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Character Data

General Character Templates
Tapani Character Templates
Special Forces Character Templates

The Templates below (117 total) are based on Human Attributes. For other races see the Alien Species Page.

Last Updated: 12/20/18 *

Backgrounds are required for all characters. The more details provided, the more likely any special requests will be granted.

@ The Game Master has final say for choice of Character.
*: Only one of type allowed per group
**: Two Jedi's maximum per group at the start of a campaign. Two Force Sensitive (FS) types and one Force Aware (FA) or 1 FS and 3 FA also allowed.
# A Mandalorian Warrior cannot be combined with an Immortal.

Some character types may not be allowed based on group dynamics.
Character Types and Species not listed are classified under Play-Testing. This means that adjustments can and will be made during the game to help the type created work better within the D6 system and the current PBEM game. Suggestions are always welcome.

General Character Templates

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Character Type @


1 Armchair Historian History keeps focus on the present and looks towards the future
2 Arms Merchant Knows where to get the best weapons for the best price.
3 Arrogant Noble Most things are beneath your station, but tolerated to a point.
4 Bounty Hunter The hunt's the thing.
5 Brash Pilot Always the flyer, always cocky.
6 Brash Smuggler Make money no matter what, but do it with boldness and a ship.
7 Callidus Assassin ** Another deadly character from Warhammer 40K.
8 CASTer This character has a special connection with droids.
9 Cautious First Mate Always helps after it's safe to do so.
10 Classy Smuggler Style, elegance and very little gun slinging are what it's all about.
11 Collector If it's valuable, you want it and you know where to get it.
12 Colonial Warrior Character from the original TV series Battlestar Galactica.
13 Comm Slicker Communication channels are always open and working around you.
14 Con Artist Takes candy from babies and keeps 'em in the dark.
15 Corporate Scout Paid well for finding the needle.
16 Corporate Slicer A simple tunnel program and you're in.
17 Courier Delivers the goods no matter what.
18 Court Fop Let's throw a party in your honor.
19 Curious Explorer ...killed the cat, not me.
20 Cyborg Cybernetically altered to get any job done.
21 Cyborged Pirate A piece or two missin' but still alive and kickin'.
22 Cynical Free Trader Nothin' is free in this galaxy, but trading makes it worth it.
23 Dark Warrior House character type based on a ninja.
24 Disgraced House Guardsman Whatever it takes to get back in the good graces of my family house.
25 Disguise Artist No one but you knows the true identity beneath that facade.
26 Dustwalker, Verkivan Travelling through the universe protecting the innocent.
27 Engineer If it worked before it can be improved through redesign.
28 Ex-Imperial Commando Down and dirty, but gets the job done.
29 Ex-Imperial Scout Finding that "needle-in-the-haystack".
30 Failed Jedi ** Looking for redemption from the past.
31 Faithful Co-Pilot Always willing to help repair the ship and assist the pilot.
32 Flamboyant Entertainer The galactic show must go on.
33 Freedom Warrior There is only freedom and you will fight for it with everything you've got.
34 Former Imperial Bounty Hunter Everyone needs to watch out.
35 Former Imperial GAV Commander Didn't like stomping innocents so you left for greener pastures.
36 Galactic Big Game Hunter The bigger the bug, the better the fun.
37 Gambler Looking to win big, but the game is everything.
38 Guild Bounty Hunter Team up on criminals, and get great benefits.
39 Gunrunner You guarantee the shipment will arrive on time.
40 Holovid Celebrity You're stage name and your real name never cross paths.
41 Holovid Gossip Columnist Who's the hottest out there? You aim to find out.
42 Hot-Shot Pilot If it can fly, you can pilot it.
43 Immortal *# My head will be at The Gathering.
44 Independent Bounty Hunter Watch out criminals!
45 Industrial Espionage Agent No business is safe.
46 Intelligence Officer Gathering [Resistance/Alliance/etc.] information is what you thrive on.
47 Interstellar Transient Galactic bum - and lovin' it.
48 Jedi Beast Master ** Talks to the animals and learns what others can't.
49 Jedi Redeemer ** A hunter of those turned to the Dark Side so they may turn them back.
50 Jedi Shadow ** A rare hunter of the Sith.
51 Kid The newest game, the brightest trinket - it doesn't matter. You love it all.
52 Laconic Scout Always looking to the stars and planets for something new.
53 Locator If it exists, you can find it.
54 Loyal Retainer To serve the royal family is honorable, no matter what the cost.
55 Mandalorian Warrior *# Allegiance to the Clan and Personal Honor.
56 Mercenary Allegiance to the highest bidder.
57 Mercenary Trader Allegiance to self, but trading is paramount - and new.
58 Merchant You carry, buy and sell just about anything the galaxy has to offer.
59 Mineralogist You know minerals like the back of your hand.
60 Minor Jedi ** Learning the ways of the Force one step at a time.
61 NewsNet Reporter Any scoop to become 'top rancor' and make the big bucks.
62 Noble-In-Exile Fighting for the right to go back home.
63 Old Senatorial Political wisdom and know-how for cutting the 'red tape'.
64 Ordnance Procurer Finding equipment brought to the level of an art form.
65 Outlaw At war with whoever stands in the way.
66 Outlaw Tech Can fix anything, for a price.
67 Pack Tracker If anyone can get that illegal crate of explosives past Customs, you can.
68 Pirate Anyones frazium will do.
69 Privateer Captain Specific goods and targets for a specific kind of pay.
70 Professional Bodyguard Protection of those with money to pay for the service.
71 Professional Thief Nothing is protected well enough to stop you from getting it.
72 Professor Teaching is your most favoite subject.
73 Prospector Looking for the 'Mother-Load' to retirement and the good life.
74 Quixotic Jedi ** Sure that the Jedi are not mythological.
75 Rebel Saboteur They need it destroyed, you get the call.
76 Resistance Leader To fight the tyranny any way possible.
77 Retired Imperial Captain A great leader that has seen enough of the the galaxy.
78 Security Specialist Providing the best protection in the galaxy, at an affordable price.
79 Shaman ** The healing arts are for those destined to follow in the path of nature.
80 Skip Tracer Not making your payments? Whatever it is will be repossessed.
81 Slicer Computers and slicing into them is what you enjoy most.
82 Smuggler Secretly shipping goods and equipment.
83 Sniper Stealthy and deadly when it comes to long-range targets.
84 Space Marine * From the Warhammer 40,000 game. Fearless and deadly to all enemies.
85 Space Rescue Corps Officer Your training becomes worth it when you have even one successful rescue.
86 SpaceOps Trooper Space is where you have the most fun and is why you joined the military.
87 Speeder Racer The faster the better.
88 Spoiled Debutante And you're telling me this, why? Get me a drink.
89 Star Fleet Officer * From the Star Trek TV series and movies.
90 Former Stormtrooper Never liked the Empire so you faked your death and escaped.
91 TetraGrammaton Cleric As long as you trust in your skills and your pistols, any place is home.
92 3rd Millennium Judge Character from the comic series and movie. Your purpose is to Judge.
93 Tongue-Tied Engineer It's all about fixing things, not people.
94 Tough Native You are the strongest and most highly trained from your planet.
95 Tramp Freighter Captain Doing small shipments of goods wherever needed.
96 Veteran Spacer Seen it all, done it all, got holo's to show for it, but wanting more.
97 Wealthy Physician Always looking for new and better ways to heal the wounded.
98 Weapons Instructor Aim well and take your time, you'll hit dead-on every time.
99 Xeno-Archaeologist Hunting down lost and hidden treasure from the past of other species.
100 Young Jedi ** Beginning the path of the Jedi you want to become.
101 Young Senatorial Politics and all that goes with them.

Tapani Sector

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102 House Guard Lord's and Lady's will stay safe under your watchful eye.
103 House Guard Captain All remains orderly under your watchful eye.
104 House Guard Officer You finally have some power and authority.
105 House Knight Your status allows for greater rewards and additional power.
106 House Retainer Service to a Lord or Lady is your life's work.
107 House Troubleshooter If it needs to be fixed, you are always called upon to get the job done.


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108 Combat Engineer You need to make a modification in the middle of a war zone? No problem.
109 Driver/Pilot Excellent driver that can fly anything as well.
110 Heavy Weapons Specialist If it packs a punch you know how to use it.
111 Infiltrator Able to get into any location unheard and unseen.
112 Medic A Healer in the midst of a war.
113 Pathfinder Finding and blazing trails wherever it's needed.
114 Repair Tech If it needs repair you can fix it.
115 Scanner/Comm Ops Can locate anything and communicate it before the poodoo hits the turbine.
116 Urban Combat Specialist Combat in a city environment is your thing.
117 Wilderness Fighter Make them come to you in the turf you were born in.

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