction.
Aura Chameleon 3 The character can't be detected with the Force Sense ability. This includes all Sense powers that can be used to detect any being. No dice roll, it just works
Autonomous 1,2,3 The character works well on their own. +1/Point to Survival and Streetwise.
Awesome Blow 2 The character's critical hits are impressive. Max damage on crtical.
Back To Back 1,2,3 The character works well with someone else. +1 to combat skills while pair fighting.
Backstab 1,2,3 The character is good at back stabbing. +1 damage when victim is unaware (bypasses armor).
Barber-Surgeon 1,2,3 The character knows primitive medical techniques. +2/Point to First Aid.
Battle Cry 1,2,3 The character is adept at charging into combat. +1/Point to Initiative of your side.
Battle Leader 1,2,3 The character is good in combat. Command Check can raise a target's initiative by 1/Point.
Beautiful 1,2,3 +1D/Point on tests relating to beauty and attractiveness.
Beloved 1,2,3 Someone with influence has fallen in love with you and would do anything to stop you coming to harm.
Bilingual Background 2 +1D Alien Species, Cultures, Languages.
Blandness 1 +1D Con, Sneak
Bleeding Critical 1,2,3 Critical hits do 1 damage each round until the target gets first aid.
Blessed 1,2,3 The Force smiles on you. Your character begins with 2 Luck Points per point spent. Allows reroll of any dice roll until it is positive.
Blind-Fighting 1,2,3 The character is adept at fighting without sight. No penalties for darkness.
Blinding Speed 1,2,3 The character gets a +3 Move Rate for 4 turns each encounter.
Body Awareness 1,2,3 The character is well aware of their own body size and position. +1/Point on Contortion, Escape Artist, and Martial Arts rolls.
Bonded Weapon 3 The character has a weapon that can't be removed in combat. Weapon bought separately.
Bookworm 1,2,3 The character reads a lot. +1/Point to Knowledge.
Boost Construct 1,2,3 The character is adept with droids. Repair checks give droids permanent +1/Point to stats.
Bottoms Up 2 The character can drink like a fish. Very little effect from alcohol (+2D to Stamina).
Bravery 1,2,3 The character will put their life on the line. +1D to attempts to save others.
Brawler 1,2,3 The character gains +1/Point to Brawling Combt.
Brawn 1,2,3 The character is unnaturally strong. +1/Point to Strength Damage.
Breaking Blow 1,2,3 The character breaks stuff a lot. +1D to STR to break items.
Burst Fire 2,3,4 The character is more adept at using weapons on burst mode. +2/Point to hit with burst weapons.
Called Shooter 5 The character can call shots with a named weapon. They also gain +2/Point to hit their desired target.
Camouflage 1,2,3 The character is adept at stealth. +1/Point to Sneak, Hide, and Survival
Careful Planner 1,2,3 The character always has a plan. +1D to Command when a plan has been made and +1/Point to Tactics in making a plan.
Cast-Iron Stomach 1,2,3 The character can eat anything. +1D to STR to resist ingested food.
Cautious 1,2,3 The character is naturally cautious. +1 to T.
Chaotic Mind 3 The character's thoughts are unpredictable. Mental powers from the Force have a very difficult time working on the character. Add two levels to the difficulty for anyone to affect this characters mind with the Force.
Chill Of The Grave 3 The character has a dark aura about them which is unnatural. Everyone is uneasy around you.
Chivalry 1 The character is chivalrous, kind to women, champion of the under dog and all that.
Close Order Combat 1,2,3 The character is excellent in close combat. +1/Point to attack rolls in close combat (less than 2 meters).
Code Of Honor 1,2,3 The character has a code they live by. Violating it is unthinkable. Rank level makes this even more pronounced.
Cold-Blooded Killer 2 The character is a killer. The character feels no moral qualms about taking lives when the need arises.
Combat Casting 1,2,3 The character gets a +1/Point to Force power checks made in combat.
Combat Fury 1,2,3 The character gets mad in combat. +2 to Melee Combat and Brawling Combat, but will attack anyone in front of them.
Combat Intimidation 1,2,3 The character is an intimidating combatant. Command checks can reduce a target opponent's initiative by 1, 2 or 3.
Combat Opportunist 1,2,3 The character preys on the weak. +2 to attack rolls against an injured opponent.
Combat Reflexes 1,2,3 The character is adept at avoiding harry situations. +1/Point to Dodge.
Combat Throw 3 The character is a surgeon with thrown weapons. The character can always center grenades to do maximum effect, note that throwing range has its limits.
Computer Aptitude 1,2,3 +1/Point Comp/Droid Prog. & Repair, Security Systems
Concerted Attack 1,2,3 The character is good at leading united attacks. Command checks add +1/Point to ally attacks on a single opponent.
Connected 1,2,3 You are a member of a guild, cult, or secret society and will be accepted and helped by other members in return for your loyalty.
Connected Family 1,2,3 The character has a title of some importance. Rank determines level of importance.
Contacts 1,2,3 +1/Point to Culture, Streetwise; 1 Contact owes character favors.
Contortionist 1,2,3 The character is flexible. +2/Point to checks requiring flexibility.
Cool 1 Others think the character is cool.
Craft Mastery 2 +2D for every 1D in named design skill
Craftsman 1,2,3 The character is adept at making things. +1/Point to crafting objects.
Criminal 1,2,3 The character has a criminal record. +1/Point to Con, Gambling, Forgery, and Disguise
Crippler 1,2,3 The character is adept at wounding people. On critical hits the target is crippled if they don't die.
Cultural Flexibility 1,2,3 The character can work in any surroundings, +1/Point to Cultures, Alien Species, and Languages.
Cybernetics 1 The character has cybernetic parts. Consult the cybernetic equipment and the GM for what will be allowed.
Damage Reduction 1,2,3 The character has naturally thick hide. +1/Point off physical damage.
Deadly Precision 1,2,3 The character is precise with their shots. +2/Point to hit and damage with ranged weapons.
Death From Afar 2 The character kills from range. Single shots against minion characters instantly kill.
Deceitful 1,2,3 The character lies well. +1/Point to Con, Disguise, Forgery, and Gambling.
Deceptive 1,2,3 The character lies constantly. +1/Point to Con, Disguise, Forgery, and Gambling.
Defense Specialization 1,2,3 The character is good at a particular defense. +2/Point to named defense.
Defensive Arts 1,2,3 In melee the character can defend well. +2/Point to Melee Combat.
Defensive Disarm 2 Successful Melee Combat roll to hit causes opponent to be disarmed.
Defensive Trip 2 Successful Brawling Combat roll to hit causes opponent to be tripped.
Deft Hands 1,2,3 The character is good at detailed work. +1/Point to all repair skills.
Demolition's Aptitude 1 Gets a +1D when fiddling with explosives or detecting them.
Destructive Force 1,2,3 The character is good at destroying things with the Force. +1/Point to Force checks to destroy things.
Diehard 1,2,3 The character may reroll a failed STR check once/Point to resist damage, if the attack would normally kill them.
Diligent 1,2,3 The character is observant. +1/Point to PER.
Double Step 1,2,3 The character can move before and after their attack with no multiple action penalties. Distance is 1/2 normal Move +1/Point extra meter.
Double Tap 1,2,3 The character can fire twice at a single target with no multiple action penalty. Second shot damage is reduced by 3, 2 or 1 based on rank.
Drive-By Attack 1,2,3 The character is adept at attacks from moving vehicles. +2/Point to Vehicle Weapons.
Driving Goal 2 The character has a single driving goal which consumes their life. +1 to a single target Attribute which will help with that goal.
Drug/Poison Resistant 2 Character has a strong resistance to drugs and poisons. They get +1D STR when making rolls to resist their effects.
Dual Identity 2 Two sets of complete identification. Both are 100% legal.
Ducking Shot 1,2,3 The character is deft at shooting from partial cover. +2/Point difficulty of being hit.
Education 2,3,4 +1 per rank to KNO
Eidetic Memory 1,2,3 +1D per Rank Point on all memory related rolls.
Elite Training 1,2,3 The character is the best of the best. +2/Point to a named combat skill.
Elusive Target 1,2,3 The character is hard to hit on the move. +2/Point to Dodge skill. This cannot be used while running.
Empathy 1,2,3 The character understands how others feel. +1/Point to Persuasion, Bargain, Business, and Command.
Endurance 1,2,3 +2/Point to Stamina checks for exhaustion.
Endure Heat/Cold 2 The character is resilient to temperature. +1D to STR vs heat and cold.
Endure Hunger/Thirst 1,2,3 The character can resist hunger. They can go without food and water for 1 day per rank point longer than others.
Endure Pain 3 The character is resistant to pain. +1D to STR vs pain.
Endure Torture 3 The character is resistant to torture. +1D to Willpower vs Torture.
Energy Resistance 1,2,3 The character is resistant to energy. +1/Point to STR vs energy damage.
Enhanced Awareness 1,2,3 The character is more aware than normal. +1/Point to Perception checks.
Enhanced Sense 2 Character gets +1D to Perception rolls with one sense. Choose from sight, hearing, touch, smell or taste.
Ex Army 1,2,3 You have served in the army, and have the documents to show it. +1D to your main weapon's damage rolls. You are ready to be called up for active service at any time.
Exceptional Deflection 1,2,3 The character is excellent at deflecting bolts. +2 to Lightsaber skill to deflect bolts.
Expanded Knowledge 2 The character is knowledgeable. +2 to a selected area.
Experienced Adventurer 1,2,3 The character is experienced at adventuring. +1/Point to Survival.
Expert Aim 1,2,3 The character has excellent aim. +1/Point to ranged attacks.
Expert Healer 1,2,3 The character is an expert healer. +2/Point to First Aid skill.
Extended Family 1,2,3 You have a very large family; you seem to be bumping into cousins all the time.
Extra Tough 1,2,3 Character gets +1/Point pip added to STR rolls versus damage.
Extremely Well Off 5 An estate worth around 4,500,000 credits
Eye-Hand Coordination 2,3,4 +1/(Point-1) to Weapon skills, Lockpick, Pickpocket, Zero-G, Space Transport or Starfighter Piloting, Gunnery and Vehicle Ops.
Faith 1,2,3 The character has a faith which helps them. The character may re-roll 1 roll per Adventure scene.
Fall Guy 1,2,3 The character is experienced taking a fall. +1/Point to Dodge, Jumping, and Acrobatics.
Far Shot 1,2,3 The character is adept at long range attacks. +10m/Point added to long range of any weapon.
Fast 1 One Dice adds +1 to speed to a maximum of +4.
Fast Healer 1,2,3 The character heals faster. +1/Point to all healing rates.
Fast Mover 1,2,3 The character is adept at moving quickly. +2/Point to actions performed at top speed.
Fast Reactions 2 The character reacts fast. +2 to Initiatives rolls.
Fearless 1 Choose a single creature type or phenomena, the character will never be afraid when faced with this obstacle.
Fearlessness 2 +1D Command, Con, Bargain, Seduction
Fearsome Display 1,2,3 The character is adept and making their point. +1/Point to Intimidation.
Firm Grip 2 The character gets +1D in tests involving holding onto things.
Fists Of Steel 1,2,3 The character has strong hands. +1/Point to Strength damage unarmed or with fist weapons.
Fleet Footed 1,2,3 The character can run quicker. +1/Point to Move Rate for distance traveled while running only.
Flurry Of Blades 1,2,3 The character is adept at attacks with blades. They may make a second attack on a single opponent with a blade weapon each turn. They may also add +1/Point to hit with each attack.
Flyby Attack 1,2,3 The character is adept at aerial attacks. +2/Point to gunnery while airborne.
Follow Up 1,2,3 The character is good at following up with any task or order given. Shorten time to complete task by 1 minute/hour/day per rank point.
Force Aptitude 5 Character gains Force ability and 1D to spend on force skills (Control, Sense, Alter).
Force Intuition 1 The character is always in the right place at the right time.
Force Talented 1,2,3 The character gains an additional +1 to Force skill rolls. This is not the same as Talents.
Forgiving 1,2,3 The character forgives the actions of others easily.
Fortune 1,2,3 The character gains 1 Luck Point and can use it any time. Grants a slim chance at doing things they wouldn't normally be able to do.
Friends In High Places 1,2,3 You know an individual who is in a very important position in your chosen profession. They can help you much like a contact can, but will do it as a friend.
Gearhead 1,2,3 The character is good with a vehicle. +/Point to named vehicle repairs and operations.
Gentry/Powerful Family 2 The character has a major title, and is related to a powerful noble/executive with much influence at court (or whatever is applicable). Roll 1D. The result is that many extra starting credits x1000 and that many additional pieces of equipment that are top-notch.
Giant Step 3 The character steps a long ways. Melee range increases to 2 meters.
Gift For Languages 1,2,3 The character has a knack for languages. +1/Point added to the Languages skill. Note that this doe not include ancient languages or very obscure ones such as Sith or similar.
Good Listener 1,2,3 The character listens well. +1/Point to Bargain, Languages and Con.
Good Reputation 2,3 +1/Point to Bargain, Persuasion and Streetwise. You're known as a gentle being.
Great Charisma 2 +2 to Persuasion.
Great Constitution 2 +2 to STR vs damage.
Great Dexterity 2 +2 to Dodge
Great Intelligence 2 +1 to Knowledge. Not to exceed Racial Maximum.
Great Leader 1,2,3 +1/Point to Command
Great Strength 1,2,3 +1/Point to Srength. Not to exceed Racial Maximum.
Great Wisdom 1,2,3 +1/Point to Knowledge when asked questions that rely on historical and obscure data only.
Guide 2 +1D to Streetwise, (s)Search: Tracking and Astrogation rolls.
Handy 2 +1D to repair checks.
Heirloom 2 The character has an antique item which is a family heirloom. If actually sold, would bring a tidy sum - and also the anger of all remaining family members (this could become a Disadvantage).
Hide Tracks 1,2,3 +1/Point to Sneak.
High Force Aptitude 6 Character gains Force ability and 1D to spend on Force skills (Control, Sense, Alter). They may select 1 added Force Power at generation.
Honesty 1,2,3 The character is honest and people respect that.
Honored 1,2,3 You have received a high honor for services to your homeworld, you can expect to be treated well there by most people.
Improvised Weapons 1,2,3 The character gets their Strength damage +1/Point when using an improvised weapon.
Influential Friends 1,2,3 The character has influential friends. They act like contacts in many ways.
Inquisitor 2 +2 to Intimidation.
Internal Compass 1 Easy Perception roll to find direction.
Intuition 1,2,3 The character has good intuition. +1/Point to Investigation, Gambling and Search.
Investigator 1,2,3 +/Point to Investigation rolls.
Iron Willed 1,2,3 +1/Point on tests involving fear or being mentally manipulated.
Know Terrain 1 Easy Search roll to find a location on a familiar world.
Knowledgeable 1,2,3 Knowledge rolls in the named area are automatically reduced by one difficulty level.
Landed 1,2,3 Roll 1d6: 1-4 A House, 5 A Farm/Small Business, 6 A Minor Estate/Major Business.
Language Ability 2 +1D to Languages.
Light Sleeper 2 Roll Combat Surprise while sleeping to wake up.
Light Ready Sleeper 1,2,3 Character is ready for action the round he is awoken. +1/Point to Initiative during the first round only.
Lightning Reactions 1,2,3 Character gets +1/Point Dexterity in tests involving quickness of reaction.
Linguistic Savant 1,2,3 Learning new languages with proper materials is an Easy Knowledge roll.
Local Hero 1,2,3 This character is well liked in his home area and many of the locals will help him in tough situations. Rank Points determine number and level of loyalty.
Looks Harmless 1,2,3 The character looks harmless. -1D to Intimidation, +1D to Sneak and Hide. Others often underestimate character.
Lucky 1,2,3 This character can re-roll any one dice roll per session.
Manservant/Maidservant 1,2,3 You have a servant or slave who sees to your every need.
Martial Prowess 2 The character has a +1D bonus when using Brawling Combat, or +1 when using the Advanced Martial Arts skill.
Master Artisan 1,2,3 The character is a master of the arts. +1/Point to all craft checks.
Mechanical Aptitude 1,2,3 +1/Point to repair skills.
Medical Expert 1,2,3 The character is a master of medicine. +1/Point to all Medicine skill rolls.
Mentally Resistant 2 Mind tricks fail on you. This works similar to a Mandalorian.
Mentor 3 Someone is training you, teaching you the ways.
Meticulous 1,2,3 +1/Point to all checks requiring detailed work.
Mighty Hunter 1,2,3 +1/Point to all (s)Search: Tracking and Survival checks.
Motherliness 1,2,3 The character reminds people of their own mother. Others, particularly the young will open up to you.
Multiple Identities 2,3,4 The character has multiple identities they go by. Each rank represents 1.
Musical Ability 1 +1D musical skills.
Natural Acrobat 1,2,3 The character is naturally gifted in acrobatics. +1/Point to Acrbatics skill.
Natural Athlete 1,2,3 The character is naturally gifted in athletics. 1: +1 to STR; 2: +1 to STR and DEX; 3: +2 to STR and DEX.
Natural Leader 1,2,3 The character is naturally gifted in leadership. +1/Point to Command.
Natural Lie Detector 1,2,3 +1/Point to Bargain, Con and Gambling.
Natural Resistance: Cold 2 +1D STR and Stamina vs. Cold.
Natural Resistance: Disease 2 +1D STR and Stamina vs. Disease.
Natural Resistance: Electricity 2 +1D STR and Stamina vs. Electricity.
Natural Resistance: Poison/Drugs 3 +1D STR and Stamina vs. Poison & Drugs.
Natural Resistance: Radiation 2 +1D STR and Stamina vs. Radiation.
Natural Rider 2 +1D to Beast Riding skill rolls.
Negotiator 1,2,3 +1/Point to Persuasion.
Night Vision 2 No minus for partial darkness, +1D Sneak.
Nimble 1,2,3 +1/Point to Escape Artist.
Nimble Fingers 1,2,3 +1/Point to Pick Pocket
No Escape 3 Grapple checks can't be broken by targets with lower Strength.
Notorious 1,2,3 The character is known for something.
Obscure Knowledge 2 +1D to Scholar in area. This can include anything ancient as well.
Observation 1,2,3 +1/Point PER skills.
Old Soul 1,2,3 The character is drawn to the past. +1 to History, Archaic skills, and similar.
Open Minded 1 The character can be easily read by friendly Force users.
Opportunity Shot 3 The character may shoot an opponent which is knocked prone if they have a weapon ready.
Optimism 1,2,3 The character always looks on the bright side. +1/Point to Survival.
Organized 1,2,3 The character is organized. +1/Point to Bureaucracy.
Overwhelming Critical 1 Critical Hits knock enemies down regardless of damage.
Pacifism 1,2,3 The character doesn't approve of violence in any form.
Pack Mule 1,2,3 The character can carry an additional 10, 20 or 30 kilos. +2 to Stamina.
Pain Tolerant 1,2,3 Character gets a +1/Point to STR to rolls to resist pain and stun.
Patron 1,2,3 You have a powerful patron who gives you missions and gifts you with resources in return.
Persuasive 2 The character is very convincing. +1D to Persuasion.
Photographic Memory 3 +7 on recall rolls or automatic depending on what the information is. GM will determine info and affect.
Poison Resistance 3 +1D STR to resist poisons.
Poison Use 1,2,3 +1/Point to checks to use poisons.
Port Savvy 1,2,3 +1/Point to Planetary Systems skill.
Precision 1,2 The character reads and practices a lot. +1/Point to Mechanical.
Presence 1,2,3 +1/Point Bargain, Command, Con, Bureaucracy, Seduction
Professional 1 The character can do their job professionally and get paid.
Prone Combat 1 The character is prepared to fight on their back if need be.
Pull Blow 1 In melee the character can easily pull a blow to deal stun rather than lethal damage. It just needs to be stated.
Quick Draw 1 The character takes no move action to draw a weapon.
Quick Reload 1 The character takes no move action to load a weapon.
Quick Study 1 The character learns skills faster. Skill cost is lowered by 1 pip and time is reduced by one day.
Quick Swap 1 The character takes no move action to swap weapons.
Reckless Offense 1,2,3 The character's attacks are good but lower their defense. Lowers both your and other opponent's difficulty to hit by one.
Research Genius 1,2,3 +2/Point to all research checks.
Resist Restraint 1,2,3 Grapple checks to restrain are 1 difficulty step harder.
Resistance To Illness 1,2,3 +1 to STR vs Disease. Also, if they get one, they last 1, 2 or 3 days less.
Rich 8 The character is rich. Rich enough money is no longer an object. GM will determine what this actually means.
Ride-By Attack 1,2,3 +1/Point to attack rolls made while riding past a target.
Secret Knowledge 1,2,3 You know things someone doesn't want public.
Seductor 2 The character gets 2D for every 1D in Seduction.
Self-Assurement 1,2,3 The character is self assured. +1 Command, Bargain, and Con.
Self-Sufficient 2 The character is self reliant. 2D for every 1D in Survival.
Sense Of Maturity 1,2,3 The character seems mature. +2 Intimidate, Command.
Silver Spoon 2 The character was born rich. 2D for every 1D in Business.
Smooth Operator 1,2,3 The character is good with equipment. +1/Point to all vehicle operation skills.
Social Chameleon 1,2,3 The character blends into the social structure. +1/Point to Business, Bargain, Con, and Disguise.
Spatial Awareness 1,2,3 +1/Point Mechanical skills.
Speed Reader 1 The character reads large volumes of text in minutes.
Springy 3 The character has a +1D bonus when using the skill Jumping, or full Dodging.
Square Jawed 2 +1D STR on tests to stay conscious while brawling
Stealthy 2 Its quiet, too quiet. 2D for every 1D in Sneak.
Stipend 1,2,3 The character has a 500/600/700 credit monthly stipend from either an account or a rich relative..
Storm Of Throws 1,2,3 The character can throw 1 additional grenade each round. Note that this reduces accuracy by 1 step.
Streetfighting 2 The character knows how to take out the toughest of foes. 2D for every 1D in Brawling Combat.
Strong Swimmer 1 2D for every 1D in Swimming.
Strong Trait 2 +1 pips to characters highest stat, even if it brings the statistic above racial norms.
Studious 1,2,3 The character studies well. 2D for every 1D in academics.
Stunning Fist 1,2,3 The character is adept at knocking people out. +1D to STR for knockout attacks.
Subculture & Jargon 1 +1D Streetwise, Cultures, Bureaucracy in chosen area of expertise.
Sudden Action 1,2,3 The character is fast. +1/Point to Initiative.
Superior Initiative 6 The character is exremely fast. Player may take a 20 on Initiative or the higher roll.
Sure Footed 1,2,3 +1/Point to tests involving staying standing.
Surgeon 3 The character can perform medical checks well. +2 for every +1 added to Medicine.
Team Fighting 1,2,3 The character is adept at fighting in a group. +1/Point to attack rolls made in a fighting group.
Tracker 3 The character can track well. 2D for every 1D in Investigation and Search: Tracking.
Trap Sense 1 The character can sense likely trapped objects and situations.
Trivia Buff 2 The character has a +1D bonus on all rolls regarding a specific area - info on Jedi knights, Starfighters, and so on.
Untapped Talent 3 You could be a master in one art, craft or science. Choose an appropriate skill. When you reach 6D or more in that skill the cost to improve stays the same per pip, regardless of how high it gets.
Ventriloquism 1 The character can throw their own voice.
Very Well Off 5 An estate to the value of 150,000 credits.
Vocal Talent 1,2,3 +1D to all public speaking, performance and seduction rolls.
Watchman 2 +2D for every 1D in search.
Wealth 2,3,4 2: 20,000 creds; 3: 60,000; 4: 120,000.
Weapon Reliability 2 +2D for every 1D in named weapon repair skill.
Weapon Specialization 1 +3D for every 1D in a weapon if it's the only weapon skill you have.
Weapon Tricks 2 +2D for every 1D in trick shooting.
Well Off 3 Items to the value of 10,000 credits.