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Bounty Hunter Fees Table

Are you a Bounty Hunter or someone who wants to be? This document can help you learn the basics on where to start and point out required fees. There is a table at the end of this datafile showing all the fees required, including those of the Expeditor (which will also be explained).

Bounty Hunting 101

What is a bounty?

A bounty is a legal document issued by the Imperial Office of Criminal Investigations (the IOCI) for the apprehension of a being (known hereafter as the "acquisition") responsible for acts of a criminal nature. A bounty differs from a standard "Warrant for Arrest" in that it specifies a reward for the capture or elimination of the criminal. These rewards are only available to licensed Hunters. The bounty specifies the restrictions and conditions under which the hunt can be conducted. It contains information on who is wanted, what for, where, by whom, and how much they're worth. A bounty does not contain any biographical information, skills, habits or special abilities. Bounties come in two categories: Civil and Private. Civil bounties are those posted by Imperial officials. Private bounties are posted by corporations or citizens.

Placing a bounty

All legal bounties are posted by the IOCI. Imperial officials can post bounties directly to the IOCI. Corporations or citizens post bounties through Posting Agencies or Expeditors to the IOCI. Regardless, the IOCI requires the following to be met to post a bounty: In the case of civil bounties, the proof of wrongdoing can be flimsy indeed; virtually all that is needed is an accusation. For private bounties some sort of verifiable proof is always required, but depending on the scruples of the Posting Agency there is a lot of room for creative interpretation as to what "verified" means. Note that the IOCI will not usually allow a bounty to be posted without official law enforcement authorities either attempting to apprehend the criminal first, or stating to the IOCI in writing that they are currently incapable or unwilling to do so (due to insufficient manpower, petty nature of the crime, other higher priorities, ect). Also, the IOCI is unlikely to allow bounties for relatively petty crimes, like stealing a speeder or shoplifting (though a criminal with a habit of doing so may warrant a bounty) and especially for crimes against non-human aliens, but when a pro-Imperial corporation or high profile Imperial bureaucrat or officer posts a bounty it is given "special consideration" regardless of the seriousness of the crime.

What permits are required?

To legally hunt sentient citizens of the Empire, first one must obtain a Hunter's license, officially known as an Imperial Peace Keeping Certificate or IPKC. An IPKC costs 500 credits and must be renewed each standard year. Then a number of other permits are required. In general there are so many permits, all with their own special restrictions, that most Hunters hire someone to manage it all for them. Some Posting Agencies perform these services for a fee, and one can always hire an Expeditor to do it all. Obviously, certain acquisitions may actually not be worth the effort after all the fees for the various permits are factored in. There are also some systems (mostly in the core worlds) that are completely off limits to Bounty Hunting.

What kinds of bounties are there?

The following categories exist for legally posted bounties: Most Wanted, Locate and Detain, Galactic, Regional, Sector, System, Local and Private Postings. All bounties posted with the IOCI are assumed to be for the delivery of the acquisition to any Imperial law enforcement agency. All bounties posted at the IOCI are presumed to be for the capture and delivery of the acquisition either "Dead or Alive" unless otherwise stated by the posting authority (the IOCI or the entity making a Private Posting). In some cases the posting entity may decide that the acquisition must be delivered alive. For those bounties ("Wanted Alive") the posted bounty is usually somewhat higher than normal to compensate for the difficulty of bringing in a live acquisition, especially one that may prefer death to capture. Hunters who kill a wanted criminal in the process of arresting them for verifiable crimes against the Empire are almost never prosecuted (though they may be arrested while authorities determine if there is a legal bounty on the deceased), but in the case of acquisitions "wanted alive" the death of the acquisition may result in no bounty being paid at all, and in some cases criminal charges may be filed against the Hunter for the killing of acquisitions who are wanted alive.

How is payment made?

Payment of bounties are typically done with credsticks. In situations where the bounty is a very large sum, an Imperial "Warrant of Payment" may be issued instead of a credstick. This warrant is a document bearing the will of the Emperor himself, requiring any Imperial authority that is capable of doing so to render payment to the bearer upon demand. As such, these very important documents and are taken quite seriously by Imperial authorities. Another method of payment sometimes used on the Outer Rim is "rights of salvage". In this method, Hunters are permitted to appropriate any personal goods, weapons and other gear that the acquisition has in his possession at the time of capture. While it would be difficult to make a living on such bounties, in hard times they can be enough to get by.

Obtaining a license

A "Bounty Hunter's License" is another term for an Imperial Peace Keeping Certificate or IPKC. To get one, you must go to an office of the IOCI (or an authorized Posting Agency) and submit an application. An IPKC entitles the bearer to legally hunt for posted bounties. The application entails the following:

Finding someone to hunt

All legally posted bounties are posted in the Imperial Enforcement Datacore, which is maintained by the IOCI. It contains information on who is wanted, where, by whom, and how much they're worth. Access to the datacore is restricted to those who possess a valid IPKC or the representative of someone possessing one. The Datacore is a galaxy-wide information net, but each planet has its own "board". On a planet's Datacore board, all planet, system and sector bounties will be posted for that locale. Any board in the Datacore can be accessed from any IOCI office, but while most planets have a Datacore board, not every planet has an IOCI office. Any access to a planetary Datacore comes with a small fee of 15 credits.

Posting Agencies

Posting agencies provide all the services of the IOCI, plus information on suspected sightings, more extensive biographies of the acquisitions, and information about other Hunters that have pursued the acquisition. Posting agencies often have more extensive and updated information than the IOCI due to word-of-mouth local information, and the fact that they are not run by Imperial Bureaucrats. Local Datacore access can usually be found at a posting agency as well.


Expeditors are professional intermediaries between Hunters and the Imperial Bureaucracy. Expeditors are like a "personal agent" for a Hunter, running bureaucratic interference, obtaining permits and managing the Hunter's personal finances as well. By investing profits, making payoffs, promoting the Hunter to Posting Agencies and corporations, and identifying suitable acquisitions for the Hunter to keep him apprised of the newest legal bounties of interest, the Expeditor goes far beyond what a Posting Agency provides. For such invaluable services, the Expeditor usually charges a flat fee of between 3%-5% of any bounty or contract arranged through his office.

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Licenses and Fees Cost Table:

License/Permit Cost Duration
Imperial Peace-Keeping Certificate (IPKC) 500 Year
Target Permit (one per target) 10-1000 Month
Sector Permit (not always required if hunter has IPKC & TP) 1000-10,000 Month
May be Time stamped or Season stamped. Cost based on Bounty value with an average of 100 IC.
System Permit (not always required) 50-500 Month
   District 10-50 Month
   City 10-25 Month
   Municipal 10-20 Month
Needed only when bounty hunting is not allowed in-system.
Capture Permit 500 @ Month
May be required after target captured and may be in addition to any other permits required.
@: 25% of original bounty value or 500 IC, whichever is higher
Expeditor 3-5% of bounty N/A
Acquires permits and pays fees for bounty hunters.