Damaya A’yamada
Miralukese Jedi


It's for good reason that the Jedi Code dictates that initiates into the Order are brought in during infancy. The tenets of the Jedi are repeatedly reinforced during a Padawan's training, to diminish any possibility of transgression into the dark side's seductive grasp. But what happens when a Jedi loses her memory?

Thus was the fate of Damaya A'yamada, a young Miraluka from Alpheridies discovered by the Jedi. The tightly knit clans of Miraluka at first did not want Damaya to leave her home. At a very young age, Damaya showed prodigious psychometric talent -- she could read the tenuous psychic imprints left by living hands on inanimate objects. A Miraluka that displayed such abilities usually served her people as a Guardian -- a local law enforcer. Damaya's parents, Quian and Pethros, were both Guardians, and members of the influential A'yamada bloodline.

Quian A'yamada, the Sheyf (or leader of the Guardians), proposed a compromise to the Jedi. Rather than take Damaya away to Coruscant, she would be trained at home. The Jedi Council agreed, and Master Tholme became Damaya's mentor in the ways of the Force.

At a very young age, Damaya lost her parents when they were brutally murdered by the vampire-like Anzati. The Sheyf's sister, Tinte, who had long disapproved of Jedi meddling in the Guardian ranks, wanted to taint Damaya with a taste of the dark side.

Knowing that fear was a gateway to the dark path, Tinte brought Damaya their mother's Gaurdian emblem, worn at the time of the murder. At Tinte's request, Damaya used her psychometric abilities to read the emblem.

The young girl experienced her mother's murder first hand. For three days she screamed in horror. Only Master Tholme was able to calm the girl, using Jedi meditative techniques. He had no choice but to remove Damaya from Alpheridies, to take her away from the shifty Tinte. On Coruscant, Tholme helped Damaya to overcome her deep-rooted fear of the Anzati, and to continue along the path of the Jedi. The Guardians wished greatness for Damaya, though privately they hoped she would hold Alpheridies first in her heart, and the Jedi second.

Damaya returned as often to Alpheridies as her Jedi duties allowed. Some Jedi frowned upon such sentimentality; they emphasized detachment from personal pasts in favor of devotion to the Force.

Damaya was drugged and robbed of her memories while investigating a glitteryll smuggling racket on Nar Shaddaa. Left to die on the Smuggler's Moon with only fragments of her past, Damaya still had the power of the Force under her command, but none of the discipline. This made her very vulnerable to the beckoning call of the dark side.

An unscrupulous Devaronian bounty hunter named Vilmarh Grahrk teamed up with Damaya to help the ailing Jedi escape from a host of enemies on Nar Shaddaa. Grahrk provided transit to Ryloth, where Damaya discovered the one responsible for her mind-wipe. Damaya was furious, and tortured Pol until he revealed the name of the glitteryll mastermind, Senator Chom Frey Kaa.

Had it not been for the intervention of Jedi Master Zchan'zuuk, Damaya would surely have committed an act that would have sent her to the dark side. Damaya was welcomed back to the Jedi Order, and she underwent retraining. Still, she possessed a dangerous instability and would on several occasions skirt dangerously close to darkness.

Damaya A'yamada was one of the many Jedi to engage in the rescue of Obi-wan Kenobi serving beside Sora Bulg one of the greatest lightsaber instructors the Jedi order had ever known, perfecting the various forms of combat techniques, both classical and experimental. He even helped Zchan'zuuk perfect the art of vaapad, the seventh form of lightsaber combat so intense and dangerous, that to practice it was to tread perilously close to the dark side.


Damaya has no expression, always making sure to show no emotion, she always shows a calm cool demeanor and does not talk much. The few who have met the end of her lightsabre and lived to tell the tale would say Damaya is dangerous, dependable, and smart.

Physical Description:

Damaya is athletically shaped due to her intensive Jedi training as a Jedi Weaponmaster. She has long flowing green hair and has no eyes as all Mirakulese are born with no eyes. She wears darkened goggles or veils to hide this fact. Her skin is an ocean blue and always smooth and cool to the touch.


Find Tinte (her sister) and bring her back to the true path of enlightenment.


"I'm only going to tell you once." or "Life isn't worth living if there is nothing to live for." or "Knowledge is the true path to enlightenment. It's getting there that's the hard part."

Template: Miralukese Jedi
Character Name: Damaya A'yamada
Gender: Female
Species: Miralukese
Age: 18
Height: 1.79m
Weight: 59kg
Force Sensitive: Yes
Force Points: 2
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 1
Cyber Points: 0
Move: 10

Dexterity 3D: blaster 4D, lightsabre 4D, dodge 4D, melee combat 4D, running
Perception 3D: bargain 4D+1, command, con, forgery
Strength 3D: brawling combat 4D, stamina 3D
Knowledge 2D: alien species, law enforcement 3D, planetary system 3D
Mechanical 2D: space transports 3D, repulsorlift ops 3D
Technical 2D: first aid 3D, lightsabre repair

Special Abilities:
Force Sight (always in effect, no cost)
Radiation Resistance: +2D bonus to resist

  1. Dual-phase lightsabre; wt = 1.2kg (A dual-phase lightsabre can be set for either standard length (about 130cm) or more than double that (300cm) at the flick of a switch (A free action). As an attack action, the user can feint in combat while switching the blades length. To successfully feint, the user must make a dex check, this trick grants a +4 Lightsabre skill bonus on the wielders defense check for purpose of feinting, but it does not work more than once against the same opponent. Setting the blade longer does not change a lightsabre's damage, but it does change the lightsabre to a large weapon. The additional length also gives the weapon a 2m reach, its wielder can attack foes up to 2 meters away)
  2. Jedi Utility Belt: The belt has several pouches containing a 3 day supply of food capsules, a medpack, a tool kit, a spare power pack, a spare energy cell, a glow rod, a comlink, an aquata breather, and a couple of empty pouches for whatever else the wearer wants to add. weight 4kg
  3. Medpac
  4. Biotech Fastflesh Medpac
  5. MerSonn DL-44 Blaster Pistol: Ammo: 25, Range: 3-25/50/150, Damage: 4D
  6. Jedi Robes
Credits: 800

Force Skills

Control: 2D+1
Sense: 2D
Alter: 1D+1

Force Powers:
Control: Accelerate Healing, Concentration, Control Pain, Detoxify Poison, Emptiness, Enhance Attribute, Enhance Skill, Hibernation Trance, Remain Conscious
Sense: Life Detection, Life Sense, Receptive Telepathy
Alter: Force Running
Control & Sense: Lightsabre Combat
Control & Alter:
Sense & Alter:
Control, Sense & Alter: Affect Mind, Mind Sand