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Wu'Kar: Shadow Warrior

Shadow Warrior

Name: Wu'Kar
Alias: Slasher
Gender: Male
Species: Near Human
Age: 30
Height: 2.55 meters
Weight: 108.53kg
Force Points: 2
Dark Side Points: 9
Character Points: 20
Cyber Points: 8
Move: 14

Background: Has never disclosed it.
Physical Description: See image
Personality: Evil and brutal to everyone except his friend Smasher. Violent temper but maintains more control than Smasher, his partner.
Objective(s): Kill all who appose him.
Quotes: "Your death has been seen. It is I who has killed you."

Dexterity 5D: blaster 8D, dodge 9D, melee combat 9D+2, thrown weapons 9D, running 6D
Perception 3D: bargain 6D, command 7D, con 5D+2, search 5D, [T] sneak 8D
Strength 5D (+2D/+2D): brawling combat 7D+2, climbing/jumping 5D, stamina 6D
Knowledge 2D+2: alien species 4D, languages 5D, law enforcement 6D+2, streetwise 6D, survival 7D, tactics 7D, tactics: squad 8D, willpower 6D
Mechanical 2D: communications 4D, powersuit ops 8D, repulsorlift ops 6D, sensors 4D+2, space transports 5D+2
Technical 2D+1: armor repair 6D, blaster repair 5D+2, computer program/repair 4D+1, first aid 5D, security 7D+2, repulsorlift repair 4D+2

Talents: Sneak

  1. Strength Increase: Adds +2D to Strength
  2. Move Increase: Adds +4 to Move Rate
  3. Dexterity Increase: Adds +1D to Dexterity
Heavy Blaster Pistol: 6D+2
Vibro Axe: Str+3D
Custom Powered Gray Armor (+2D/+2D): adds +2D to Melee Combat Damage, can absorb of a blasters damage due to a special coating on the armor [this allows him to get within brawling and melee range], internal oxygen system: 4 hours, breath mask filters are used if not sealed, IR/UV and Ultrasound helmet with scomp link to HBP that adds +2D to hit, Sound Dampeners: +1D to sneak
Repulsor Pack: 250/500kmh

Credits: Unknown