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Armory Security Guards for the Invincible

Two Armory Security Guards on the Invincible

Name: ?
Alias: ?
Background: ?
Physical Description: See image
Personality: ?
Objective(s): ?
Quotes: ?
Gender: Male
Species: ? (possibly human)
Age: ?
Height: 1.8 meters
Weight: 75kg
Force Points: ?
Dark Side Points: ?
Character Points: ?
Move: 10+ ?

Dexterity ?D: Armor weapons ?D, blaster 6D+, dodge 6D+, thrown weapons 6D+, melee combat ?D
Perception ?D: Command ?D, sneak ?D
Strength ?D: Brawling combat ?D, stamina ?D
Knowledge ?D: Intimidation ?D, languages ?D, planetary systems ?D, tactics ?D, willpower ?D
Mechanical ?D: Powersuit ops ?D, repulsorlift ops ?D
Technical ?D: Security ?D

Talents: As yet unknown

Combat Armor
2 Vibroblades
3 Vibro-Shivs
Heavy Blaster Pistol
2 Grenades
Scrambled Comlink

Credits: ? on person, ? in account