Barda Nahrees
Imperial Stormtrooper


Trooper Nahrees is from Attilan, an isolated city on a small moon. She applied to Imperial military service as early as she could, to get off world, primarily, although she had very much bought into the Empire's propaganda as a benevolent force. Rapidly rising through the military training, her aptitudes made her extremely well suited to Stormtrooper training. In addition to her quick capacity for combat and marksmanship, the pretty young woman was more than a bit weak willed, making the indoctrination techniques take readily and quickly. Her drive to succeed made her competitive in the misogynist Stormtrooper training, and her skills supported her in good stead.

Her eye injury was incurred during service, but she does not speak of it. Ever.

After being assigned to the remote "Emperor's Irregulars" posting, the efficient Trooper fell behind in her indoctrination programming. Certain police actions disturbed her, as seemingly at odds with the benevolent propaganda that made her willing and excited to be a Trooper in the first place. She has begun to tentatively feel out other Troopers, and speak with "resistance" prisoners, in an attempt to determine the correct stance. She is already three months overdue on her latest psych programming, and reluctant to undergo it.

Template: Female Stormtrooper
Stormtrooper Barda Nahrees
Designation: THF-342
Height: 1.65 m (5'5")
Weight: 57.62 kg (127 lbs)
Age: 27 years
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black, worn in tight braids.
Distinguishing Marks: left eye replaced by red cybernetic eye and crosshair pupil
Move: 10
Force Points: 1
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 3
Extra Character Points: 0
Cyber Points: 1

Dexterity 3D: blaster 4D+1, dodge 4D, grenade 4D
Perception 2D: command 3D, search 3D
Strength 3D (+2D/+1D): brawling combat 4D, stamina 4D
Knowledge 2D: law enforcement: imperial 4D, tactics 2D, tactics: combined fire 4D
Mechanical 2D: communications: comlink 3D
Technical 2D: blaster repair 3D

Left cybernetic eye replacement. Replaced by red cybernetic eye and crosshair pupil. Adds +2 to Intimidation.

Credits: 550 (on person), 7200 (in Imperial Bank of the Core)